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Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Battle Plan

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 28, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Battle Plan

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey were very glad to have you. Saturday we decide to continue to talk about our favorite topic of late talking about that this is a given. Talk about the pillars of the masculine journey for a long time. Brick by brick built with a lot of pillars. That's interesting thing I first started with three or four no life continues to evolve. For all this we start think about know there are other things that I need to have is a rocksolid pillar in my life so that you know there's five of us today, which is a big room with Jim and Andy Dennis, Robbie and me and just be talking about the pillar of a battle plan out of battle. The right if you don't have a plan what your chances of winning. I tried that didn't work out what the wars one we know that there's a lot of battles between now and when it finished so you know how well you do in the midst of that with several thoughts on it is were talking about earlier lay when out in the clip right away. The first receipt. Robbie, can you name all the pillars that we have. I think I can try. We had faith and then we had hope, love, joy.

We had a battle to fight duty to rescue an adventure to live.

We have the pillar of community twice this week is really and then today that would be night and Mike did I, you know, that's a pretty strong foundation time to frame this baby in a you should keep going to Christmas you spend so much time down the coast and seal this house is up on stilts. Now I know I like to have one had nine pillars underneath, especially when that storm comes in the first play is one from a movie called home alone and I know if you seen it. If it is been around Christmas time at all.

You probably seen one of the home on movies but you don't want you to think about their times that we are called to battle alone. Not that nothing that's guidance to the intent of someone saying we find ourselves unexpectedly into battle by herself in order to pick up Kevin is woke up at his home. If you haven't seen the movie and all the families left on vacation for adding into guys are going to try to break in and rob his house and he decides to defend his house snakes. I'm going to give you an account.

It can get you know my property before I saw him him him him Shieh the animal somebody just got blown away their was arguing the other one way to recognize one of their voices, snakes, snakes, snakes, just like a chicken that's is painful even not thinking that thinking. I think that's exactly right is going up the stairs but you got admit one thing.

Kevin had a plan. I mean, he had laid down piece by piece by piece like this if they're going to come after me. They are going to pay the price and of course you couldn't enjoy watching the price exactly that you know you want to see so can we battle alone is a possible Scripture says it doesn't resist the devil and hopefully something you can do singularly as needed as babbling alone always work out for you to say no, but that was my occurring. That's what will happen with me base part of my Christian life and I've heard a lot about spiritual warfare. But a lot of it was.

Was it really wouldn't mind it having somebody to help or whatever, but a lot of it was you felt like you had to do it your own to be a man you didn't want to show vulnerability, you didn't want to really share what you are struggling with a lot of times so you did try to do those things on your own and it didn't always work out now.

On the other side of the kind of what we've learned in the masculine journey and where we have a band of brothers to go to reach out to you guys for help. Her other friends or whatever to pray with her staying with you not much more open to doing that and calling him, you know, airstrikes or whatever from others to help out, but now it's so much easier now because you can always do the phone frame thing you know you may be in a family argument for things that are not going right. And you have to take it to God, yourself, and in this Scripture that you said is that key and foundation to submit yourself therefore to gather this devil and he will flee. That is key to that. That's a plan that you can use anytime you want and then if you have as you have more time that can be branched out to where you can put all in the airstrikes. I don't think you have an option for door number two. Let's make something there is a time were called battle on the revenue member the end of the movie that could Kevin even make it through the whole movie on his own know this guy with the snow shovel that is critical because they just have Kevin are going to getting and also this guy comes out of nowhere and you risk using same thing and the second one and 80 with the bird. Even somebody that has a really great battle plan and is executing well and it still needs assistance in this hundred tickets into that second clip will I have a and this will lead into the we do need that person to come to the rescue. More often than not, and I had thought of this in years. But when I was a cop in Charleston. I had a prisoner the bike. He had stolen it was a juvenile so what the big deal that I was in a very rough part of town and I ended up with a crowd and I got my print prisoner is the only time I ever put a police officer in trouble call and get the prisoners I got the bike and they were very close to getting me when the Calvary showed up in my only solution at that point was the leader was going to get the first bullet. The other five would be scattered, but when I got my God is to be happy with. That was my only plan that point, but getting bailed out of that. There's never been a time when I was happier see friends show up.

