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Advance Words: Intimacy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 24, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words: Intimacy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 24, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now, and we welcome you to the mass show that something a pastor I at a church.

Recently someone joined the church they said we welcome you and everyone said that at Conoco we do welcome you to this week's version of the masculine journey radio show episode on my Robbie likes to talk about ease all the time is gotten Eve for everything and I gotta tell you guys, this is my birthday eve show here today because I will turn the big 59 tomorrow at one year left in the six decade until we move into the 77 filled the little guys, bad news for you when you complete 59 you are 60 thank you Jim and if anyone should know it would grab right here. I vaguely remember the 50s in both respect that were glad to have Jim Graham here we have Jim Brekke with this today. Thank you for being here, Jim. Good to see you again we have Wayne Dozier Dozier Dozier Dozier I got it right it's right it's okay right. We also have Robbie Gilmore in the studio although he's not behind a microphone today, which is kind of unusual because usually is, but he's just over there lounging right now and keep keep rubbing your prayers a lot of things going on with his family right now.

We certainly ask you to lift up his family and prayers right now as we begin the show and on Dennis Bredon so were to move right into what we've been talking about guys for the last few weeks we've been talking about advance words from God. This is something that we prayed about and heard about some of us before the end of 2017. Some of us as we entered into 2018 something that John Eldridge talks about a lot with ransom heart ministries and we have found no Robbie has gotten to the point where with his relationship with God where he gets asked for one every day. I think most days you get a an advance word you not been trying that lightly and actually couple of days ago on Sunday morning.

God give me a word for the day set aside if it works for my brother Robbie tries to lay one on me for today and it was great, but that kinda leads us to where we are today Wayne with your word, which is intimacy.

Yeah it's it's interesting to how each one of these words has progressed and we've actually if you've listened will eventually heard the word intimacy in almost every one of his other work last week ended the show with that one thing from that one clip, one thing is always God. It's always the relationship with God that one thing comes down to intimacy with him him and I think I know with my work courage. I've been been challenged with that word courage and not one of the things I thought about this week as we were preparing for the show as it takes courage to be intimate. Did Jim have a clip the kind of alludes to that because there's that there's a fear factor involved. I think in this clip and sometimes with intimacy were not so excited about being committed so share that with us.

This does end up being about being committed relationship real quick.

This is a great little romantic comedy that most people missed proposal like Sandra Bullock on my favorite actresses and Alaska were my favorite places, or both. If that's what it down to make but what we have is she is the boss sees some words I made like to use, but I can only hear but is a very oppressive boss and she got wimpy assistant and quickly she's Canadian she's about to get deported so she courses him into marrying her and I go to Alaska to meet his parents and then she comes back, ready to be deported and here we are. He comes back in the office will I panting, running Alaska well I don't have time to talk. I need to catch 525 to Toronto to make sure talking to six. Three days ago Jim back to getting back To stop talking and we had a little adventure and constructive change exchange just checking out. I didn't see anything I did but I didn't realize I'm standing alone in a bar, lifeless, and suddenly dawned. Love is about to be kicked out of the country so Margaret just sent me some time uncomfortable just forgot everything right. That would be easier for Jim's.

I think we got two keys there the end about the relationship of intimacy and the key. I must start with normal kickback.

Wayne, the thing that hit me here. Most was scared that if we are going to do anything important.

It's going to be scary and the most important thing we do is have intimate relationships way as I'm listening to identifying with Sandra Bullock. Actually, in this clip no sheep. She doesn't feel worthy to be loved. How many of us have gone for life with the shame and the hurt and the pain and we don't. How can God love me with the things that are my past happy see past that and see he wants me to be in this human characteristics in this human agreements may be that we make with the with the devil with the evil one. Sometimes that say I'm not worthy of this relationship, wonder how much that gets Jim into being intimate with God becoming intimate with God that that thought process that we have in our head. Sometimes that maybe we were told at one time that we were good enough that we were told several times and never get enough of this and you think if you go to a lot of Christians today will think if I've got to find a good person and I believe in God and he'll take care of the rest. And they kinda leave out that relationship part with himself at how does that go with us in the missing so much in that process know God is not there to be our genie in the bottle if you will, or rubbing revenue from the land. Forgive me for my three wishes. Please God is more of a relationship with her father. We were talking before the broadcast. And when I were talking about how you know God is not too many Christians can't get over that servant master relationship and get to the father-son relationship because as a servant. You're living in fear of what the master might ask you to do next. Which brings in the fear. Jim was talking about. Where is if you're in a father-son relationship you have faith in your father, and it's more of a comfort of okay dad, you know, whatever you want to do you know will will do it your way and once you reach that goal, you find that intimacy you can sit down and have an honest conversation with God. I think too many of us pray with well God is the if you find it your time. You know you can. Can you please take care this morning and if you're not too busy rather than dad, I need some help here. No, please come down and help me know and I think that's because if you're living your life by a bunch of rules and you're losing that relationship with God. Your your miserable Christian living life of a bunch of do's and don'ts is that relationship with Christ that ability to sit down and talk with him and have him answer you is some political parties fills mental illness.

