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Advance Words: Intimacy Part 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 3, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words: Intimacy Part 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 3, 2018 12:30 pm

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The heart of every man is a great imager one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many question turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good word when one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey radiation. Glad that you went just today guys we talk about the time I guess as we get older we talk about how the years move on and days move on. I just had a recent birthday you believe you were March already.

We started I think before the show we were talking about a clip from a Christmas movie and and were March already say that's it's going quick. Although I am ready for spring.

Yeah me today.

We had little taste of that earlier this week, so on. We got in the studio today. We got Andy Thomas back from being on the road a little bigger to see Andy. We got Wayne back with this and not good to see you again today.

Wayne and Sam is in the studio which is a hope someone got a picture of this because not too often we get to see you in the studio buddy announcement and I think a month since I've been in the studio so it's especially good to be here. Well, I am smitten in here with shorts and flip-flops on behalf of the it's a blessing for us, but we are. We are glad that you joined this we taught we been talking about advanced words and we talked about it, heading into the year and that's why was kind of alluding to march all the sudden Warren March and we we certainly want you to understand advanced words is something that we got our buddy Robbie says he gets one. Every day, so it's not something just happens is a New Year's resolution and you move on one of the things we said last week, Wayne. We got your word intimacy. We kinda got to a point about three quarters the way in the show rethought. We may not have dealt with everything here in the other part of it. I was thinking we talked about before the show was that we we might've made it sound like you know we got this all figured out, and that we have. We were able to have an intimate relationship with God and we just wanted to show you how to do that but the truth of the matter is we don't have it figured out that it's a constant journey of learning exercise where I think God is sometimes left us now is what we tend to make it a lot harder on ourselves than than tends to need to be laughing at us as a loving father absolutely wants his son to get closer because he knows were getting closer. He knows that he knows were with each step is like watching a child walk for the first time they're going to fall but you know at some point there to get it down so really get into this first clip because we were going to do this last weekend. I think I may have said if I have and I think we all turned in her man cards on this one, but that it is from the movie Jerry Maguire which is about 20 years old and a clip from that movie and that was from you once once you set that up here. This is towards the end where they, separated, and I'm sorry. I can remember her name but she is a night in a woman's group Mrs. Maguire that you listen and they are my yeah he misses is what Mrs. Maguire is actually again at this women's group. She is on her knees, picking up some things whenever Jerry Maguire breaks through the door. Hello I'm looking for my wife.

This is what has to this. I'm not letting you with me.

How about that 60.

My specialty was good in the living room next to me and I do tonight project company had a very big night ferry Mary Knight, but wasn't complete nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete because I couldn't share with you and hear your voice. Laugh about it with you.

I miss my wife cynical, cynical work in the business of tough competitors. You complete just has this okay when the question probably for everyone. Listening is what the world is that have missing it with God will if it has a couple of things to do. The last week for me has been like oppression over me just that this darkness thing going on and coming back to this clip is kind of the same thing like no matter what's going on in my life. I still look to him.

I still know that I need him. I still know the weather is good or bad that I got to draw closer to him that there is an emptiness there that you can miss out on. If you're not paying attention and then how you how you resolve that all you like.

Jerry said here you here's the time and place. Okay on making decision at this point that I'm going to press that something's got to change, and it's him drawing us.

It's always him draw draw near to him and he will draw near to you Sam. You are very transparent with us before we started the show we were talking about it at having some struggles with this. You actually forget to that I think I want to start talking like Jerry McGuire to repeat yourself. It's a cynical world cynical world for emphasis something to get out but it takes a lot. I understand their load anyway yeah we're talking.

I felt really kinda almost like a hypocrite with this week show because of been struggling for quite a while with intimacy with God and it's on my side, obviously, but that's just I'm having a hard time going in on logically, it makes no sense at all.

You know it's it's not an issue of not trusting him. I trust him.

It's not an issue of thinking that you know he has something that I'm not gonna want to do it. It's none of that and I think some of it goes back to probably some of the orphan spirit, kinda coming out of me. Some of the last of that potentially marathon. Talk about.

We done some shows on the orphan spirit, but it's that part of you that tries to be independent of God, make it on my own decisions. I know what I need that kind of thing and I don't consciously voice it I think it's down in their times and I think you know, maybe God's name trying to come after that little bit. I just contend stubborn and bullheaded that he can easy for us to Andy as Amanda, take back control pretty regularly to say the women don't do it because I'm sure that there is a habit empathetically without orphan spirit. I had the same right. I have think we all have that feeling to some degree, but my life my dad kind of in my teenage years, then the band maybe had to move away and you do it. Did it for years didn't consciously do it, but I've got a handle things on my own for you get to that place mental family with Sharon at earlier that I've been there many times.

