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Satan's Toolbox: Being the Voice of the Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 21, 2018 12:30 pm

Satan's Toolbox: Being the Voice of the Enemy

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now really excited today on the masculine journey, fresh off spring boot camp. 2018.

Sam how fun was that people really good on their spirit will a lot of really good for my Norton on a Boyd Academy where and engaged. It was early really good outing all around. Now I gotta tell you that those guys from the North, boys Academy, you could have quite as much fun. We played volleyball we played softball which then played in years and years and years. But there's these kids chasing around the field shooting you at point-blank range with Airsoft. There's just nothing like it is or Sam on the back by you place he ever shot me to think there's something well-liked with fury on another movie night. And you know they began to teach a man how to treat somebody in the back. Okay, to be more like the second night I tried that wants to. I got shot up pretty good that you know there is so much that we come back just enthused with time spent alone with God in an you know Wayne is confident of silences always bring guys to knowledge that man that got sent doesn't work in your life. Yeah, I think one of the greatest things they take from it is the God actually speaks to us that we can be still and we can actually hear his voice know if we listen and herald what what are your thoughts well sometimes it can be challenging to hear God your new name. It took at least a couple of boot camps before I finally came up with what I thought he would call me and so you don't give up. That's the important thing eventually hear the voice not the enemy but the voice of God. A completely different thing. But today's topic is were still in this idea of enemies toolbox for Satan's toolbox and it's his voice that sometimes comes from other people and sometimes comes from our self.

We think were talking to herself. It is actually the enemy talking to us so we have a very unusual clip hear from everybody loves Raymond where he was attempting to drop the habit of being a pessimist and so I got on the wagon.

He was going to try to think positive throughout the day and his wife came in the loneliest foreman things went well. Everybody loves Raymond that there are called there's this race. There's a girl from Long Island 13-year-olds can be competing in and he wants his new handout for its features to cover its cadre in Alaska you okay to eat dog sled race 35 below discovered that last year and was told I'm sorry sounds terrible and smiling. This isn't exactly good news. Not exactly good honey this is horrible I will know how long will will probably left over stupid video VCR well Jim I guess you kind of resemble that clip well except on one of those few that does not love Raymond why yes losing it is not that big a deal that last week were limping around now. One of the things that that speaks to me is that we have these voice like you said before the break before the clip we have these voices in her head is that God is it me, the enemy and the only true way when the times when you absolutely no real way to know is who's telling you the truth. What which voice is not lying to you and the I did figure out finally for being called a sexy sage is my new name was not always in your thoughts on the enemy telling us that how it's going to be horrible you're going to be right in and seeing that you know he just adopts that agreement as you know, that's who you write an identity.

I did it this past weekend camp before the talk but had to give you meals are in my head about how horrible I was gonna do one of the other guys come up and but for the talk, Brian came up and talking with Terry speaking this is my favorite talking immediately in my head in and spoken out loud was crap with little scripture you talk to Ben so it ended.

It started to email go downhill from there in my head, and even laws of their speaking. I felt good in the beginning but then the little boys came in and these little things will go wrong and oh what am I gonna say now and if you jump in on that right Sam, can you since you have the warfare talk. Obviously, this agreement things you think about what you're really hearing miserable that the net result is probably not the devil measurable and have her about around the enemy comes to know himself talk like you talking about, but there's a couple other dynamic that will touch on it can come from other people parted. Be careful not to be the voice of the other. In this case is Wayne described that he was the voice of the enemy to himself. Because if you if you say it back out loud you're actually jumping in on the agreement side of that and once you've given Satan access through making that agreement with him. He now has got a sometimes I think you can be perceived as a pessimist and that might not be accurate. I'm thinking of myself. My sweetheart has a tendency to get upset with me because after some 40+ years of computer programming.

I have a tendency to look for what could go wrong, but not the I don't necessarily consider myself a pessimist but that's my tendency anything comes up. I'm trying to look ahead because my attitude is it's easier to solve a problem if you can avoid it, but it is to deal with it when it happens.

I think as long as you don't jump in there and go. I know there's a problem here because now I've made none and invectives back to the agreement thing sandwich. I really love you speak really real danger how you interpret the truth in your life you make an agreement with I'm not a good speaker door. I don't have anything to say or whatever that voice sounds like.

Then you give them access to your life in danger of agreement, all right. Don't let the sun go down on your anger.

Obviously, don't let the sun go down and we have things that were believing whether that were anger, believing the lies the enemy and let the sun go down rooted in our live.

So things do you guys do to breakoff this agreement will you have big ears, you know, I hear throughout the day on the third you think you don't know what you're doing and what I've been doing my job for a number of years but not done pretty well with. I'm still doing it and know but that doesn't stop the boys now has no power in my site… They yeah you not to make an agreement with wild and everything start a wire Sam on that note.

Part of it is exactly what you sent me where I caught myself today after your talk team camps but it's came home that when I said you are such an idiot to myself today as I misplaced something I was anymore.

I immediately thought of your talk and you say, and I peered saying it third person to yourself and that could be an agreement of police that might be the enemy with your voice and I help myself, that any of you that is one paying attention things Royal Lee well it's key and in it was interesting that David and I were talking and he was so excited about the big camp that he was like, man.

We've I told Wayne that we are to get this thing on some kind of reality TV show. This thing is awesome and he said but you know, no network TV is whatever you know where such a thing. And I said well, although I sit down like agreement gave you because you know what your right and immediately said hey you know I think our public assets honey, I need to go the people I get TV and think you know immediately when he spotted the agreement when we go so when we come back working at take a look at when you the voice of the enemy comes at you from somebody that's close to you. Perhaps you would not expect or come from all over the place really going to that and so much more coming up for you just let my son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book is continuing for the Boot Camp. How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one else to stop their bow goes, it's always a time for giving Dennis. It's a masculine journey.

