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My Favorite Movie-Lincoln

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 1, 2018 12:30 pm

My Favorite Movie-Lincoln

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 1, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man craves a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey.

We are very glad to have you with us day and in the studio have a whole host of people on the Mike's today you're going to hear probably Jim Darren, Robbie and me unless we can commence with the other guys get up and talk as well but that Robbie, I love to do this to you with her question at you that I didn't prepare you for okay okay so today is what well actually see all is it like it must be Labor Day EV the right labor DEV women on the lockers on a holiday to do it so it's Labor Day weekend, so when you get that in, but were starting a new series should say you know if you've been with us for a while. Got kind always directs a longer series go you know that sometimes I will. This is the last show on it in the next week right this is going to last show on it just keeps bringing things up in her heart and so Darren actually recommended this Darren if you'd like to come talk a bit about why you thought you'd like for us to do this well you know we asked guys at boot camp select time what their favorite movie is will ask a series of questions.

Usually the first night a big camp. You know what your favorite movie, what does that movie bring out in your heart, kind of, you know who you want to be in that movie you know what your favorite character type of thing and you know some of those types of questions and so it just it made sense to me that for us to go back because it for us to go back and ask ourselves that question was my favorite movie right now or what's my favorite movie of all time and or any number of different questions along those lines because it it brings up a lot of different things it has to do with what God is usually usually has to do with what God is going after in my heart. At the time as to what I would go will this week. That's my favorite movie and thank you. This weekly. Actually, Robbie decided to be the limits for the move in there and surprisingly it's not camp rock Harvey Princess or one of which is first positive.

The triage and that he is alive and working in the right now they think it's also kind of weird that this is only movie I think that you're the one that seen it and it is strange, especially when that one always Academy Awards and is done by Steven Spielberg and always different, amazing actors, but still I hadn't seen it until it came on Netflix honestly and that I couldn't stop watching it just grabbed me. So what is it it's called Lincoln and so you know the ideas, the heart will make your drawing the things that you really did not expect to be drawn to.

In fact, Pascal and John Eldridge goes all the time saying the heart has its reasons that reasons knows nothing and so I just couldn't stop watching this movie.

In fact, my wife commented like what you doing that he wants nothing and I was drawn to it in and then I began to analyze Darren.

Actually, what is it that's drawing me to this United turn on my editor which probably not a real good idea but my editor said well it's about a big tall goofy guy that likes to tell stories and is very misunderstood wife who actually called him out, and a lot of cool ways and so there were there were some neat things about the movie that Morgan explore not going to the theater anytime soon about one of the stories you to set this up. Actually, they are bombing Wilmington Wilmington's being barricaded us during the Civil War. Near the end of the Civil War trying to end the war there trying to end slavery and you know that the Secretary of War Stanton at this point in time, and apparently he's been around me and Stu to long because he's heard one too many stories, anything Allen story is not a partial know you're going to tell a story. I don't believe now is it was right after the revolution right after piece of been concluded and Ethan Allen went to London to help new country conduct its business with the king English sneered how rough we are reminded non-like that everywhere he went to one day he was invited to the townhouse of the great English Lord dinner was served beverages and by time passes happens. Mr. Allen found he needed pretty.

He was grateful to be directed relieved you might have discovered on entering the water closet.

The only declaration therein was a portrait of George Washington, even when he came to do and returned to the drawing is host and the others were disappointed when he didn't mention Washington Orchard and finally his Lordship couldn't resist and asked Mr. Allen had he noticed Washington. What did he think of its placement.

It did seem appropriately located to Mr. Allen Drennan said as appropriate. George Washington's likeness in water closet yes said Mr. Wade will do good service whole world knows nothing to make an Englishman quicken the side of George Washington gets to that and what's exactly the moral of the moral is that here they are in Stanton is just on edge and because he's on edge and he's in Secretary of War he's good he's got everybody else in the war room on edge and you know boring and frightful and all that stuff in Lincoln's takes the moment and I actually had to cut out the part that set it up because he's like get out already.

He's quote Ethan Allen is something that Ethan Allen and said, you know, at the battle of Ticonderoga and so what he's doing is he's bringing everybody back into it's going to be okay, look, look, the presence telling funny stories. I mean, you know, it reminds me actually of the time when I got crushed by the Jeep and you know he's going to tell it anyway.

You know where I am laying on the ground. My leg is almost into pieces. And the guy that hit me in Stanton on the top of me and he is freaking out east on this guys just in my face and mean.

