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Advance Words: Courage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 3, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words: Courage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 3, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey


Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now under new today and Dennis yes, I'm excited about this topic today or you pretty excited to I got Italian acid cited last month when I started getting this word scare lately. I think that were to be following up on last week show advanced words. I have the mic it works currently are struggling with the last week we talked about in the new year. How one cool thing to ask God for an advance word on what you know where he wants to take you this year and so and I kinda need that this week working to go in there to advance word that you got right in and not I think is the show last week we had I think I asked you for about 10 seconds of what to take from what we were talking about last week into this week's That you always do it. You got to remember actually can remember what I said but I think it was something along the lines is make sure this week you go out take some time to be quiet. Be alone be with God. Let God guide you and that I think that's always a good you know way to look at things matter what we talk about.

It's kind of the Jesus you know in Sunday school right it's the it's the answer to a lot of it is to go out and say to God and be quiet and will be still, what you have for me here and I think that's kind of where we left off last week as the sand that's a great place to be. No matter what the topic absolutely so Dennis, let's use this my cassettes work a whole lot better than that one. Okay you can try to share how you got there. This is a word that you know God actually spoke to you this week began when I went to Virginia to see my parents over Thanksgiving and when I was coming back, just a lot of things going through my mind about how last year had been and where where 2018 may take me and that's where art started having the conversation with God and really as big Jim talked about last week.

It started out with, listening. I basically said you know got him to listen for a while and see if there's something that you give me because I'm not really there really gotten this before outside of a boot camp and I don't know where you're going to take me this year but and then I came back shortly after I was having a conversation with one of the guys that actually got it.

I work for Phil and I were talking about this and he brought Joshua one of the being strong and courageous, and therein from Scripture. There is where the word came from because it was that it tied and it was like a light bulb went off. I thought courage. This is that it's the word courage. Now what you want me to do with that guy because I had no clue where he wanted me to take that's that's kind of how it started out. Courage is very similar to the word brave young wench of a cliff. Probably that talks about that word brave correct and how we have no switch microphones around here and will go on with. We have a clip from the incredible out the ghost and Mr. chicken around the not the incredible Mr. Lipp but the ghost and Mr. chicken and in this scene as it picks up. They have talked Don knots into going into this haunted house because they wanted to do a newspaper story and as you can imagine, you know, sort of Barney in this haunted house, get terrified. He comes in terrified and so this newspaper reporter is now set him down in front of typewriter and he's typing his story for him like he is actually brave, which sells bunch of copies and now the whole town thinks this is the bravest man that ever walked this sadness haunted house with all this murder that he gone on and whatever and so they get them to do something else which is just public speak, which is where I think the clip is absolutely hilarious because if you're involved in public speaking.

You often find yourself interviewing people like I do on the radio and when there terrified, they tended go on and on about something and you think they're getting somewhere. And then all of a sudden they're just done. And so here's a Barney/Don knots in the ghost of Mr. Mr. chicken will a line is I is is is in. I guess Peter will all know is very unique but is also is is is there is what you will yeah Luther had his moment in the sun, and of course anybody's ever attacked a public speaking. It's amazing how their tempo picks up and and how they like right now just adept at going nowhere. My first speech so I personally looked into this passage that was really fascinating to me and you know in Joshua it says be strong and courageous, but if you looked inside the Hebrew that is its hallmark, which is sort of like a sock it's like to grab hold of God are to be strong is to be last to something in their mates is, has to do with like eager feet and I start to think about that eager feet. Dennis, I thought, wow, that really had to speak to Joshua because there were 12 spies that were sent into the land in Joshua and Caleb were the only two had the eager feet to go back or David had the eager feet to take on Goliath or Peter had the eager feet to get on the boat, but in each case, Jesus is saying that Hamas before he goes to become eager feet. You're supposed to go there with me and latched onto me.

