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Advance Words: Prosperity

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 10, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words: Prosperity

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. We are so right would join us today on the masculine, turning on have a feeling you're to be really glad you did. As we have one of those unique advance words that at first it seemed a little lame to me. When God gave it to me, but I think you're going to be excited when when God kinda unveils what all this mean and and if you just tuning in for the first time we have since the beginning of the year Donna series on advanced words with the idea being that and what a neat thing to have a conversational intimacy with Jesus and you know the whole idea of New Year's resolutions with this type intimacy gives way to an idea of asking Jesus kind of a theme that he might have for you for the year. So when we do our boot camps. We have these covenant assignments. Times were we go out there and get along with God and just begin to listen well were asking him a specific question come near the end of the year of what would be the theme for my year. This, your Lord and Dennis you had a chance to do that your word was I were rich, courage, and here we are in March and not every time I turn around that. Words coming back to me in a situation in life. So God obviously gave me the word that he want to meet here this year and Jim is with this in the studio in your word was listen, listen, how cool is that the heart and then we had Wayne had the word intimacy and we spent a couple weeks on that because it's Sam, you understand. You acted out eloquently last week on that word all he was waxing he was well you know I will.

I wanted that you know they let me do it this week, which is my word and I have four approximately a year been asking God for word for the day and and that's really cool in getting word for the day, but I I decided wow I'm I not only wanted my word for the day. I wanted something to give me a season for the year and so long about the beginning of December I started asking God what would what was 2018 about what was my word and it didn't take me long. Actually, I heard Robby the year 2018.

I watch the prosper was like really thought that that were not in the prosperity gospel is not too cool. I mean really in any it's a grumpier kind of a whiner. He said work with me here this word has a kingdom concept to and and so I started to look at the word through Jeremiah 29 like your talk about a minute ago Dennis and I was looking at at the word in Joshua where they were. He talked about it several times and I began to get a understanding the Hebrew, that word has to do with advancing the kingdom.

Actually, almost laying on a man in the entire battle that kind of prosper and so when I was thinking about that I couldn't help but choose this particular clip from the movie Patton and and Patton. He wasn't big on holding territory, but he was seriously big on you know advancing messages saying that we are holding our position that we are advancing constantly and were not impressed going on anything except the went on hold on the bottlenose logic all the time. I is not much greater. There was a pretty black and white. We have to have a dear friend with us in the in the studio tonight and that is our friend Vinnie Menino. You know he knew Patton personally did. And if you understood kind where he was coming from there. When it comes to advancing I should with me. It came to me a very bad time in my life.

Losing a loved one, and I figure out what to do about it turned and he put me to work and the work was the word of God and it's the best thing that's happened because now I spend almost all day.

I am blind I Robby mentioned, I think that if you didn't am blind you use your talents in a different way.

The other senses feel, think, pray, and for me, I started praying. I was taken back to that time. Actually, I know Vinnie well and so I know that what happened was he lost his wife of over 40 years with love of his life really and 48 years. Robby now and it was a time of great depression.

In fact, the people that and on. I knew a lot of the people that Vinnie knows we've known each other for a long time and he would sit in the church every day and cry and cry until one day sister, later and tells what happened she come to me and says I want. I have a job for you. This is John I'm retired and she tends not to know Vincent you can do it but I want you to build the church as soon as you will and Looney Tunes.

I thought about it and I got a few friends and we started to work on the prosper and building a church. We succeeded all it's a beautiful church to its Amoxil is the name of St. Francis St. Francis now Dennis before the show you're talking about the sense of prosper and you see he was in his own kingdom.

At this point of depression would look you know is loss of Rita, but it's fascinating to me that the way God brought him out again. This was the point that Vinnie and I became good friends was him working on the on God's kingdom literally brought them out of the depression yet. I remember I remember talking to a Christian counselor about 20 years ago and I was kinda going to appear to that in one of the things he said to me was in, it struck me wrong. At first he said you gotta take self out of the equation in order to come out of this because all the words that are self usually lead you down the wrong way and we cannot seem. Vinnie was in it, necessarily, but we can have a lot of self-pity.

We can have a lot of self focus and what I hear happened to Vinnie as someone God put someone his life. The came and said we want you to go do this and it took him totally out of self and enabled him to focus on advancing the kingdom in this case actually started a church. I was sure you try no, of course.

Now Vinnie is 87 but when I met Vinnie. He was on fire and I cannot tell you all the programs he was out there raising money for this. Doing this.

