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God's Grace

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 24, 2018 12:30 pm

God's Grace

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is a great life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey radio show were so glad that you had one dust today. As always, and not just want to tell you upfront your first time listener that we will discuss a topic or use movie clips to illustrate those topics.

That's kind of the way we roll here and we enjoy doing that so were so thankful that you joined us today. You can log onto our website. Masculine journey to check out any of our past podcast as well as looking into Robbie are boot camp which is just around the corner if my calculations are correct render three weeks now because today is Saturday the 24th so we just got a short period of time for post register rooster got a great deal going on there now through the end of March we got a burger so it's a buy one get one free hundred $99 and you get to come and bring a friend. Absolutely.

So not too late to sign up for the spring boot camp and we certainly look forward to seeing you there.

Now here is something that your something that we been something that's been put on my heart and it was put on my heart a few weeks ago by a devotional that I saw in it was speaking to grace and God's grace and it had been a long time really since I had since I had really looked into what that really means. We think that we know what grace means we think we know what God's grace looks like, but it caused me to really take a look in and talk to God about this in his grace and what grace looks like in other people's lives. So we've got here today. We got Jim we got and eat. We've got Wayne with got Robbie. We got Sam on the phone. Sam, I hope you're doing well these guys really distracting me with their phone just another tell a joke or what was going on, but Sam how you doing Sam was a weird day here today and rained a little bit good were glad to have you with us. As always end up working to kick off things with the clip right now.

One of the things that we thought about was that maybe people look at grace a different way and this is Robbie's laugh track because Robbie always likes count of them kind of a comical intro in terms of our clip we got a clip from the movie Christmas vacation is never too late for Christmas vacation clip in the year. Never and not working. Take a look at that how grace can get a little bit confused sometimes. Since this is Bethany's 80th Christmas I think she should lead us the saying of grace is now they want you to say grace saying to every public for kids and all. Amen Sam, I get the feeling they got a little bit confused on what the true meaning of grace is more than time understanding of that word. You want to share with you right now. Everyone actually I want to share with you the beginning of this devotional that was given to me a few weeks ago talking about grace and insight.

Grace is the most magnificent word in our Christian vocabulary.

Grace means God's unconditional love and is honored favor.

Grace also needs to give freely. Grace is the same word is gift in the Greek language and I thought that was really powerful and Samberg go right into another clip with this because I think maybe in this clip we get a glimpse of really how that plays out people's lives in and the one word on really shows grace in a way that is just amazing. I know for me it was a model of what that really look like in video form just to have true true grace, through God's love.

I'm sorry but I have my eye on this matter very angry with usual social July didn't he tell you he was. I guess law is not okay. We searched his knapsack found only civil clippings that you gave it to – because I get this over with. But why didn't you text candlesticks that was very foolish about as you fetch the silver candlesticks worth at least 2000 friends.

Why did you leave them as your Valjean has to get going is lost a lot of time. Did you forget to take you saying you told us the truth. Of course, thank you for bringing him back. I'm very relieved please him really letting me go enjoy the sound of the ship's men's wind and must be thirsty and forget. Don't ever forget you promised to become a new man must, John, Jean, my brother no longer belong to even with the silver brooches have ransomed you from fear and hatred and now I give you back to God.

Jim you are a resident pastor. I'm not sure why said that because it really doesn't apply one where the other, but I have been missing this clip and listen to it before I get the feeling that maybe it speaks to you a little bit about a picture of God's grace to the bishop. Well it does because the bishop has been abused. Module and Jesus was abused by the Romans and by his people and yet he showed love and he said he was buying back his soul, which is exactly what Jesus did for us. He was ransomed for us. You know it's interesting Wayne because it's a it's a picture for me as I as I revisited that clip this past week. Kind of a picture for me in a different setting of of what Christ did for us and in the fact that were in that season right now will recognize that he died for us that he was resurrected on resurrection Sunday and that he he came back to life but he died for sins heat and it just kind it out as I saw the cross in the bishop kind of in the same vein, there is says that while we were sinners he died for its associate.

