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Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Hearing From God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 18, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars of the Masculine Journey - Hearing From God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. We are so glad to be back with fresh off our boot camp here last second last Thursday through Sunday salmon. It was an amazing time. God came in so many different ways hard to even articulate you and others so much joy coming from all different ages of people. It was really cool. We had 1387 right time so you had the excitement on many generations younger guys from the North Anna Boyd Academy Rossum was really need you know we talk about the stages of the masculine journey and the fact other sages out there and people got a call that out whatever but it was interesting how the sages were reaching out to the young people to get their insight and insight that the young people are looking for from the sages. It was just all naturally right there was much trust. It started on Thursday night would never a bonfire like we had that night where you guys get together talk about 32 I think when I counted when I was down there. 32 people down there just really Sharon deeply and I started my gay first night and it was just amazing and what was your thoughts about all the boot camps are very different, have been for me and this one has put it right out of the gate. There seems to be a presence layer level that many people didn't even have to get used to what we were doing everyone's cooperatives. It was it was time for me to not do that anymore. I had another little accident here, but you IV the boot camps have been to have been well personality was in Alaska to Oldman Colorado. Everyone is been different every time I've been the one God is shown up in different ways, and we've been doing the pillars of the masculine journey here for several weeks and the one boot camp always brings and highlights for us. It seems like we saved the best for last, but we didn't do it on purpose about this critical pillar, but you can tell us what you pillars are, I believe I can. We started with hope, love, joy, battle to fight to live. A rescue community friendship and there's one other that I owe you got it. I was told now that I knew that and so tonight we have this new tiller to talk about building a foundation on Jesus Christ pillar is really I think all of us in an salmon. The beach one of our favorites is hearing from God like you absolutely you know yes hearing God communicating with God and having a conversational relationship with God, which is amazing. I didn't know one of our all favorite talks that we do camp is the new name or people are sent out specifically to try to hear God's voice and it's a challenge for something here and some don't.

Here in there was a question from the floor to Sam which said you know you know how is it that I'm in a here this amount only to hear when I'm at boot camp, is it possible I can hear it later and Sam your response that just had great wisdom to it and I can show that while I'm hoping I'm tracking. I think it any time God everywhere all the time but you know I'm more sick. That's cool. When I approached God without my own agenda and I want my first boot camp. I never really got Colorado was raised in a philosophy that it really wasn't talk about how that conversation relationship with God and first God just was amazing and communicated. It seemed like everything I want to ask about God was right there, but with my second boot camp in Colorado and I took a list of things God not talk about work about that well without God with the quiet altar boot camp until the very last session and he Prompted me at times in the middle session day like you would talk about something and I would be so quiet time coming up. Wait till then you I get out there and last session.

I finally gave in and said okay God what you want talk about knowledge that was on here and it just brought me to tears. You know that he was there the whole time, but with not on my agenda is somewhat God's agenda and probably what I realized was that I needed to click on and let's talk about this is much as I had to go to bed what you want to talk about and what is you want to tell me or what you want me to know where you want to go with this conversation exactly in our first clip tonight. Bruce Almighty had an agenda and he was use want answers. He was screaming for answers and the course God showed up for him but it was not the agenda that he necessarily was hoping for right was taken with my life and will not, you must be Bruce have been expecting you are the boss and must be a killer Christmas party get drunk though you might need a ride home. You always wear like the father wow hold this for me since it was all God has taken my mother a mean kid with a magnifying glass might mean my deeds. My now I'm not blaspheming but that last one made me laugh. I'm the one. Omega God see that your final answer. Well it was nice to meet you got thank you for the Grand Canyon and clips Bruce and his agenda in the was clearly wanting to hear from God. He got more than he bargained. We always do what you know, one of the questions I think we always look to their is is it possible Sam that the book is. It is a book of examples or is a book of exceptions slowly and I think the Bible is only a book of exception. How hard would it be to buy that only five people in the Bible, God never states that anywhere, never in Scripture, not for you and this is for everybody and examples of walking with God and in adventures walking with God through greed all the kinds of things that we would need to do in life as well as conversationally relating to Scripture John 10 and I was near and dear to our hearts.

It's is a man I man I tell you he does not enter by the sheepfold by the door times in some other ways a thief and a robber. You enter through the door is the shepherd of the sheep to him. The doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice. Shepherd calls his own sheep by name and leads them out when he's brought them out on his own, he goes ahead of them in the sheep follow him because they know his voice and Jim that's that's a critical pillar for our life and our relationship to actually have no relationship with Jesus. I'm sorry got goosebumps just reading that and out one of the heroes of the faith to me that that is really brought me to a close relationship is Henry black and I was at a seminar with a once I didn't hear from God asked the question said well you know what you do when you're not hearing from God and chill bumps, but he's got such a loving voice he said oh my dear brother if I were your pastor, I'd walk with you because any quoted that scripture it said is she peers voice so you're going to hear from and a few years later I have another seminar with a man. We my wife and I have been God practice up to the soft Alaska is a wonderful experience but if you are as you will hear his voice and if you're not there is something broken relationship. Unfortunately Sam. A lot of folks make agreements along those lines, and can you walk us a few seconds to talk about how an agreement can get my wavy hair from God on your agreement that the core you make an agreement you make an agreement with the enemy against them access to your life. It lets you create static in your heart static in your ears were hard to hear the believe that you not possible for you to hear it. Depending on what that agreement is agreement by definition access to the enemy to your life be back in just to say so much hearing hearing from God. As I talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on the information that where you can linking it to PO Box 552 785 you find out from Jesus what you will do that. Freedom venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give him information to be what God is coming in April 12 through the 15 masculine journey to register your thinking and talking about the pillar of hearing from God, and the pillars of math journey that we've been doing and this one of the pillar of hearing from God. We heard how you know I never met any two people heard from God exactly the same way and so just like it is his real life economies in the movies as we heard how Bruce Almighty heard from God. Evan Almighty heard a little bit something different and I think we can glean something from this conversation between Evan Almighty God.