One of the first times I met him and he would not leave me alone was I was the dealer car dealer in Marksville and he needed a van to take this guy to the hospital that what was it was that he needed any was a woman was blind set up to hold you. You get this operation free of charge. Just: pupils and friends that I knew when Robby was kind enough and we sent was overly likely says that kind enough and here's this guy you know the base to call in the guard father he sitting in your office. Robby, I need a van into what I'm saying you don't really want to say no to any way that we have a great exam of the conversation that I sent Sam what are your thoughts on your show prosper something that looked at differently over the years probably got intended to see where I got pictures of the keys alone was that was the reason I was struggling with the word is I was like this really this word is not, but as I began to understand that was advancing God's kingdom. Jim will the all have the same initial reaction to it as you did mean to me. I hear prosper and I immediately go to prosperity gospel, you name it climate tell God what you want with enough enthusiasm and will give it to you. And so my initial reaction is negative and then God has been impressing it on me ever since it levels slip and the last one this week. Earlier this week I talked to a lady that's been looking for a full-time job for literally years and hasn't been able to find Juan's had all kinds of setbacks and she went to a church that might get that label and you know they said will you need claimant as this is what God has for you. Lo and behold she got the job two weeks ago I would've said, what alignment limit. When I got that lined up for you to have anything to you claiming the prosperity, but maybe it does. I don't know if weighing of the interesting thing about that is that for me when I began to study this because night was my theme for the year I didn't have it so I I dove on in and I went to Joshua because there is somebody that's prosper and he's moving into a place for there's giants and ANL and he's got to advance the kingdom.

I mean he's this is a difficult situation what God told him is what he told be strong and very courageous, which I began to see was actually being lashed in the God and that courageous is eager feet like and and and so being strong and and relying on God is an interesting thing is you twist your way in the right absolutely, absolutely. And it's it's like I've had that same problem that you know when people would say prosperity because I have a row was confronted with that years ago and I just have a bad taste in my mouth about how people say I can remember hearing fellow Christians say that you know God's given me prosperity. I got $5000 and I was able to go by this car and I'm thinking you know I'm not really sure that's what he has in mind when talking about prospering that you know he's going to get you new car. In this manner, God blesses us with stuff but I think the point is, I think we get a little confused sometimes about what God really means now exist as is getting advanced and as I again continued to think about this.

I started to see that picture of Matthew 1112 that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and forceful men take hold of it. We've got that we've got a Robin Williams clip, license to rent to cover that and we got here still from Spock right right. Live long and prosper, register for the Boot Camp got so much more to come up this assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on this information that is where you can click button waking into masculine day once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the Boot Camp. How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one Elsa stopped her bow goes puts always a time for giving Dennis into masculine journey. Boot Camp Bobo I want give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th.

Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of home and there's a lot of Mick Jagger, Kelly first semester in college that went out on the legend about the Lord. It is Mick Jagger invitation I can say what kind of condition he was in, but I I think about that song. I was asking some folks around earlier this week about acid unit of the topic is prosperity. How do we look at things. I came across that song and you know it's interesting because that song starts out kind of an angelic choir. I'm sure that Jim remembers that and then he goes in and talks about you can't always get what you want, but if you try, you get what you need and I'm thinking that Scott held. It is with prosperity because we think about things that we want God gives us what we need and what better gift than eternal life, and in furthering the kingdom through that we actually do get what we need and it's an interesting thing for me personally to note that at the end of the patent clip.

If you paid attention. They were talking about a goose and never had to get what they didn't need in their yard in a quite often and and interestingly God had something for you on the whole goose story right. You I was walking into churches couple weeks ago and we have a goose problem and it is there always out front making a mess that very much your body works or hates a lot like keys that went through yesterday you did something limp but I was thinking about that I actually had an apple core to a couple of slightly elevated mad at me for feeding the geese let God sort of use that in his usual way with humor in me.

He pointed out that the note when there down on the ground being in the world. There, squawking, fighting, hissing at each other pooping everywhere and that then we look at the geese when their flying in the air together formation going the same direction working together and makes everyone's job easier and God said well you know you guys are candlelight geese. They don't pay much attention to what's going on around them. They just lay there on a mission. There are speak of on mission and you have a Star Trek clip for I do that, you know, just kinda started out as I said before the show when he said prosperity. The first thing that came to my mind was live long and prosper if you ever saw the Star Trek episodes which are still actually in rerun today is, hard to believe because it's been so many years ago. Think BTV and a couple other places still carry them. But I went looking for Spock saying live long and prosper, and then when I listen to this clip a couple of times God revealed something else to me about prosperity that I never really gotten a totally before. What is your name.

