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Advance Words

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 27, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 27, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now and into the masculine journey radio show. So glad that you joined us today. Hardly guys it is almost the end of January.

Already I have have a confession to make my Christmas tree is still up to ours was left probably got it down I feel better when I went to Virginia to see my parents for my dad's birthday this past week as theirs was still up to glad I'm not the only one, but around the table and on the coast. We have Robbie Gilmore.

We had big Jim Graham back with this. He looks like he's from the coast with the palm tree, certain everything on their is looking very relaxed and were grateful to have Jim Blackie bag. Jim hasn't been with us for a while. Jim, it's good to see you here today.

Thank glad to have you here and our fearless leader who spends a lot of his time somewhere on the coast of South Carolina. Most the time now. Sam hi how you doing today Sam up and down the I still missed a little envious about that because I love being at the ocean and the beach, but I understand you have work to do when you're there let's talk about what were going to try to accomplish today or at least kick off the first few weeks as we started off the year we had some ideas about the unholy Trinity and we talked about those things and the enemy some things that we face coming into the year and I had a conversation with you Robbie about hearing a word from God back last month in December and I have to admit that outside of the boot camps. When we do the covenants of silence. That was probably the first time that I'd really heard a word so clearly and I came to you and I started writing to. I worked on that word and then I worked on some other words it may be someone would get you note words that may come with each patient. Something Jim was talking about listening while ago and not you brought up this whole concept that comes from Ransom Hardy John Eldridge of hearing advance words or the year so that's kind of where we are now. We want to explore today what it really looks like to hear advance words from God coming into the new year and will preface it by saying that even though were the last week of January and and heading into February that it's not too late for these things because they were talking about when they released it on New Year's that some folks may not even listen to it to the end of the week or something said there still time and not watching talk a little bit about what we were going through in that discussion yeah well at the boot camps the covenant, the silences are an opportunity for us to go out and get alone and get quiet and try to hear from God on the subject matters that we get the guises they go out and and governess out what John did mention in these podcast about her last year was that they at the beginning of the year. Ask God or Jesus depend on you know the relationship that you have lived in the Trinity. I like to move around sometimes asked the father sometimes as the Holy Spirit, but ask God for a particular word to help you to interpret or to go with him in the year of 2018 or that you know in advance word for the year and then begin to write that down and as you go through and put it someplace where you can look at it cost.

We see it every day and think, wow, what does that have to do with today and how can I help me interpret Jesus what it is that I'm experiencing now as we go through the year and it's kind of neat to listen to Johnny. He whetted my appetite for that because he was like you know at the end of the year. I don't want to give up that word get another word because I'm so exciting. I've been enjoying this word for the last year and and it really wet my appetite to go on that adventure to hear something from the Lord myself and so honestly I picked it up last year and began doing it every day and was really excited coming into 2018. The pickup or yearly word, and then you what you shared your word. You and Andy, who is normally what this has to be in Dallas today. We hate that for ending when I got there and no heat. He was really excited about this, but it's really cool.

I've heard now that Jim's had a word of this year already practice also interesting because you said this is from John Wells why God usually talks to me is through multiple areas and I had a leadership course went through with our staff.

Last fall, and it included this as well and we had a life word and a year word and I heard it. This is the fourth different place I've heard about having a word for the years is that okay God made made a word and the last year my life word is Hessen estimate. Love you, and let looks like chest is nice see a GSS ED but glad at last word. Service was my word which I was happy with like that was good with them this year. I heard very quickly and clearly.

It's listen and select the most of this podcast, but the word we really be that hit me, is what sort like my name bid really is that it but it was immediate that you need to listen for my voice and spend more time with God and listen to others because I'm allowed to talk. Usually when I'm talking and thinking about when I will sign this next rather than listening to what you're telling me while speaking of listening. If your first time listener on the masking journey radio show. We like to use movie clips, illustrate our topics and not Robbie's usual came up with one that gives us a little funny intro to what were doing and this clip was a little bit about listening or maybe the lack thereof, planes, trains and automobiles.

They were trying to get them a message about your gonna wrong way, which could mean a lot of different things and once the race one I kind of went downhill from there they were going wrong way, but what you can't see is there two trucks in both lanes and I will never try to make it between the two planes, trains, automobiles. He did mention to big huge frocks that William, but you know I couldn't help but think I make my life God screaming that I'm going nowhere.

