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The Devil's Toolbox: His Hammer, He Blames You

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 2, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox: His Hammer, He Blames You

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 2, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the mass are on a journey, that's for sure. As we have been if you been listening to the show. The last few weeks. We hope you have in your knowledge going down the podcast, given her.

We been in Satan's toolbox. So a few weeks ago we had on the Satan's tools, which was blaming on right godly not there or you he didn't come through for you and get this to try to break that relationship with God and then the following week. We did the when we blame ourselves.

I Dennis that's right, and often do, and say he convinces you that you are the one at fault and then lastly Gandy, we did blaming others right and we had a lot of fun doing that lingering ending taking respondent blaming ending is anti-right now you may be wondering, Robbie, aren't you at the car show your yes I am but this was prerecorded so that the statement is a beautiful Saturday afternoon hopefully very sunny were hoping for myself.

But anyway, we are on the next step which Andy you brought it up last week after the showing is that all now we gotta go to what I did to me.

It's the it's the foundation for all of them only tools that the devil uses. He's just the accuser of the brethren. He he blames us directly and I think all those other types of blame to get passed around the source of him blaming us and will order these accuser Barb of the brethren, but he he accuses others through us the keys of God through us his thoughts on our I mean, there's probably some the original but really he's the easily is the source behind it all is a guy behind the curtain right you thought all the trigger and sent today work on this. When the hammer is when he just actually comes out and starts put that on you. And so Dennis you went back to the future for about two and only but goodie. If you remember the back to the future movie the original one by George McFly who played the wimp and and most of that movie that changes towards the end but his boss in this scene is live initial here in the set up. Although Beth wrecked George's family car. He blamed it on George yeah Biff was the one driving, but you can see who he expected to take, but by the way is just awesome to have you back around the campfire with us seem to be back in Spain. Here is back to the future blind spot now. I never noticed any blind spot before when I would drive and I your insurance is all you will be my cleaning bill reports. Well I haven't been as you know I will will give me time if I hand in my reports in your handwriting.

Of course not know.

I wouldn't want that to happen as reports on tonight over first thing tomorrow. I will always your house and you will don't we buy into that sometimes Sam were there were the wimp in the process would bind what the enemy is saying that we were at fault.

Even though clearly wasn't our fault. We don't stand up for what we know to be the truth and how God sees us and we went out Jim and something all on our heart trying to blame, blame all the blame game is trying to get it all in the corners and into agreeing with Biff is great at saying well you're wrong. You're on your and he is trying to defend himself and get the insurance. The right insurance company covered gives up and giving up is the key. There he surrendered for me that the clip that spoke to it as soon as Andy came out with the topic. Although I love the back certainly does is force me go in the Lord of the rings and hearing. This is a bit difficult if you don't familiar Lord of the rings, but Schlegel was this poor creature that tried to be custodian of the ring for some period of time and fell under its power at and so was totally corrupted into murdering his best friend, and then you know, stealing, lying, and all that for hundreds of years until he became a very pathetic looking little creature and so at this point in time you have this discussion between Spiegel and himself, but the ideas as we really want to pose this question to you in the show is how you tell the difference between Satan's voice telling you it's your fault in your own voice. Knowing it's your fault. You know who's the one speaking in his one trying to get the agreement and here you see Spiegel actually having some discernment and whose speaking and making an attempt to get freedom which he gets a little bit for a little bit about a bishop of the show here and for some reason the clip is not playing right.

The second will will Sam is kind of a key in that clip in their word.

You will not very important, but a lot of reason you all the things that there's a truth element.

He did lie he did murder steal those thing that you trying to make that his identity and make him that part of it forever, which is not in our world way that that works with it that way before revelation to me easy for me to say that he can twist around those words in such a way that we look at a different way. One thing that we need to keep in mind is that we are part of his toolbox and in reality couldn't care less about us. He's trying hurt Christ and only way he can hurt Christ is to hurt us because we're the weak ones. Christ is not he can't stand before Christ. So what we need to keep in mind is that while we may do things that we believe you are wrong and that we should not of done, Christ died for us.