Nowadays, but have them sit in God sit down and talk with you and share advance work you Wayne. Let's go back to that for minute working hit on this throughout as we go through the show.

You know how how did this come to you from God when he started talking about intimacy for 2018. What what was he saying to you what's even talking about. He's been talking about intimacy for a lot longer that that draw near to him and he will draw near to you, after coming out of teen challenge had to sink this incredible hunger for more.

I've experienced a lot of stuff I've heard and I've seen him and I just want more sex is altering his word got into the draw near to me and I will draw near to you. And there's an action there. There's a requirement on our part to seek him out. The funny thing about that is, it says that no one comes with following lessee draws you. So even in your desire, it's him drunk because he is he wants that.

So it let me on on an adventure.

Let it in and it's still going know it's never going and that's the best best part, almost to the point where I'm paraphrasing here, but whenever Moses was talking to God and God told him to go but I'm not going to go with you.

He's brought me into a place in our I cry out with Moses unless you go with me. I'm not going.

I don't want to go anywhere without you because it is coming to disciple said to Jesus worlds will we go words like yours. Yes, it's a relationship truly yeah any relationship takes any relationship takes commitment it takes time.

It takes focus mean Sam is use that word a lot and Jim said foci last week.

If I recall correctly, which I didn't even know was a word. It's a soft stay foci, foci, foci were going to do.

We were coming up on on on a break here when we come out of that we want to listen to music bumper coming out of that person to talk about that for just a moment and see if you remember this song and then the next thing were going to do is listen to a clip that illustrates may be how God how that how that Trinity really kinda sees us in that intimate relationship and help help. He looks at us through that so will be looking forward to doing that were also looking forward to this boot camp this coming up in April, guys, it's hard to believe that were almost at the end of February so the time is now to log onto our website. Masculine journey and check out all the information on the boot camp we have some specials going on that I give you a good price on that just had past podcast I would encourage you in particular to listen to the podcast for advance words go back a few weeks get caught up with us so glad you joined us will be right back after the break is assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support clearly smiled at. It was on his informational website there that where you can click button tweaking it masculine day once again working the mail box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the boot camp. How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one Elsa stopped her bow goes but it's always a time for giving Dennis. It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99.

What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th. Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of you. I still get chills during that song and that song came out guys in 1970. I can remember the 45 is the flip single. The flipside for Simon and Garfunkel was a phone call keep the customer satisfied to show you that I actually had that 45 and listen to it but I remember Jim you were talking about a church out in Charlotte.

I think were someone sang that song in church and how it related to out weight the use of modern music was actually I was part of that is in high school. Yeah, we had a very progressive minister music and he wanted to get contemporaries. We were singing. That and a couple others in I want to say that follows earlier in the late 60s early 70s in church and I had a Presbyterian Church Dallas and I was at Main St., Baptist in Kernersville here in the triad back a few years ago and my buddy Pastor Mike Willard using the sermon series. He asked me to sing that song.

I said you know I love that song I've never sung in church actually did it, what got message got game to start a settlement you close your eyes and listen to this song and imagine God singing this song to you in the feelings that we get in Wayne the work. The word didn't come of of intimacy necessarily, but it was it was I there were someone came up to me.

Actually, we have another Pastor Mike G that's been part of our boot camps before his dad came up to me and his dad was in the Vietnam War.

Back in the late 60s and he came up to me and said you know I heard that song over and over and over, but I never heard it in that way before. I never heard it is a song God is saying to me, I will lay me down for you. You know I will love you and take care of you and Wayne. That's really really part and parcel that whole intimate relationship with God. Yeah, we were talking about earlier. One of the things he's recently told me since having this word was this upper room intimacy.

Every look at Jesus going to the upper room with the disciples.

It's a place where he brings us into the most intimate of conversations you seen John leaning on his bosom so close so so full of love one another, even even going into the betrayal he goes into telling them about the betrayal and he goes into telling them all these things that are going to happen and telling them what they need to do and then shown them. Example of what looks like to serve one another to love one another again. There so much in there if you draw close to yeah we have we have a clip. Jim that's that really kind of really kind of addresses that enema in a contemporary way.

In the event some different opinions out there about the Shaklee you some clips from the shack before but I find this to be a really loving clip that kinda kinda sets up may be how God views us in the intimacy with us of you seen that movie before the shot. Yes, I have okay so this is the one about the Trinity were the guy were his. His daughter's been killed and that she was abducted and killed. So he's taken into this place and he goes to this beautiful place that was an old shack but now it's beautiful and listened who he meets up with.