I'm going for more. You were talking about listening to God in that clip and you know John and Alan when they were doing the podcast for you. Note giving giving God your year they were talking about asking God. Unity has some words for me this year. Do you have and we were kind of talking in the preshow about how this happens at the boot camps we have the covenants of silence and use you spoken on more than one occasion about the listening for God, how I how does that come about force because it you have some guy sometimes a golf in the combat and the goat and I got nothing and not other guys that are really blessed with some things. It seems like it would take some patience and some practice really like God gave John was listening with agenda not looking for desired you got. I really want my word to be fame or fortune this year right yeah yeah you can't comment God with those types of things much to discard what you have for me what what you wanting me to hear today. Nine. That may be a word or maybe a state mentor may be something as simple and something is pronounced as I love you is letting God be the author what that conversation looked like Jim Jim Malecki.

We have to clear the plaintiffs and something else. They were talking about. It could be clearing the plates from 2017. It could be clearing up from years back right away that they put it was you know we have to turn old agreements all have somebody say well let go. This agreements how does that play into having those conversations with God in hearing from him well yeah I think for the most part is it comes down to the agreements and I we we all have listening a meal and have those lies that we agree, as were talking before hand. You know that that the father room has a was easy for me to identify growing up because I was constantly at odds with my father and one of the things that agreements that I had made was that nothing I do will ever be good enough right and so you know as I got older I found myself in competition with myself beating myself up constantly and as of late.

I had to put some of things aside simply because when he went to Crete, that expectation for yourself.

You expect that from others and nobody can meet those expectations. Even myself and so when the agreements is you have to let go of what you ago those agreements and forget what God has created you for now.

Those are the things you want to hear from God. Right right and we have to letting go of things and they were talking about this a little bit Sam letting go of things may include these agreements.

We've had that I can't do this.

I was talking about something in regards to this earlier this week.

You know this. Past agreements of going to school for different things that we have a we may be hearing something from God and you know whether or not we are still dealing with an agreement that says I can't do that. I'm not good and it good enough to do. It's like Jim said, realizing that you don't really do a lot of things on your own anyway, yes, were capable of doing a lot of things but what God calls us to do requires being in interaction, active participation with.

That's how we get to those things and still others agreements are based upon our past lives are still true for they were ever fully or that we have to do it on our own, absolutely. That's why resolutions for most people don't work because of that, because it becomes more about me and what I need to do rather and rather than loving God Coming up to getting your message about that shortly. Stay tuned masking journey night is the same masking my son Eli talk about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on information that where you can click button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 you find out from Jesus what you will do with that freedom for day venture with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to coming in April 12 through the 15 masculine journey to register your thinking back to the masculine journey clip therefrom stands the Beatles and the word. It's your favorite group. But the interesting thing about that and that music bumper and the reason why chose that is often times were going to God more sand you note. Can you just give me the word. Can you slip me the answer. Actually, John Lennon, the Beatles did that one time he said you know he thought it went up in the helicopter was someone they might. Slipping the answer. We don't always get that Sam but sometimes we get a word and we've got a clip from the movie Field of dreams that we've used up. We've use this before you said boot camps but I wonder if you might set that up force the short clip out on his own acute hearing this voice telling him a very pronounced message, and then he doesn't really get a lot of detail around it just requires to go on this adventure with the voice to go on this adventure to find out what he was really being told that's about the freakiest that's ever sounded listening. Know your your out your out there and you're getting your getting that message Sam, if you build it they will come and Monsanto. God does that with me on what could we stop and go back what you talking about really that visual word.

Listen. Okay what that really mean when, how, where, not listening. Lots of places to go on that adventure with God even delve into the word let alone what he has to say. That is really when you hear so we talk about this a couple of things that if you're going to go on this journey in 2018. Couple things you can have to start off with. According to our friends and some of our own experiences with this one is consecrating the year to Jesus.

That's what John called a surrender agenda consecrating your calendar, concentrate consecrating your life to God and Robbie.

That's a enough talking before about all these plans that I have and I write plans about you know what to do in different areas and sometimes I get you note 70% into it. Realize that I haven't really involved God and also this.

This is a big deal about about turning it over and then asking God what he has to say about my year, but how do you go about, clearing the slate.

Now that's a an interesting challenge and in the if you do a daily prayer it's an integral part of that is trying to it in even a nightly prayer of how do I give all the stuff that's cluttering my mind to God. How do I say okay wait a minute. If you're in charge here rather than me in charge and how do I sort of upload that to in order concentrate that to him say okay wait a minute. This is for you. Let me give this back to you get the monkey off my back and I can tell you a way that if I didn't do it. I would lose my mind.