Even with this group. This band of brothers that we have not really hiding it from a more whatever, but there are times when I got to where I just didn't pray I know there's two things that God's grace covers me may not every relationship has a constant you know back-and-forth communication and people are just tight and that there's a grace God understands that he created me in such a way that I think the devil would love to monopolize on that will work, disconnected like that that tell us that we have been separated from God, which is a lie from the pit of hell. But a lot of times we we do by that. So the graces therefore that you have a clip that kind of alludes to that a little bit and his firm appropriate for this time of year as we head towards recognizing the crucifixion of Christ, and resurrection Sunday. Once you set that up force sure it's pretty simple, as if you're Christian and you know the Easter story if that time were Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemane and there's some added flavor here there some input from the enemy that's talking to them, but you can only imagine that the enemy was actually there doing that in real life and just kind of the got skeleton because a lot of the enemy intimacy stuff that we discussed has to do with you know the closeness of a man and a woman kind of a picture of that of how it is with us and God. This is a little bit different. As you know the story, regardless good for me. That was a tough time.

We sweated as drops of blood. It has a very pressurized time.

So basically this is a clip for that and will talk about it on the other side that one man that see shall be no way to know.

See no and no. Not this should be done. My not always. He had three of his life was nodding off on in the garden and he can't reach it with them. He's got the he's got he's got the enemy now right between him and God trying to infiltrate this whole situation here and interrupting his intimacy right absolutely. I think that's one of the things that I noticed was definitely the inner intimacy as opposed not just with Jesus and the father but us in our daily lives, whether it's those accusing comments. He comes to us to get us out of that intimacy or I'm too busy or distracted because look at Facebook, whatever it may be that is quite a bit around the couple points that I picked up on that intimacy. It was kinda creepy. It's hard to listen to because we just we feel for our Savior. When we see that, but a couple things is yet he the enemies enemy was there because I have to think was the father. There was a father they're speaking to them was her in a minute to communication and I have to think that there was, first of all eight heck you have to hear God saying I love you son, and then do you have what it takes. You know we talk a lot about that in masculine journey.

Do you have what it takes and I believe he had what it took. Willie obviously had what it took to get you through the cross.

Okay, it's more than a little bit more on the other side of the break I got a question when asked family come back to 100 master journey You can check out all of her past podcast if you miss the series on advanced words. We have the check that out also the root Coming up in April. We have some information on that. There's well this assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Willie smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click the button. We can get in masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book is continuing for the boot camp. How could we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one else to stop their logos puts always a time for giving Dennis. It's a masculine journey. Boot camp Bobo I want give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th. Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of is is is is is back to the masculine journey radio show.

Thank you joining us or mention on the other side of that break and we are very excited about the boot camp guys coming up in April and we would just encourage you to go on the website and and take a look at that in the information regarding that. It is like changer Sam it is you know we keep hearing that from guys that the stuff that God does for them at the boot camp and comes after every one of us in one way or another whether your presenter whether setting out in the crowd and listening.

God's got something special just for you but he's been wanting to give you and I know he could do that anywhere. But often he chooses to do it at boot camp, yet encouraged to enroll in and come to we always want to share a little bit with you that the music bumper that was a salmon ice favorite groups admittedly of Einstein, the Eagles and Don Henley wrote that song great poet and that song as I heard it and we been talking about this. Be still and know that I'm God drawing near. Think what he was talking about when he wrote that song was that we get so caught up in life and were looking for lack of a better way were looking for love in all the wrong places.

There were looking for success in our work.

Whatever happens to be that we don't slow down.

I read a devotional bat that this past week and talk about the fact that God comes and enters our hearts and then we kind of let all the things that are swirling around in the world and in our lives getting away at that and will be go back to only find it is right there never left. It was just us that were struggling with that and I think that when you certainly know little bit about that. Yeah bowling is part of human nature right in and we struggle and the thing is to get back up and were talking earlier about David if you read through the Psalms and you look at David is writing.

You would think this man had split personality sometimes mean he was going through times of hardship within great mountaintop right. Sometimes in the same cell and is all a dream that one day it finally clicked.

What was happening was he was recording his feelings at that moment he was recording his his disappointment, his doubts is God, are you there and then right after that he was quoting Scripture is actually quoting truth.

He was reminding himself that no matter my circumstances no matter what's going on in my head what's in the heart what what is God speaking to my heart. What is truth I give you an example of a lot of us pray this prayer right completely guilty of your Lord please be with me, but God's word that's in direct contradiction of what he says. He says I will never leave you nor forsake you. So what happens when we start to pray that prayer different. What happens whenever you start to thank God that he's never going. Thank you God that you're with me starts to renew your mind starts to change your mind and you start to see things a little differently and Sam. I wish that I am not taking anything away from my brother here because he's it makes a very valid points but I gotta tell you not think in our conversations we struggle with SI you know I want that I want that really bad most days. So many things that I like in the way of it. So many things when I wake up. The first thing in the morning and I start letting my mind roll about what's what's happening or not happening in my life so many times I wanted. I go back and not have situation last week I got I wish to come to you and intimacy first and talking about this before I acted on it and and again and I don't want to point it just that it's it's been a struggle for you but I think thank you. It's been for me to but I think it also. I think it also says not something to that, the guy was a lady out there listening that saying hey you make it sound really hunky-dory but it's not working out for me right now and I think the one of the things that we struggle, especially men.