It's a beautiful picture of the problem is for me is that I never really handled it quite that way. I never had the eager feet and I never look at myself as being very courageous matter fact I kind of looked at myself. Up until a few years ago was being, more like this next he was the king of the jungle for the childhood movie where he is is is that my friends was a story my wife got that I don't have because I could I talk that word courage quite a bit but when it came down to it. I'm still having a flashback of nightmares about the flying monkeys Wizard of Oz. But anyhow the cowardly lion kinda reminded me of sadly kind of reminded me of how I felt myself for many years of my life that I could talk courage, but I didn't know where I never really showed it showed it or or what that really would look like and it just started to happen a few years ago when I walked into the Winston-Salem rescue Mission because maybe for the first time in a long time in my life. If ever it took courage to not just walk in there but to stay there and go through the programs that I went through I came out feeling like will maybe I have a little bit courage now. I think that's kind of again where God is taking me with this heat. He encouraged me in December by saying you have some courage now go out and be strong and I think that's one of the things that we need to realize we weren't put here with a lack of courage and we were never intended to have a lack of courage that life comes the enemy comes and robs us of something that we were intended to have that you know God and in Joshua reminds what was it four times, strong and courageous right not you need to become your major to be this way. I think that's can take us to our next clip where there needs something in our life to come in and remind us of when I get to that clip after the break that we need to be the way God intended us to be ill. We need to find a way back to that place of courage which is short for riches and like bravery, but we have a clip to talk about from Robin Hood. And it's the movie with was his name.

I can remember Russell Crowe, Russell Crowe and on it integrate little small part of the movie. It's an amazing truth to it and that's where we need some intervention in support of the rest of the show that were going to talk about is if something's coming in taking that courage from you if you never felt like you had it to begin with and what of those lies can come from, but how do you come in any kind of break you and you know that there's probably been times in your life that you had to face some things that you are necessarily courageous but over time, doesn't God can help you get to that place. We can have some of that will absolutely I would be here if it wasn't for that public speaking, like the microphone and try to make it very okay so for your encouragement. But no, I mean that is always been a difficult part for me is development. But it was always trying to do it within myself probably flowing about where were supposed to find Gordon E. That's writing great place to get that courage is good go to masculine journey to register now is the same as last my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button. We can get to masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day venture with God.

It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give him information to be what God designed coming in April 12 through the 15th masculine journey to register your thinking and little bit of time. There Dennis good. I love the late great Tom Petty such a great lyricist and that's on, reminded me were talking before the break of times that I struggled with feeling like I had any courage and really can't start it when not to tell the whole story to come started when I was a kid because I was a little scrawny kid in our little neighborhood in northern Virginia would be the one that got beat up most of the time set this clip from Tom Petty when I was listening to it. I thought you talk about not backing down.

But it's not, what is not from a standpoint of bullying.

Being a bully is from standpoint of standing up for something standing up for what you believe in, and those of the things that that those agreements have had to be broken that I didn't have what it took. In order to be courageous and that started as it there may be a listener out there right now that they struggle with that today and may go all the way back to when you were younger and you just had it ingrained in your head by someone else out there the enemy that you did not have what it wanted things to remember is in the enemy doesn't stop and so you need repeated periods of righteousness that have courage to step into something it's not like open got that mastered and I can move move on right that you need these constant reminders need these things that come in and say okay you can do this when you go to the clip that we talk a bit about before winter break from the movie Robin Hood with Russell Crowe in this clip there's a reminder there's a an older guy that's talking kind sage and a character and reminding Robin some things that he had long forgotten to follow the vision's subjects of the loss was 1/2 fiscal clip you you pick that one today shows you what was it about that clip really spoke to well I thought it was you know he was taking him back to what his father was instilling that if you go from this place and you become what I saw was a it's interesting because I'm thinking about something entirely different. I'm thinking about a big daddy lease on the talks about Jesus being the lion and the lamb. So how do we how we contrast that how do we look at well I want to go from being a line a lamp to being a courageous lion, but biblically from what we learned about Jesus.

He was both of those things was any wrong with that and we were made that have both of those characteristics, but something in comes and steals it from what I liked about that clip was. There was an active part, Plato, someone was reminding.

Let's get back to the deepest truth and on and that changed in the movie.

