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Pillars of the Masculine Journey-Feasting on God's Word

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 2, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars of the Masculine Journey-Feasting on God's Word

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man craves a great adventure life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now it's December 2 this afternoon masculine. December already. It is quickly and it's like Christmas Eve E VV VI one that along those lines because there's 12 days of Christmas. Believe it or not we have come up with the 12th pillar of the masculine journey in after hours of sessions after hours in the session and and and fortunately we have Sam here. I know can at least name seven or eight of them, Sam. One of the pillars of the master and really just describe it again. For those people just turn in for the first time I would talk about these pillars pillar building a structure your building something unstable soil right you have a pillar in the ground really marked by that territory will not live in a world that is not necessarily stable soil for you and onto one of those pillars are working to build our journey on along the way that we haven't played as steppingstone as the things that really solidify our our path through this life as a walker with God and so we came up originally. What we thought were going to be more pillars that would be done with the topic but got off and he continues to say what about the what about that we started with a hope and love and joy and we did a couple shows on community and according to community.

From there we went into a man. Even adventure live in his life in epic adventure something that's bigger than him battle to fight in a fighting injustice and people to rescue a beauty to rescue from there. I think we went into what was that that rally number you came up with with the time I thought really was a battle plan battle plan itself and that of all the series so far as most downloads intracellularly.

Apparently a lot of people out there looking for that training or your training. The podcast battle plan apparently is really popular but if you haven't listened yet. It's a big big had obviously seen 12 -1 will meet on. We did a conversational intimate with God. Another follow-up for Jim digestion was what to do and which I got violent part of that same pillar and the community was so big we had parts one and two that gets us tonight, which is the 12th day of Christmas, this figure, pillar it really to me and I know for my brothers here in the room is a continuation into that conversational intimacy with God but is confident conversational intimacy through his word that actually feasting on Scripture, as it were. And so you know, as a man. Some of us, we struggle with checking the instruction book and when that wonderful clip here from a lady by the name of Vonda Skelton. Then I'll know she's related to read, but she has a similar sense of humor and I like while exactly like my wife. She's only 5 feet tall and she, her husband is over 6 feet tall and he doesn't apparently follow directions somewhat like me right now saying that I can block 312.

The instructions were very simple instructions problem three brain going me to take care of myself, what is going to tell you which three block right to stop when I overhear him in my all brain and lay between me and you man told he needs to pull over directions: find my way, so this is interesting thing I look at my own story and when we were talking about the pillar once meant my life.

I wanted to use this next clip because the Bible itself when you're not a believer and when I was in a believer in the fifth grade, I got a Bible from graduating fifth grade or something and somebody gave me this Bible, how many times I moved my life before the age of 40, but I bet I'd move 40 times but you know even as a nonbeliever. You cannot throw away about and I moved always right and have a single thing for my childhood. But the one thing I found one thing that I did have his throat out with this Bible. And so when I came across this series on the power of positive thinking and I said well the first thing you do is get up an hour earlier every morning and read your Bible. I was like I have never clip along those lines. Is this poor unbelievers on a tractor and this is from the movie the apostle and the apostle understood something about God's word and how powerful it was even in the mind of an unbeliever safely taken at church tonight for some secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty lectureship first.

If you do I want to sell you set right now we strike it down on a Sunday Avenue like you have been struck and threatened me like that myself. Don't stop.

The creature stuck with me what you trying to do you think I don't want to move it just clicks you can like you church down to do anything I just tells you something really. We around the Bible every day and if you're like me you might have six in your house 15 where it all is, but to nonbeliever.

There's there's something reverent about that that still there in their mind picking go the wrong way can it is one of the things that I thought of topic was how many people in this is a pretty good illustration get to the point of worshiping the word of God worshiping the Bible instead of the one who wrote the Bible. And that's a scary place to be.

But that can happen when we get into the constant study and learn more to this matter. I got it have to me me me me me rather than letting the writer guide you through. And so there is pitfall right there that Satan's set for us all is that knowledge puffs up as Paul pointed out rights tends will definitely and so you know, as you begin to study and you begin to think you know some your now like a cruddy girl a little bit armed and dangerous, which thinks it agree to be careful not work out a vitally important relationship you have with God in the midst of learning the word of God which is which is the point I would something I was thinking about when we talked about this that I wanted to share you is actually when I was working here to Truth Network about 10 years ago I went down the street to fast food restaurant for lunch and I have to have my Bible that day and a guy guy told me up to the counter. He is all you have your basic instructions before leaving earth.

And I thought it's pretty cool acronym. I never heard that before.

Without an account goes along with what you guys are talking about if we look at it is just a book of instructions, a book of do's and don'ts that were really missing out on with this with this love story is really about were really missing out on worshiping this is about were just looking at it is is a list of do's and don'ts is the commandment you and it's not to say that those things are relevant but there's so much more in the word of God, and I know you get excited. Robbie, I get a site when I go back and I read a passage that I have run the will and God choose me something entirely different than I've ever seen before and I've never read a book in my life where I had that type of experience another book and Jim you talked about you get emotional. Every time I get into it. I either get nothing.

So and it's an adventure that Sam talk about and how you know really it becomes one of the pillars through through going on adventure with him were going to be doing a lot of that.

