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The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 12, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 12, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey we're very glad to have you with us today with a very special day.

We have a friend of the show but it's feels like a guest were so happy to hear from you and Dennis are you there yeah where are awesome. Have you back on the show. It's been a while since we've had a chance to talk you on here in looking to catch up with what's been going on in your life. But today's topic you were to continue with the series that we've talked a bit about the devil's toolbox and what's the things that he kind of takes out of their to you neither beat us up to drive us away from God's plan to seek kill and destroy our you want to steal, kill and destroy.

I knew it was in there somewhere, but still kill and destroy. One of those tools. He uses the list this week ran talk about blaming God primarily ran talk about the opportunities to blame God with health issues, whether that's ours or somebody else's. Dennis would do this a great favor in and talk little bit about this first clip on the drive back in 1980 and out all about how to set up the beat that had their start in all, bringing the ghastly boot camp and out you guys. We often talk about airstrikes this a different kind of airstrike on a cultural job alert That gap and 30 something that was already engaged but show a cat to take him out yet spiritually strike talk about what happened on the other side of that thing that you said he could make you where you take one step back where movement CRU fire that motor coordinates are awarded. It's yesterday to determine where the mortar soldier spent a lot of money teaching wildfire that they can set it firing Sir we don't know that she is used to doing all Sgt. does this mean were three for the day and yet still pleasing this topic to the cowboy down and started okay with it but point about the ragtag band of brothers to come together and finish On the road which they do when they gather the general. I guess that's about it afterwards.

You remember that line for each item. I can understand you finish this on your own nature. That's a fact Jack story about together and healing you ketchup the audience will bit about what's been going on in your life over the last few weeks.

First of all, I am talking a little slower and potentially about to go I had a stroke and not totally unexpected. The enemy tried to take me out and out. I'm just finishing rehab in Winston-Salem and getting ready to spend some time with my daughter and her family and that will be coming back to work at WBS. Shortly after that you had some opportunities in this tooth to blame God. Did you ever filled in any kind of pointed towards the that one of the first thing cannot remember going to the board about like God. Why you don't have that reaction don't we don't have that reaction all the time enemy. Why what you and I think that's what I thought at first and I was talking to some guys. A couple of days later saying you know, maybe God did this to me because he felt things were going to get worse, they said, well, no, not really go all Christ died on the call for healing and were believing that you're going to be healed, really impressed upon me, and I believe it with all our heart that God had nothing to do with this. A lot of good things are happening and Satan wanted me out. But fortunately he failed that he did not were very grateful for that.

It was great to see you see how well you're doing that now I set up the clip from soul surfer ties in the kind what were talking about here the past will think Dennis is clear, no, I remember Dilaudid. I guess Dennis is only some of the next two channels are for you based on a true story about teenager Bethany Hamilton was a surfer quite accomplished surfer and a shark attacked her and she lost her all because of the and after the shark attack which think about that will reduce them to the clip.

Her father tried to step in after work and do what dad do to get her back to where she was. She starts asking questions.

You know what now why did this happen. Why did God let this happen. And then we see the next chapter let's see.

One thing I've ever very see the same Dennis is a fellow broadcaster and course.

Having seen your little while after you have stroke you lost your ability to speak and you're still struggling to some extent we can hear just a little bit but actually are doing great but can you speak to that particular attack on you personally, because you can imagine the girl and soul surfer. Obviously she needed her arm in order to serve, but to lose your voice when you're in broadcasting. Yeah, I think it – what a connection and shark attack came brother and that's the first thing that I asked that morning, Lord my voice you want to marshal all which wasn't much talking.

I was like old dear Lord, how this law. Note you so I was thinking taken away. The best part of me but what he's done. Instead, Robbie, you know, you think that as you say improvement every day with God all the glory for that but what I'm working from that is that the there is a much bigger picture with you not talk about this couple of days ago.

Now I believe that God can let me get back on the radio.

But even if he didn't was in a different way and if not the way I would necessarily ask for this to happen. I am so grateful to Jesus because he loved you so much.

You brought me into a story.

I thought about me you know it was all about me is thought how my going to talk, they go back on the radio and then God spoke not at all what I want you for but I want to do you know whether you could speak 100% again or not you can share my story.

You can be part of your core my story you know I do have a cost for you and now you're part of this and up tremendous file Broadcasting sort of minor Robbie seen on the story we go to break that in that story and soul surfer God invited her into the larger story was greater than surfing the absolutely have to cover when we come back in.

As I sent you there and writer to cover the farm to come back you will hear what happens soul surfer but we have six months six months is trying to rub it was a member first through the fourth of the thoughts we have less than six months to search off any MRG is assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support clearly smiled at. It was on the information and where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radios once again mail something PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what it did for Randy when journey boot Experience showed me that I could clearly hear from God that I can experience them on a daily by coming this fall.

November 1 through the fourth go to masculine journey and register today that was totally your call, so you go, you go straight to bed. Actually yet to have a week ago about this time I was like oh God, I'll be stroking joke about that we can laugh now.

At the time it wasn't all that funny was welcome, so you will quickly about full circle.

If you God provided a worldwide form to share her Testament and to help others and she searched again so many good things to come out of the sea went into this much larger story of ministry in her life that she never program it had little and so you and I can take those things that happens to us and just magnify him for the good which was seen over and over again and you get a set of the cliff. I said okay. I did submit this from DEXA. This was about think it's Bruce Almighty, it's not. He's not really suffering from really bad injuries or whatever, but he is. He's got A's in a pity party. But God so this is pretty much it is a listing showing for his blessings are raining down upon me. You know that everything happens for a reason that I don't need that cliché that is not helpful to me Bush Bush I see. So some guys picking on you that what you think. Now he's ignoring me completely is far too busy getting everything he wants all that's great Sam but you missed your target here… Not gospel warnings.