I am like in a lot of pain. Not so I just looked at him in order to try to relax the moment and said hey dude, how is your insurance and immediately it just took all the edge off of the situation and I was like, man.

It's okay you can do this on purpose you know it just it was an easy way to to break into the situation, so you know it was Lincoln observing a situation where people were not where they could be and changing that by use of so live another clip that's a little bit different than that with the Lincoln and his wife yeah and this was part of the movie Darren, you'd asked me before the show.

What I expect to find which I expected to find a lot of things. It's a Steven Spielberg movie, you know, here's all these. I was expecting a great movie. But what I didn't expect was the flying nun.

I see that Sally Field playing Mary Todd Lincoln just didn't make any sense to me because she just one of my favorite fun-loving characters and I didn't see that coming at and through the movie what it called to mind was this woman is calling this man out and and she is a significant part of history inched and and she was in a strategic place for such a time as this in Lincoln dearly loved that woman, and it was that it was a neat thing that I was not aware of and I went to find out that the person that wrote the novel that the reason the movie was done she originally set out to show how Mary Lincoln had been mis-portrayed by history and the important role that she turned out she wrote the novel more about Lincoln's cabinet. At first, her first idea to do it was on Mary Lincoln and so the thing that really just became apparent to me is Lincoln was certainly a great leader but he was not a great leader in a vacuum by anybody stretch of imagination and and anybody's life. When you look at it it's going to be influenced by a lot of the people that they have around them that God placed in their lives and Lincoln was no know he did not expect experience that vacuum. Here's Mary Todd to let him have it in the Constitution's muddy footprints yes are you will answer this brought back some point in your life. Oh, absolutely. My wife was instrumental in my faith. In other words, she was you're going to church your answer to me and you know in my own career many, many times you know it was her that was calling me out because I was really pretty happy with where I was in those kind of things and you know Mary Todd here.

Historically, this is a critical situation that Lincoln was not going to meet with the Senators and in the other people in order to work on this amendment because the secretary stated told him not to because he didn't want these big muddy footprints of the storytelling guy, but if when you watch the movie you will see, it was Lincoln's interactions with those particular senators, knowing in his ability to win friends and influence people like Carnegie would quote them so many times that really made it possible for us to get the 13th amendment. So God brings people in our lives at key times exactly right.

And so that was one of the things that really helped you reflect on his lot out of had not put your life in your life you know where would you be, would you be a Christian, would you be anywhere today like you are in, or would you be doing something hi when I salmon there and I would have big muddy footprints all of my back. You know sometimes to mask usually radio that are easy to adjuster for the upcoming boot camp November 1-4. It's can be a great time going to hear a lot about these clips here a lot about God can do some amazing things that we can. We invite you to register now Will be filling up quickly. Soon my son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on his information that is where you can click the button waking into masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285. All God has set within each of us a masculine life that part and the Christian life have to do any of conjuring masculine January based on John, great question.

First, masculine January and I will try your hand at all American red due to Jim Hall June with tiny Jim right here if you want to try that in that imitation again of what I also identified with what you are fine with it. That does often bring out our heart is when we see ourselves in those positions. These epic stories and I'm glad I was Lincoln but I can identify with at least the tall and goofy part now, but before we move too far off the boot camp. I wanted to mention that that last boot camp I realized something I do at I wish I could communicate is that our virus stated that know what I really would like every listed here it is, is now it's one thing to know about God to know about his word in these kind of things. It's another thing to actually experience God and to hear his voice and to get a sense of what he wants in your life and in what and where is calling out your heart and why it is that your heart is doing the things it's doing that.

Sometimes you don't understand that reasoning does not at this last boot camp. We got to see this in action with 1415 16-year-old boys.

What would happen when they actually experience God versus just talking about God. And when they went out it when we did these listening prayer exercises. When we do the covenants of silence when people actually hear God what he thinks of them gives him a new name those kind of things they change everything.

I mean these people. Everything about them was change salmon at they went from giggling teenagers from my point of view to people that are really set on while God's real I can experience yeah it's amazing and in you know that's these are teenagers that you know most of it had somebody bring that to me at that age, and unfortunately I was 40 I think I know some like that you have around 40 when you know really hurt God for the first time you know and and then so doesn't really matter if you're 1618 35, 60 that's been speaking to. He still has something he wants it to try and so in my life. Tammy essentially you are going to church and she would let me out and I and and so that's why went to hear the sermon that David Dr. redhead taught where it was a listening prayer sermon like you're gonna sit there and listen to hear from God and it changed everything in my life. Not that day, but later on when I knew what he was talking about and I and I began to listen to God and so you know that Mary Todd played a huge part in Lincoln's life that really I thought the movie brought that out and help me see some things in perspective on what what that meant. In my own life it with nothing would be the same.

