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The Devil's Toolbox - Miscommunication

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 31, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox - Miscommunication

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 31, 2018 12:30 pm

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. Very glad that you're with us today. You know Robbie when I listen to that intro mesmerized by Ernie's voice. He's the man I know. I just died. I don't know why but I just listen to it and I'm drawn to Lisa James Earl Jones of Triad radio to listen to this on podcasting back and relisten to the intro, but it's cool work were talking today about the topic of miscommunication and on about you guys but I don't really ever experience that clown just a couple minutes ago but others is not telling the truth, but maybe like earlier today yesterday and the day before much all the time.

Robbie and I were talking earlier this this week and talked about that is made a statement. We started laughing but it was and I don't know why people are so surprised to be easier just to live your life like everything is miscommunication and if you actually understand each other, just a bonus because it seems like there's more miscommunication than anything. And as you mentioned before the show. That's the number one idea behind if you're in a attack beat my thing. I attack from the enemy's stomach cut off from munication in the war that's that's where they go after it is you're talking to me about a war documentary or watch and yells watching Qwest TV the other night and they were they were doing special about the Iraqi the Desert Storm war and they said the strategy was the first thing that they did when the Jets first one out as a knocked out all the Iraqi communications locations and knocked out their ability to communicate with each other sejant you disable your leaders. At that point because they can't communicate with their people. That was the first step in doing it all before you kill anybody or bust up any jets you take out their communication yeah and if that's the strategy in the major warfare. You see, that happens in the world. Why would we not expect that to be the major battle we face in our walk in the warfare we face against the enemy and present that is what happens when you start out with a funny clip rallies always want to start out with money clip and this is when the Dennis pick from my Monty Python now it's from the holy Grail right and so this is one where a guy is trying to tell the guards keep somebody in the room locked up Listen how that plays out. So to leave the room until I can get you into the room you stay in the room.

I'll make sure he is only just stop him entering the room, leaving the room all I'll make sure all I leave the room with us just keeping make sure to leave until you just me. Just you get you get back on late the price shall not seem to be godly when God had no problems with disdain. Make sure all noise you said here okay to laugh about that because of that feel like life is the latter times is limited to just situations like that or is it entering into our personal lives or professional lives because a lot of times I think miscommunication comes from the failure to be able to listen never done one of those recent looming sales training and we did and with youth the church a couple of times to where you'd whisper something in somebody's ear and maybe a little bit of a story or something and then you go from one into the other. By the time you get to the other in the things completely changed and you started out with very specific this is what were talking about, but it changes based on what Robbie or Sam is hearing and then you've got a miscommunication mess there and plus the guard has hiccups that happens I think that there's many times your point Dennis that we we listen attempting to respond instead of listening, attempting to hear and I'm listening to what you have, say, long enough before I can formulate what I want to say is, like the disciples in the boat you know where Jesus was talking about the yeast of the Pharisees, you know, I want to bring any bread. Did you ever think about that as being the same for Monty Python there in about, you know that that the disciples were classic. I mean about how many times did they find themselves right there work is he talking about dirt you none of us are immune from enemy obviously could Jesus was immune from it.

So why would we think we would be in think of the classic Abbott and Costello who's on first in on that that miscommunication is there and that would've been fun to play with used before but this is a very dangerous thing and we listen to that Monty Python thing. It's funny it can be really dangerous if you guys ever had a kind of love your face you think of a time that miscommunication kinda went awry. Diana recently in a situation with my ex-wife. Actually, when art our grandson was born and I was thinking about that because I think social media and texting and things like that contribute even more to that today because sometimes you can be texting something to someone and they take it totally out of context to which you were really trying to say to them in that situation happened between her and I in for two days.

We were having issues that were creating problems with my family because something that I said to her was was either. I miscommunicated set in such a way or texted it in such a way that she took it a different way.

She was hearing something different from what I was trying to say it is because the big problem and right in the middle of a glorious event. The enemy steps in and wreaks havoc with what's going on right there absolutely and texting does make the situation worse because you're reading it through the lens of how you're feeling at the moment I maybe typing it and I'm in a really good mood, but the way and you may be reading it not being in a great mood is a quite it's hard to tell a miscommunication right here so that's happened to you guys as well. Absolutely. Think about the texting and and how even outside of that interest conversations in daily life. How is something plays out rather than communicating. Yet we internalize it we hold it in. Whereas we were spoke up much sooner. You sit enemy comes in wreaks havoc after you had time to mull it over. Arriving I were just talking a little while ago about a year and half ago really good friend of mine went on a vacation with them was dealing with some other issues with my dad for the week before and it had some internal things going on that I wasn't doing with their and then as the vacation was moving forward. Saw some things between the children. Even with us adults.

Where hadn't had I spoke up sooner it could've ended so much differently rather than the trip home.

You fireworks exploding grenades getting thrown in any calorie and that's the nobody is reset her was immune to the hear stories of obviously marriages breaking up friendships breaking up ministries breaking up churches split now know very many people that went to church for a long period of time that somewhere along the way.

