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Surviving Christmas - Leftovers

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 30, 2017 12:30 pm

Surviving Christmas - Leftovers

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge and livelihoods. Masculine journey is filled with many question turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to this is the New Year's Eve Eve addition, even though it's afternoon.

It's New Year's Eve Eve addition of masculine journey today and so excited me and the student was only brothers get ready for 2018. We got big Jim. We got Wayne Dozier for the first time in a long time. In fact, it's been almost 2 weeks and a good friend and any welcome day and today a good day and we got Sam down at the beach you know somebody is gonna do it.

Sam welcoming our job so we have been in the month of December. Talking about surviving Christmas and Sam that the first show we did on surviving Christmas with surviving parent first thing out when Jim what was the same was a cycle of mine.

I'll tell you if it didn't happen 40 seconds to go for over four years ago.

I don't remember but was life-changing.

He knows like changing life changes and then last week which was a first show that Wayne was on the surviving Santa surviving Santa, which was right.

Prior to I was illustrating life change or so. Big Jim missed out, but I know what it's like in your family but in mine.

There's a whole lot of food that scripted Christmas and so what you have been his leftovers, and so this week show as we talked about last week would be surviving Christmas leftovers and for a lot of people that's a let down and when you list this little girl here. You get the feeling that man this this some people had expectations that haven't quite met yet and so they need the tree to stay up came in a will is and that was how it was at your house when it Jim will actually with the plastic. Now you can I got Abilify with the kid, I never want to take Christmas tree down system. The full 12 days of Christmas. The people that take it down. The day after the mayor pressing and so we still got going on is your tree still operating one of those that you know it at the Truth Network. We have very efficient people. I can tell you the minute they arrived on Tuesday morning the first thing that started happening. I was watching and I felt like this little girl down the tree. Sam is through January.

I'm on my old so as we begin the process. What happened, and we looked it what's left over. I that's what leftovers are Wayne since this clip from the movie a Christmas story that in and set this up for us because these poor folks they've they've had a bit of turkey adventure sure. So of course everybody most part has seen a Christmas story for Robbie but the starts off with Rafe's mom has just pulled the turkey out of the oven husband come in and tried to sneak a taste of the cooking.

Of course, she slept and life happens and something happens to her inadvertently. They leave the door open and the Bumpus dogs come in and have themselves Christmas dinner Christmas dinner turkey and so as a result they have to go you got your girl something else to do either role with the door, look at the turkey on the floor and go to the Chinese restaurant which they have a little bit different different view on Christmas than salmon.

So it sounds like this all is not lost all all all and in all will and will and what you see in Christmas would live in our memories is the Christmas when we were introduced. Chinese turkey so for those of you like me seen that movie FEMA clip and when you went there talking about the duck smiling man takes out a meat cleaver and he smiled and so that's left over for you Wayne. How does that work yes so so what you do with whatever life throws you expected turkey on the floor, pick it up and you gotta role with look for the good in it. And from this clip you can picture Rafe and his family. Even his own words.

This becoming legend as we talked about earlier legend of the turkey and Gary Smalley to study one time about what was the common denominator amongst families that didn't divorce and the only thing he could find was in the family went to church together prayed together as you might think it was the family that camped together and the reason behind that was the adversity of the camping experience you know the time it rained when you're supposed go see Mount Rushmore and playing cards now or the turkey. Whatever the situation was that became the stuff of family legend in the adversity brought the family together, and thus they made it through and so it's a lot of that stuff that happens at Christmas because we have all these expectations right well it's true and the and I did share this several weeks back.

Worst Christmas ever was the year my father died early in the month my daughter was married at the end but those things the leftovers. Well, I'm wearing one of the left. The sweater I have on that you can't see on radio that most people say is either beautiful or ugly, depending on who it is. But it is we're figuring at least 50 years old and it's my father's one of my two father's Christmas letters that he wore regularly at Christmas. I'm pretty sure they used it in the movie the Santa Claus for his name for the sweater made sure that the Neo left over just enough to this is over and half the people in the actually very pretty pretty slow, and on that family and you can write down when he reached Robbie thinking like little girl talk about this letter is vascular journey right now that we lost Leon the gap didn't bat your left over. You had a thought on that will and I didn't other than the fact that yeah it's the time around Christmas time. There are some left over the feelings of of what you experience a Christmas I was talking earlier. It's just it's funny how quickly do move on to the next thing. Even though there is some left over like taking stuff back of the unit out of the store returns like anything in the food that's left over if it is funny how we find a way to move on. I was still in the guise of I'm excited about 2018, went there mentally somewhat and just the you know excited about that yet.