Anyway, the path that is at with us and ask you about a clip that I know that you pick for David. It's kind of about a person that has to face the exact same thing that they filled out before right and the movie Top Gun the maverick character played by Tom Cruise loses his best friend as they fly through the jet wash of another plane in the exercise where they're learning how to be fighter pilots and it messed with his brain because he was kind of a hotshot always took the lead and didn't think you really need and probably needed to go to Top Gun school in order to be a Top Gun he kind of thought he had already arrived but it was an interesting thing that through these lessons that he learned at school. When he actually finds himself in this battle with the Meigs Witchel here in a minute that we play the clip before whether asking them to engage engagement course he's gotta break some agreements. Satan is bringing it up that you can't do this. You don't have what it takes is gotta break some agreements and E asked to speak to goos but it was really asking to speak to his Jesus.

What you pay close attention to something else that happened that not only did he face his fear.

He actually had the humility to learn the lesson which was to stay with his wing man and to not be a one-man show and not any longer be the maverick, the Lone Ranger actually to become a team player is listen to this. There's a lot of wisdom in the way we live our masculine journey. It's one thing to be brave. Go out there and be a maverick. It's another thing to be brave to go out there and be somebody's wing man and so played clip probably chased Andy away and he said over the quarter note, we have Wayne with us for the show that was predetermined were going to do that.

But when I want to talk to you little bit about what we learn from it. Clip the Robbie set up was we have to get called back into place that really kinda could make us nervous over not walking with God and he's not going to just all of a sudden have courage and we always have, and from that point you are moving on, but God will continually take you to these places now boot camp he took you to the place it was uncomfortable for you but he's repeated that since and has absolutely comes in here listening to Robbie talking reminded of how over the last three years. God is constantly given me an individual over and over to speak with the last boot camp.

He allowed me to stand up in front of a lot of guys and and speak which is it's a pain point for me.

I've always carried this year of what man thinks of me so he's been doing with that and just realized you on that level again as Robbie was talking, but I just got back from a conference in LA and at that conference.

He did it again.

He he made a way for me to stand in front of hundreds of people completely outside of my comfort zone make a prophetic declaration that I am no longer a slave to fear that God is giving me a spirit of love and a sound mind and power all these words started, it was all encouragement to the folks that were there and how the enemy does do that how he comes to steal things that God gives us how he will inevitably show his hand if you will.

It's amazing how he sees the glory that God is put on CPC's a bit of the story that God is called us into, and he attacks that tries to steal that and it's an amazing journey. That is, it's a little scary because I don't know where that goes from here it were goes, thank you for setting that is where does goes it goes with the continued walk with God and get to this other clip to make sure we get it in time for the clip 01 minute we don't have time. Robbie, can you tell us a little about the clip that you get to sue people to go look it up and now it's from hacksaw originally have private jobs to look like a chicken essentially was in a fight for his country. But when he got up there and all these people were wounded. The famous line from the movie and from the clip is. I just want one more God. I just want one more. And so when I think of the concept of eager feet. This this you know I mates. This Hebrew of this man had eager feet when the going got tough. You know he was the one that that I think he saved over 100 men that night. Just an amazing story of urge, bravery to true story to that. If you haven't seen the movie. It's it's a brutal movie to watch but it's amazing movie in the fact that it's a true story of this man would not on the battlefield, long past everybody else you know getting one more inning one more in Genesis is a topic that was laid on your heart. Was there anything you'd like to leave with the listeners as we start to go into the into the show, you can't do this alone and you don't have to do it alone. I think we we've all spoken to different times during the show about the fact that it's not a lot, Have God with you if of other brothers which we got to gossip hasn't come to boot cans because I think I can handle this on mine were kind of prewired for that. We can't that's what God revealed to me. Actually he's that work for you. When I gave him the answer is pretty clear that I did move forward with courage alone that I move forward with him brothers around think you want to go to the next boot camp. We'd love to have you there. It's coming up April 12 and it's good to be an amazing place here in North Carolina. Carolina Bible camp. Please come to mask Internet to register and we are still down the photo. I think it's through today. I don't register now

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