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Live from Boot Camp! April 2018

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 14, 2018 2:10 pm

Live from Boot Camp! April 2018

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Of every man craves a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now Saturday around Saturday and later wild opening to have a wild at heart.

We can just as I like is that really ask it said this was my favorite. Actually one of my two favorite weekends of the year when we do the radio show from boot camp is absolutely awesome.

It's a hard book to believe how quickly Spring got here, but man what God's been doing anybody I that last that we just heard. I can imagine a man that didn't is hard to me to hear that absolutely absolute is really good. We had just stirs good talks and the weather's been amazing – or better, we can you even caught fish.

Yeah, that's amazing to more fish. The late Sam has me totally wiped out. You have to have 14 or 15 today.

So far there are small but they count, they aren't there some places it be called bait file welcome asking journey. We are really glad that you're with us and we have on the boot camp Saturday.

Would love to interview the people in here with this what God's been doing with them so far and see her some different voices and some different stories and it's just my favorite times is to listen what God's doing. This year we had the logo which work and by the way extended to November boot camp which is coming up November 1 are for shameless plug dramatically, but we had this by one, give one free and so our first pair is one of those people that came with Andy Stewart and stared out where just curious, how have you seen God work since you been all this is amazing amazing trip years ago had that blessing and the opportunity go through wild heart with just a friend of mines is just a small little group of guys that just wanted to go on this masculine journey and say we went through several weekends of it just doing a little study. Nothing like a retreat. Nothing like the fishing and now that that was involved, but it was to get that seed planted in us and so Andy, my friend Andy and we grew up together and we just been on a best man best friend journey together and so he's been involved with you guys with masculine journey radio and he's been trying to get me to come to one of these boot camps for goodness couple years. Three years now and he finally just sign me up by faith in himself and says you gotta come and so is funny a few months ago I told me to sign me up and said when his nieces is April 12 through 15th method. Oh my goodness I start him anxiety because it was tax we can get but is exactly when God wanted me to come and I'm so excited about what you guys have really the ministry that you guys have got me in on here and just had a blessing since Thursday since being here is amazing what God is doing is oh I didn't think I could get any closer to God and our artist. At times, but you know is awake in my heart.

It is give me that adventure to to live into to be a testimony for not only my wife Keisha and my son Mitchell, but just our community and just be them bringing neck godly man back into my spirit so absolutely enjoyment good if you know the weekends. The talks I enjoy my dress and through inherent different people stories is as God kind of shows the new things knows it on the talk but the power, the weekend is always a covenant to silence and that's what God really is out there and he's a star.

The show always isn't in the have they been pretty good for you that the covenants sounds. They really have.

And again that's something that been on you know of silent journey with God before, just in my backyard, but this right here after every session and in and write down the questions and going to place this just you and God alone and asking Guy with his questions on revealing me what my new name is really your name at well yeah I actually did… I don't want shared but you can get it out of why, but is a space.

Funny, I was even about this topic of talking to Wayne yesterday and he and I were talking about the names and he shared his testimony about how his kids are named and he would pray about it and God will reveal losing.

He says he know he every everybody this guy's name is you mean something you got is not just to have a chance that your name is Stuart, my name's Wayne, Sam, Bob, you know it.

This is important to did God knows you by name and that minister to me and he says and then when Andy did his own presentation about what's your name, and so I went to get along with. God asked that question was my name, God, you know, I know my name Stuart but what what what do I mean to you and counselor came up and I have no idea why that seminar, focus, focus, focus. I was thinking something totally different but counselor came up and it minister to me because you know I want to be a counselor I want to be able to share God's word and be on a journey like you guys and and and shared that masculinity part of what God is put in me he calls me Stuart, but he calls a counselor, so that is support. Normally when somebody gets her name like really is not really expect that exec usually surprising, which is pretty cool that you have a good indicator that is that I've got a shirt and I'm like wow that is more than cool in Isaiah 11 there were seven spirits of God and you know the first one is wisdom and the second one is understanding, but the third one is counselor okay so the winter nieces. Now when Jesus goes in for that anointing which you know the board anointed means Christ or means side and so it's a big deal. These anointing seizes seven online so that counselor one if you look it up in the Hebrew and in new study, which I looked up, do you know I'm just one of those weird people. That means that you're getting somebody on purpose.