Plus I can be believe you wrote this book of love 15 same time we talked about ways you can help support Lily where we can get you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give him information to be what God is coming in April 12 through the 15th masculine journey radio marching to register your thinking. I one will he do that to sing one time on the show and somebody copyright but anyway it is.

The question is who and Dennis that leads right into our first click here the book of love, you know, and yeah just go to get a discount with this clip. It's one of our favorite movies for this time of year is all yes about how the Grinch stole Christmas there so many lessons in here including looking for a chair Meister so we've got something they have some interesting customs and Hooverville and not for reference. They look to the book of who but some interesting things happen when this town meeting comes together and Hooverville now applies the qualities of daughter Lou. Thank you. This from the grantee shall apply when Christmas spirit is sort supply sound like all Grinch because sometimes things get led since my place.

Why out of the mouths of babes you pick that clip and so tells how that relates well on one side you have the if I may be so bold, you have the first cynical legalistic look at you know, holding the book up and going, you should do this and not do that, the judgment that unfortunately some folks that care around the Bible. They they do little that a bit of that themselves and they misinterpret what it's all about. But this childlike faith thing is what really hit in the face. It was like yours. This little girl and what she sees out of what they're trying to do is it supposed to be about love is supposed to be about building someone up and she sees the Grinch as being someone that needs to be built up and be pat pat on the back and these folks are just looking at these at him like the folks did in the Bible when Jesus was coming around and he wanted to hang out with all these guys are people said how can you do that was about love and that's why I see it is a book of love. The Bible is great love story and I think that's why Jim gets emotional when when something when he when something God reaches him. I get it to God reaches me through the word that I feel love and the reason why carry my Bible around for long time but never get got into it was because I don't like being told what to do and I thought it was. I had been conditioned to think that it was a do's and don'ts is what you do and don't as Scott opened up my eyes that it's a it's a book of love then it became a joy to open it up and read the punches coming from Sam for you and for those who don't know Sam is written Bible verse day for years and years and years. That's ministry got. He was involved in before and and so this was an adventure for you but it wasn't knowledge puffs up and away surely adventure it was really something that of all hard to stop by Bible study working is reading in my own daily reading diverse people in the group frowned on my big band at commentary evolved into overtime was comfortable walk with God that I would wake up migrated every weekday morning and I would wake up and figure out what we know and maybe fall back asleep on my mind for the first and go with the top and start right.

Not having any clue and what was really cool was I got a lot of knowledge of the Bible. During that time. What really grew relationship with God. During that time because I knew he had to step down or it was none never failed me and we were able to do that every day such a cool adventuring of the fun things get done writing later on they something to me about it it it is almost as if I was reading the first time because you got it only things on my heart that the development of that relationship.

During that time in the trust understanding was way much more valuable knowledge cool things I sell to. With that is that it also instigated conversation amongst fellow believers about what they were seeing verse I can remember when people post different things and anything I was Sharon beef for the show. The guises that I read recently that one of the reasons that the Star Wars movie were so intriguing to young warriors was that the training and that the master was shown how to do this in the master. So when you go on that adventure through the Bible or God's actually training every day and taking you someplace on this adventure and showing you you know these things.

It really helps you to an extent in crease that relationship and trust, and then to bed to know that you know as the battles come on that he's going to be there in the midst of that. It's that's a whole different place than the basic instruction book that is hey that gets back to the relational God is going to train us and he's going to use the book but if the book can be abused like the mayor be used to manipulate or it can be used to grow in that relationship with God and with others as our next clip coming up it in as I was listening to the who clip I've never really picked up as much is this battle that Jesus fought one time somebody was quoting Scripture on Hampden workout to get but we have a clip it's from the movie the book of Eli and Samuel to set this up, you have Eli God. The Bible on her type of apocalyptic and one Bible guide after the Bible, with the fate and character in the movie and at one point earlier and will be concocted when asked about the power of having the Bible and what that would lead others but listen to this conversation.

He tried to convince Eli that he really should have the Bible, and you can hear his intent and processing. Find out what you like me to know. It's how you read it and so do you just in case building. This town is does have had to do things many many things. I hate this righteousness would truly understand why they need any of the ugly is not right. She is so always believe place with meeting place. Jim Denzel Washington's character.

David yeah if you thought Denzel got there watched it's a wonderful movie. But that really is what it boils down to, and we've got that book is about building kingdoms and you can build earthly kingdoms.

You can manipulate people and giving doing this doing that what all this for the Lord or you can build God's kingdom by understanding the precepts God has for us but demonstrating that others leaving him with this yeah and Sam. It's meant to be's.

But I know that when I suffering in the hospital when they follows nine all that kind of thing and the stories are all out there, but I do. I use a red pen. I used red pen in my Bible at that point my life and whenever I go back and see that the Bible those passages and read. I can see how precious that wasn't the point where I really felt like my life was recently I visited a friend who was chemotherapy and you could see there in his bed with his Bible. What a pillar that was in his life with God. Such a critical time. Clearly Sam that this is a huge pillar in we think of it, we had 12 pillars were calmly made. Do some more on this, but we will pillars share with them anyway.

We certainly want to enjoy in to come and download

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