Finding a place in this world never knowing your true feelings will siding your question is so not allow you to lecture me like this is prosper.

When I you know you bring out a wonderful point about that that you know if we are advancing his weave grab hold of his kingdom and its forcefully advancing since the time of John the Baptist. 12 it takes you someplace and what you think it worry you know how these guys were put together and they went out on a five year mission. If you are a member.

The intro to Star Trek you notice explore new life. They went on an adventure and that's how they advance the kingdom unit. They were trying to advance the galaxies and I thought I listen to that. I thought here, here, besides the fact that he said Siberia's and always thought it was James T. Kirk. But they said Siberia's at the beginning but Tiberius that's that makes more sense but he put these guys these guys come together and they go out on an adventure and that's where they find prosperity with the adventure and I'm thinking with our men's ministry with the Boot Camp that we have with a lot of things we do. We set out together on an adventure and it's not always easy and it does take strength and it does take courage to to do that and I thought what what a fitting clip for it to think about being prosperous, so live long and prosper robbing and and I and other neat thing is part of this ministry is understanding that there stages the masculine journey and there stages to this adventure. And again, our old sage over here in Largo. Vinnie Menino and I he took me on many adventures in know back in the day he was doing races in all these different crazy ideas. I thought at the time like jerking a race. How much money in your can I go do what and then robbing him but it wasn't stored for my benefit. It was for God's benefit to you is what ever we do and was successful. That's God's will. That is why we do. I kind of disagree with that.

It's not about us old, and hope.

Could it be about. We all his children, so if we do good things.

Then he gains he prospers imaginative.

He had every body doing what is for guys I and so I went by, I definitely saw that and I saw the adventures that he was taking your and and I you know if if seeing this, but there's another aspect to this prosper that I wanted to bring out in there's a movie called license to wed and it has Robin Williams and and if I ever do any marital counseling. It will be absolutely required that people before they get married.

Watch this movie because what happens is that the these to this couple here is posing with each other.

They don't really know each other not really communicating. Sir Robin Williams Texas on to get these two to actually come out of the mask that they're wearing so that they can be honest because the kingdom does not advance in last you bring honesty and so here's an example of where Williams is an opportunity to see what that looks like we learn how to fight fairly high.

Seriously think he agrees no puking younger love to be enthusiastic about the matter fights time you had one, please step up to the top of the circle. Let's get this perfect relationship on its feet to the test. Okay what you imagine arriving in the mountains. Nighttime is a torrential downpour like tired lost getting cranky all well you just hit a pothole instant argument potential we do honey cutter blade out of cell phone range can use a cell phone to call AAA going to handle the old-fashioned way. Hands-on attire just sorry I did that pothole because Joe medicated Prozac takes a vacation that exact looking for me. You and Jimbo show them how this argument should well left three hours late because someone was talking to her mother. You are you will not meet okay you get the picture. However, let me just say that you know in my own marriage.

Learning how to fight fair and learning how to be honest. In other words, to receive the love my wife actually has you know I want her to love the real Robby not the one that's hiding behind the mask and sometimes at real Robby it's really really angry and sometimes you've experience at that time to which he seen it.

It's been reciprocated in time or two as well. But think about what it is that I know when Dennis loves me, he seen the good the bad.

Yet you know if if if this guys been locked. Same thing with Vinnie and I we've gone around a couple times and all you and so when you've had friends as long as you guys that you know love you in spite of your you know your huge brokenness. I mean, it's a gift. It's a huge gift to all.

Well, I just want to say first that we've never broken up so it I probably have probably had the record for the longest relationship with you, Robby.

It's some going with that.

Well I'm worried now Robby. I can't remember ever having a fight with you. So maybe we need to quit posing out right here and here is to marital counseling and actually in counseling.

Any relationship, if you haven't had a fight as the scanner pointed out your posing, but you never really know somebody list you live with whether that's marriage your working 45 hours a week with them and even then there is posing going on, but if you're not exposed in the relationship.

You don't get the opportunity to go forward or just acquaintances at this. It's interesting to me as I sit here now to reflect on inside of prosperity and inside of courage is prosperity inside of listening prosperity inside of intimacy. In other words, everybody's word in their own way that we heard you know they are all very much connected right is our you know, how could you have prosperity without it there would be no such thing know how could you, you know, so it's interesting as the intertwining half and by the way, we have a book in a we would love to do some advancing the kingdom with you. It is a battle set the middle of a great love story and what an opportunity you have, to advance the kingdom of this master journey and register

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