A counselor directs people into their glory while it is better and this is great.

So yeah well you say that that that you heard counselor you know that is somebody who again get somebody in line and and and and and and get some going towards their glory. And so that is really Utah hi, that was me again.

I heard that audible voice takes a counselor and again I had that dumbfounded look like what you mean but that just ministered me. Thank you so much for that. Have some fun. Okay, go to Revelation and look what happens when John shows up that the throne he sees the seven spirits of God and so my question was what in the world of the seven spirits. God is clear in revelations eventually couple times and so I found that you go to Isaiah 11 and right there at the anointing when you talk about calling his time. He gives those seven anoint and and what a treasure it is to begin to ask God for those anointing's but again when you been given one is a name that's beyond cool. I'm just like man that's it. That's a treasure great love shows that the rest the weekend goes really well for God's got more in store. You know, I don't know what that is but he always has all been more, and something surprising around the corner, I believe it just looking forward to the rest the weekend and then the even that the journey after we we we leave here another path. Tony and Jason popped out just irregardless we got Andy I'm not anti-play. Yes, all the way from Durham, North Carolina yes or an I got a chance actually plays actually good friend of mine, and he's my book yet. He's my brother. You know you're both good enough or I do not ever thought I was about to go but well the clay is actually one of our wonderful truth listers. I met Clay through the Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and in his case, his aunt was having prices and he was had the courage to call in asked for some help. But as it is house to boot camp and for you, Clay.

Well, since this is my second one it's going really wonderful. You know got to be here last year and that was wonderful experience and it will give me a little bit now this is number two, and I'm really enjoying it for some stuff that I didn't here last year and it's got a really got my attention for the big question is what if you heard from not sure he's done that. I know that he's probably more than likely brought it from y'all. The thing that got my attention yesterday was a what was shared by you and you know the poser thing.

Being able I'm such a good poser that you know I never thought that oh come on now.

Well, you bring forth things for me. You know you have been able to hear you come to, you know, when you preach at peace church in Durham, which is very wonderful and blessed night next Sunday a week from someday I'll be in, so I'll either.

Thank you for free. Click there.

Okay, what's not free but managed to slip people know one of the things that was brought yesterday when your showing one of they. By the way they do show movie clips here to bring forth some points that is led by the Lord and one of the things that got my attention yesterday was Jerry McGuire who is portrayed by Tom cruises in the hospital visiting one of his clients, and it's talked about in the hallway where your dad is strong in Texas and then this little kid comes out and says to words completely and looks it and it grabs them in your thing about that was disrupt and it's a disruption in the and you just never know when that's going to happen and that's been one of my things and from the very beginning on Thursday talked about. There's a battle to fight and you know were going through stuff like that and then a beauty to rescue would sure the good stage in your life and not well. I'm hoping and praying.

That's what is going on because I mean there's more of a thing from it from her perspective, her direction, then there is me. I mean, you know I'm I'm told I'm challenging the situation which I don't aim to challenge anybody. I'm just I'm just there to, you know, palaces were supposed to lift current lift people up and encouraging. That's what mom main thing is that God is given me to do and you are in encourager I've known you for a while, you encourage me constantly thank you claim in you brought that up last Saturday you keep your network is to live another guest Aiden this is your first boot camp I would help if I turn they have my config and I we contract first boot camp yeah okay Helder you 12 your youngest camper ever.