There wasn't some type of split because there is miscommunication. I think we have about three minutes before get a brakes want to try to get one more click then is this really can a census of innocence on this is 40 K set that up as a husband and wife are.

He has a record company.

I believe in and there try to communicate about something there's of there's a money issue involved and in the situation what's really interesting is they they are making an attempt to try to speak in a more civil way based on what accounts are therapist installed them and still go south on white, not great.

I'm still waiting for numbers a couple numbers of trickle-down it's lower than we expected. Why are you giving Larry Niemi what I know everything I talk to the accountant you know what I want to get in some nasty fights we please talk to each other the way the therapist told us to talk to each other.

It makes me fear when you are just on I understand it makes you feel bad when I am dishonest with you. It hurts my feelings when you treat me with contempt and corner me and trying to trick me into line and make it easy to trick you into writing because you're right that's got you can't do that you can't do that. The therapist said you're not allowed to judge me judgment processed. Fair enough.

Sometimes I withhold truth that is true, but it's only because I'm scared to death of your crazy illogical overreactions.

It hurts me and triggers me when you're such a different company going in there you go wow I you and speak with those blanks before the amazing how they were that in yet is so you Dennis is you wanted to have that clip and so what was it to you about that.

Why think the enemy can take an opportunity, even when people are saying you know were going to speak in a more civil way to turn it totally upside down. I mean how many of us have been there were it's likely get in and when you put that word feel in there. I mean and that's what accounts are tell you this is how you make me feel and it's like some of that stuff starts coming out. Interest is causing more problems.

So again you have a place where the enemy hasn't the ability to attack you over and that we had a counselor that tells them. This is how you should communicate. Robbie was there really any good communication going on there. What a funny sort of way you know there was some truth there was and there was at least they weren't holding it inside you know, and it was getting out there and so, in my view, some communication is better than where I found myself on my break now everything is speaking of taking a break would like for you to go register for mask injury radio boot camp coming up April 13-16 12 through the 15th. You can stay there longer than what is your mask injury now is the same as last son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again amounts of PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the Boot Camp. How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one else to stop their bow goes puts always a time for giving Dennis. It's a masculine journey.

Boot camp Bobo I want to give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th. Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of is good your run song choice, 1980 Genesis and misunderstanding when they put Phil Collins out front to start singing their and he was standing in a phone booth. You remember from those standing in a phone booth and he was waiting for the girl to call and she hadn't called and he singing. There must be some misunderstanding is communication there.

Typically when looking at music I pick a little bit younger and newer song that actually picked an older song and that was from the animals that you took that animal song the Lord please don't let me be misunderstood. That's right. And both of them get to the point were talking about today is this not being misunderstood there so much misunderstanding in the world. When we left Robbie. We were listening to a couple was having a problem communicating and I think you made a very valid point that some communication is better than none right now it's it's a hard place. You know when people are getting it out there but you know if you watch the movie, which I think is out of this world good. The license to wed where in a Robin Williams takes this couple that looks like they're madly in love. It finally starts to get them out of there posed to find out you know where they actually do have some difficulties in how many kids they want, and always hard questions are being asked of him and sold some communication does happen sometimes and in this case she needs to know that why she's put that kind of pressure on him to make him why and he needs to know that he's Karen Jamie's out of room incentive and those are in a way helpful for the relationship if they can find the grace to get past it and I think the danger becomes, what if they take that and doing the different direction. You know we we can step in and Robin talked a bit about the show but then here comes the always the never right it'll never change your always this way.

She did a good job of that.

Yeah, you always lie to me and so you make those statements. What starts to happen mistrusts mistrust and for some reason Satan gets in there and starts to point out all the things she always does she start start flashing them in your mind, and I call it running scripts, you know, even if the communication stops you think of all the things you want to say to that person and you and your sit there running the scripts and if you don't call out for God. At that point in time it's a it's a horrible place to find yourself which actual brings us to funny clip if you want to set that up from Richard absolutely well here you have a situation where you know my father is trying to help his son not have to deal with this. You know problems and ends up getting accused of some he really didn't do, but then you know he has a chance to communicate so I thought you capsized my share was Bogdan Frazier. The carpet is a whole shade lighter under their little black dots, you just made sure you don't get upset I was on my chair trying to get rid of this week I had a little spill spell accident so I can.

It was an accident. It was an accident. I step on it as well as I do that hostility toward the building for the years little by little I know I suggest you dig deep into the twisted K by time. This was not that's a shame you can't see the video. There, the dad sprained Frazier with with the oil that got all over the Berber carpet.

You know it's it's a jumping to conclusions that think about the time the amount of time that Frazier had given all that, that was is not an oil on the carpet issue was several year point agreement upon agreement, upon agreement that was just plain out. There's this build of them not talking about things that they should talk through at least another example we had. They were at least getting it out the open and this is became like a grenade going off.