It's a great illustration of what it looks like in our darkest moment in her dirtiest moment he's looking at us with love with that, he sees us, not as we are, but as he made us to be what we have the potential to become the bishop there saw saw him as what he could be not not who he was not the name to be carried give us the soul within a Robbie. I think if I recall correctly, this may be one of the Scripture verses that you you talk about a lot that I've heard you talk about a lot I'm surprised will be like a talked about in the preshow with this is from second Corinthians 12 nine and codified it kind of piggybacks what Wayne and Jim were just saying because it says grace also means the power of the Holy Spirit that is at work in us. God says my grace is sufficient for you, or my power is made perfect in your weakness and I think you shared with us in the past with that Scripture verse really says to you needs now that when we are broken is when you know God is the hero of the story is, you know, that's when we need. His grace is when we're Jean Valjean with the stolen silver when were the only thing I just cut us off in traffic or at those points in time God shows up in God's the hero. Robbie's not the hero incidences in his grace is made perfect through our weakness. It's when I met my weakest point is funny my dad and I had this conversation last night about being poor in spirit, and that he lost his wife and Vinnie lost his wife who sit there and it was at those points that they were really really really broken that grace meant everything on when Gray shows up when you're really really broken and then the light of God, shine through our cracks and it's a beautiful thing Sam.

I want to ask you if if you seen that and we talk about different things are going on in our lives, and you may want to share whatever you'd like to share, but how you sing God's grace at work in your life. My grandfather growing out. I didn't get a lot of time with you that there and had a falling out so I didn't get to see very often the one thing that I will know that it was a Christian man the love that would grace or from him. It was amazing. Usually one of the first people that I saw that was just so incredibly humble in the midst of how he loved, and how should grace others because it received so you know what I think is notes or finish up something that you know once you receive it becomes so much easier to get absolutely Jim and if you saw all of late. Ms. you see Jean-Paul Delong giving that grace to a woman that he rescues yes so when we receive it we do give it if we truly have received it absolute when and what Robbie was saying there. I love illustration. It was one of the first things he said never came on the show was how God shines through our brokenness.

Some really really does it. It's in the releasing that in the in the confession of things already in the sharing rulership-stay with us on the other side of the break. We got Shirley Temple showing up yet today on a show missing bumper that I want you to check out as we as we do that in one Hunter website. Masculine journey is assuming that my son Eli talked about ways you can help support the ministry clearly smiled at.

It was on the information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine day.

Once again the mouse PO Box 550 927285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the camp. How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one Elsa stopped her bow goes but it's always a time for giving Dennis into masculine journey.

Boot camp Bobo I want to give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th. Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of back to the masculine show are so glad you joined us were talking about God's grace today as it's a new song for Mercy me.

They been around for quite a while in on the Christian music scene of a music movie out right now. I can only imagine who I'm hearing which I'm here. Great reviews about. I think it was like number three at the box office last week and to check that out, but I wanted to share these words with you because I get a chance to play the song just about every day on the radio and I thought it gave us a look at another look at the grace can mean to us when we have God's grace we have grace inside of us because he said the second you realize what you have inside is only just a matter of time until you sing to the back row hears you.

Why is walking just won't do.

Robbie and I send you lot across the floor dance. You don't have to know how to Andy dance ever since. Ever since Grace got you so Bart Millard in the guise Mercy me the kind of paint the picture there of grace is a good thing that having something to be happy about. So would you agree oh well.

Grace is a the more I grow in the faith, the more I just it blows me away more and more and you know for me.

Isaiah 61 where Jesus quotes that in Luke four when he says you know the Spirit of the Lord is on me to preach the good news in the captives free and all that but then he come through me says in second verse to declare the year of the Lord's favor and that word favor is that were Grasso, namely in the Hebrew and it's that the Hebrew for grace and I realized that this is the year that Rob is my favorite and I start to think about how certain people would treat me like I was their favorite and pastor courts. Those who ever went. Calvary Baptist Church knew that when you're in his presence. He always felt like you had his complete attention. You're always his favorite and I started to think about the most godly people that I can think of and when I was in their presence.