Yeah, I think, is that is also a mention of being interested in the truck as he and I think was 13. I think you so husband for supper's been good. I didn't know if I want to go up first play I feel like God spoke to me and said that I should I should, Sylvia came in so what's gotten opening your eyes to in this first boot camp I really didn't hearing much from him directly because here I just stepped from the tocsin. I've been getting stuff from that, such as the religious mask and yeah yeah everybody's nervous first boot camp experiences different you know and and God does come when God's ready in the cool thing is he up to see some things I wish that there went something like this when I was your age, as it was a lot unity going to real confusing time you nonsense. It's great to have some of this foundation in your big Jim's grandson right yeah yeah that's great to have you here and is constant to in his name is Scott – got her drive from this is your second second and so tell us a little bit about what you've experienced a lot since you been you know I enjoy the slow time to get away and spend time with God.

The covenants of Psalms are really the highlight for me only strips unplugged from the world import from life was Lord God is trying to get in there you encourage a little bit away from the screens get away from the world and just let God speak to you and let opportunity to miss this opportunity together was.

I can imagine you know if Ida had a father that brought me to some like this when I was 12. What a difference in her to see how to live well and maybe stop for making some a lot of the agreements I made when I was at a I asked them multiple times since we've been here something you're enjoying. Are you getting something from this something you want to do again. It's all positive.

It's all I want to stay on to get more good thing for me to hear from you for me having had one son go through these boot camps at about 1314 and he got involved in football and other things and wasn't able to come as much in my second son now being involved for the last couple years. It's really cool. Just the conversations can have in your thinking what my favorite things as though send me a text of the semi YouTube clip and sale. Here's a clip you gotta use at some point you know and have them thinking about those messages that God wants you to know is you know those things that the world doesn't necessarily teach you. It's not going to teach you because it's of God and is critical to have that you not be a part of that journey with you and your son so you said you heard something from the underworld were very curious here to know what you heard. Well, you know, God is telling me to step out more. I have sort of a failure to succeed, complex.

But I do succeed. Whenever I try God speak to me and saying more. You don't know hold back feels risky that it knows for sure. Yeah, that last talk to Brandon can help with some of the below it's deftly got a call you in the places that you're not comfortable, you know, does this redefine some really cool things about yourself you otherwise is participated in any of the events are getting a player. Soft little bit later. I'll probably player soft unit. Good chance she did at yeah I think will be the highlight of the week that's that.

It's a lot of fun looking for that as well God before you before you go Scott, one. If you are meant, curious, and the differences between the two boot camps. You know you went to one several years ago. What is stood out to you about this one versatile. I've really enjoyed honestly have my son here.

He wants to know what's next, what are we doing and being able to say story about that and was let go.

So for me, having been there once before, now being able to shepherd him him through this blessing enjoyable for all three have another interesting father-son deal. This time it's father-in-law and her mother Scott yes right another Scott but Brian, one of our actual board members and wonderful speakers. Here it Scott is his father-in-law so okay I can imagine how neat that would be to someday sit there because I have a son-in-law and I can now how cool is it to him experience that it's it's really been awesome I want.

I can't say enough about him. He says the most wonderful godly young man I've ever met. Been so blessed to have them as a son-in-law and just being with him really has been has been great this weekend so glad you invited knowing you and knowing him I'm I'm guessing there might've been some prayer involved in for your daughter years ago and I think you might encourage a lot of parents out there to say no wow God came through dinning. Oh yes, certainly. Just I just think sometimes we just have to remember to reach out and reach out talk to the guy who's that is so awesome well in the time that that you you've had a chance to see a number tonsils or anyone that God just grab your attention or said something to you out there that that you thinkers think that certainly this this last talk with was Brian's been personal share some things about himself and about my daughter and their relationship just the last coveted types of silence hour was just… Awesome. You know, Brian invited me several months back to common. I was a little reluctant at first but I just think so much of him II wanted to do it for him. Plus, it's usually this was greatest God's timing.

It was I've been seeking a way to get back closer to God again and I felt like this would be a great opportunity just to start and you know, I know you asked everybody else here, what, what is God.

God said to you and I was out there in the crowd, thinking myself what is God said to me in and in and he has said it's okay to come back no Ives. I slipped away, and in some aspects of my life hadn't been as clever as I would like to be. I've had a desire and he saying it's okay to come back soon. That's awesome that is awesome that is awesome and how fun is this.