Even superheroes please write even the people that we look to his heroes need assistance and so takes us to the next clip from the avengers and want to listen to this interchange between it's the hulking heroes that Capt. America after the American Southwest that will come back and talk about getting that Molly is containment. Once one that I thought everything straight more than three blocks that you lift that port slow down like me thinking on the ground fighting/rubbing clip really inspired you today at the beginning that clip you know where he says it's a really good time for you to get angry and I started to put together that you know I'm working on the core desires talk for our boot camp, and at the one of the core desires is a battle to fight and anger is something that really I'm always almost been afraid of my own anger because I think deep inside of me is that Hulk and I want that guy coming out because it can get really go bad, but it's an interesting thing that real war.

God put that adrenaline in you for that to come out for that moment like like Jim had all the sudden you didn't need to be. The whole can you do need to smash and that's something that's inside their and the beauty of it in the way John Eldridge describes it is, what would it be like to be a man who could live Psalms 1 1932 were David said I will run the course of your commandments, for you shall enlarge my heart. In other words, to be able to run and that full fury of all the power that you have as a man and you know what is in there under that temper of yours. What if you could use all that into for God's glory and for his strength against the enemy and actually channel that anger programs that you read the Scripture, and paraphrasing like I'm just glad he's not still taken people's months at airport for that anger can come out. Sometimes I think that one of things I think about though is how we see ourselves and maybe sometimes how can we talk about this at boot camps when we go off and that covenant silence. God may see you totally different than you see yourself like I never started to see myself as a warrior for someone that would do battle. Always thought of myself as kind of peace and love God when it came down to and I didn't like to fight per se but God show me one of the boot camps. It really part of me was built to be a warrior and that meant standing up for doesn't mean going in bullying or beating people up, but it does mean standing up for yourself and standing up for cause, standing up for God standing up for your family, rubbing his people and that's what it is a very passionate and would like to register for the there's so much therefore you know God to special for you because he does every time we go to matching journey to register now to see in a couple weeks.

Is there the same time we talked about ways you can help support Lily where we can get something PO Box 558 find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God is the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine journey to register your thinking is was a Chris August timber Christian artist actually had heard that song until a few months ago.

I think it really speaks kind of the one who points you made about the battle that goes on within will have to fight that battle align my friends were never alone, but we do have that going on within a site spirits that recently felt like I was under attack from Satan trying to bring me down trying to get me to go back to some agreement that had in the past and struggled with it, but we have to understand that we had that battle we have to understand we have an enemy and who the enemy is absolutely so far if you just joining us were talk about the pillar pillar still talk about the pillars of having a battle plan against the make sure that we have a battle plan so far. We talk about sometimes you find yourself alone and this is point you not. Honestly, when you got with you alone, without other humans to support you and that you have to sometimes enter in that even if you're not willing to otherwise you overwrite you can be taken to manager then the second thing was Unitas support team and had from the avengers that you need people around you, no matter how strong you are, how strong of a Christian you think you are, how good of a person you think you are.

You always need help God put us here to be in community to be in relationship and that was by design from beginning. Now we get to having a battle plan and so I'm wondering clip at the break to talk about William Wallace wonderfully. Molly stole some of that from this person here. Gen. Patton so listen to it clip from Patty Patton on having a battle plan team and she sleeps five team's individuality stuff.

We have the finest food spirit you know, actually.

Those books were going to shoot when trying to cut out and letting God's and use that greased went on to my life.

I know, wondering whether or not you will check it out under five, I can assure you that you will not see way spell that shoot when you put your hand into a bunch of that moment. Therefore always your best friends face know what to do now is nothing I want to get any messages saying that we are holding opposition left behind. We are advancing constantly and were not going on anything except when on hold on the nose all the time is one thing that you manually say that you may think got 30 years now sitting on your fireside grandson on your knee. He asked you what did you do in the great wellbore to you won't have to say shoveled in Louisiana. To this conversation that's really weird when Allah knows who's going to give the patent speech of the next week and you brought this on handy that he uses and and Patton Scripture and Patton was a man in any button I've I've actually known several people that fought in his army and they had deep, deep love for them in a deep respect. But what he's what it says in the Scriptures, the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing or violently advancing and violent men take hold of it. While Patton was that in the heat and he advanced and were not hold any ground in the kingdom is not working to take hold of this thing move forward and you know it's an interesting thing in ministry and you get a chance to see this.

Believe me, the enemies coming and actually have a plan.