You may know, I have the ministry. Jesus labor love where we have you know I probably have 45 single moms widows families in crisis that I'm in contact with every day through that ministry and all of them have unbelievable problems that would actually have me pulling my hair out if I wasn't able to take that monkey off my back and go wait a minute.

Got I've got to get this back to you because there's no I don't have the resources to fix all the young. I don't have the emotional resources I don't have the physical resources I don't have that and so and in doing that morning by morning, saying I've got to clear myself of these connections and give them back to God.

I love that saying it well, but that's kind of where you end up going with it in the Jesus labor. Love is taught me a little bit of how to do that disconnect as if I didn't I would be insane. Jim Graham you talking about embarking on listening this year. So imagine we can have to count have to get cleared out and we have to let God come after Hartson. Are there any ways that that's work for you. You know that you do something on a daily basis or when you want have communication with God me. One of the props I have in the morning is really stop shutting down with the rest of the day is going to look like to me because my mind tends to race about things so I'm really wanting to work on that this year. Now when you listening really intrigues me so if you had any success with that.

Well when I stopped to listen. Yes, but stopping as you pointed out, it can be a real mess and I don't have that busy mind I'm usually blank but the real key for me is trying to unload my agenda and looking it. What the kingdom businesses that's in front of me got no I need to work on getting these bills paid and that sort of thing. If I let go of that, then I'm available for hearing from God.

Sam I know you've talked about a if I remember correctly, you talked about being being out God's nature that that kinda helps you to be in touch with him.

There's nothing more beautiful than some of the landscape to God created know the beauty that surrounds us every day just from the micro to macro how intricate flower can be our how massive the ocean Intermountain can be in and you can't help lease for me to see that beauty unit draws you closer to God to the place where you can take time to hear and and really listen for what he has Robbie the second part of that I guess is is and we were talking about this with what would Scott have to say is we have to ask him.

And you have a clip from the movie that I really cannot think illustrates that point force.

Now this is from the movie we were soldiers and it's a scene where this young man is just had a baby and he is struggling with being a soldier and a father and what that means actually to take another person's life and how to interpret that at and so that's one of the key things I find about getting this of being able to listen to God is giving you a word to show you how to interpret the situation you find yourself in day-to-day because Satan would like to interpret that for you. He would love to give your message to you would but so it's just a critical thing to stop which is what Mel Gibson's great leadership does here and say let's ask a tennis, it became gradually so I started on the noise fine.

Sorry please is your wife okay okay she's sleeping so is my daughter just wanted to be here for a while for elder Taylor already was testing Camille yeah I'm sorry about that onward. Is this in order, ask your question, we think about being a soldier and father.

I hope being the one makes me better. The other two. Between college and here Barb and I spent a year in Africa. We helps build a school for orphans. There were orphans because the warlord across the border didn't like their try. I know God has a plan for me.

I just hope is to help protect orphans not make the thing that I should've set up in that clip was that takes place in a chapel and which to me indicates that soldiers hunger and thirst afterwards when you're hungry for God you're thirsty for draw near to me and I'm in a draw near to you. And I think that's really a critical aspect of being able to hear is that this huge desire like outside roots really need your you could see that that soldier's heart was in that tube lucky him to pull Sam Maine right now and not ask a question, you're probably not prepared for this statement out and sitting in this chair the same. I've learned well from you. You know what happens when you what happens when you when you get a word you hear from God and you go okay but that's not quite what I had in mind to it. You think you could give me another one that's not really what I was expecting to hear and sometimes we may be expecting to hear what kinds going on in our lives are worth thinking and that usually sounds like my wife. Your wife. She's very sweet easiest. All too often you know I try not to go into prayer preparing to think I know or think and I know what I'm mean, I know from my own self that I have a very sinful nature, and even want to hear from God is like, okay, that was what I want to hear but wasn't really God or was that just me playing tricks are you're the enemy going yeah yeah yeah get go ahead and do that. See what happens. Usually anything that's important. I try to bathe in prayer and not just one thing you know it's it's not a okay God I need an instant answer here but you know God and share with me what you would have on your heart and you know maybe it's something I hear immediately my prayer that still small voice. Maybe it's a good friend or or maybe it's something I hear, six, seven times before I climb in the car going okay God I get it. Sam and 10 seconds what can we take from this incident next week.

Any suggestions for folks between now and then a few moments. Clear your head your mind and go to God for God when you haven't been trying to cover. Thank you for joining us for more podcasts you listen to the show again or to learn about a Boot Camp log automatically turning also go to our Facebook page. Thanks for listening today to talk to you again soon

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