It's a place that I live with him with mom and dad the same thing happens I go see him once a week and it's starting to turn into that thing again whenever I started going back and make sure there was no silence that don't allow there to be silence because in that silence.

There both of us have things going on in our minds and work were interpreting what the other ones not saying in the start to turn into that again. It's the place that the enemy came and it's one of the prayers that I've had since the last boot camp was God should mean the last boot camp. My quietness is my put now it's the thing that the keeps me safe having to be vulnerable to let things out that the document what's going on.

I don't have to be wrong. If I don't say anything that happened Bureau.

I don't have to worry about the miscommunication right now, but at the same time same thing happens there all the stuff start building your hood people say things it and you twist things absolutely and so you have an misunderstanding which leads to this trust or distrust of the person. Once distrust happens. Mistrust happened. A place where agreements are made.

Once agreements are made. There's a fracturing relationship that's not going to get healed ask God come back into that because essentially let Satan rent when you agreed with him that your dad is never going to get or your wife is never whatever it is that you have made that agreement.

Now you've given Satan license to come in and and play with and begin to run the scripts and you can clearly see that in for Frazier that he's bought into that his father he's made there's agreement. My father has latent hostility against me. That is gonna play out. Even if he didn't mean to spilling all over my Berber carpet Frazier. The counselor is it worth their salt. There's something basic here that we keep coming back to, and it relates to the masculine journey. It relates to our walk, and I think it relates to how the world deals with this sit, there's the couple basic truths.

One is a God can be trusted always the others is that the enemy can't be trusted at any time, so we have to call out that we have to first trust in God believe in what he tells us believing what he says and then we have to do is I was telling you guys in the preshow you come up against something like I did last weekend. Sometimes you have to call out the enemy and say I know this is full of lies. I know that I can't trust you and I don't want you in this situation right now and then you have a chance to maybe clean up the mess and communicate properly. But if we don't if we don't have that basic understanding and don't have that trust in God and the lack of trust in a real enemy, and we have a real enemy, and we get lost in all this and this would allow these clips show us in the world. That's what happened in our lives as would have absolutely and it is the fundamental tool.

One of the fundamental tools that he uses because it seems so innocent and that agreement sounds very similar to Dennis always says that her Sam never does that. And once you buy into that one word always never you're locked into the agreement and lifetimes boys just get tired of me saying this, but that's what you always and so always do anything I can't think of anything that I always do against anything that I never do unless it's illegal or whatever but on the stairs and always that that's helpful in this aeration is my wife always loves and she always has a good heart towards me. If I can ask God to give me strength to see through the smoke and what I know is Satan trying to break off the communication I got a chance, absolutely. So what things you can do.

I Dennis you said you can officially get a walk with God through Robbie said I gotta ask God into the situation and I also go to realize that there's warfare probably going on but you said, also there.

Robbie, believing that person's heart. We have opportunity within the ministry to constantly have miscommunication is the enemy wants to break up everybody hates everybody equally right.

He's is gonna come after ministry.

Try to break apart with her turn to for God, we have to first walk in the fact that I know Dennis is hard. I know Robbie's heart.

I know Wayne's heart heart is good to me that he loves God they love me and when I can focus on that a lot of the miscommunication kinda falls off is what I hear is noise what's being said I Robbie can say something but he's not meaning it that way or I can say something when he misunderstands it only walk without fundamental piece of believing in God believing in his grace shown that grace to one another and we have the opportunity to get past that miscommunication and one of my favorite favorite parts of it is when you're walking with people that you know walk with God and sometimes you sit back and let them hear from God. And then you get your like wow God you can think of is so amazing to see how he talks to your brothers and this like man you get to watch them in and go.

I wish I got to learn that I can think of times Robbie Oakley again, the sureness, but there's times it. You told me you have prayed with God in the situation.

He told me to enter in.

I pray to God and God says I need to stay away right because we want our natural tendencies. Gonna try to take over and some people are in a dive in some people going to shy away but what we got. Need to do so for God.

What do I do if anything here you really get down to what's really most important to be even more candid about the situation we had last week that Robbie and I ended up on the phone on Saturday talking and in in the thing that came through after I called the enemy off was that with all the miscommunication we have sometimes in the lack of understanding of baby what's going on between us and happening. I cannot imagine my life without this man in it and that's what really struck me in it and it took away everything else because my heart knows that I love him and that nothing is can come between that if we don't let it the enemy can't come between that we may not always see we may not always agree with different things that were doing, but in in. That's what for so many years I let the enemy do that and I lost a lot of relationships because absolutely no boot camp. We always try to be aware of the miscommunication that happens in everybody's life every day. You gotta be aware every time you open your eyes in the morning saying there will be miscommunication today. I need to take it to God I need to believe what he tells me to believe walk into the things are walk away things that he asked me to. I know somewhere in your life today you have miscommunication going on and invited us do that to walk with God and it let him take you through it to mask injury to register for the Boot Camp love to see you join us in a couple weeks

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