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The Pillar of Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 21, 2017 12:30 pm

The Pillar of Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 21, 2017 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a greedy mature but why does it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey.

We are just thrilled. Really thrilled you join us today where I'm a really exciting adventure, we been for a while on these pillars of the masculine journey and we we been the love we been the joy talking about that you have one part of your pillar that wasn't happen.

You're kind of leaning we got a whole pillar series going on.

That's right. And we've done I want some of the other pillars we've done. Jim, you named on.

So today, I'm sure the current culture. Everybody realizes one of the pillars of the last journey is a cell phone right that's a Bible okay with it has everything I was not telling the truth or actually today are pillar is one that a lot of guys struggle with and I certainly had no clue what it was 15 years ago or how it would fit into Christianity, but doing today is what community, unity, right which we know is the best in journey guys are band of brothers but biblically speaking communities write the body up… Not sure which is not a building is the community right and one of the great lies that Satan would like to thrust especially on guys is you know I don't I don't need anybody in so you know what kind of go back to the particular movie scene that a lot of us can relate to write you back when they said they were gonna start like a jerk and started to put all our names out out so poor Steve Martin he he was getting attacked with this.

I don't need.

That's all in all, all in an will and you really can't relate to that some point in your life that trail left you exactly that place where Satan was feeding you that and and you bought it hook line way always have the four others in their things coming to live with a lamp light that matches the batches work with you catalog games or reminded me of me in 1993. You know when I step away from her marriage and is like okay I can make it on my own here. I can do your thing on my own.

All I need is this palpable in the stereo in the TV and that's all I need you heading off to years of isolation which is just where the evil one which you go to exactly were going to go and even our culture as we were young boys. They have this TV show called the Lone Ranger and it's got a take off and I got a brief, the Lone Ranger, I've gotta be the one that does it all that somewhere before I write something in itself, sound familiar, but here's here's a little scene from this that I think has a little enlightenment for you as we listen to the original very first episode ever on TV of the Lone Ranger pilot light where you you you you will want to make to. He was known you the world. I'll be buried here, my brother and my friends forever.

You will you will I am Lone Ranger help you fight out to have a family.

Anyone know me like you to all I you help will ride together range speaks to really that best friend that a lot of us have when we are growing up in Okemah, Siberian, and I'm sure you felt that way when you're young. I want to only tragedies I considered my life was my best friend was Steve that he was such a great guy that a lot of people thought of them as best rents, but he was killed in an automobile accident and that had a profound impact on losing my son my friend my. We had a group of friends, but he was our leader is is worth think about this. Turning back to Christianity and saying okay. Where in the Bible you get this sense of the band of brothers where in the Bible do you get this sense of team a soppy you see a picture of this Jim that you would point out that you first one we both thought of Jonathan with his armor bearer is a lot like the Lone Ranger is there in favor and I just found that out but basically they are wanting to attacked the village often wants to go after those things. And it is just the two of them may he basically says to his armor bearer want to go after these guys and armor bearer says what's in your heart. I'm with you, and I can't imagine a better feeling. Either way, that having that kind of connection with somebody and knowing that they're going to against hundreds that works out for them because they pray about it for now it's it's a wonderful story. It's in first Samuel 14. Haven't you will the one that jumps out to me is shipped. It is obvious to me is Jesus and his disciples.

I mean, Jesus could've been the Lone Ranger, may he cut it on outset I can do this. Here's the son of God.

He didn't need anyone to help you handle all this. But he chose to have 12 guys with. He chose to have a band of brothers that went withing everywhere that he went he chose not to do it alone.