He will forgive us for those things because he knows our weakness and he doesn't want us to toolbox. I any standup care, this everybody is speaking about blaming somebody there all justifying what they say. Why blame on blind is maybe four years old that I make 85 and I am sure that I want that to happen. I'm sorry for myself. Yeah, do I find God as my Savior and I do if I get the and if I want to blame somebody else is sure as heck ain't going to be God PC only chance that I have against site again respect for myself and the heck will let us cry and blaming other people may there's nobody there is somebody I can pray to, and that's why he is the only one that's got to help me not the eye doctor. Not my friends.

People say like to have a shot is the hammer and the same holds true in hearing that that shortfall from the enemy that that that's just a strong hearing that and believing that all takes us back to God now, and there's a big part that what we talk about enters into all this there.

There is the fact that I'm a new creature creature in Christ, and he did cleanse me and I am completely innocent and I'm under the blood and all that. But then there's a lot of forgiveness issues that we got into last week but I wanted to explore that a little bit in the next segment is that you know the whole deal is. Jesus paid it all and and you know Schlegel got under the blood, Jim.

It would've been a big deal. It would've been different. Dammit.

Ultimately, he was used for good is kept around for that purpose, and something of the sort of hit me and this is out of left field, but what he was talking the real tool is what Satan uses these the tool and I mean that both boys. God uses and find out this is like now that one. And if it's a Phillips and the others.

The straight you find out about these tools, back And turning radio is the same mask. My son Eli talked about ways you can help support is clearly smiled as he was on information that where you can click the button tweaking it to PO Box 558. I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. It's a masculine journey. Boot camp Bobo I want give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what it did for Randy. Me, I could clearly hear from God.

Our daily bike coming this fall.

November 1 through the fourth masculine journey and register today to Jim were dissuaded from the hammer to fall double on cadre trying to get across. I guess only. I rolled he's garden close tool used to be an insult, a person that was just the pain to be around so that is Satan is also a tool used by God to look at Joe he couldn't do anything with God's permission. Hello, I still think he can.

God uses his attacks on us to make us better if we turn to him, or better the wrong way. Which is exactly that's a great way to look at what I where I was going is that in the case of Joseph right that Satan used his brothers to write some off into Egypt.

But Joseph himself in his forgiveness of his brothers which I had a wonderful sermon on that passage this week where Joseph was trying to make sure his brothers didn't feel the guilt and shame.

He told them. Do not blame yourselves what you thought your doing for evil God used for good and he said that's part of how you know when you've actually forgiven someone which is a big part of this is do you want them to be rid of their shame and guilt for doing what they did to you.

Do you actually is at part of your equation is you want them to be free that free and and and the issue is Jesus the you know he was the one that did all the forgiving because we did that stuff to him and look what he's done to get rid of our shame and we want to feel free from that shame and guilt when the enemy is attacked us with that and said it's all your fault.

I was telling a story little while ago about the time for me. It was very dark when I was listening to the enemy saying that everything that is going wrong in my life was my fault and became a period of great darkness for me in the research shame and guilt. They came upon me and there was no forgiveness of mind, there is no my going to God, and saying, can you forgive me for my part in this. And until I did that I could let go of what the enemy was saying to me as I would buy into that as well. Once I knew God had forgiven me for my part, what happened in my marriage and other parts of my life than that darkness lifted third scene is very hard because it is for me as well because I know what I would. I knew what I was doing that makes anything you know you can start to look at others differently because you don't know the rest of the story you don't know what happened that made them react that way right there is a mystery and unknown I know what happened when the me in on it just gets a hold of you there and it's hard to forgive yourself some time and he knows and he displays it, whatever that is for you murder liar the perm or whatever that I now slap Jesus face to an extent. If I don't accept 20 definitely you know it is. It really is a slap in the face to them and to not trust that trust that forgiveness and what he went to Calvary for this thinking about what what Sam was saying there about you know how you feel like we know what we did we know that we have made a conscious decision to do whatever we did and that's why we get hung up.

