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Advance Words: Clarity

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 17, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words: Clarity

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 17, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey right you know Sam would say if he was sitting behind this Mike right now were so glad that you joined us and we mean that sincerely tickly for first time listener and not you just catching on to the show we do things a little differently.

We use movie clips and would like to talk about some things affecting us right now are talking about advance words that we've gotten from God for the year 2018. You can also log onto our website. Masculine journey we have all our past podcast going back. Sam probably for five years now and not you can catch up on some shows and listen to us. We have a growing podcast following. You can also get a sunspot five and listen to the podcast. There, and that's a good option for you as well around the table. Today we have big Jim's back with us Jim Graham have Wayne back with this.

Good to see Elaine we have Andy and not we got Sam on the phone somewhere near calabash, North Carolina Sam of you stop for seafood yet or what okay were certainly glad to have you here on the phone and will certainly be looking forward to your thoughts on this now we been talking about advance words a couple weeks ago, we opened the something we opened up with a word that I got towards the end of 2017, which was courage. And then last week, big Jim shared his which is was listen listen correct and how's it working for you, Jim. What is it on that progress would come back positive. And then we got Andy whose word is clarity. Wayne's gonna be next week's Andy, lead us off with the world are heading here and there were gonna delve into a clipper quick as well. Sure, I wanted to start 2019) I wanted advance word of heard a lot of it discussed in the Ransom heart message. Listen to their podcast and I felt like it was important to to really ask God for the never really had enough so you know it wasn't necessarily the prayer time, but it came to me in on time and clearly was a word and just a little bit about my story of two years into a broken relationship and is, held up a lot of other parts of my life or I felt like it has yet on the other hand, it's given me an opportunity to really dig in and get closer to God and see what's going on with this interruption in my life and so I just felt like you know it's been a while and there's times where I try to do things on my way and God's block human stopped me from probably making some mistakes and it's just, led to the fact that I'm really hungry for some clarity and I feel like he was gracious in saying that that would come now to be to clarify that that doesn't necessarily mean I'm get out the exact length of answer that I expect or that there is not to be other things around that I get clarity on not just around that particular topic. So we have in this first clip we have someone of we've used clips from this movie before Evan Almighty was certainly someone that was seeking some clarity from God. He really wanted to know what was going on he can't have his own agenda and in his conversation with God and we always enjoy hearing these he wanted some clarity. Let's listen to this clip so you're really him having on the philosophic and online.

That's all right. I believe you just I don't understand why you chose me to change the world are.

I mean, that's like territory again to say whatever I do that because I love you, well then you understand that this whole building thing here. I need to settle in my house. I need to make a good impression at work you talking right is huge. I don't even know where I would begin get out a lot want to change the world don't know how to begin his son one act of random kindness and time you build it, Sam. I have a question for you ever been in conversation with daughters seeking some clarity and you brought up the words. My plans is he ever chuckled back to you except for my plan intended to be the Jim's that ever happened to you. Detract let me let me rephrase it this way, you try to jump into your plans and then Gazans will your yes that it is often with humor. Some of the Thompson.

My plans have been thwarted by God really gets silly.

It's almost the go ahead keep trying that see out works for you but that you all the time and as most of us humans. It was my plans a God's to fall back now. He doesn't like that.

So Andy, the clarity man. What did that clip speak to you when you listen to it yet. It was it was really good because just what he thought was a flood he thought well he was like you we've already flooded that you said you wouldn't do that if you've seen the movie in my worry about a spoiler alert. It's 15-year-old who don't know where you been what I believe was the dam or whatever in the ark was needed for that. What I thought was funny and talking about the plans and how it had use my own example, a few minutes ago but if you seen the movie Evan standing over there is a stocking with God's gotta building an ark for dummies in his hand. You know that's who I was a planned unit and I would definitely we we do get ahead of God.

A lot of times, and think he gives us something to do, but family we go to do it and we do try to do it without them. So okay so set up this work and go to Wayne and second set up the second clip force real quick because this has a Olympic theme to it and not tell us about this clip.

What were going to be listening to your yes right before the US plays Russia in that I believe the 1980 Olympics whenever they went on the way beat. I think Sweden but it was a big big deal to beat the Russians and it was like there was no way that they can do it and what he does. Her buttocks who was the coach for the team. At the time called out really the identity and that he tried to give them a clarity of who they are and that they were up for the task even goes into say you know you were created for this.

So listen to the clip. Great moments are born great opportunity and that's what you have here tonight.

That's what you earned here one game if we played them 10 times and might win nine not the skin. Not tonight. Tonight we skate that I we stay with and we shut them down because we can. We are the greatest hockey team.