And that's I don't think we should lose the significance of that Jesus was not alone now and and if you think about your life. Just review your life in second in your favorite moments in your life usually are shared experiences and I understand that for those of us are married you, you share to certain experiences with your wives or whatever, but there have been assured moment in Christianity like you felt like you had that feeling like you shared some battle or some sense of the band of brothers, one of my biggest ones was the beginning of this ministry with Marilyn Sam and getting together and I may. We met it was a God thing in well met Darren Colorado but met them on the last day of the boot camp later came home and we immediately started getting together and this radio show is fruit from that first get together and those boot camps and have for you Dennis. It's really well I think it's that you know I could certainly say boot camp and the band of brothers to. As I talked about before.

I think what it for me it was when I went into the Winston-Salem rescue Mission because here we were, you know what a group of guys who were kind of forced into community.

Byron situations I guys, some who had been chronically homeless others who'd fallen on their luck others who had addiction problems and we banded together is a fellowship of believers, and as I said in our preshow.

We had each other's backs lot times. Today we still do. Even though some of us a come back out because we were preparing for battle as brothers. When we came back out and we went back into the world so I never experienced anything like that in my life in terms of disguise that I wouldn't necessarily consider they probably wouldn't consider me. There is been with us is God is going to be back where my closest friends and one of my closest brother is an amazing and to get inside that many can you just put yourself in Dennis's predicament for a second you go into the Winston-Salem rescue Mission and end you find yourself in a room that you're not sure about things like bedbugs and the smells and the and and this was not my manse in roommates that you and world you know it could have been very day it felt very lonely, but it felt very lonely for very short period of time because God had other things in mind what he had in mind was becoming together with other guys that I would never hit his head expected to come so close to writing.

God said it right there in Genesis is not good man be alone and so Lone Ranger that came a soppy as we go to the spring.

Think about your team obvious, but hey, can't come up for week together as Amanda brothers really celebrate this is coming up November 9 through the 12 registered salmon mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled at. It was on information that is where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 you find out from Jesus what you will do with that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed for the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine journey to register your thinking so we are taking up the basin and towel talk about the pillar of community today on the masculine journey in engine you that song speaks to you your heart does Michael card to me is may be the greatest theologian that's written contemporary Christian music and he always have songs challenge me. This one really hit me today. It's on my playlist. I hear it all the time but coming to heat here and knowing that was our topic, I realized to be part of community were serving one another. That's the bottom line and uses Jesus washing the disciples feet in the solvent from that scripture to illustrate that you love by the humbling yourself and by serving others and this idea of community. I totally misunderstood it for a long time, even after I became a band of brothers in that they would say well communities, messy communities messing and I really didn't understand that wow yeah it is really messy and in Dennis, you've got a clip that where this young man is it's messy and you live that yeah and this is from a movie called freedom writer. I think we may have used this clip before, but just to set up this young man is these folks are sharing some things that they've written. There are group of students that have been brought together in this class and they come from a lot of different backgrounds. Some of them came from the streets. I just like I was talking about with the rescue mission in this young man is kind of flowed under the radar of this class. He's he's been back in the back and hasn't really set a lot and they even refer to that when you start speaking, but what he shares about what community has done for him and community being this class is very touching. Indeed, the spirit Ms. G carried something from my diary be great this summer was the worst summer in my short 14 years of life. It all started with a phone call. Mother was crying and begging, asking for more time, as if she were gasping for her last breath of air. She help me as tight as she couldn't cry. Tears hit my shirt like bullets Tommy were being evicted.

She kept apologizing to me that I have no I should have asked for something less expensive at Christmas. On the morning of the eviction a hard knock on the door woke me up this chart was there to do his job. I looked up at the sky waiting for something to happen. My mother has no family to no money coming why bother coming to school, getting grace.

If I'm homeless the bus stop something as I feel like throwing up our ankles from last year some more shoes on your I kept thinking I didn't have to, instead angry by a couple of friends in my English class this hits me Mrs. Goa my crazy English teacher found that is the only person that made me think of hope, talking with friends about last year's English trips I began to feel better. I received my station on the first teacher is Mrs. Goa 23.