So you're really him doable proof diamond on the soft that's right. I believe you just I don't understand why you chose me you want to change the world. I mean, that's like territory to say whatever I I love you. Well you understand this whole building thing here is that when my house I need to make a good impression at work your plan right.

I don't even know where I would begin now I get a lot want to change the world don't know how to begin his son one act of random kindness and time you build it out and you might need this case. Now that's just cruel using cash. God is the creator. He lives in all things six planes you that I love that clip from that standpoint. I know we all do your plans.

I love to make plans about what God will out your plan. Which is funny, you know, walking with, but the interesting thing about those two clips and we talked about this a little bit before the show salmon in Gemini is that when we've heard from God individually. We've never gotten these long sentences or or this type of conversation right. Jim got kind of a man of few words he is. But there always, to the point I just was thinking about the very first time I met a visual component. I saw what I presume is Jesus the foot of my bed and the entire conversation was so you're Jim Graham and being proper cadet sensor.

Yes sir, I was none of them have been long conversations like Bruce and Evan had but the main goes wrong. We each have individual encounters with the living God, and we will have them. We will hear from you for listening and Samoset your experiences well yeah I think the longest talk about it with the show let's appoint talk about great. I got one of the way that we can best hear you now and I think you got is the creator personality and when he graded us to be who we are after me you love Steve use humor.

I think it's because of this resonates with me so well and onto part of that story was and I was really hard on myself about something very frustrated and I heard the word great Michael got I don't deserve great. You know I mean I knew what I was doing all the things in the pod. I started laughing home with that answer for me.

It can be comical at times but it is very poignant you know we talked before the show God the creator word doesn't need a lot of notice when you just shared the question I would say roughly half the time when I really know that was God felt his presence. It's not been in answer to question very good point and when I when I think about it and I was thinking about this since we talked about it with the longest you know conversation I had John Eldridge says in many of his talks and his podcast etc. is really critical to ask the second question other words, God throw something out there like when I heard my name originally what I heard was faithful which was actually quite disappointing for like a dog that was looking up the water. There is some old faithful or some like that in my actually said that to God and he said there he threw out a pretty good list at me.

He said Robbie who's the one that stuck by both his parents when they were divorced. Who's the one that's never broken up with a girlfriend who's the one that's never quit a job, who's the one that's never walked out on the front. You know you do you get it and and so there were several words there as he must've no realize that I'm figurehead. It didn't salmon for you.

That's kind of thing but you know a lot of us in. I've heard people say before I never hear from God. I never hear from Cabo in the book of Eli.

They're talking about a book in the book that they're talking about is the Bible and many of us here while reading Scripture never discount bag is amazing to me as I'm actually looking at Scripture, God is speaking to my heart and I'm seeing seeing things there, but as we listen this clip from the book of Eli there some other things to glean from what Eli's experiences, which by the way, this is just an awesome movie. If you ever have a chance to see it had sent me not to send this after the war made it their business to find and destroy any finding that already. Some people say this is the reason for the war in the first place anyway.

One day the voice explain what it was like from inside, but I can hear this as clear as I can hear you talking this place. Let me to a place we found what some level voice told me to come West told me that have to be laid out for me late to a place safe, told me that I anyone anything as a voice in your head is.

I know when I heard what I hear not crazy and I know I would've never made it without help.

Question to me. Sam we were talking before the show. You talked about how you hearing your chest did you share that with her… I think it's it's it's wonderful and speaks to what he was talking about Robbie and I hear God audibly but not externally. Almost my heart and radiating up to my ears to hear, audibly like you talked about, but it's not external, and I wanted to know such a true boy. It's hard to explain and to experience a bit. It is very very easy day here and know that that's God. And why would you say that that's a pillar something the rest of me.

I would say you know when you look scripturally don't want the kind of made it through things with the one that relied on that relationship with God in your life continue to come out all those people all Bibles for sherbet. Abraham had his challenges most challenging without that connection and I thank God there's no way they would. Jim just called Sam one of the important things about his looking at the examples we put it earlier examples on exceptions of Bible giants of the faith.

These are just like you and me. Women that listened to God's voice and responded in obedience how critical is that it's everything. If we are responding to God's voice and were ignoring him. He stopped talking.

God doesn't waste words and it's a pillar because a fact if there is one pillar I will actually make it aspire is built on all the pillars to bring us to the point of communion with God, I love that and I I I know of instances and I don't have the time to share it now where God spoke something into a situation that literally was what we call a broken arrow where the enemy is over run our position.

I'm totally overwhelmed I don't know what else to do. I reach out and I asked for God and he comes and gives me a word that puts it into perspective and takes all the weight off is like 20 zillion times can come off your shoulders and in the second when God speaks into one of those situations where the enemy is over run your position and again we are so blessed to be able to share this message with you today as you can tell, we met another boot camp coming up April 12 through the 15th that's already been working register. 70 people. This time to go to masculine journey We would love for you to register love to share the fellowship. Woodley Jim of having all these guys at this next boot camp coming up in if you want to hear what's going on at night And six

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