I think a lot of times you hear this is the enemy. How can you say that you love God and you mean anybody other than me, but that's contrary to what the Bible says but it's an easy thing to believe because we feel the pride in us feel like we can pay for our sins, or we can live out this Christian life on our own or whatever and it's easy to go there where all pretty dumb because I think we all fall for that line sometime or the other and submit Satan's. He is brilliant and he has some lines of argument that will take you on as we see from this next clip dentist that you found from the messenger. Yet the story of Joan of arc, where we was talking about this a minute ago where he's turning around and she actually sang to talk about doing things. There is actually some killing that went on, he not only wants to. Once it it to put it in her face that you not only killed but you felt good about it about what you did and he's turned around what was a revolutionary moment for her and said it's all your fault that always happen.

These people died and to top it off, you feel good about it. That's who you are. He was trying to tell her she was something entirely different than what she really was. And for those he hadn't seen the movie.

This is the spectacular Dustin Hoffman plays the Satan character Joan of arc is imprisoned at this point in time and she's on trial for the sake of truth, but during these trials while she's an instant in jail facing his other accusers here come Satan to try to confuse her and take away her testimony because you know we're not in the real-life story of Joan of arc of the most written about things in all of history where these trials of Joan of arc, and here she is with Dustin Hoffman plan that was from this either one is that all is standing killing relay at all may follow me so very interesting how you turned that whole thing around.

If you hear the reset clip or see the movie, which I highly highly recommend he turns it around her. She's questioning where was God in all this. And sometimes we had questions to things happen. He turns it around to.

What about you and makes it all her fault and then ultimately says it was wasn't only your fault but you enjoy doing this when it was for her glory, brings you back to that unholy Trinity. Like if you can get your focus. If he can get your focus off of God in him to sell and into the things that you've done and start blaming you get that rolling around in your head and goes back to misunderstanding your identity in Christ isn't and what he's done earlier and thought if he can. If you come in our faith right the face of what God has done for Sammy gets back inside that that how do you discern is the one talking and what is he trying to get you to buy into it really is almost always the word I are you you know when when I'm hearing you are this year, liar, your an idiot you what you are doing, you know, whatever that may be. It's from the outside in, and I'm not. I'm not speaking of myself and I would say I saw that coming from the outside and started buying into that sure feels like it's from me and it's really not any block at the gate and the fruit you always think of Sam look inside and what what is the fruit of what it is that your hearing and understanding what it's about me, about others, God obviously not the fruit of their whatever I feed will grow high-speed resentment of high-speed anger if I feed those things that grows but if I feed forgiveness of I feed understanding.

That's what grows inside me knows that he can get you. I think the first attacks always on you, because if he can get you to where you don't like you or you don't like your identity or what you think identity is your rarely gonna treat somebody else's heart better than you do your own. I know that when I'm at my worst with other people is when I feel the worst about the same thing that's well. The story goes that you looking you in your daily life and in the minute by minute is your making choices your hearing all these voices right Jim and hopefully you find a way to break out and and find some point in reality, it often is the point in reality is we got to let go of hurts and love during this whole conversation. I was thinking of two very wounded, very, both solid Christians but to ladies it really had a terrible time and they have been friends for supporting each other and now out of their pain and attacking each other on that wonderful medium Facebook and unfriended both of them rather than taking their hurt and using it. The loving and caring and forgiving are claiming more hurt begin to looking at self unholy Trinity. Just hearing about all about me and when it is all misery, so he's coming after them, so to speak, but then obviously it's not hard for him to start to point out that she sure has been treating you badly and it and it quickly goes to blaming others, and it quickly goes. At some point in time to blaming God because he got you know is right you think so, and the other thing I was thinking when Jim was talking is the more that that happens, the further away you getting from God because all the communication is with each other was something else is going on or before you know it. I found that that the better I can say this right when I've done better at this, and identifying that it was the enemy is when I was closer to God when I some more in communication with God, whom he married and lives the opportunity that we have and recently podcast that ran some parts been outstanding on this idea of finding a place to make sure you get back to reality and often is just walk outside and get back into what's real and take a walk through the woods.

510 minutes and listen for that voice that might bring some fruit. Talk about getting back into what's real and listening is God's word that's him it's his. His his life, and as we take that in his. He said he will not listen to a stranger's voice. That is his voice to something into his word that I you lost me well in advance. Coming up August Winston-Salem is 19 to 21st of believe and then November 1 through the fourth. We got a ring. They can't, not the question you have to drain find out all about those previous podcasts in all these different tools and listen

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