I look into the room and feel as though all the problems in life are not so important anymore. I'm yeah that's a you were talking about the rescue mission. I remember that April 2, 2015 when I felt much that way you know soon about this clip in the class he gave his life, hope, and became a place of refuge for him and that's exactly what the rescue mission was for me.

You know gave me hope again for a life that had become pretty hopeless. You know I was about to be evicted from where I was living on and I walked into this room of people and actually even to this as time went on a familiar face or two would walk in that I would see that God brought in that maybe I've run into somewhere else in life and not in all that not having a place to live, not knowing what direction your life is going to take much like this young man I found that hope and I had a place that was a safe place to be almost like sanctuary so I can really identify with what this guy said and I can identify with this fellowship of believers like is talked about in the in the early church in acts were Paul talked about a fellowship of believers just coming together and taking care of one another as you talked about with the song and to me that's what community supposed to be all about and is messy at times but what a blessing it can be and is are those that clip. Jim, the thing that strikes me is the vulnerability vulnerability and the honesty of this is what I'm really facing. This is what's really going on. And unfortunately going that many Sunday school classes when they come around and they say what's going on in your life you don't hear that guy off you it's all going to you know I am not facing anything, but only when we take the mask off. You know this chemo Sabe a chance to see who you are because otherwise the mask is getting all the love and the only person that that gets a chance in the earth when when you take the mask off all the sudden their whole lot of people lining up that wanted to love and were whether we know it or not we have all been very different experiences, but we all have that level available to us. It's through God which she loves this to other people and relationships messy but it's been married doesn't say that's blind to you but if we have those relationships that we learn to trust. We learned but someone else and of ourselves.

We learn to know that somebody's got her back many many years ago as a police officer in Charleston and you went into a shift and knew who was going to be out on the street with you and the horse some nights you are terrified because you knew that this person wouldn't show up, but there were those other officers that you put out a call that you needed help and they were there and that's the feeling that's just beyond description. Really, when you have some ice got your back in the really willing to die for you.

And when that sense of team we gotta get this other clip all shared a moment when we do want to get to this last clip we have from a movie called when the game stands tall to set this up a little bit. Here's the team that is had some real setbacks but now they find out condo where team comes in and in this… Clip. I wonder if when you feel this in your Christian experience house that expounds that player is got in the 2000 seen for years, never lost one game will remove the streak could look in the don't interest in Scotia's heart attacks will reason to bring us together alone because of the on the field fall let you down on the scene for years have never once been a varsity and that's okay because the greatest moments of my life. The times I spent on this team with you guys never been proud of anything.

The Spartan wildlands and said mom is to keep the lines of a war was on the team. I thought it be better. Funny thing is when savings being on this team play as hard as I could because I thought that would make him happy and I you guys let me, whether on scoring touchdowns not I was missing you guys gave you that, I don't so Dennis and I listened that I you guys let me whether I score touchdowns and in that sense of you know I really honestly in my own life have a sense of that when I met the boot camp when were sitting down praying and literally asking God into the community with this that I sense that feeling like like I'm really part of something that I've never been glad her to be a part of my entire life and I get to do it as a Christian. If we don't fall down. If we are scoring touchdowns every time you ever really know if were loved because of who we are and whose we are, or because it scoring the touchdowns or doing whatever it is that people are saying is successful, so it will be around us and Robbie won the first people I think about when I think about community and having that type of relationship is you I mean that's what I was thinking about while ago that I want to say because you know we've seen each other through some good times and some really hard times when I've been a successful media executive when you've run car dealerships and we seen each other when everything was falling apart. You were falling out of a tree or something, but on I always know that I can talk to you and come to you and your always going to try to be uplifting. You're always going to love on me doesn't matter what I said or done just had that type of way relationship and to me that's community. It's an amazing pillar and it's one that working to get to go deeper and deeper with those 12 and in all sorts is is is the community moves on. But we would love for you to join us in order to do that you can join us November 9 through the 12th.

That's coming up mastering training register loved

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