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The Devil's Toolbox: Messing with your Memory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 9, 2018 12:30 pm

The Devil's Toolbox: Messing with your Memory

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 9, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey


The heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you today and last week we were doing concerning the topic of the devil's toolbox right Satan's toolbox and the things it uses him and like a lot of the themes that we get on. We think were done in on the gods as a way what about this. That's what happened when we did the pillar series that we had like three or four pillars end up being 112 12 open us up to that and thought were kind of done with this, the devil's toolbox mentally uncovered everything but just a majority. The big pieces that he uses in the God gave us one unfortunately remembered what it was. Throughout the week, but it's generally relies on our forgetfulness relies on our forgetfulness of what others have said to us that that bring our hearts happy lives in forgetfulness. More importantly, why God said to us, or God shown us through others through different media.

Things like that and so does really reply depend on us not knowing those things that are key in our life to get through to share a little bit of a story that's right about you and I and our exchange and nice that's very nice of you Sam knows funny actually is a danger of tax because you can't really tell someone's joking. Not joking or what's going on texted me Sunday and it was he said hey what was the topic again, the devil's toolbox forgetfulness recently. LOL the comment you remembered it, and then he called me later on. That is correct seriously as I forgot.

Wow, that's really kind of funny. You know that's kinda how we are.

It happens all this revenue been incredibly quiet. Ever heard from the microphones over there and I forgot to speak is this topic something that you can relate like every day.

I think it's I call it pathological to share that with us in the parable of the soils you might remember that it was the path where the seed fell that the devil came and slapped me on the birds which were picture of site would come and pick it up well in my mind must be a lot of stuff that falls on the path because Amanda gets stolen, and every day I struggle with what was it you told me again God where you know how to die get to where I is that he just did that with me last week. As we were talking about a meeting that we had scheduled and he said I forgot.

And the enemy must have be getting my memory which how convenient. Funny thing about that parable all the seed that strung out there is meant for good men to grow and produce fruit. With all these things happen to you right that is stolen from us and it generally surprises because that's what were told the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy, and whatever that order. As I got that backwards. I think that all this things is what he's trying to do a clip from an old TV show. I think everybody here in the studio except maybe Brian might remember what this TV show was because it was black and white as cocaine and camera and it was the original series and in this clip, Alan font, font, and remember that they are talking, but is in front got in this clip there is a little girl that they've actually have her set up to answer the phone and take a message and choose all of about seven or eight look like in the clip and just listen how this interchange goes I will hi Kathy how you give it only comes back a message tell Mr. Jones a meeting between his lunch and his 230 appointment you got it okay will, but you remember that you might try to remember okay. Jones is a meeting between his lunch and his 230 appointment. Remember that all.

It's funny to watch a YouTube that knocking sound you hear she's hitting yourself in the head is pounding on the head is kind of funny but the big story of kinda what happens is knowing I'm sure you may have once in a while forgot something to verify forgot something in God's children quite often actually only times in been doing with anything in my life something with the whites until the kids just something my life is really pressing down on me and God, give me a word and it's this wonderful revelation and then I'll get goosebumps and just amazing right and 10 minutes later. I can remember the first were never never mind Mr. Jones right and it hurts like it because you feel like you, let God down you he gave you something important and it still order to get right. But I'm glad he's full of grace and mercy and gives it as it is and I think that this is something that more people struggle with than they realize, like a lot of times you don't even remember what you forgot, you kind of a story about how you can remember. Once you learn about Fido.

I keep a journal, which is part of the antidote to this and I was diagnosed with cancer. I'd had a dream actually the night before I was diagnosed that was kind of instructive to what was coming my way and I was going back to my journal just a few weeks ago and I, I came across this dream and the story of how God was give me a premonition of what was headed my way. And not only did I and I forgot that I had no recollection of the incident that all I had like no concept that it was even ever there if it had not been in the journal. It would've been totally stolen and totally gone and it's even not really feels like it's mine because I still to this minute. Cannot remember the events and that's what I can amend by gives us what we need. I've had that happen as well in not journaling all the time there've been times when something else will actually spark a remembrance of that thing you see someone in a different color shirt and it just it awakens something then I believe in you and the Holy Spirit knows how to bring those things to remember is that he doesn't write even the things that we read Scripture, we can't remember all that. But I heard a guy say this way and why you may not remember the things that your reading it, like whenever you eat right, you probably don't remember what you had for breakfast two days ago, but it still nursed it still that you gave you what you need. Skin is good. I would visit. Now they sleep and something incredibly important. God tells you something really important in life you never gonna forget that some to visit a clip from the movie called our barn.

