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Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Sonship

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 4, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Sonship

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Heart of every man craves upgraded venture life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now and November already. It's November and it's November and the masculine journey is very excited because our boot camp is actually next Saturday will be live from the boot camp and some were so excited for many reasons and one being that we have a dear friend back with us of our old friend Vinnie Menino get ready for the boot camp. Vinnie back all.

I'm glad to be back by you guys sure got old looking that that's an inside joke over here is playing and Sam. We have been a number of weeks on these pillars of the masculine journey were fixing to finish our pillars so that we can actually start a frame in this house but we got one last pillar that we wanted to get which will give us an even 10 and and anything since Sam came up with this idea of the pillars that we are the list with see how Sam does listing the other nine getting and what were doing today. I heard about and oh joy.

Community battled by the live it interest you battle plan pillar of a battle plan against the enemy. Which brings us to my final bill or did he mention community didn't even answer you once twice that is the one tonight which is the pillar of son ship which has to be has to be were being followed by conferencing sometimes is pretty hard for people to talk about tonight more naturally than it does for other I've heard many times that while the park which we refer to a lot here on the master journey that a lot of folks get to that fifth chapter which has to do with the father and that's where they put the book down because it hurts and it's not necessarily a place where you you want to go, but we want to have a little bit of fun with that tonight and by the fact that may not be a fun subject.

Right off the top your head, but when you think about everybody loves Raymond. You can see that maybe, maybe Robert and Raymond had a little bit of a father work just a little bit but and and so now we can get a little bit of understanding right. Sam on on how that took place in their doing the thing is really cool is real, fundamental truth come out of there trying to be untruthful to their wives about what they've been doing it going to the racetrack instead of going going alive right and so then when we pick up this clip there trying to decide how what the lies are that they can tell the wives to try to cover the fact that they been at the track betting and so you know they have to come up with what they talked about in their counseling session and so here they are scheming and what they're going to be of the sale back to the counseling session, this time I felt so right.

Okay, let's see the lesson the lives is that we will work in a dense withholding of effectual tips and how it impacted negatively on this conference is whenever I did something I was felt that God was disappointed in me, not to mention the neglected verbal beats what you will like I'm second 20 stuff very, why was I like that you two are a couple of monkeys that might be the verbal abuse to talk about no, you know, I've been thing about this since last week. You know, when you choose problems where he took on that abuse stuff personally personally. It was just what they call the tribes of analysis you got, you will withdraw from your relationship with us because of what it was like that with you. That's great. Very good is like what you I'm kind of a lousy job so so I just backed up one more grandpa Joe and his dad was the worst. My grandpa's grandpa sound very scary. My guy just tell me horrible stories about how his father used to hit him when he was he didn't mean to get everything that it was like that for you it was like that for everybody that's just the way it was that hit him. He you and never really fit us. I couldn't. I don't know. I was always weakening him like I didn't buy that you can kinda relate yes I do relate to. My dad was a very quiet person but he had two brothers Angelo and Al really and truthfully my dad hardly ever talk to me but my two uncles showered me with love and I could not understand it until I got older pump Angelo. We called him pop Angel. He had lost a son and his name was Vincent, and I was born right at the so I was sort of like God's gift to him that his son came back to his brother, and I don't know if that was why my father was very quiet and I was quiet all the time if I want that I have any kind of fun to be with my uncle Alan pump Angelo so yeah I think that's sort of relates to what the clip you just had but anyway it was good. I loved it and and I felt loved and have to have many, many years I found out you know that my father did love he just was not a talkative personal patent had type guy you know when pump Angelo and uncle. How will play baseball with me today did everything in the stages that the masculine journey right.

Sam bet that. Of the beloved son, but you can tell and Vinnie's description of what was going on that he was the beloved son, even by his uncle which it's interesting how God provides people to father us even with our father may not be the one that's making us the bullets able to God will bring into our live help get through different love of the father so that it can counteract what are you know we need to have that understanding of the love of the father, God, and this is a simple subject for you and is one that you felt like this is really a pillar that the house doesn't lean well if we're not followed by yeah I think you know when you get in and start the home of the courted core desires and those kinds of things overly struck me, but when you really get down to the purpose of Jesus and everything else.

The simplicity of it all is, you know, we say heavenly father and all that we don't treat them like a heavenly father. A lot of times when I can't relate to them because we have had this poor example here on earth. Now I think Jim said he's had good example Robby you you had a good example. Even Sam. I think everybody's got somebody that was in my life was good but there's also the negative as well. My dad was great, but he lifted me edit crucial time and you know it was something he had to do for my love a financial perspective, but it will affect this and he and my mom split and United just there was a time there when I needed it.

You know you're talking about teenage years high school. Whatever when you're really trying to learn things and even though I had a good foundation with him. I just had lost him during that time so fast forward 34 years you know you don't have a really strong man mainly community and you're trying to do. Stephanie get frustrated whenever you can't do the things that you feel like you should or you don't have that close guidance or somebody sitting there saying there's a scripture that says the guy would be there thing that's the right path to take. Go that way and I didn't feel like I had that I think that was a byproduct of getting involved in the whole masculine journey was that really my focus became back on finding a father that was there to father me, even though I'd had this loss with in my life that I had that the very thing God moment for me and all came about, but it was. Not really something. I went looking for when I got involved with masculine journey message and so you know it's interesting challenge for men to figure out why what's going on under the hood that this idea of older men bother me so much, why do somebody in authority just really cause me to rage and and there's other things. It's, you know, speak to that particular issue.

Your smiling Jim like you've got all I purchased a June I just say Jeff as it is even affixed to Sacred Heart Jenny wants to talk so if we can start again on that hunter brothers for my dad and my mom came to live with me when they got elderly and it was my pleasure.

