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Trusting God in the Hard TImes

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 28, 2018 12:30 pm

Trusting God in the Hard TImes

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 28, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge.

My masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey go glad to have you today. I've always wanted to say that now can say that I've got that picked up my bit bucket list so this is a leaf coming to you today and we do have got a skeleton crew but we we were all here, eager, and heart to share some thoughts the day on overcoming difficult times and trusting God through those and we have the same with the same either.


Think about the big chair will like that you don't really know not all know, and I came in here to do that. I was actually going to sit in the light La-Z-Boy might actually move it out. I don't you preventing CNET Sam so I was coming out appointed so oh well yeah we do have. That's right, it's a pleasure to be here filling in for a plethora of other people's right skeleton plus one right yes all right. Well as I touched on a little bit there, you know, we kind of bounced around a lot a different topics lately helping people through difficult times of condensation and those kinds of things we've touched on. You know the devil's toolbox. I think we've all remember some of those and and then we also recently done the pillars of masculine journey and as we gone through those we've constantly cut brought this up that I've noticed in a just kind of I guess this really ties in a lot of the messages that you know what you do when you're in difficult times, and how you trust God through it and I think why that's a common theme that we talk about a lot of these things is because it's really good. What got a lot of our attentions to draw closer to God and you know and I think a lot of times your face can't really grow unless it's really challenged. And despite what the way, I felt that I a lot of my Christian life I didn't want to suffer so I just wanted to, you know, kind of have my happy life and and not be bothered. But you know even though God I don't believe brings things on directly to us. He will use interruptions or or things from the enemy to draw us closer so that is want to set that up from my perspective same to you have any inner feelings on that great set up.

Thank you. I think that we struggle on time because they were going and different people that could be a lot a lot a lot.

The relationship financial trouble also lost a job that you know all those things that really challenged or you know you get to that point we have to decide to trust God to go through the Dali that we do let you go in and set it up then I'll start okay Almighty Larry Corbett on this one went through it and he had a point where he really didn't trust God at all and God intervene have the trust relationship on the control away and things don't work out really well trying to go back to God when things aren't working out very well and I do sing. Please Almighty's job while not being now.

I think what happened. Our young God in our timeframe. The enemy does really began to be there certain way.

I got there with you may not be doing it the way that we wanted expressing interworking outweigh one I got and abandoning it on what God go ahead and fill that void.

When we think there is one for me. It's been the enemy. He can twist any kind of delay or anything that God may do the waiting for the proper time when we talked earlier about the timing of God and he'll take those things the enemy and he really twist them and then he'll he'll add upon that. If for some reason I think you mentioned that we were talking before the show Sam about the times where you know things that happen in our lives like will lose somebody like in my personal experience. My dad moved out of state when I was 13 I was going to obey him as a father as you begin to really distrust God his heart towards you, whether he's there for you or you project upon him, that father that kind of abandoned you and and then met with that comes a frustration and anger. I think that builds up in those times when things just don't seem to work a lot of my story work a lot of people that maybe different but the male was when I was 12, my dad had a stroke and I really didn't have the work articulated a year ago and recognize that way I decided on level got abandoning now. He allowed my dad taken away from me, you know, you didn't die.

521, not himself. Last night here 90 didn't like talking really be there wanted to and so I did exactly what you talk about any nightly data kind of abandoned me and also I projected my my dad. He wasn't good at it on to God.

Between you and I always really do not think you talk a little bit about your own experience or somebody that you know I think it is something that we all go through and we have to realize that God is there to look after us and his timeframe may not coincide with ours and that's just something that we have to learn to accept that God is is still looking after us, but there's going to be a time and place and part of our responsibility is knowing when to understand or see what he's doing at the appropriate time and I think that's where we miss things. A lot of times is that we don't realize that he has sent us a message.

He has done something for us and it just wasn't on our timeframe and so I think that's where we have to keep an open mind in you allowing God to come into our life. What breakpoint I'm so that we don't have that so much going on and I live for so many things going on what happened. We have, the movie again stands tall and historically great movie movie really not about football, about 51 The coach that had coaches going to visit one of his players. His mom is dying much longer to live here player and also the little brother of the player in the interaction. When player got in mind, and there are other nursing is yet you would say should begin to me families and just let her relatives conditionally coastline comes live the rest of Monday's. The lessons you taught me you should be giving you whatever measure you use should be measured as I do try and was right. Maybe God designed work this time. Most will no money left brothers. This is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support the smile that I was on the information that where you can click button making it masculine day some masculine journey advance freedom advanced healing Jesus more masculine dirty boot camp for ransom. Then you find this guy lying on water is 70 back to the masculine journey. Just wanted to remind everybody we are doing advanced boot camp August 17-19 coming up soon and they will also have the regular boot camp November 1 through the fourth is the right thing or in August 17 Friday night. People Thursday night and I'm looking forward to those adventures as well little bit different than guns in the guns and fishing for sure yeah yeah I Robbie on the water. Robbie probably thinks is going to be guns and roses on that I'm not really sure of that. Nice break.