You really really pretty. Only when this is cliché but it's true is the fact that we should experience Christmas every day of the year really mean Jesus fresh in our hearts being born today and I am one of those leftovers I have from this year that that I know you share with me and he is the idea that we can get an advance word from Christ right right in and this is the season right now before New Year's to begin to ask God what do you have for me in 2018. What's an advance word you know try to listen for what might be up for 2018 rights or what was next in our new chapter in chapter 2, special hornets, the 31st now and were part in the year like a real burger something along those lines, and so I think it's a great time to check it out. What's this look like for me. You could share the man year of this year. If that if you and my insurance so that works many huge impact on you now especially be here this you are expecting that yeah now I there were so many of those experiences this year for me as I had a year where I went into a not even make a resolution to pray every day of the daily prayer that John Eldridge talks about his book, but that is what ended up happening in and as I began to pray through some addiction problems that I was having and other things that I found a whole new prayer life that happened every single morning. I was just totally not expecting this a map that I got throughout the year and I'll share one of those when we come back as we talk about Christmas leftovers and as a result of Christ coming there so much left over that you only have a week left a few days to get the boat going to Assume that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button waking into masculine male, PO Box 552 7285 you find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give them information to be what God is and April 12 through the 15 masculine journey to register your thinking so there will only have I and and leftovers.

Today, surviving Christmas and what about those leftovers and I hope you're like many of us sitting here today that we have things that happen this Chris. This Christmas that will be left over for eternity in our minds.

You know this was the Christmas that what you know in my case I have a grandson whose name cash and he is going to be one engine on January 6 and what a personality he has developed and he was throwing this ball. This basketball you just Sambol and thrown it and thrown it and I you know I have a picture that is I look at it in my minds eye of really getting to know this new deal more mail. You know that's an affected ball is a big part of his life is already very exciting thing to just you know it'll be the Christmas that I got introduced to that grandson and it's a left over him, and to cherish forever.

What about you when you act like you got some there that you know I was going to go a different route of left over actually have this Christmas left the room, this well is really not writing this letter to my daughter.

She's been sick all through the Christmas season. It's been an interesting try to get her from place to place and make sure things.

It's one of those legends runs on those things that will be up that I remember the year that you just cannot have.

Unfortunately my wife is or the brunt of that is the leftovers I want to my sweater. Not a but the one the one left over.

Well the beginning of these leftover wet. What if you got this year that you you can cherish from Christmas day or something on your fan. I made a pot of chili so I over for a week. Extra Christmas chili right. I don't know just note no particular experiences or anything.

Just the fact that I determine you know there's a lot of stress to give Paul that he and I had opportunity to get back into the two you know, get not lose my piece well. Jesus came as the Prince of peace and bring peace to the world and yet we always seem to find a way to lose around Christmas and I think I made a conscious effort to choose peace. This Christmas, and things went a lot better than they have in the past.

I think it reminds us each time to go into that season because the devil would do anything he can. The enemy will do anything he can to get yeah peace in Christmas and especially to break your unit price, Outlook, Jim, my left out. Well, the thing I remember from this Christmas is watching. I had trouble patch, but I saw was habitable horror Christmas with strangest year.

