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When Did You Know God as a Father?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 28, 2018 12:30 pm

When Did You Know God as a Father?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 28, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Avoid roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome.

Glad to have you with us today. Doesn't it seem like we were just a boot camp.

In some ways and other ways it seemed like it was so long ago, and just like yesterday only day before Robbie. I'd really like to be back.

Yeah, it was such a good time at the big camp and I miss it.

Looking forward to the next one coming up when November 1 through the fourth. Then it was not meant to be a plug but it is.

I'm excited about the topic for today. We talked about a couple days ago and I really haven't thought a lot about it until today that was in last probably 15 minutes. And so God can show me some things in and then surprisingly quiet was actually two weeks ago today that I gave this talk on God's father was the name of the talk that it what I heard as I was preparing for the talk. I've actually never really considered before was that you know in the treasure map of the masculine journey of you looking at your own map in your own life. One of the places to mark is the point at which in your life in your story that you began to allow God the father you that you actually took… On as your father that you actually heard him. His father in an in and gave them controls it's it's a very good question and I'm still trying to figure out maybe by the end of the show. I have an answer or at. That brings me up to somebody fathering someone else in and when you get a clip about somebody stepping in and being a father of sorts to another man.


So remember the Titans also movie great movie. But these are young kids decide that they're gonna come in and they get their own ideas on how the season should run so they may decide to go to the coach with that. Gary Verity All-American, Steve won any of us to play for you. You reserve The open positions for Hammond players the offense have specialty plenty things were already set funding on my Jerry tells the jokes. Dave sings a song and get the girl you wish you a mother is your mom right on advising them on whether you play on this to me when I asked the team is Jack and offers the way, what was it about that clip really kinda spoke to you in some your story because none of us ever till got out to be rightly good in prayer. But yet this for 14 years after the topic being winded.

We know that God was her father was 14 years asked the question you got a month, your son, do you love me even after saying the prayer after no one price that the Christ paid still had the that ache that question, but I didn't realize that question was rooted deeper into the things that I experience with my earthly father and I was between those God wallet teen challenge and got answered and some heard the audible voice of God, tell me that I am your father, and he answered a question not just that question yet.

I grew up during my home dad making the comment of you maybe one day we'll find out who your real dad there there so many things that those four words that he answered there, and it ended it is something that no one can take away for me it's not a question that I ask anymore, not even in the least bit in its empowered me to do other things to step out in faith in things that really don't make sense now asking a woman if her favorite thing is chickens because of the dream that I had the night before that didn't make sense but it didn't up tugging on her heart and God used the stores there to draw her into his heart and that she would know she was a daughter soliciting chickens were the answer. Chickens were her favorite thing he knew it was very strange and I guess if it if it makes sense and might not be you sometimes and he takes us to places where were not comfortable but it is father Sue that he has me here. I want to go to another Clifton and kinda continue on this journey of how we sometimes look at God, then he can you tell us a little bit about the clip they were getting ready to watch for my what your favorite movies movie is the Godfather and there is a saying in this movie where it was payback time to do God's will.

Previous later Godfather had done a big favor for this on the take Andy on the take away is not respectful to the Godfather and the neighborhood and he told him that someday you will, and blah blah blah blah they got to where they undertake his daughter and Doris 10. I forgotten what you wish way, but Godfather just doesn't write you have offered me a cup of coffee don't want this and never invite me for dinner in on that stuff and now you want me to do something for you just don't work that way and how much do you want that I don't want to panic as I told you the first time I saw you that you will have to do the same thing from me that you want me to do for you and he finally got it and he understood it, and now you got that point where you want this situation that he was and what his daughter eliminated and he came to the Godfather and the Godfather told happen to me open a cup of coffee off and my wife coffee me inviting us for dinner. Nothing. By this time he was the Godfather so I could say whatever he wants and the guy says will I don't understand what you want me to do all do anything he says anything you don't know what you say and says yes I will do anything.