Boot camp Bobo I want to give one free hundred $99 you what an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th. Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of that masculine journey for today. We are back in Satan's toolbox.

The voice of the enemy sometime coming from people that are close to you. Sometimes people that the last person he would kind expected to come from like your father. All my work well as such is the case in the movie Rudy you might remember Rudy if you seen the movie he was his dream was to go to Notre Dame and play football in spite of the fact that he was not probably the most gifted acyl athlete in the world but I mean this was a big deal.

The ready right Jim, I mean this was his house is very wanted to be there and the did everything he could get there and and if you watch the movie.

Would you agree with me. Jim it was really his glory and was and it was the spotlight corsets of 20 year old movie but fact that everybody rallied around him and he did get to play a big role in his own way, you know, when he went on to be Sam Gamgee in in Lord of the rings right which gives you sunlight is sought physical size for playing football but also if you know it's interesting to me that the character similar uses very faithful servant just believes like sand in Lord of the rings areas and ready hearing is that grandfather saved all of his life.

Family is job nice house/semisolid 20 ID country is was a depression so the land will work one day he took off my brothers name was to live with friends relative chasing us to three as you Mr. Rich kids smart great leaps for us were wrong and have a nice life.

Frank is going to court to use more mutual charge expansion program. I want to be free goes back to his identity right here you go and follow dream you will be miserable if you don't and Satan.

Jesus, when he heard the sound of Peter. He took big offense to it and they said that that are toward Rudy you really think you're trying to help you not trying to be the voice operating out of his own will and agreement, which then manifests into eventually want to get done.

Much the same way Jesus was Jesus's defense was wrong.

But Peter, I mean Jesus was really really quick to realize what voice he was hearing. In spite of the fact that was coming out of really one of his best friends and not his best friend.

You know, here comes this this voice, and it was a quick and subtle, not quick and not subtle review that brings the question, it was brothers whenever we see one another. We see the glory and another person around us right we have a responsibility to encourage them and that not to break them down to the tear them apart yeah which leads to another great question right. Sam, how do we recognize the voice of the enemy against somebody else, is what you know.

Yes, you talked about what we heard.

The third person when we think about it about herself, but now you're experiencing more friend or somebody else that you know struggling in this area. For some reason you keep hearing tell me can't do it tell me it's it's crazy alert to what you're hearing filtering work comes out and really truly but I believe you know it talking about. There's a couple buzzwords or you always and never tell somebody you always do the negative comment – in our you never do that negative connotation.

You're acting honestly the most part from the enemy. I don't know, and we talked on the show that I don't know that there is always do. You know I are very little that I never do as far as like good things I'm supposed to do and I think sometimes just being aware of this thing worse than keep in on the amount so that was from my standpoint. That last clip was fairly innocent dad like you said, with a really good heart towards his son that probably had a fair amount of integrity and was looking for a good clean house. My first son now got another clip is from the movie Braveheart and it's another father loves his son but his father, the Robert the Bruce and this man is been greatly corrupted by power over the years, and it also is the voice of the enemy as his son comes to him. Listen to the Robert the Bruce.

His enthusiasm and he is excited about this type of idea of freedom and in fighting for what's right and then what is a dad data that is beyond new, and William Wallace embraces supportive phenomenon is in the know. I will gaining the favor by condemning it and ordering it oppose my lands in this house still is flawless.

It is even have a night's any inspired year is the charge of invited feed so maybe it's time to time I hear this. 17.

Bruce is 16, before you post your London title because they didn't charge and call a meeting of the know they do nothing but talk so there is rich in English title is Scottish.

Just as we this madness. William Wallace uncompromising manner easy to admire his courage so doesn't exactly and he had been a ticket compromise and makes no understand this Edward Shanks is the most ruthless king ever to sit through living. None of us nothing, discuss, remain swing… If he had to know. Knowing my key to the throne in Assam.

The word that you share every boot camp right near the end as the guys leave with that kind of enthusiasm and that kind of like I'm in a go fight to go fight for my bride in the medical fight for my church in a medical fight. You always give that one word about guarding right guard your heart. The wellspring of life. Robert, we do need to guard our heart. You have really not clip here and look for or when your voice enemy. Shame is typically that obligation out of a really good place know that you felt obligated that it's not like you killed your passion kind of obligation.

You have Robert the Bruce is passionate about going and trying to do the right thing and just all those little things that duty that obligation. Shame is stripped away passion desires to go do what is being called Sam I think hundred thousand business meetings I've attended where it was clearly all about the money.

It was about the customer.

It was about what the real values of the business were actually on the you know how many times if you sat there and it and realize it. These people are going after the money that is not about these poor Scottish people that are there wives are being raped and and and can imagine the horror of all that, but they've got to keep their lands and their money power.

Harold it's it's a real shame when you see people that are lured by power and money, and they're willing to close their eyes to what's in front of that to me is is really sad and it is so easy to do, and we think those people but that's us that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely all susceptible to that process, but susceptible to money and that's it. Soon thing that you can't miss, but also here's a here's a situation if you could see the look in Robert the Bruce his eyes as he went into the meeting with excitement in the vision and something clearing was Robert versus glory, the interest literally sucked out of him by the leading see that in any time you optimism and pessimism is the owner that worded it spreads rights like wildfire. You can encourage others and you can tear others down like these that allow how fun is this really would love to have you connect It is coming up in the fall.

November 1 through the fourth photo going on so buy one get one free. Think somebody for hundred $99 and we want to see you there doing in life.

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