I am not being a martyr. I God is a mean kid sit on a hill with a magnifying glass to fix my life in five minutes if you wanted to burn off my feelers. That's completely understandable lining wrong with this take so much worse.

0K/I'm not okay okay with mediocre job. I'm not okay with a mediocre apartment.

I was not so funny but it's funny when it starts, because you know we talk about use this clip a few times and show it really shows the power of the enemy to want to blame God right that no matter what it is you know Bruce had lost his job in this movie could open. Yeah, this is what kind of manifest, but it can be healthy can be lots of different things. It could be the death of a loved one. There's so many things that the enemy wants to take and twist and turn out that toolbox and have us blame God for it or to overly blame ourselves then it would ask you little bit about you had some opportunities with some situations you went through with your eyesight in different things to blame God. Yeah, I constantly was blaming why me and I thought it was just a thing that was going to happen because that's what I eye doctor told me when I was in my 20s that I be blind by 40 while everybody here knows that I'm in my 80s 84 to be exact. And here I am, I lost my eyesight. One year ago and I was constantly blaming God. But it's not his fault. Look at the blessing he gave me to reach 84 before I went blind and the blessing of knowing all these guys over here how they all my children and they all believe in the same thing. The power God will not lie due to an A4 for good.

Dennis welcome home. I love your body is doing great. I just love you and I love you very much.

You've taught me a lot. Really have that many thank you back to this line thing. I finally realized that it wasn't God's fault, though he wasn't absent it was there all the time.

It was be self-pity, self-pity doesn't help you and hype and faulted buddies but I can see but I think this for five and I couldn't have a better family than what we have right here amongst us Dennis San Robbie and the I know there's somebody over there I can see who it is. But Harold how they all love they all father there's nothing wrong with that. I have a good life here I'm here to share my love and whatever else I can offer to my friends think of anything that was amazing appreciated and click readers set up this last clip because nobody touches on something and it's not age were God uses other people to father. Sometimes it even can be a son to father can set the scope up sure.

I think the little boys named Colton but anyway he gets a disease and he's going to have to take human life saving operation and it's just really kind of the dream experience he has in it what if it's really pointed this take notice to what the dance activity wasn't in just talk about on the other side we're leaving here before Val, but I saw that you got sick.

Not afraid anymore. Is that why you want to come back. Show me your afraid about the hospital anything about that area Angel saying to you when talking on the phone and you know that when you see me you so I think I neglected to say the name of the movie really heard of the book and the movie is real but really just to see the dad there made it so easy for us to go to a place of blame and God, you have the power. Why did you not do it when you look through the Bible and how many servants could've said that all through the Bible and we seem to think that were immune from pain or suffering whenever were serving God, but it's cool how he brings the goodness back in this story and really it's probably a teaching moment for the father will he be quick to blame God on the next time got no go round, probably not so going to need the when we were thinking about this topic. I was doing.

I normally do and I drive you know around and I'm thinking about the topic and really didn't think that I had much to share on this one particular as is, kinda set back a bit as I was thinking about a God brought to my memory when I lost my father-in-law couple years ago and how angry, how angry I got at the time he got sick pretty quickly and passed away in the can really figure out what that was about like that's not really on topic were talking about health and I guess it's ultimately the end of health but he reminded me of some years before when I lost my stepdad again very angry about that and so as I continue to process it and talk with him. He took me back to some memories of when my dad had a stroke. He had a stroke when I was 12 and a member very angry as a young boy and being mad at God for taking my dad away back through the rest of that story. The anger each time was because there was finally a man that was coming in my life that was can be there to father me and my dad was taken essentially from me when he was 12 he never was able to do all the stuff you're doing Dennis right now he can never get back to where he could talk or anything like that and so he was physically in my life for nine years but not really able to participate in my life and so I spent time feeling very abandoned and really abandoned by God that was physically there in on so I moved to California come back in my eye now is stepdad Jan and my, I'm 30 years old, never stepdad he's is the most awesome guy and helps me on a couple things around the house and am excited because I have this older man. I can look up to and then my mom and him about a year later say will remove the Florida and again the anger was angry that they were moving as MSM is just angry because I didn't have the words for it and then fast-forward to Dallas when he passed away. He and Margaret had moved down to North Carolina from Indiana about six months before and they literally moved into box down the street from and was really excited about the opportunity to have coffee with him to talk just to pick his brain and just have that older guy around me and then boom, he was gone. In answer, God help me to see through this topic and I thank you guys for bringing this topic up the unit. He was trying to help me break that agreement that have been there for 40 years and 40 years before it laid the groundwork for it think it probably had a lot to do with me struggling to let God father me, you know, because that anger that Valdis things like that kinda get in the way and so you know even this topic even though didn't feel like as a direct correlation. God let me know there's still a lot more work I need to do there in this topic for you. Yeah this for about 30 seconds is anything else on this topic and like to talk about. Well, I know it may not sound too bad a situation like mine and maybe your struggling more with it like to believe that God can heal believe that there is hope and believe you'll have to go to any of this align and not hang in there. Think students go to mask injury Listen to past podcasts to register for the upcoming bouquet of really you have is November 1-3, November 1-4 as you guys mask injury right

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