Okay he says someday it will come to me with this story that's completely out of control and you want me to take care of it and what do I do with that. He says you gotta make a promise that you will pay up, not to me while yet Godfather the people of the neighborhood and that they came so that's the lesson that any change any here now.

Okay so last and a lot of my friends should be fun living on some law say yes just just this is a this is now so you know there's the situation. For a lot of us when they go to when we go to God's like you haven't talked you been waiting to talk to me for a long time and you may feel like this poor guy like I am in Ascot for a cup of coffee I've not respected and might not give them any time. Is he gonna talk to me, but then when you really need and merit that, at that moment, God is the Godfather, it's a completely different guy.) It says it is you've experienced firsthand. I I have a story that I'd like to share all my brothers here tell me that they read the Bible in the morning and then God talks.

And that's okay and no, but I am a Catholic and I know of prayer our father was a situation that happened to me that I just came to me when I know what the subject was and it was when my wife had died bunch of people came and they emptied out. I was often divided the funeral.

Paula, if I want to talk to read on my wife. I said yes and I got on my knees and cried and all of a sudden I felt like somebody put the hand on my right shoulder and I couldn't understand and I looked up and there was nobody there. Then I heard a voice. I will help you now.

I'm sure quite shaken up yet.

Will we come back.

Many night you finish that we come back you really want to other people here how that story finishes out the story of life we go to mask injury threads for the upcoming boot camp that's coming up November 1-4 and we do have the book is going on now so it's buy one get one bring somebody with you, or give it to somebody as a scholarship salmon mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at he was on his information that go to where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radios out once again with you to mail something to PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99 you what an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift and what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what I did. Frantic journey Experience showed me that I could clearly hear from God that I can experience them on a daily like coming this fall.

November 1 through the fourth go to masculine journey and register today. Now I know that look back to mask injury. When we left. Many were telling the story about when Rita had passed away in the if I remember right. It invited you and I go spend some time with her alone.

Yet in your kneeling and you feel a hand on your shoulder right and I felt a hand, and I thought it was called director looked up and there wasn't anybody there but I heard a voice.

I will help. As I have told Rita while I was praying.

What did you do to me, could take care of this family you know I guess the normal thing that when you lose a husband or wife. But there was nobody there, and it's clear as a bell. I will take care of you, man.

I was shaken in my knees because of his non-Honda floor and anyway when I got up it was still dead away and I went to call when we walked down this is called did you come in and put your hand on my shoulder.

This is no Benny, I had the girls close.

I wanted you to be in private, Rita St. Louis we went to the same church and anyway that weight stood with me all the way home and didn't say a word to me anymore, except that one time I will help you and I don't know how or what to think.

But if there was nobody there. That's when I knew that it wasn't our fault that was my father.

And that's how I really locked up what my father yes I say to bridges like everybody else. Our father, but believe me guys if I don't wish it to happen in the circumstances that it happened with me but he is your father and he came to me that way and and I'm thankful for. I am just thankful for.

I think it's made a better man of me. I know it's made of that Amana make. I don't go around, but in fact I dimly remember this and told I was told about the topic of Tonight Show of any thank you that was an amazing story and we appreciate you sharing that and I know that that's gonna really mean a lot to us but to the people listening.

It is just a very cool thing, when God came to you in your moment of need like that Robbie had it set seems kind of wrong no muscular humerus right now.