I'm sure that was the same for Abraham. The next clip we have is from Thaddeus Stevens I believe was his name, and in the movies played by Tommy Lee Jones and all my gosh you know this is part of Lincoln was not in the vacuum.

He was around some really really great men some brilliant thinkers you know I think of some of the people I have in my life. Along the same lines, you know, Adam drapers, like the sky and you know that just could come up with something like, how do you know you know how could he have that at the moment and this speech that he delivers.

That really helps prepare the way for the 13th amendment is historically accurate before things that were said but these guys were trying to draw him out to get him to say that all people were equal in all things. When he was just trying to keep it there at this level so that he could get the amendment passed in rather than be called out that all people are equal. This was his answer, which is absolutely classic. Now hold that all men are created equal. Here before me stands speaking, the moral carcass of the gentleman from Ohio are inferior down by their maker with dimwits.

The reason with Carl so incapable of even you. You will be treated really is a great clip and I loved hearing it today makes wants a little about the clip really spoke to you what spoke to me with a man that was able to hold his sense of you know where I he I may have lost my temper honestly and you know he was in a very difficult position. But not only did not lose his temper.

He was able to deliver a speech that made phenomenal sense based on the example that the guy had given him and and it was just brilliant. But on top of that it was all pointed to the larger story which is where so much of the movie is that this movie is about freedom. This movie is about what happened in this country to bring you know what was the worst time among brothers to a place where we really made some headway in in in loving one another and looking like Christ disciples, one of the things in that speech is important to me and I we say all men are created equal were not were all created differently and everybody has talents.

Everybody has shortcomings, but being treated equally under the law is important for our society critical for our society and that still not happening but I would like to get political. God treats us all in the very best way we can be treated and he is above all of the laws of man, all of the stuff of this world and if we can get there. We could be calm in the midst of a storm like that one God obviously sees us all his treats us all his sons and daughters after hearing this can be sons technically could.

Another thing that's really good. Even does that with the dimwitted people from Ohio, Indiana, Indiana.

For now I'm just grateful here. The guy does that Robbie had one more clip will make sure we get to the last clip speaks me on all sorts of levels. Of course, when you watch the movie you come to the conclusion that that link Lincoln was more about grace than he was about law. In spite of the fact that he was a lawyer and he demonstrates this on all sorts of interesting levels. In this speech that you will hear all these people are thinking smaller story and he wants them to think larger story and he wants to call in to what they're actually capable of and what what they are, at the time and in place for such a time as this and anybody who's ever tried to lead panicking as we talk about that stage knows that it's it's difficult to take authority it needs difficult.

You know they say were at the right hand of God and and and those of us who pray the morning prayer and I hope a lot of you do see that the websites you know I'm supposed to climb up there on the throne next to Jesus every week every day and and and and rule right and step into that a minute and take on the immense power and authority that you have when the time is right, and when it's good for the hearts of those people around and and so this clip. I'm sure it's what help him when you know that the Oscar for his performance but it's brilliant on all sorts of levels you lied to me Mr. Lincoln USAID in my request for a denial that there is a Confederate piece because there is one we guaranteed the whole thing and donated peace commission today all this is I can fish any human until we cure ourselves of slavery and will you or anyone I know.

Need to step down upon the world stage. Now think of human dignity and now now you grounds open about like pending funding to all see what is before you see, now that's the hardest thing the only thing that accounts abolishing slavery by constitutional provision settles the faithful all coming time, not only of the millions now in bondage unborn millions to come to stand in its way. These boats must be procured.

We need to yes us three abstentions for four yeses and one more extension and the amendment will pass you got night tonight. Several perfectly good. Get yes, but how to discuss. I am the president of the United States of America closed, you will procure these foods really good. Well I I love the way Robbie set the clip up that you know it's hard to step into your authority and the reason I think it's hard for me to do that and perhaps others, is because there's so much in this world that comes at you saying you don't have any authority or every time you attempt to use that authority. You either use it inaccurately in her use it wrongly, whatever, and it blows up in your face throughout the week. At the time.

What about the clips really what fires may happen is that he was able to step into that which I really struggle with and seeing the time and the time to use it.

Clearly that was if there was ever a time that was so my prayer is that I continue to to keep that in mind this God provides opportunities in my life. So what about those movies awaken your heart is people God brought into your life just got his questions this week go to masking journey to register for Boot Camp coming on November 1-4.

See next week

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