Looking forward to this fantasy you face-to-face learning when to get hurt in his way on your terms introduction I'm a luge. I have a lot of names.

That's one of my favorites. You want you can only let me in on their how I I am that I am that heretical inscription that Mr. C and I'm sending Sherry went so which one of you is you have new we are collecting CLE to click about you guys but I just get a really warm feeling just listening to that and I'm thinking that a lot of us when we approach and intimate relationship with God. It it can be a little scary and we can be like are you gonna note start these conversations you point out my shortcomings. We had another clip that we thought about using that we've used it to cancel forward. Jesus went around with the disciples.

He's kinda pointing out this wimpy voice to me what they were doing last night like I Jim you had a little bit too much wine last night or this. You kinda have your own impressions of maybe what that relationship is going to be and then Wayne what I hear there at the end is so valuable to me but because he sang and I've heard God say that recently you have no idea how much I love you much.

I really truly love you and you believe it and that's that's where, to me that's where that intimacy really becomes. It starts coming from the heart rather than stuff you got up in your head. Honestly, I believe it because I've experienced that teen challenge. He showed me in Ephesians, Paul tells the book the Ephesians that he prays that they would truly experience like it's something to be experienced how far how wide Home Depot hi God's love is it's it's undescribable on the board for the shalom is a piece it's it's it's everything lifts off of you.

All of the shame all the all the baggage all of the self-doubt, all that comes off of you. And that's where my desire. My heart goes is that others would know that you listen to this clip and chemically. Jim talked about a minute ago. Something she said just hit me in and I had never heard never picked up a test with before, but she said you met my son and so many people stop right there.

Like Jim said so many people stop there and don't realize that Christ not only came to yes give us to heaven, but he came to restore that which was lost.

That which was lost in the garden, you can restore that the walk with the father and restore us to the father and this one thing we do in the boot camps to write it's it's that the father talk it's at restoration of, and not everybody comes from a background of dollars right and and based on that. I mean I have a II kind rumors listen to clip one of things that can affect certain is you know when I did the course of people's desire and God is everywhere and everything he created all things and I think we all too often discount you know those things around us, people speaking into our lives might be. Therefore message just from God, it might be a divine appointment interfere. You know, if you're thinking God doesn't care or you know I'm too puny.

What is God worry about me for my go have problems with life, God is there.

You're not looking for him. But if you take the time you take that moment and understand that God loves you dearly.

You'll see him and everything it out to see him in the trees and no see him yell at me and my wife that spent a intimate moment this weekend along the Nashville. We decide to get away for four day weekend data bed-and-breakfast and we stopped by the side of the road and just listen to a river was flowing next to the road and it was quiet and still almost perfect. You know you can almost hear you know David, the Bible tells us the rocks will cry out and Sam talks about Sam talks about nature a lot and seeing God, and I think that's one of the things that we you know we we we can't reduce it may be when we start to what's his prayer time that I have in the morning or something like that and I see that Philip guys.

I hear talking about having a really intimate relationship with God there talking back and forth all the time communicating talking and listening Jim which was your word is a going on throughout the day throughout their lives in beautiful places and times were things are tough they just God is with them and they are always not that to me is like cannot I wanted continue to move closer to that type of intimacy with God and one of the things in that clip that you may not even notice. But today may be the most important thing all like you, I love it, but there is an intimate relationship between the father son and Spirit and all three are inviting us into that relationship. It's not as you said just about a relationship with Jesus. All three are very important and I died. Hopefully we get to this other cliff and it looks like when I can have enough time to do that today but I want to share something with you right about the time that we were talking about this John Eldridge in one of his ransom heart devotionals. He wrote this he said I checked out my hand.

One assumption I'm making. I assume that it intimate conversation walk with God is available and is meant to be normal push that a step further. I assume that if you don't find that kind of relationship with God.

Spiritual life will be stunted and that will handicap the rest of your life. We can't find life without God and we can't find God. If we don't know how to walk intimately with him that speak to what is happening with you Wayne and has been happening.

Yes, so there's nothing special about us right were all guys were everybody listening to your your guy God wants as much. He wants us to have as much as we want to have so well known encourager, but just press and enemies in the commercial life in a come at you think that you don't have enough time he's he's going to make the time for you to give you the rest that you need with the press into that quiet place with producing approach it with courage to listen to and seek an intimate relationship with God. We challenge you to do that they will come back next week and check and see how that's going with you.

Thanks for joining us for masculine journey radio show we appreciated again.

Log onto our website. Masculine journey information on the upcoming boot camp in April short time away in our podcast. So God be with this and that God be with you. I should say until we meet again

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