I'm sick of it. So the fact that your story here in a second, but could you set up a clip for now while I everybody loves Raymond just speaks to my life in so many different ways in this particular clip is reminiscent of what I thought God was he and I had to go to church in order to hear God, and those, things, and it was my day off because I was the Corbis is my only day off was Sunday so you know I thought I was going to hack, but it turned out it was Raymond's daddy's. I am working as today start until one okay yeah but it is a pregame I don't do your job and time job usually stays into relief is blissfully why God would charge in football at the same time bring that up today is beautiful and so are as fire yes of course is fire pictures and so is that the devil actually is is it's always when Raven just cracked me up and reminded me of my of my own story that my wife when I met her she was like with your to marry me. You've got to go to church and I was very similar to Raymond and that that was my concept of the whole thing is really and and I really thought is a great idea that they asked God why put football sick those good things, but so reluctantly I went in the very first time I went whether there was a pastor there by the name of Dr. Red Hat in Presbyterian Church and he gave a sermon on hearing from God and in that he gave what I now call the five Simon JAMA Casper jam repair. We could hear from top and so it wasn't maybe a year or so later that I found my career completely in the ditch and we want so many cars I was gonna lose my job and and so I went out in the field began to pray just like this guy's idea from God. Salama Drive and I proceeded to fall asleep trying to hear from God, but the next morning I got up hard convinced that I could hear from God. So I was like God I am out answers here and, like, you know, I know I hadn't Beijing in respect to giving any coffee but I really need your help here and he showed up and he really gave me the answer to the problem that I was experiencing, which was essentially when it's all said and done Robbie start to matter how many cars you seller which was CSI score is this, matter how many people you really help, which I knew was from him because I wouldn't thought anything that smart so went back to the dealership apply that concept. It literally changed my life.

But more than than than what happened to my career.

It gave me the ability to put it down on my treasure map as this is where I realize I could trust God and that that clearly being assignment being obedient to things that were clear from him accurately. Harold heard from you yet today.

I've been enjoying listening so that it did you have anything on this topic that you could share with us consternation would be the word I would apply because when I became aware of the topic I thought will win.

And I thought, I don't know when and the best that I can come up with is after I became a father. It changed what I understood. A father to be up until then, and I knew that I trusted God. I feared God, I grew up hearing a lot about the place it Raymond was going to go and so a lot of my motivation early on was fear, but that kinda changed after I saw what it was like to be a father and and love your child and so that flavored my relationship with God, and I do for you him as a father father love me enough to provide a way to forgive me for all the stupid mistakes I've made in my almost 77 years. Thank you, and I've been thinking about some of my story not it's just as it been think about.

I God's give me a little glimpses and I don't think I have a clear this definitive time enough for me it was more a series of events that kinda led me to believe you know that to know the God is my father. I think the first one was for me was actually at a funeral limited years than it was for a actually a friend of mine, best friend growing up in college and so forth. Bob and his dad passed away and saw being an only child that he was going to go up and spend time with my friend in there for them when this comes on the heels my dad passing away about six months ahead of that and you know and I'm sitting there at this funeral and I want to be there for my friend that I got some and dealt with emotions for my dad passing managers can shove them down and setting there and everything in me wants to get up and leave. And I just I got a go.

I just can't be there anymore. And all of a sudden, I audibly hear the word peace and justice. This wave of peace flushes over me can explain it. I can't imagine it was God. I can't tell you how I felt that those that the fear the uncertainty just kinda washed away in on I could be there for my friend in on that was just one of the times for me it was instrumental in God's family, to be there for you because part of my story with my dad love me and he was.

It was a good man. He was never there when I needed a is never there to a baseball game to watch me play was never there.

A Boy Scout event. He didn't get involved anything in my life and I had entered his world and on here. I had God saying no, I'm an actively intervening in being your world with you in and I didn't have the the eyes to see it but I think as time is precious topics, God is reminding me of taking I was there. Then in the of other times he's been there for me along the way in on so that's the it's pretty cool and I'm pretty interested in seeing what he uncovers of the next few days with me on the same topic in only occurs guys are listening to each one of us have a different story of how we've heard from God and and where we are in that relationship as sons became the restore that relationship not just to save a script to restore their relationship to the father's person came first. You think I said let's go look for godfather through some things. I know that control can be an issue if you trust God, who can you trust right to walk you through some of the stuff and so encourage you do exactly that. Still praying to God, help me see Morris father, help lead me to the truth of how much you love me and how much is there for me. The things the enemy has been trying to tell you is not true. Go to mass community register for the Boot Camp coming up November 1-4. Would love to see you there and learn more about this topic like godfather talk to you next week

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