It started on Christmas Eve Eve with one set of grand kids that didn't end until Tuesday morning with my granddaughter and it was not a traditional guy and there was very little tradition involved, and I sort of felt like the leftover at times because as a granddad splitting family time with different people. It can be depressing, but there was a sense of peace throughout it where you know this time of setting the traditions were being part of my family's traditions is is a leftover but that's okay. My kids and grandkids are developing mayors and we get to be part of Dan's furniture surgery sent a letter this year old on Christmas this year year of having a son with my boys are 13 and 1914 20 and just delete actually most exciting part of this is a scavenger hunt that I send them on to go find their interest know that that's still the most exciting artform. The tradition we started a year or second year of the positive leftover I think there's also the leftover of a letdown. I feel little bit like that girl looked like taking on the Christmas tree and I look forward to Christmas to the time that I can be there to talk my daughters and on. I know that I'm going to hear from all the kids and you know my next opportunity that are probably actually be my birthday on May there's a letdown of love can be a little before I deftly now talk with all of them.

Although talk to him individually at the date of the year that I hear from all my kids and make that part special to this other clip that we have from the movie the passion of the Christ and years ago I had this one of those things were you looking at your description. You wonder, how is this why was this workout when you look in Isaiah 59 and that this will get to Christmas to stick with me, but when you look in Isaiah 59, Isaiah is describing the armor that Paul uses.

Later in Ephesians 6 and he talks about the helmet of salvation, but it's the Messiah himself in this prophecy that is putting on the helmet of salvation might question was God. Why would somebody who is saved is clearly Jesus didn't need to be saved. He was sin free, why would he need to put on the helmet of salvation.

When I watch the movie the passion of the Christ I saw in this scene where they were flogging him this phenomenal beating and it was almost like Christ's strength in this particular clip to take this beating was something that the flog or couldn't get past and it Any any brought on his cruelty and effort to try to get over Christ. But it was Christ hard headedness that got them through to the cross and actually to be crucified in this helmet that Jesus was wearing was the thought of my salvation and the thought of anti-salvation. I thought so.

This hope of salvation. It talked about in Thessalonians is a picture of what our Savior had on in the hope of salvation and I'll get how this comes Christmas in a minute but I want you to hear a little bit of what that's like and see without Christmas we don't get this to John Eldridge point out something I've never seen before that the coming of Christ was the taking of like North front like bad luck the day like this big movement coming on and in Christmas brought on this onset of evil that was phenomenal. That was against Christ and it comes to a climax here at the cross, but it was in fact Jesus is desire for your salvation and mine that one. That victory that we still live in as a result of Christmas, but I just wanted to get to this was my Christmas leftover. The thing I woke remember this year always is. I actually started out like the Christmas turkey. It was a horrible fight between me and a close friend, colleague, and this broke out in. I really felt like I deserved an apology and I just couldn't get past it in a few days went by and it didn't get resolved to get resolved and I really felt like I deserved an apology at and then another friend got involved and he offered to to talk to this other person and move on with the project and so I simply I just let them take the ball run with it that's fine. Well, five minutes after that conversation here came an email with this person had taken the ball and run with it and I wasn't fine my army. This got all over me and I knew my stinking thinking and I knew that Sam talks about the good heart and I should been looking for the goodheartedness guy, but all I could think about was really, he's gonna just take all this and not apologize and how does his work, and so as we talk about, I have this morning prayer this time. You can imagine, I go to God with my stinking thinking I'm like I know I should be all right with this Jesus, but I'm just not all right. I'm really, really, really angry, and you know I am in so how can what what what we can do because I got it be involved in this Jesus said this to me and this is my Christmas present to me and my left around. Never forget he said Robbie is your hope in that person is your hope in me in the heart of that person is your hope in Christ are sitting and all of a sudden I saw, wait a minute. Yeah, your guy, this is going to be fine and it was amazing all my stinking thinking immediately disappeared and I was looking forward to working with that person and being involved in it all came around there so much hope they are right. There is Jim if we hold on to Christ and keep him at the center.

Every day is new. All of our traditions may be there and they're still lovely but it does not it still lovely as we have a father in heaven we have a brother in heaven that love us so much that all the rest of this stuff on Misty's different doesn't matter we need to focus on him and then were okay and Sam you being wanted taught me about the good heart. I know you got something here at the end of the show focused on love God first loved us to measure falling hard. Yes, and we are very thankful for the leftovers you guys listening to us today and spending your time with us.

We pray that you would literally go to mass concerning take it manage of this. Buy one get one free Boot Camp get one free mass concerning will talk to you next week at

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