I don't think women struggle with it as much is understanding what that word intimacy means are so many different ways to be intimate. If you look at a man woman relationship. There's obviously the being intimate. Where to become one, so to speak right and then you have the other intimacies of deep conversation, intimacies of holding hands or being closer talked about you and praying together. There's all these levels of intimacy in God calls us into those different levels and so Aleave walked closely with even in your past, and are not right now. He's calling you back to that same place or if you continuing to walk with Ms. Connie, a deeper is always that deeper level of intimacy with an on and that's one of those things I just have to just go there and I think part of the reason I'm here for the show this week is that God knows I need to hear back is a whole lot of things that I've been struggling with his clicking answers. Clicking in place of okay.

Remember that. Now remember this now. Oh yeah, yet he taught me a lesson once before type thing.

So I'm thinking that in you.

I think he said a little bit about it and we got another clip that I want to set up because it was clicked that I found where you you know I want to believe that the fireworks can golf all the time, a God that I feel that kind of intimacy. I know that there are been women in my life before, including my wife that I had.

We were married years ago where I I felt that way. I felt like you know she was then I want to spend all my time with her or not such closeness in this clip that's kind of addresses the movie from a few years back.

It's called meet Joe Black and Anthony Hopkins.

The silence of the lambs guy. Still, what I remember for much nicer roll this time he was a big communications company. His daughter's part of the company.

They're flying in a helicopter.

She started seeing this goddess actually working for her dad. I believe in, they have what seems to be a really good relationship with dad County gives daughter a little bit of a some questions and maybe some some thoughts about what true intimacy and a true intimate relationship looks like and think about this and in reference to God as you listen to this clip is not an ounce of excitement whispers with real this relationship is all the passion of the path to price.

I want you to get swept away onto the levitate sing with rapture dance to fish be deliriously happy receiving several I know it's a cornball thing but love is passion session I say use find someone you love like crazy in the same way that you find that you had any truth is is no sense living a life without this to make the journey and not fall deeply in love, but you have to try this if you have tried to show stale knows lightning strike. So India when I ask you when's the last time you were singing with rapture and deliriously happy about your intimate relationship with God accountable.

John's Pontiac I can't can't think of when the last time was but I did levitate the other day soliciting for skillet but that's a you know what you're getting at, Wayne, is that unity we feel that way. Do we have that kind of passion about a relationship with God as we switch to my go to Sam here real quick do we get that way about our relationship with God like a guy can so easily do that with a woman, but I think it obviously it feels easier when you can physically touch somebody can you can hold somebody can feel that intimacy right but I think that in our hearts callout for their couple things of the sudden I clipped and quit thinking with your head and think with your heart because your heart really knows what you need, your heart really wants that intimate relationship.

And then you are joking about the deliriously happy but the part of the back it says at least allow yourself to be open to it right and I think sometimes you get so focused on the world. The troubles of the world and all that, not only to pull us away from God, but in the midst of the way that it gets us away from God our times is losing the joy back is what your joy is gone. It's easier to kinda slide in a different direction on the others of them swelled up to look for me when I want to ask you about this, but I was to scan a flashback from the first boot camp that ever went to this when we went up in the Virginian, they had a lake and I remember when the boot camp was over and Geiser start to wrap up in think I was waiting for us to get to have a ride back and I went out in either boat or canoe, and that in this lake and I end up like in the middle of it near Heather's times when you're younger like we just got a laid back and don't care where it takes you.

You just want to and I felt this tremendous intimacy with God and the peace say deliriously happy, but there was this this piece that I felt closer to God. And I think the nature of it was there to do in the softness of the water but it was something that I had experienced a long long time and I think maybe that's what would happen something so you levitated to I levitated a levitate and then I looked up and almost ran into the shoreline there, but but it was a wonderful experience and I do not think I look at you and sometimes I'm hearing the passion that intimate relationship.

And I wonder how you decided to stand by the door and on the way out.

You cannot just let you talk about there with remembering it right, you know, it's possible you know it's there and so is always strongest in the place with this clip again. You just reminded of how awesome how good it is and how he is drawing us there. It's it's not easy. Sometimes you last week from your apartment in the beginning it was kind of a it was not that high place of down and kept going back to what I knew was true and it actually drew me into it like I knew something was wrong. I knew this is not right. This is not what God has for me. Something's gotta change select a diamond in the worship music prayed differently. I saw him I saw him and it was like a cloud lifted yesterday was my kids are like what's going on. Are you happy that his back and think. I think a good way maybe for us to end this and put out, put a cap on talking about advanced words is always words are in that part and parcel of intimacy. We talked about it last week. Work courage. It takes courage to do that takes listening to God and we invited we invited you last week.

If you were listening to explore this relationship with God enough to say as we close have to keep working on that we could be like Sam or like I've been sometimes you really struggling with being a place like Wayne is in Vienna really good place with it you can be Andy and become to be going in and out.

It's all good because God loves you regardless take a step.

Take a step absolutely.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We appreciate it.

Again, log on domestically journey if you want to listen to this podcast again or go back and listen to anything else that we've done in the last few years so we got the information on the upcoming boot camp the 12th to 15 April I got be with you till we meet again to talk to you soon

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