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When to Engage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 14, 2018 12:30 pm

When to Engage

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 14, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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The heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now we are on a wild ride today journey this wild ride from habitual sin. We've we've been writing on habitual sin for about four weeks and so we've got in the studio with us today. A bunch of habitual sinners and of course when I have to. I'm not will walk out on the porch, but as we is what we really have been talking about grace and habitual sin and we started to use a clip last week from the movie the patriot because it went really good with a Fourth of July and Andy had this this whole sense of it. In order to get to that clip in a minute. But of course we've got one from wild hogs first course is landlord for we currently yeah absolutely can't start to show off without a laugh. And these guys talk about ritual sinners, that not the kind of habitual sin that David was in whatever but they were in the habitual sin of being checked out like so many guys and you know trying to find life and you know looking for love in all the wrong places. When they find themselves there dumping and yelling.

Do they walk into a bar. They're all posing there coming from that midlife crisis and they're just looking for some adventure out on the road and end up in a place I probably shouldn't have been with some other bikers and is just you get to seal a little bit of that they have an opportunity decide whether unified or not to add a little more thing from out West.

There are some biker clubs out there that not anything like you find in Easton and if you walk into one of those places, you know, it would go down just about like this.

See you guys man in your little gang, not again just friends right. Please see the system 666. Actually we have a strong process. Grandmother needlepoint well that's what's going on with you there coaches what your story this was was when I walked in here and you can hear my truck is looking forward to since Sam, you know the part of tonight's topic is kind of taking that time to engage the enemy in these guys engaging button.

At this point in time. The time he went right with about only by time you never time to fight likely guy in my life. I'm one of those are correct, they went from a standpoint of them over their heads, but quickly do another clip where somebody is clearly not over his head and all and and it really, sets up the whole topic and sticks it does this came from. It was a little bit of this difference being that it was on the United habitual sin topic and I correlated it to Independence Day and the freedom that we get there, both from a spiritual standpoint and what the colonists were looking for for freedom, and yet the loyalist to her, hung up in the security of Britain, and whether you really want to be free or not and it really gets to where we are is just where we are as Christians. At times we want don't want to give up those those comforts that it's a habitual sands because they're comforting to us and we don't messily realize it, but with that being said, definitely not more talk about but that was, Molly. However, LinkedIn, but the particular topic date.

You know were on a show engage is in this patriot clip Mel Gibson in the movies. He's really challenged by I think it's Paddington of the Brits and you know that you can tell that there really were ready to go at it to Abington is really insulting and trying to draw Mel Gibson's character into the fight and even while this is going on.

Prisoners are being released and people are being set free, but the enemy was still trying to engage and try to draw Mel Gibson's character into the fight before it was really time to exchange. He has 18 different offices and another one if you hung him, you condemn all offices specs as many offices in the last two months show no aggression here and she cannot be touched to business doing one's duty just in case before this works over my way soon. You know Sam is I is a list that I was think about something you had before the show that there was this confrontation between Satan and Christ out in the desert it it's a similar situation where there's a lot of stuff at Jesus's disposal. At that point you in the desert right thing and let it critical that I'm being told he could done anything that he wanted to do but you know it wasn't time. He chose to fight the enemy was Scripture and go at him away with God word with God's word and on. Then later on in many different ways. Something about this topic is Andy kinda challenged a solid. I started looking in first Kings chapter 17 and 18 of Elisha when he was taken on a Unit which was pretty bad dude and unlike Jesus, you pretty directedness thing was Satan. Elisha got his cues from God completely and so God said go confront a happy cousin confronts the evidence God says will go out in the desert and get eaten and get fed by some Croson and like that goes on for a while then that the river dries up. God says will deliver the widow and then God says you know when that after a few years he says now go confront and it's an interesting confrontation between them. You know, Ahab and Obadiah comes up to help Obadiah Elisha best to go confront Ahab and Obadiah knows Elijah's reputation is like. I don't know where you're going to be at any given moment. Because if God says go somewhere you go, and I could be the one left holding the bag, be that in analyzing says now this time. Today I'm in a be there that it and then you watch as Elijah goes on that that battle the famous battle you know with the gods. Bam Bam woman and all that that he waits until the time the evening sacrifice number two. He's getting all his cues directly is obviously walking closely with God in order to get the timing ranch and and he also is allowing the enemy to fail all day long making fun of making his minutes look at these guys are not accomplishing your father right and any made a spectacle actually of the enemy, but the timing and the thing is quite remarkable, but it's clearly that's where he's getting his cues. He's going to God and and Brian as you think about your battles.