You were born to be hockey players. Everyone you were meant to be here tonight is your time there is done it over.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about great team. The Soviets, this is your time I got there when you don't necessarily look like you're old enough to remember that I was actually in college in the 1980 Olympics and I remember that I had heard the speech until the movie came along that I remember what a big deal it was because United States was not expected to beat them at the coaches kinda want to ask about his, calling out their identity isn't as is and he was talking about and tell them they have what it takes and how does that relate to clarity from God started off with those three years old.


Yes, I felt that I already appreciate that's great that another reminder Sam I'm the oldest one to get close to Aydin, who has God called each one of us. I don't think you can get that with out diving into his work in the coach year. He was calling out their identity telling them who they are. The first thing you have to do is really believe God says you are you are a son that you have been chosen since before the world began it it's it's diving into his word and believing what he said to take to gain the clarity that that understanding of the Sam how does that clip and what what happened there with them winning out. You probably remember that to you might've been a teenager. Something but do you did you hear that the calling out and saying they have what it takes house at related getting clarity from God or am I being nave and that's crystal clear message to the clarity.

It's hard out clarity and absence of identity you walk solidly with what you know you walk in trust with God, which helps you get the clarity that you need and I was I was a junior and high school that you're okay switch off to something before you go to the break and ask you because we talked in the preshow about clarity must have focuses the ring relationship to that in the clips we've heard so far that we must have focus in order to gain clarity and focus on something that I can't be looking at 10 different things are of my mind, and a bunch of different places and achieve the clarity that I want to have and I think that's what the coach was doing.

He was bringing him back to the point clarity your hockey players hockey game and you can almighty your change worldview here. Walk with me. Thank you for that stinking folks will be back with more domestically driven radio show camp only coming up for podcasting and messenger.log onto that that is assuming that my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it masculine day once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse to him for the price of one. Everybody wants to give good gifts at Christmas and so we are think about how we can do that here at the masculine journey and we couldn't think of a better gift to give anybody a boot camp that perfect gift is a what can I give them in the gift of giving them their heart back would be really clinical a boot camp will go buy one get one free offer good till the end of December coming April 12 through the 15th masculine journey for a gift that last for eternity. Johnny Nash medically. Not like I thought Johnny Nash and I'm telling you, I told the guys before for five years.

I thought that was a woman. I thought the woman was Johnny.

You think that that song you know we all become clear in the ring goes away in the sun comes out, we get clear only knows the tagline when I first started it must look up the lyrics and it talks about. I can see all it doesn't say it. Obstacles remove it says I can see the obstacles more clearly. Which to me is clarity and then also talked a little bit about that matter at the dark skin skies or whatever they got dissipated so that it really spoke to me.

We clarified that for any anti-shake that well if you were talking about clarity journey radio show Andy's advanced word for 2018.

From God if you got an advance word from God. He hadn't heard from God yet for 2018. I'm here to tell you that I don't think it's too late. But what you have to do is tams as Sam was talking about before the break is we have to focus in the way to focus is to get in touch with God and that includes speaking to him as well as Jim's Jim's word.

Listening to him to give you some clarity. Maybe share with your word that he wants to focus want you to focus on this year and what that may mean injecting a story. He said that it was coming to you before the break you want to share all actually was based on your previous question is that anything that God laughed about Carolyn and I did a mission. We were clearly called to go to Alaska as soon as we were. We started making the plans okay. This is why he wants us there because she's a medical field and not of that were what we ended up doing lots where there was totally opposite of our plans yeah but it was God. What God had laid out for us. We even thought we're going there indefinitely and it was for seven months down so if you are focusing will get back to that mentor on God rather than your agenda, or even what you think God wants you to do them, you're going be way ahead of the game well Andy we know someone that was focusing through a series of movies in the 1970s. It must've been focusing his. They had a lot of sequels in the first one.

Rocky the character's life, one play, which again is another one is movies. If you haven't seen a Rocky by now.

Not sure word which again, but this is from Rocky was it to tell us about this clip about those yet it is to be one of my favorite I guess still is my favorite movie for inspiration.

You know I you know I like to watch Rocky movies given go out and run and stuff like that and I was on the run are just doing to be like Rocky yet stopped at the raw eggs you know I thought that was cool until I actually did it anyway. It was really a powerful scene whenever you know he's having his wife having a baby debate. The birth comes in. He thought he doesn't think she can make it through and she makes it through and their reunited in the babies there and all and he's ready to give up boxing so he doesn't go get hurt. She's concerned about him. He didn't have clarity. He didn't know what to do next and basically she gives him a word and on the let you pick up on the word in the clip. This is a right and what okay so tell me what else happened there.

