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The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming Ourselves

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 19, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox: Blaming Ourselves

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 19, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey Radio

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The heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. We are so grateful you are joining us today on the mast journey and we have a journey or maybe no man is gone, that we were working to go to another one of Satan's tools in his toolbox and so last week we talked about blaming God and what you know Satan throws out there to blame God so that you can buy it on that, if at all possible. He would love you to take that bait buddy has a second first cousin actually of that blaming God and that would be blaming yourself right. Sam, you know you make it all about how everything in your life you're all all these really do hate yourself, you name it.

So actually have a very special sort of just with this today is special. All sorts of ways. Howard R. Longtime producer. He was editing the clips for Tonight Show.

He felt like he could relate to this.

So how would welcome the mast entering thank you very much his pleasure to be here amongst such a stellar group of gentlemen's since Howard Rose here you never can open after the clip where there's a particular North Pole resident but you may be familiar with some people think I'm Stu Epperson. Let me think this particular North Pole resident if you're familiar stew but nonetheless he is struggling because he's a little different than all the other residents there at the North Pole because actually he's human. If you've never seen the movie elf and so there is naturally a big difference between him literally a big difference between him and the other elves, one of which is either just can't make toys like those guys and so naturally he starts to blame himself to be a little bit short on today's quota side 85 puts you 951 he just say it worst toymaker in the world cotton had many markings in town. Everyone else is the same towns, except for me that like six months down the hall just so is as you think about wow.

How does that happen in the world.

Sudden you condemn yourself as a cop minimart and you know so I'm going to the one man in the studio that clearly is not a cotton you know that Andy is a publicly challenged. I'm sorry it's my love life you try this little you know he's seriously that that clip is you know there's a lot of you know I issues there with just being able to measure up to everybody else's measurement and and I think Betty there. He's really kind of got a view of himself. That's not accurate with whatever everybody that's common a lot of times love people see good things in us.

Where is all we see is the negative, we had conversation around the table in the preshow just talking about is that you know if we only had the eyes of others, to see ourselves, but it is the enemy that puts us in that place to where we see ourselves less than what everybody ceases is what I think of myself.

I had not even thought about and to be involved in Intel and get ready for the show starts pointing out about being bald.

Many also have the diagnostic cotton had many mighty nice divinities where the NYPD had let you know, those who seeing me know that I have is the gap in my teeth and obviously for all my teenagers on my fistů Just to find me love or think about when you gone on that date. You got that one Z in that man right there that's the thing that everybody's going to see are those flaws and so we have a wonderful wonderful clip that is come came out of a movie called Hyde Park on the Hudson that actually start Bill Murray in a dramatic role as he played present Franklin Delano Roosevelt and then he have King Edward VI, which was the king of England during World War II, which had this horrible study which there is a fabulous movie fabulous movie called the King speech that goes really well with the stricter clip but so know that the king in this you can't hear them stutter very much in this particular clip of the King had a horrible study problem and he saw everybody identified him because of his stutter and course Roosevelt.

If you are familiar was in a wheelchair from polio all his you know presidential life there at and so here's a chance of an interaction between Pres. Roosevelt and King King. This is going to be very fine.

Didn't I want to say your father is very proud. Sometimes I think they might subject's wife seems to let me confess something to you now as you have been so honest with no one ever mentions the fact that I can't use my legs. It's never anyone and I used to think it was because they were and I think it's not you, and I think they see everything that we all fall.

That's not changes you.

This appointment is really speaks to some you mentioned in the preshow that has the core of a lot of the ways that we blame ourselves as our identity by and blaming yourself live and wallow in them. That's not why Christ died in on what happens is only 11. I placed the blame yourself. We can't live in the identity that God ends any before the show you kind of blew my mind with how to Jesus really settled that issue. I guess you talk about the statement about Jesus was put on the cross.

He says forgive. They know not what they do and that's what it's all about is forgiven everybody all of us. I was told that we had a great show last week and I did wonderful okay now I'm on the stick. I got a beat last week. I don't think so. I don't know I just was myself and that's what it's all really about being yourself and let God handle whatever issues that you may have. That's how I do it I am totally blind eye. I put myself in the first couple years, but I don't feel sorry for myself anymore is people that I can't talk, walk, it's in infliction and so I just love myself. So Howard, there's a big issue there with forgive them because obviously there was only one person put the nail in his hand.

So there's a whole lot of people that are open for this them and we didn't know what we were doing and how does that speak to your heart and where you're at right now. Well, you can find so many things to blame yourself for or for creating shortcomings in your life and I think there's a difference between blaming yourself and blaming others, but also more importantly you're not expected to be perfect and that's why have the little phrase that I came up with strive for perfection but accept your best. You're not always going to be perfect but if you can accept that you gave it your best shot, and that often is the most important thing that you can do right and Harold E that's so having been a computer programmer for the hundred and 75 years.

I think you helped him with original discus or whatever it's called.

That had to be a struggle. Well, I was one of the things in thinking about this topic about hating self. I did a lot of that growing up because I was typically one of the shortest guys around and had crooked teeth and a focus on all these negative things. But then I came to realize that God had blessed me greatly and otherwise. I was always one of the fastest guys around. I was a fairly decent running back at five 745 pounds, but I can run over people, but I found out differently.

My mind tell me I could in my weight tell me I couldn't God gave me a wife that loves me dearly and will soon be celebrating 54 years marriage. He gave me the brain that allowed me to get into information systems and have a good career.

