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The Devil's Toolbox - Core Desires: Corruption

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 7, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox - Core Desires: Corruption

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of delegates wide moods of the masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey ready Graham leave rearranged all our suites. Although we have the usual suspects with both Robby & Amaral the road so there on the phone with Vincent here in the studio we got Andy and Harold and today we are covering a topic of kind of interest to me because this is the order I usually get any bites ever listen to this, was familiar with the adventure to live battle to fight at a beauty to rescue.

And today we're looking at how we messed those up and were looking at a beauty to fight an adventure to rescue and a battle to live and work in our own thing up this with a saying from wild hogs, which is a great movie to watch Monaco might set it up that this is MBs and he's gonna tell us about it afterwards. All talks which will come well work for 20 more ladies staying home not delay me your data member busy building pyramids. I think you all need to strip this tapping thing know you got work on the bike ride when they hit the road had no idea what this is all I can think of was blank. Please do Ted from Touchstone pictures. They went looking for an adventure as I know, that journey will never forget that like it renowned then you got it.

This will be interesting to see now that the bulls alert already.

So what were true that the that movie and it was more than me would play the trailer. There's so much in that and I'm most probably seen the movie but what I got out of it was really there. They are going on this adventure Woody Hayes that the John Travolta character. He is going through divorce his wife and he called all his guys together that was good to this adventure right across the US on motorcycles, but it breaks out in the world together. The other kind of distortions of the core desires get brought in the beauty to fight in and also the battle to live with the whole time there on this adventure never try to rescue it and try to make it safe and they're just a bunch of differences out there like I keep following up ended things in messing them up. But where they kind of get into some of the other desires of the distortion of desires is they can end up getting hooked up with this gang. This motorcycle gang. The man turning down the bar's yard in the in the trailer and and then there just really fighting the wrong battles not there trying to find out who they are as men and that kind of thing and enjoy this adventure, but they're getting in on this. You know this fight over the bar whatever and then also whenever you can pull him from their examples of the beauty defy mean that the kind of what gets in there is John Travolta in a problem with his marriage, and in Delhi. One of the single guys he's it's funny, he's trying to rescue this woman that they meet and there's a lot of funny go back and forth between he and her head as he's trying to impress her, and it is just really a cool movie because you see all three of those elements that I don't and I think it was it was a good clip. Just the kind of ushering in common is that the idea for the leave and so if you want to see how to do it wrong right yeah you know what all three design. This topic and by the part that I really went towards it was my story from U beauty to fight.

Remember 43 years and most of that was spent in contentious and we've got a clip that attitude.

Now that is. Everybody loves Raymond pretty sure that's what Robby a little listen to that one and let him respond to Kate base don't even think about it. I am monkey like I thought it might be fun to know. Maybe I will do you say I could come change my mind what you said Robby. Your battle well we know about, how we live our life and you Raymond here monkey you know. Discussion constantly and end up how many guys when we get there. Prayer card, and that's the thing that's right there, pick out how to get to that point of rescuing the beauty not for me was one of the real wonderful things that can't picture my marriage was give me an idea of how I go for the glory of my life were her glory months after that which by the way, what she was like a monkey now… Began to see why she really actually felt like I had something like productive, rather than find a way to fight. I think one of going to point out the reason we picked this topic is the enemy take what's good with that dork that makes it be something that it's not really Matt your battle to fight. Rescue adventure to live for our heart and on for the heart, the beauty that things are come alive and be drawn to an enemy take them and twist them and turn them, make them into these other things that were talking about today is yeah I think personally that's really got me in the home reading while the heart and the big cans was, you know from marriage and the whole like Robby was saying it's it it is it sad that I think we all kind of came to this epiphany that the not in our lives.

The good core desires did get started distorted and that the sad thing is we all can see evidence of the beauty to find and it's totally we turn our our our action of who were actually battling the one we love the most and end away from the enemy, yet we shun fighting the enemy, because it's just, you know, it's a safe place to be to not have to do it worse.

I stand up. I think one of the issues that that we face those of us who have been married for a long time and no get Jim Bates I'm coming up on 54 in June and the beauty that changed my core desire from being a fighter pilot in the Navy to within six weeks of meeting her. She became the core desire of my life and in essence reminds so, but I think one of the things that can happen over a period of time is that things that are so cute when you're dating become irritants when you've been married for a long time and it goes both ways and the devil is certainly there, trying to get into the details and cause problems and it takes it takes work to get around just about one of the clips that were not perspective, but it's a great one mostly visual radiates the shed seen from radio where a bunch of guys are football team are picking on a kid that is special needs and they've taped them up and locked them in shed and the one of the things that I'm saying so often. Life is people are trying to men in particular are trying to make themselves look and feel better by getting into fights with those I have no business fighting which gets into the instead of a battle to fight the battle to live and after the break were given him back and look at a funny one of those with vacation destination but will run that clip with Robby that is what were going to go after the clip and not being a pro at this. Trying to make music just so the same master. My son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine once again, PO Box 550 927285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the Boot Camp. How can we not continue the bongo Christmas is over one else to stop their logos plus always a time for giving Dennis into masculine journey boot camp bow go, I want to give one free hundred $99 you what an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th.

Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of. I gotta turn that one around what were going to do is vacation destination, which is more about the adventure to rescue us up worse.

Robby battled a live without a fight. The way you so anxious to get on the road that he took from her house in the rain and and said a quick eulogy quite comfortable. You bow your head all God, these are suffering in this moment of great despair.

This time nine heavenly area.

There are nights, I think you want to bail out is no longer a vacation fund file formats are okey-dokey Clark and Mr. Meinrad sporting good store honey, you listened me to do what I say and will feel. He probably okay. We just throw 2460 miles just for a little boy while he entertain Moose is your close I see where you really fall. This is the first time and I hear that I'm part so much of myself drumming my fingers while my plan. You know you get so anxious as you believe God [the rest out from an you know one of them things that I guess that I really longed for water, ventures with our family knowing that God is in walking together and and that will spend some time with him as well and even sentenced to jail does work on the next lip syllable woman not really sure what were looking at their is that one you're familiar with Sam in a little bit you have a guy a lot of the latter stages of life is a ways from acting away of natural cause as it would look like you spot the wrong battled in life and fill the day fighting the wrong battled looking more living. The battle, and that of fighting in the hearts of others as you listen to the you can hear about it. Confronting on really what it is. Motives are how he's really been of the person living the battle that is stays in Lyndon Johnson staffed was going to go now, I'm not leaving. Frank was earmarked for general earmarked good word Frank likes to spit in everybody's eye that's enough so they do with the current Frank shaft passed over Frank was passed over for promotion couple times when not happen you shut your mouth, he blew himself up Col. here had a grenade juggling act at Fort Bragg or wherever it was they dumped him for betting his teaching hand-to-hand combat the second lieutenants in the Randy's look at me when you're talking to me now so I'm looking Frank's partner in the act was Capt. Maj. Vincent whoever he was for going on that have themselves a locale breakfast screwdriver for Frank letting Mary for his part though Vincent drank seabreeze judge advocated banning, said Col. Slade had for his partners. One is teased flying in class gets all excited. He starts pulling the pins out one grenade got away from them when they got away the pain was in Frank claims interact with difference does it make lunatic chuckles good and it came out okay. All Frank lost was his eyesight. You want to truth to get a handle on that he was in before now. He is blind, who may God's funny guy. God does have a sense of maybe God thinks some people don't deserve to see while that sounds like a life of battle and the adventure may have been in there Yasin coming when you see that and you watch a movie that's the sin of the woman I mean you see that Al Pacino and in the movie.

I can remember his name but he was a did have that he was always to get everybody on very mean very crusty and is probably the best description, but what I saw was you know he was live in that battle, but his family even though he was that way they chose to do the battle to live as well.

They instead of the Internet and trying to rescue him out of that they were right there giving him a hard time and reaction all the hurt that he calls but again it gives us some insight into what we can do more when people are stuck. Marion the battle to live throughout their life, when you're living the battle everybody ends up as a cadre absolutely nothing client earlier off of headmaster battles. Trust me, you'd like to share with well my sweetheart and had several disagreements over how to load the dishwasher and so forth critical stuff like that.

I find only I want smart enough to keep my mouth shut when it should've been shut after spending so many years solving problems. I thought I was solving problems.

In fact, I was creating problems in just one smart enough to see it. We often do that we create our battles if we leave things alone would be battles.

That's we've got a little more time to talk about that one things I wanted to set up here is I love the way Sam closes get the Sabbath again that on the whole everyone of these shows us how not to do things and we have an opportunity at this upcoming boot camp and it's not too late to learn more about living the adventure and fighting the battles that were supposed to fight instead of creating and rescuing the beauty which is not just rescuing the woman will spend our lives with. It is going after beauty the way God came after us in the ultimate beauty really is Jesus Christ, so we can't rescue him.

He rescued us, but we need to not insert painful things and all things God has put all our heart like that and he looks like he wants to speak what I think. I think with me when I heard this court desire is that it is really resonated with me, probably more than anything I'd ever heard. It was all a foundational heart.

I think I tried to always live some elements of these in my life and they really messed them up because I really wasn't going to God because I really didn't know what I didn't know at the time. Now that I know in hindsight it's flipped everything to where you have a plan but that you're not doing it through principles and precepts you're doing it by addressing the heart and the way I was created instead of trying to you know do five points on you know improving my marriage or whatever it became a matter of the heart. An understanding that at a deeper level, figuring out are not, and doesn't how we just got a few seconds left in Sam has asked that I always love the way you close these out. We got about what he seconds to go. You'll wrap this up for us is really a look at it you like me around.

I don't happen every one of us Honestly to the men I know something you go back to God and for God to get back in the right order to fight the enemy and pushed him away and leave me to the truth of what you're trying with that Saturday afternoon, God bless him the boot camp

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