So they had to work after that. After she told him to win and he got his word on clarity. There was no hold them back and I was like those those types of the always on, and Rocky was there was always this point of conflict of whether he was going to go forward in faith, the giant and and he always in those times whenever he made that decision he and saw he was back and forth even scared of whatever it was, but eventually I love to see it when you get into his workouts whether he was climbing over a mountain and rush or whether it was you know is preparation retracing the chicken you remember that one. So it was always about you know you know getting clarity and then going forward after that. Okay so when does the new mate talk about something entirely different was is the clarity proceed. The focus to go out and do something or does the focus are you focusing on something then hoping for the clarity you get when I'm driving out how you got it seems like he could do it anyway. He wanted to basically mine usually starts off with the lack of clarity messing up all focus which way to go there in my own life right now. I'm praying a been praying about some things for several several weeks trying to figure out which way to go looking for that clarity would I go now but taking the steps of going out and seeking and searching and begin focusing on God's talk about knowing that you have just as the first clip mentioned everything he does, he does because he loves me and he/she loves me and he wants the best for me. So knowing that knowing that I'm not in a mess this up. He had, he has his hand on his moving me forward and trusting in him and you and often you so it's a and I don't know Andy had to tell me about clarity working you know sometimes I am a big planner guide and I talked about this. I talked about it with the courage word for me. I guess in so I want to set up a plan, you know, I learned about business plan, the plan I called a game plan for my life gives game plans yeah you know and I sit out and prone very often to sit down and work out my game plan and then try to get clarity from God is that you know my Emma going in the right direction.

Seems like maybe I'm doing that backwards. Yeah, absolutely. I did that for years and I got tired of it and finally I threw up my hands.

I think that's where I've gotten some breakthrough in not talk about clarity initiating this work for this year, but I really got clarity in the let in the outcome of the tough times that I went through in retrospect I can look back, I got clarity, both from the past and the filling to get a little bit more for the future and Biltmore.

The future will come but a lot of it had to do.

I was making plans that were blocked in a block probably that saved me a lot of heartache, but we think Sam had to leave us yet something that he had to do before the show was going to be over so I forgot about that. That's I dropped out to Jim yes I'm sure regard to that or another thought well I wanted so to go back to what I give you a brief science of math lecture always up for that on focus is singular. If you have more than one its foci and I think a big part of clarity in the way our eyeballs work. If we are trying to look at more than one thing is when you said everything is out of focus, but if you've got the one thing and there's surely I believe in as the Boca us and you can get clarity on black and then with that is God who you clarity on what you need. Not everything. So first of all, you just blew my mind as I know there was a word foci to be taken that home with me today, but the Wayne had a clip force that we wanted to say for last because it really brings into focus, not foci to set this up force. If you will yeah so the next clip is from city Slickers. Mitch, who is oddly enough, a radio guy is on a radio and and he's in that midlife crisis trying to find clarity try to find what his life was about, and he goes out and in with a group of people and here he is he he needs this wild rough-and-tumble cowboy named Curly got a lot of work very couple days.

This is across the river valley is nothing like her and I think I like.

Basically, she doesn't want to say hello. 3039 same problems. Benelux is anything truly succulent time for you what the secret of life is no this finger one thing, just one that's the one thing is to figure out see that cigarette dangling from his mouth, but you have figure out something that we go with that and think about how frustrated Mitch was in that moment. And that's one thing I wanted to mention is because listening all of us. Clarity is not always as clear as we like. We've all heard it said that God will not hide a manner from someone and that's contradictory to his word actually says that it's the glory of God. The hardest thing in the glory of kings to search a matter so will encourage everyone not to get frustrated with the focus on that one thing that one thing being the intimacy with the father. You brought up to before we went on the word trust that we have to trust not brought this this quote from the God's not dead to movie, which I was sick last week and focus on marginal kind of movies and he made that he made the comment that you note the teacher silent when you taken the test so Andy cannot wrap this all up force house at the how does that apply to us today. We could but God could be testing us to see our trust is his apostolate yet. I think that's where what got us here at out minute. I didn't want anybody to think that the clarity that said that was going forward didn't have to do with me. I feel like I found it one thing, it is Jesus coming up at Jesus in my life all but there was a different focus that I needed a lot of it had to do with who was in control. You know I you can have a Savior.

But if you don't have. If you're not allowing him to truly be Lord and in and in control. The deer you're going to have problems. I think it's also interesting.

Today I went to the eye doctor been having problems with contacts immensely and two of everything, and I think they got my prescription right today so I got all kinds of clarity going on Saturday, and I also I got to share some with you guys as we go off. I saw some clarity last week with my work, courage because I looked into the eyes of a newborn baby boy. My first grandchild, son, Easton, and God said courage to love hurts to love others well just take her, but it was is very clear when I looked at that set scratch the surface for you on this advance where we got Wayne come in next week with this advance word so tune in for that next time. Thank you for joining us for the masculine journey radio show again, you can log onto our website as we journey for podcasts to find out more information about our upcoming boot Camp Is Headed Your Way in April. Until that is always May God be with you until we meet again

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