So many things that God has given me most of all he came in Jesus on the cross so that I wouldn't have to find so much what goes on of these labels, and then he likens I'm an idiot kind of labels that he would love depend on you.

We got a lot more I talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on information that where you can click the button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift and what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what it did for Randy.

He showed me that I could clearly hear from God.

Am on a daily like coming this fall. November 1 through the fourth go to masculine journey and register today blaming yourself, blaming ourselves and we can pick pick up this label and we can almost pick up an identity that actually belongs further to a donkey writing a popular one at that.

It does take a lot of set up to set up this clip now it doesn't, but I will say though we are we using the famous donkey for poo but it cannot speak a little bit when we come back, but it's it really is that you've heard that you've heard the reference to your it really is where our mentality goes, it's kind of excessive you know whenever you see these claims it's actually a medley of several of his quotes, but I think whenever you put piece it all together. It was an attitude that kind of exuded from and that's just something I think we need to think about in her daily life. You might be a ER if morning no matter what I do lose it again anyway. It's an awful nice. Not much of a house just right for not much of an sounds like Saturday night. What was me know that really was actually sadly had people call me that at times in the past and it's not like I have this dark cloud over me or whatever but there were times that I could get some negative attitudes about me. I'd fail at something express it. I can definitely say I mean I went to that because it was part of someone of that I self I the identity that I had the way I looked at myself in through this process the boot camps getting deeper into the agreements me will make it all became a lot clearer.

You know, there really is. That's not my identity in God and that's really good back to what famous point is is I really come out of that a lot in its word I go. It's not because I'm reading positive thinking books and that kind of thing comes from my identity of who I am and got in the house point it's not that I'm perfect or anything, there's plenty times I screwed up but I just have a piece about me, of whose I and I don't have to carry around that nonsense anymore and Harold you're talking about a good poster right before the show. Along those lines, you'll see very often. Yeah, what I mentioned was the great little poster that the tell such a great truth that if we would keep in mind we would get into that in your mode that is God don't make no junk.

I just love that SMS lot agreements inside that Eeyore mentality and are no dump on the nothing nothing I'll ever be good in my life allows agreements and other things become a way of life not careful.

I clipped it for me really helps when I've gotten into the places it I saw something they had never seen before. Thing about this how and what does the Bible have to say about forgiving yourself which you know clearly your new creation in Christ all things are passed away. I mean, that's that's a beautiful verse itself that if you ever thought about applying the how many times do I forgive my brother verse to yourself because if you're like me, well, you're probably not like me but you may have lost her temper like the 400,000,008 seen time and you're like I remember being that we had this conversation before every times he got a fit. Forgive yourself.

But as to Vinnie's point earlier, you know not what you do and Jesus prayed for that. But here we have a situation in good Will hunting where Robin Williams is playing wills. Counselor will is a brilliant, phenomenally gifted mathematician, but he has all sorts of problems of anger and any and all these other things to try to get down and what's what's inside of that and I think you'll hear it for what Robin Williams reveals to to wheel it at the end of the clip is just to say is experience with alcohol, Mohammed Whalen, somebody sign provoking so when he left my mother's rings easy wrenches to say choose first.

So now it is will has an attachment disorder stuff. Abandonment is not your fault is not your fault Sam. That's a really really deep place to find yourself. Can you accept it is not your fault you learned the broken never get the feeling that you need never be able to walk in freedom sacrificed on March not allow yourself the true God.

Infinity your point earlier which I just reflecting on ever since you set it father forgive them for they know not what you know he didn't know what he was doing and I and I think back to the real moments of trying to get there and in Jesus literally telling me in prayer.

Robbie did not pay enough did not pay enough to ignite. And in your statement is you didn't know what you're doing well. I guess that's the same truth of what I really want to say was, he said for gave them not the guys that will put them on the cross. They know not what they do and that's the whole thing about life behind. I was very angry. My life was ahead of me and I learned to accept it and I know now what I was given I was given the will to pray not just for myself but for everybody and everybody's affliction. My life is taken up big change.

I pray a lot.

I love every body that's around me and I tried to be a good person and if somebody does something wrong that I think is wrong. I find myself imitating God he doesn't know what he's doing or saying. Sometimes words are more hurtful than deeds in my life. Thanks to the good Lord in the heavenly father, I put that in my good they don't know what to do. So Howard got Harold, but Howard or other H the day. As you reflect on that clip you hear Robin Williams saying it's not your fault not your fault did know what you're doing is save you now. Sometimes you have to hammer it home that you need to give yourself a break.

It's too easy to blame yourself and sometimes you have to just simply accept what you've done asked for forgiveness and be willing to move on from there and I think that's what God gives us the opportunity to do and yet I think I don't know what it is about as to why we have so much difficulty forgiving ourselves. A lot of times it it, we projected onto others. We have problems forgiving others as well and I don't like that cellulitis with me. Pride, that's what I will.

I was kind of coming to that, but I agree with you that it is a lot of pride in it. We want to cut kit we went up, went down the cross for ourselves. We will hold an account to pay our sin debt. I hate that Jesus had to die for me, but he did it.

That's the way things worked out. That was God's plan for salvation, and I praise God now that he did it, but if I sit there and continually try to pay for my own sins.

It's a slap in the space by due I agree pride while just the US down. Maybe Sam had a nice dinner whatever walking through the world can tell you you're here. Whatever you call enough.

There make this better.

God is walking do that myself.

No way. They have any last work to be the most important is give them takes a long time. You can keep yourself to the wall. Time will come when you figured out that it is his choice his choice and his choice only, and it will come hopefully will be a life to hear

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