We have for those of you who are regular listeners to disciple magazine. You may be familiar with Gaffney Guffey and Graham 40 ministries and and so one of the stars of ground 40 ministries have to be here.

What is this his first boot camp Robert Smith and Robert good afternoon. It's great to have you man is good to come up here and see the guys got it Hermann, this is good to see that you delete we as a ministry down there. We see a lot of things and it's a lot of sad things and but then there's also a lot of blessings you know what we read earlier that your brothers are also to be struggling to supply come up. See that were not the only one millions of people struggling with this home the fact that we go through addiction and try to get people out of it. It's good to see that it all focuses on God and it all comes back together. Each person has their own trial in their own path on their own part of the story as she got for saying and I think there were just a part of it, but it's this part of the church also little brother. And I'm glad have been come up.

And get some more energy yeah because you work in this kind of field constantly of God's given you a place in the larger story to go after man's heart is amended to been incarcerated men that are trying to find their way back to freedom in Christ as slow and so you know, there you are one of the warriors and then you get a chance to come toward training for for a few days at I'm not gonna end and when you look at Robert you go say he looks like a port. Not like a guy would want to face for that sort of have to take a picture and understand the battle you know now understand that this is very important to get recharged and appreciate the opportunity, parent and shared and shared to this is different from what I expected. A blessing for sure is wonderful.

Thank you so much as words on what boot camp is unities can experience it, and I'm excited that Brian is on the show and try to get Brian to come on the show for little while. I know it's probably out of your comfort zone.

Just as it is leads to the dock. It was amazing. You did a great job with that. I learned some things with things at this one act is you know you had a couple talks now what does God do as you prepare a talk does he take you on a journey as well through some of your past yeah absolutely I think is taken the time to spend going deeper into the things that really matter. You can just feel got taking you back in this place is starting to heal some of those places similar things might come up unless you get interesting how he kind of particular talk your heart. It is yeah funny thing about this one. I think I member Robbie asking me do this one and I never said yes until I thanks knew I had what it took and had info to put into the risk that was.

I didn't really take a risk and a new I can do it. I'm just glad that I did risk answer we came out really well. You did a good job with it came to into you know my name in Colorado.

I have, I think I've been to do five masculine journey camps in the been the Colorado awesome awesome so you see God at work in your life.

Obviously, and probably Emily as well a bit absolutely without this message without the men in this room I would not be in the place. I met today and went things that I've so appreciative of his been not just that I imagined what I would've been like as a father had gone through this.

I don't go to a totally different person, but definitely not understanding how you can win your kids an understanding how speaking life and how important it is just a vital thing to know, Special Agent.

Young kids, it is most the time I feel like I'm blowing it but has been a good bring my kids into the message might descendents. 12 so he's really starting to get into the state of needing this message. It's been really good for us every morning were driving to school together, going through this stuff. So it's really good captive audience in my car. I've always thought that was something that there is a Christian, I recommend that every semi I think this that I don't know how to boot camps are bent to pick up to a year for 10 years since 20 for you if you would see that I just can't believe how much I keep learning, learning, and going deeper and deeper and and having a chance to share their experience with the was like being in heaven when we please guys come around and pray together those kind of things. But for you.

I'm curious drawl easier know the number camps have been to but I do know that each time they're completely different. Which is weird because it talks of much the same study news given him or somebody is doing it again and then a Different Pl., God and seek an experience similar journey, but it also help just amazingly exterior you know. So no matter how many of these I come to God's always got something for me always get something out of it and assist such a joyful experience just to be around other man just know that having fun it is really good. You know we got we should guns all that we players have to finish it on or three times and it's just a lot of fun to spend time with and there's just nothing like knowing that God showed that you did. You were involved in it. He showed up in people you know names of people know got freedom in whatever you're like me, and I actually go on this journey with him. You guys this intrigues you would all go to masculine journey to register now is already first through 4 November

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