I never would've guessed that I find myself where I am today where literally I have. I pray for a good 45 minutes to an hour. Specifically, battle plan, every single morning to take on what I know is headed our direction because when that kingdom of heaven starts forcefully advancing as it does in these boot camps. Sam you know as well as I do, the enemy does not take that stuff laying down he's coming after you. He doesn't like the fact that were trained to do anything we can be a part of an environment where God gets the heart takes into deeper levels of intimacy with unit and people Avenue and since amazing thing, but part of having a battle plan interest to give you some things.

It is kind of your hands around what's that look like you need to really sit on honestly know your own story. You need to know where the enemy stripped yet before. I'm sure it's probably not.

Once it is done it. It's probably been a pattern like the rest of us in this room, not something he continually trips you up on you know what has worked in the past because you don't know your enemy you don't have a battle and I think an earlier rally when you're talking before the show that an event at the point of violent men. Yet we need God in the midst of that and to lead the way we gotta do our part. We just can't sit back it's okay. Got you got it because he didn't even create pretty to absolutely create things to be that way now to walk with him in the midst of this battle.

You can see them doing it with David many many times throughout Scripture right and every one of them was a little bit different because he needed God in the midst of it for this talked about a few times and is going to share because I think it something Robbie said to struck me to that there's really mortal one. More than one component to have an battle plan.

I mean there's there's there's having the plan putting together the plan anyone will tell you I have a game plan for my life and actually started doing it when I was at the rescue mission. Now what it forced me to do is take a look at here is in my life and and as part of that I had to look at where I got caught up in things with giants or whatever, so the game plan. Take that into account that has to be preparation, which I think about your daily prayer. I'm thinking about being around brothers, but then a plan and you hear this over and over again without the execution of it means nothing, so you also have to execute the plan and I think that that's one of things that stuck out with me with this Apollo 13 clip if we have time to get to is not only did they they had a plan but they also had to account for things that went wrong and plenty of things went wrong Apollo 13 and then they had they had to put together another plan and execute it and had to have someone to lead them through all that you really hear that happening. Howard played a clip from Apollo 13. Listen to what's happening as they realize things not going as planned I will forget this moment on we are improvising a new mission was all they are here and turn around and straight back to direct them on a free return project option with computers?

Jerry gravity slingshot and ran no will not support three guys for that amount of time we've got to do a direct report we do an about-face would bring the guys right home right now getting back to you working serious damage to the space gray blowup and a guy got told been damaged and explosions with considered ending today like that thing up will work to risk take that chance anything the command module is good for his reentry so that leaves us with land, which means you get the guys around the moon flout the limb engine make a longer speed get home as quick as we can, Jean. I'm wondering what that with the Graham and we can't make guarantees. We designed the limbo land on the moon not bar the engine out there. Well, fortunately when I landed on okay what anything was designed to do care about what you can do is get to work with later. You know, is listening to that.

Think about some of the church boards in-house. God doesn't step in and leave it you know it would sound very much like that on a daily basis with us as humans and having our own strong opinions. Jimmy been quiet in a while I like to share with one of the things I loved about both. This clip manager is you have someone in charge and ultimately the decision is his God situation, but we have to have a human representative that so there's a hierarchy there's also a use of the talents of each individual. They all have different ones and they all are going to their strength to fight together. Whether it's the avengers literally fighting more than fighting to save the Apollo 13 work together except for maybe the government is as we think through some about a plan. I know we talked about prayer. We talked about preparation talked about heaven understanding it won't always go the way you think it will. The question I have for not disguising room for myself with people listening do you live your life expecting opposition and you wake up every day saying my skin to be opposed today are just wake up thinking while thinking to schedule five everything is going to be great. Honestly, I think I pray some warnings that there won't be any opposition because I'm not in the mood to fight that day. But that's not reality.

And that's not living in this world it's it's almost like saying okay I give up for today and that's when I'm at our worst absolute worst. And when I when I find myself that's my make really poor decisions.

I love the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and end Violet and I and I tend to think that in the morning like how can I bring it violently today. What can I do to really bring the kingdom and what I do today and the answers that you're asking about. This can be found in walking with this week is likely to talk to about battling what you want me to enter into the battle here. What's that look like and where you leading me please leading you to the next Boot Camp which is coming up November 9-12 to masking any radio that orgy to register now. See next

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