There really believing what the enemy want to believe God will not work time and on and stepped in and reminding God, but that you have a lot of people around and thought about and be able to start the transition at some point eventually working and the onus of what is been believing that back to that place of God.

That's exactly right. And that's a great point because you know like you said it was a difficult time got me here. I got me acquainted with you as I know these guys amendment in doing so in ministry with from Adam. Unknown but we met through the ministry and it was a time when I was really no there there was a time I think we can talk. Talk through some of the steps we go through in this kid was in that was really a grief pattern, and you know when you have a broken relationship, you're going to horrible lot lost loved one or up losing a job, there's going to be agree.

All the Christian coming all the counselors in general say that there's that's part of the process and I was really there in the grieving process generally know it wouldn't of acknowledged or somebody you know asked me that's looking back at it. That's exactly what it was to Sam's point. It was these brothers that I didn't really know but that they they pointed me to God and they love me and you know I'm a better man for it and I'm really walking where I'm at now today because of that, love, and that's that's really what God intended. Second Corinthians 1. Four says he comforts us in all our troubles that we can comfort others.

One went when they are trouble. We will be able to give them the same comfort God is given and it's just that's just the powerful scripture and that's what we should be doing is is Disciples of Christ great great cycle longer than other thing on where you're at, but they have to go. I'm level denial, anger, bargaining, and you finally got there that anger and depression and after the press need to move in and really that point we can really only turn to God for God okay on your healthcare and I needed a step that I need your guidance. That's excellent point you anything unless well I think Sam summed it up quite well. We've just but we have to we have to be willing right.

I think that's the key it's it's so easy to allow yourself to fall into that trap of getting mad and getting upset, getting frustrated and once we get through that. Then we can open up say God I'm here right, I need your help and have faith that you know God's message when he sends it to absolutely that's that was what Sam was talking about and the acceptance you really can't go to healing until you get to acceptance and I think that's it. You get sick and tired of being sick and tired and you want to make yet we do. Don't go too far, but this is an excellent clip on it's it's from the soul surfer we these clips from it, but I'm not sure that we view this one. It's basically the girl who was surfing star was competing and she got attacked by a shark and lost her arm and obviously you would think that would end her career and it did not. But this is where she's kinda going through that process.

Talking with her youth pastor just got back from Mexico.

I'm still here okay.

How are you know any help close and really trying to be God. I don't know you know Moses never listen to that again. And how emotional that is in you because I think sometimes with those that Council of you know we don't know why but we just have to trust whatever seems trite but when it really gets down to it, no you look at Job and some of the others in the Bible you know where we want to think that a Christian life is drawn from all that pain-and-suffering.

But you know, you know, again we we say that that is part of it. But God's comfort is there and that's he's consistently there, but that was just kind of you know sets up think something Sam you wanted to talk about a little bit on just kind of what the purpose is in God's point of view of of you know some of the struggles the week we go through talk about that a little bit. Well I don't know why people go through it. I don't know. I got a member hearing along and show a few times, but I don't know. I don't believe got a lot of things that happen directly after you enjoyed and things like that.

What is happening is that one time you experience that and not learn anything is the biggest game of the whole thing right if you don't learn something from a wider talk about another show is asked God the things you need to disrupt my life, but I'm not doing going in right direction. You are trying to dismantle the belief that I have that aren't good for me and what he trying to healing me and trying to restore my heart taken those questions and I let you focus on the girl from that of dwelling on the things are going well. Excellent point. There is no it's not easier sometimes whenever you break down a problem like that to take a step back from two to look at it in this more of a process that we that that there is for growth in Jesus talked about unless you imprint something, it won't grow properly, you know, we just don't like the printing and and you. A lot of times we feel like that's evidence of God, not really favoring us sore or having something against this. I think I mentioned earlier in the show Sam about you know it's either a couple things. It's either being abandoned by God or being judged by God, of why you're going through those things. And I mean I guess I Job all his friends had ideas of what that might be. But you know really you have to get down and and and and trust really look at God and trust that he is doing these things are processed whenever you can say okay that's what the Scripture says will be will happen with this. And then when you look at the evidence of your life and the growth experience than those tough times you have to say, the other must be something here. Well, I only want you.

I think it's knowing the time frame right you understanding that things happen in a certain sequence and we have to be willing to accept that step is going to take place. Step be will follow in steps he will follow and we have to have faith that God has determined what is the best schedule for us will leave it outside like what we do well we we have to go to God and I think that's the thing we have to have faith that that God's gonna help us versus God's gonna let us rot so to speak, God talking to do that and come alongside those people that are hurting and help them walk through having I know the guys just in this ministry have done a great job of telling their story and that helps me encourages me to get through it so extravagantly and on the show today being with us in the game.

We got the boot camps coming up August 15 19th for the advanced in November 1-4 for the regular boot camp. Come on bring bring friends and to see their radio

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