I felt like I was there absolute favorite and then I realize, wow John chapter 1 it says Jesus is full of grace and like Jesus is like all that and then some. When I'm in this present time.

If you like how I miss absolute favorite. I realize the years favor to St. but part of that from me as my mother and you know being a child of the 50s and 60s like Jim over there. We watch Shirley Temple and my mother is a picture to me of Shirley Temple and that's a picture of grace that I did not understand. They say someone has grace will Shirley Temple had grace and if you ever watched many Shirley Temple movies. You could see it time and again she would be paired with some grumpy old dude that was just furious. In the movie Heidi. She had this grandfather, who had been a hermit for years and years and years.

In the beginning this clip that would apply a second. She is doing all the talking because he won't talk. What you don't see in the clip is that he's got this great big long knife and yet even though he is very intimidating to her and treating her horribly. She never quits showing him grace and through the movie you listen. This is hermit time lapse of Heidi of listen to the grandfather's heart as it melts underneath the power. Think of the power of this liberal the amount of power that she wielded over this old man to change in his miraculous. I wonder how you transition from our courts to Shirley Temple. But you did. She's in and it's time you this way right thing to be a hot window will all right, all right, you try to bring out the best in the matter will and it just touches me that at the end of that he really can't get along without her.

You know he found love this life and once you taste that you can't spit abaft yet there's another part of this and Sam want to come back to you for minute here because I'm going to go straight to the Schindler's list clip and not one of the other things in this devotional is talking about grace and power, and without too much set up here.

I'm going to say that this is what the this is what Albert Schindler his name no Oscar Schindler, I'm sorry. I wanted to say I was a bad Oscar Schindler was talking to another gentleman and I really he talked about grace and power, and it was so. In this devotional. It was so prevalent. It fascinated me when I listen to this clip Celeste check this out why you drink that Motorola is good stuff is going to explode like a hungry look at LSU health little control control is Paula. Paula is whitish fascia is because we have a particular man commits a crime patient movement or have him killed and we feel pretty good about it only to themselves.

We feel even better.

It's not justice it's different than power, is when we have a brief justification to keep and we don't think this Paula fits with imprisonment commenced on something he's broken before the Emperor throws himself down on the ground.

Thanks for Mercy loans.

He's going to die in the pontoons is with this man.

I think you all drunk,, that is Sam. What was fascinating to me about this and this was set during the Holocaust and obviously work for Oscar Schindler a lot of why more Jews would've been killed and there is a statement that was made that came after this clip. It's a true power is the ability and willingness to show grace now thought that was of her very powerful statement.

The power comes in willingness to show grace what your take on that I think about the grace that we will receive on the cross and how many people. I grace through our salvation in a reconciliation with the father. All the power of movement movement of Christianity movement back from when the disciples all the way through today.

All they are founded on grace that began the whole thing absolutely speaking with Sandy and we got were just dance a couple minutes but we will make sure that we get this clip in tickly for the common year that were in Tulsa better equipped. This is the newest version of the possible, all movie that's coming out. I think pretty soon and it's truth just a trailer but it just really and I think we really focus on, some quotes that he has and it's really just so you know if anybody displayed grace it was impossible all and he just really exuded it, and then he wrote escalations, which really gives us an a good visual of what grace is about is where sin abounds grace about abounds more in this devotional sister while we can't get more saving grace because we are saved once for all, and guaranteed eternal life. We can get more grace to empower us to equip us into educators. This is what the apostle James means what he says he gives us more grace to not only set grace available anti-but we can get more of it. Absolutely it takes it.

What you actually need to make it through this life. It's not to get grace of the cross and you just get saved and that's it.

You have grace to walk out this daily life day by day absolutely so we'd like to go out and find some grace this week. Talk to God and asking for more grace to live your life and in the meantime, if you log onto the website.

Masculine journey you'll be over to check out our podcast get the spring boot camp coming up April 12 to the 15th. We would love to see you there. Got a lot of good talks and other activities going on until next time I got be with you until we meet again

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