One night I was certain we will all sit in the kitchen and my dad looked at my wife and pointed to me and said that's a man I never was a man wanted me was like me. I cried like a baby.

I kissed him like all the hurt that I may have felt misunderstood, disappeared.

I just hugged him and said I love your pop and then we had been the case. What I was gonna say about my dad and orchestra break but I had well I'll just give it the short version.

My biggest father wound was my father died. I always knew I had unconditional love.

He loved Jesus he introduced me to Jesus took a while for it to take but I always knew I could turn my father on earth when I was growing up, which prepared me for relying on my heavenly father which you know when you lose your father to lean on a lot of sons who lose their father took that then you end up with this orphan spirit and we and we have a couple of really wonderful clips only come back from Fresh Prince of Bel Air meeting his dad which Sam tells me must be the fresh king that now wow if this is something you would like to check under the hood.

We really are to this at the boot camp coming up his next Wednesday coming Thursday at the start to get registered and asking for any radio that a large salmon masculine. My son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support clearly smile that he was on the information that where you can click button waking into masculine once again mail something to PO Box 552 72853 man you find out from Jesus what you will do with that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio boot camp is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be warriors for the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine journey to register your thinking and and had and I still have my father's now 87 and I enjoyed some wonderful time with him. Just this week and we went fishing smallmouth bass fishing up. It was the absolutely blessed but we lose that father we lose that found it important point in our life or we lose that father through.

He checks out to do some other things and we have this clip from the fresh Prince of Bel Air and Alexander set that up to Cassandra, you picked it so you don't think of it about. Topic we have will grant the Bel Air dad entering into the picture. After having been gone for a long time and the other candidates strike up a good place in the relationship and they are planning a trip and interdependent dad in the talked about the trip on old because something came you get from the it's not the first time that the dad let will down and now this plays out. Unfortunately will have uncle Phil to Canada, and father, and through it. Some business came up again had so we have to put out on health, you instead.

Yes, the school just a couple weeks and get along whatever call you next week and will find out the details yet.

It was great seeing you sent you to Lou. I'm sorry with this works out better for me noticed some of the class when it is all right to be angry for saliency.

Say goodbye.

This time I just wish I had placed them on my device present. I'm sorry if there was something that I do not like. I'm still five years old. You know to be sitting up every night my mom Wednesday coming home. You know who needs that he wasn't there to teach me how to shoot them up as best but I learned pretty damn good to did not got my first right learned how to drive, how to shave.

I learned how to fight without him I need a minute on the now will you know what we get a great job without him having a whole, but you can't make it that we hear that the end of that clip. He says how can you don't want me and and you can sense this wound it's coming or if there is right.

It's right there where you can see it now, and often do this, go right to another clip from the movie the Martian child and it starts out with this similar situation.

Only in this case, the marching child is upon the water tower.

He is waiting to get picked up by Martians which is actually life-threatening but his stepfathers that they're trying to talk him down off of that situation of of the water tower and this this clip starts out exactly the point that that one left off where the little boy in this case is about nine says why did they go.

Sometimes history, sometimes to Mr. because because they were stupid.

Whoever let you go those of the stupidest beings in the universe can even see what was right in front of see how extraordinary you are helping your heart is smart and I can see it's so obvious duties can the world to me and I think you love me to mail and never ever leave you and Sam. One of the things that that clip points out, as well as a fresh Prince clip for most men that come to boot camps or at least a lot of men are father's and that's the key part of the masculine journey is is is seeing how to go after your son's heart or another man's heart. That's been put in your life to be a son like this pointless, and you know the enemy plan all along that separate us from the father and my heavenly father that met the garden of Eden that at different times, where he tries to be that device break my heavenly father, but he also knew along the way that you could break us from our earthly father or not, allow us to have earthly father role really strong in her life and make it really difficult for us to find a way to heavenly father again and again supports my God these people in our helplessly you know there is a father figure out there that loves me for nothing other than just for me to hit you don't have to get straight A's.

You don't have to be the start of the football team or whatever the situation may be to be the beloved.

Sunday June now you don't. You can be the beloved son just by going to our heavenly father. Regardless of how things were with your earthly father and and it's it it's a really neat journey and we have another clip that takes us a little bit into that father had journey but also it's a neat son ship journey because you think, wow, I cannot talk to my father about deep things like love and things like that so Sam this is such an eclipse ended up fourth, the love actually really what happened is always with bad light that long that his mother and stepdad wife died recently in the dad thinks that the struggles avoid going through has to do with losing his mom and say begins to asking about it. What I want you to hear.

Initially the dad.

This is what it was and he catches himself and goes after the fun part is, just mom something else, something worse since he's in this case to another thing I think Sam is that line with the boy asked the father even though you can't do a thing about it you still want to know about.

I just love that and I and I wonder do I go to my heavenly father was stuff that I don't want to do anything about our new am I always bring him something that I wanted to fix an interesting challenge.

It is good with the WishList wish list all our stock and I need help here because it appeared out of my own but I just go and share life with Natalie here this done doing with his dad is a sharing life with pain and if nothing more. The dad there to listen. Obviously our heavenly father. More than that for is always there to listen to be a sounding board when things aren't necessarily going the way in life that we think they should absolutely I think that is beyond cool. Jim went on, that is a big word anthropomorphizing God hear his word know.

I look at God really enjoying it.

When we come to aim just for the fellowship with is something that we appreciate that I'll believe me as an earthly father. My kids call me to shares of victory whenever there's nothing like so you know, understanding son ship and also father had this thing for an we have a lot of biblical stuff that we get to take on this one more time there so much the Bible has to say on this that we wanted to get in these these clips but were really getting go there if you can make it to this camp so the masculine dream were to be lied We are so hoping you will join us as attorney

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