You know how our encouraging is that to know that when when you're there, you know you get your cues because you don't know whether to get in or get out. Yeah, I think the biggest thing I've had to learn is that the secret life of Jesus was him and his father walking together and the more we walk with God.

The more we can learn when the fight would not fight it out and and so there you there's a real opportunity to to try to determine where do we go from here, at any interesting thing and and you brought this up and he is that we don't know. You know, is sufficient says your battles not against flesh and blood right but so often it sure looks that way definitely think the enemy does a great job unmasking it that way. Some people are great mouthpieces for the enemy thinking they can be used in such a way, but yeah.

And I think there's there's a thing to of of when the fight and then and then really dependent on the Lord. I think a nice clip that sets us up, not but you really sometimes you did you try to do things in your own strength and you begin to fight. I think it's always important whether were actively fighting and taking the battle to the enemy. That's one thing I think we always are expected to resist the devil and clean it's like to not give up and always hold a defensive stance and not be that way. But when it gets to in the offense of taking ground for the kingdom. We really need to be sensitive what God is telling us to do and where to stick to the enemy taking offense to the enemy. We have advanced boot camp coming up April 17 through the 19 if you go to mass concerning to register there than the November boot camp for state assuming that my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 masculine journey fans can advance freedom advanced healing advanced walk with Jesus. If you've attended more masculine journey boot camp for ransom camp then you this this camp is three topic ventures. Unlike aquatic Skype be flying on water is 17 through 19 masculine and register today. Despite there is an when we start this clip you mean this move this topic of which is today's topic is trying to determine when is it time to engage the enemy. We know when is it time to fight when is it time to to not fight and you immediately came on this clip which there's all sorts of wisdom in this clip.

I think everybody out of clip on all sorts of levels but go for well Alejandro is drunk out of his mind is out of money and he wants another drink has a special metal that you won't see on the radio I'm sorry but this metal is a connection to his brother and he is trying to trade that for alcohol and he meets the older Zorro who takes him to task on being ready to go it go into battle to avenge the death of his brother angry. No condition to get the Dragon. It will saving your life know today is going to go, something to drink. As my friend. You do for David, and I think that you might just as you name it is assaying a video saying he was ready to must appear if you want to kill this man. I can help you and I can teach you to think of particular revenge facilities, dedication, time I was once started a little later than I was expecting for the setup but him. As we see him take this young man asked in the fight.

He was not ready to fight the old man crippled man and that's us, timing is everything and we are so good at will hear from God and will race out ahead and leave them behind us and them, were not going in the right direction or you will hear from God and said well you sure about that. God. God wants us to walk out with them were lagging behind afraid to be in the battle at the right time.

Yeah that that was a clip I was referred to earlier and it brings so much back my memory whenever I get serious with God in the 20s in my 20s that the 20 battle leave. I look at that know I felt like I said head such as the little heart for God that I really want to please him and do whatever and I think I ended up in like 10 ministries at the church and was this frazzled United Internet and I don't. I probably called me and wanted to maybe but I just felt like I had to do everything I could spent years of wasted my wasting my time and I felt like I was paying the pain back but I wanted to take every heel win every battle and new. It's not necessarily what he called us to do and I think a lot of people in New Zealand that way but sealless is part of the equation because the second wisdom that I feel like is shared in that clip is you know when the student is ready, the master will appear, and that that student gets ready because of zeal being on your knees like I've got to this is something that's important enough for me to take the time to do it right to go through the initiation rites him years ago and I was going to die on this really the battle that are called by right now this really what I want lots of battle by your wanting to fight paranoid about all around probably want to your house want your work.