No no no not that one dory dilemma dory Alok finding Nemo, finding Nemo, I just lost it there for now she was overboard to. She was a bit overboard and finding Nemo the in this clip are going to hear where doors can help them try to find a son.

The father try to find the sun how you got to set up a bit. Dory is a fish and she's got a little short-term memory issue no problem now you talking about what is going on. You already told me what was going I did practical joke, it's not funny funny, I know it's not time I'm so sorry short-term memory loss, short-term memory, I don't believe anything can something is wrong with you really can anyone relate to that feeling.

I certainly can and I I think that anyone that gets up a little bit in years can identify with the fact you know it amazes me that I can remember song lyrics from 50 years ago, and I can't remember what I did 48 hours ago sometimes you know it, and I wonder sometimes if I'm not concentrating on what's most important that I concentrated on the trivial things. I think it's something that naturally happens to some of the sometimes but if you get away you can and that forgetfulness really loud at times.

Not knowing he did say the Holy Spirit's going to remind you those things I think there's a lot of times that you know there's a lot we can do to do our part in the where hopefully didn't have to remind us of those things and want to come back from a break in a few minutes to talk about those things you can do to try to help not forget so that you can remember those things in God's told you can't, probably what the advance. Campus coming up August 17-19. If you have vendor to boot camps are the fall boot camps November 1 through the fourth mask and journey to register now as I talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where we can get something PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back to listen to what it did for Randy. He showed me that I could truly hear from God.

Our daily like coming this fall. November 1 through the forest, go to masculine journey and register today. Welcome back in talking about the topic of how the enemy loves to use that against us we don't have that those words are God's given us of the things we read where they showed us a lot of times we need him of any you had some thoughts on this topic as well. I sure did. I wonder what the heck I'm doing here. Psalm 84 years old and these guys forgetfulness have no idea who forget first of all I mean they pay me a lot of money. God is I am forgetful. Like I said I'm 84 years old and I'm not joking. I usually come with Robbie and I keep on telling what's the topic what's the topic and was sitting right next to each other you want talk about forgetfulness. Good golly Miss Molly, I really understand the topic. How do you deal with it. How do you do you just this year I thought I was a bright fellow.

Even now I was my age but I see slowly but surely forgetfulness commitment and I ask God is a God.

Okay, what are you doing with me. What's your plan, and he tells me I plan is the same plan that I've had life that intubated. That means I'm still here and he has a plan for me and I won't forget whatever he tells me because I have joy and love in God.

But here's the thing about Vinnie that I just want to mention and II was thinking about this many as you were talking you can go back and I know in the last year I've heard stories from you. They can go back 50 or 60 years in the value of those stories is the sharing that you do is in you being a sage you being a man of 84 years of age, they can share with us things that even though we are rapidly approaching our later years at least midlife. You share things with us that we learn about and how God has worked in your life that are of great value to us. So again it may be that short-term Vinnie has stuff that goes back years that I just love hearing about. That's true, it seems like I have a talent to remember my past years, but I'm having trouble: Dave from day to day, but I think that I'll be okay you guys, and you put up with me and I'll put you guys think you really appreciate that the unit I wish it was would say that it's because ready for but I can literally walk from one room on my intent to go do something in another room and get there and can't remember why I went in. That's a something small is going to get something out of the other room are going to the garage to get a tool and I get out there like when a commander not part of what causes that because we think we think contributes to that. I mean obviously we want to remember things, especially the things God's told us one of those things that the enemy uses to help put us in that place we can't remember talk about the path earlier and that we are in such a hurry. You know if it's it's like you know if I go back to certain people's deaths. I will mention a name, but Robbie don't want you know it's it's he didn't take the time to file stuff and so it's all over the place right in the and so it's a matter of really taking the time to get still write down the important stuff for making note of those kind of things but also to file a minute place I used to call it. You would mention put down the monument like you told him to do in the Old Testament like to put down a marker.

The samurai want to remember this day, because this day you came through for me in this in this and in different places where he brought me healings or the financial crisis or whatever was causes can say I think the I think the enemy thrives on us having these worldly busy lives like what Robbie was talking about and that happens to me too. And it happened same thing happens with going into rooms that that that will happen and I think it's because there's so many things are rolling around in my mind most the time have to do with things I have to do tomorrow or two days from now, or what's that part on the card that just fell off the other night and the other stuff is going on and and I don't focus on the things that are most important. Most important time of my day is at 630 or so in the morning now and I can tell you that I have a ongoing struggle with spending time with God because I can't slow my thoughts down and I honestly believe that's the enemy trying to get a hold of my time with God because that's the most important time I have you said something there, though the really stood out and actually thing the coming keep coming to mind is the things we think are important. The importance that we put on something, dictates how much we think about and why is it that were so quick to forget the good things that have happened life and so quick to remember the bad things because that that's pressed into her mind repeat we give that time we meditate on that, rather than the good thing especially with all the technology that we have to date it makes it so much easier talked earlier about journaling.