One of the store wherever you go. Battle is really the one God calling you to do a lot of guys deal is you.

It's restraint and for other guy is the opposite of the older step into the place forgot all speaking of the work time.

I think this next kind of just fine and so from hacksaw originating yeah and Desmond Dawson.

Again, I think we've use this quite a bit, maybe not. This clip, but it really gets into the battle and how the battle is chosen or is it the same battle that everybody fights because he found a different way of doing it based on some conviction of some something that happened in his past and it gets really ugly but it it really sets the tone this is the to back it up.

Desmond Dawson went to war World War II as a lifesaver instead of a life taker. He was, he didn't carry a gun in this kind of explains why he used to be just as is take that when he would do it for mama touching and moving forward. If you didn't get the context of employee set up. Really, what they're in a foxhole he and another soldier and he was explaining why he wasn't carrying a gun in the conviction he had to not to take life and and and be a warrior the same way everybody else was in again at another picture of not only win the fight, but how to fight and you know there's plenty of scripture and plenty of examples in the Bible of of people, men of God who did things differently than what was expected from the norm right in and that some of the movies that I think we hear the mass majority thinks I think everybody out of go see because it's such a picture of initiation of a man in so many different ways. A lot of the stuff in his life what happened with his father when he heard his brother. It it fashioned as part of his initiation to become what later, God had for him, but that zeal to commend the places sometimes at a time. Got them in a lot of trouble. Just like it did you Jim you have a similar timing issue, but I think I was using it the whole time to make Jim. We had Manuel and I was thinking of it in terms of Desmond DOS, may we look at his father. And here's the evil man baby but know he was a broken man and he had been in his battles and the lost friends and this was how that was what formed him which form Desmond that I think that what Rob is referring to is talking about earlier and awaited my wife and I were called to Alaska.

We knew it, and we are ready to go and I did know the timing so I guess this was laying out a a test before God blessed okay law were not in a hurry. I'll do sell the house myself and I went down to Lowe's and bought a side stuck in my yard about noon. Got a call about one and at 7 PM that night we closed on the house and they wanted this out in three weeks. Well was it. Them that one of the sounder was God giving us on the road and it was God and we recognize that and we did it, but then we were hurrying to get there any slowness.

Now what was supposed to be a very quick couple weeks across the country turned into a month but that was an adventure in learning to stick go with God. Each step of the way and not getting ahead or behind you and I look at that in my own life with habitual sin that you know when I was early on Monday God first converted this car salesman. It was my language that he went after. I guess he knew that wasn't it was pretty bad, but it sent me could handle right away. He didn't choose to take on the pornography subject until way later. Maybe 15, 20 years after I had become a Christian. As I walk through other things in his timing on the said never to take at this point and this will allow America to take up this one so God's timing is as he is preparing like he did. Desmond is really is quite an adventure.

Same as he done that with you the story starts with great somebody give me great beginning of our relationship with him.

But then he called me in the more risky thing to called me into harder battle called me and the thing that's going to cause me to have even more people rely upon. Now there's no way going to get through the battle and it's really pretty cool. Watch him trust step into that. But then that the father's love through it we can get on the other side of anti-mean it, whether it's bad when the battle and fight with how to be father.

Whenever I find myself from the examples of these guys and what we hear from Brandsmart John Andrews is always to continue to go to God and it just consistently does it mean why weeds would think that we can win against the enemy on our own. I have no idea. We still try Leanne what we do and a lot of times we still do even knowing what we know battle at I just find myself gravitating back to the father and as to ask before I just run in and I think there's a lot of more freedom I think I set you up for a lot more joy because you're not continually failing right but there's there's still that seal inside of that that wants what's man to rise up and become who God wants them to be. Even though I've consummated.

Eventually they got fight those guys and Alejandra did avenge his brother preparation and that initiation is going on at our advanced boot camp is coming up August 17 through 19 November.

We can't come up with a master journey about what God might have for you.

Thank you for listening to the messenger

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