There's just so many tools in her hands that whenever we do press and we do make those things important in some mental effort.

It's it's not always the enemy. Sometimes it's just us not giving importance to us that there is a mental middle need to look for this thing absolutely, and I like to say that it's just because of our busy age and I think that definitely plays into the endless stream of emails attacks the commonly things clamoring for your attention, but it's a story as old as man story lien when you look back and how many times God would come in and rescue Israel only to have them forget kind of what he did within a generation or two down part of what I think they had them put monuments up for was so they'd see that so that something important so that they would remember because they don't have the tools we have taken a generation or two. They went from miracle to miracle and forgot about the last and then started blaming Moses whenever you but I'm a little bit further. It doesn't take us long to not really doesn't this topic and he came up for me when Robbie said he wants next week's topic because I got it brought back a memory of a time that I had a day off where I didn't have the kids with me. My wife was with me at the time we were married, but she wasn't there and I just had a free day. Not that why don't ever get this and so I went up to hanging rock, which is one of the local small mountains around here that you kinda hike up to the top of it and look out around the area and it's my favorite places to go and so I just took my journal and I went up nose in a praying. Journal insert out of the top of it and I started praying in one really get anything in Seneca got what's going on, and so I opened up my journal when I open it up to something you told me that I forgot and I was able to literally close my journal saying that's the point of me coming up here today. Now the rest of that story is all weeklong of and trying to remember what I'm not joking and I'm so stubborn that I just said I will remember before the radio show. I know I will not identify my journal. It is good to get back out which now going to do when I get home is driving me nuts about God.

What did you say that was so important that I really needed to hear. Because I probably need to hear it again today, but now you have to go to get out because were all curious as well to hear what he said yeah you might go really that was it.

Hello, something you had to do with something you create a lot of passion in me to do something point just drive me nuts and that's the enemy will distribute those things from you when I used to write the Bible verse. The day which I did for several years, 15 years or so.

It was amazing how I'd write something in the morning and I couldn't remember an afternoon what I wrote about people would come up there work with her that had had got the Bible verse and then email me and said hey that was really good. Remember what it was right because God did give me some man in the morning. I let it be stripped away throughout the day when I would go back and look at that.

Words that he gave me or whatever it was it was always something I needed to hear to in on the enemy knew that he is trying to strip it from us as we got a few more minutes left. What some things we can do. We talk about journaling. What's another thing other things we can do to try to hold onto those things God gives us any thoughts. Think this the I really believe that the amount of time I spent focusing on what's most important. Now I was sitting down. The other night watching this TV show and I realized, and I will say we show it was.

But I realize that seeing this episode, probably 20 times at least over the years and knew just about every line and it dawned to me. What's most important to me right now is most important to see the show 20 times and know it by heart. How much time do I spend with God.

Trying to listen to what he has to say in his word. People talk about a memory verses and things like that. A night you know that I have differing opinion on on that but I think that there's some value in where you spend your time and that's one of things, it became very apparent to me in the hospital when I had time to sit down and focus.

It was like I was focusing more on God and I was like what's keeping me from doing this all the time.

No doubt have to have a stroke and get the hospital to get closer to which it certainly helped. Hopefully that's nothing I've been remiss by Dallas Willard, you might've heard me talk about it before it's in a live the abundant life through the 23rd Psalm and he talked about how God was grieved that he made man because his thoughts were evil all the time and and that's a picture of actually Satan getting in there and working all the time so getting back to the Scripture memorization are getting back to where it is that you've got your focus throughout the day and in and giving back some of that time to simply 11 on God to go nowhere. I talk to God and hours and aware of. I've been and as you do that, he he he speaks it all back in there again.

He thought it was important enough to put in his word is not to meditate or concentrate on the things of the world think of things above right to set our minds on those things. I've learned that even like sin in our lives. When you focus on that. You tend to do that over and over and over and kick yourself over and over, but when you take your mind off that put it on truth because we actually know where does that leave us what wheezes were started a little bit that honestly leaves us in a much better place because were aware of it. We know that it happens that encourage you to take some time this week and get quiet with God and ask him those things that you may have forgotten having to bring back up to you also find a way to write them down to put them in your phone to record and build a monument, whatever you need to do to make sure you remember that you forget to go to mass and journey and register for either the advancement campus event to the camps before or for the fall boot camp coming up in November every day

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