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My Favorite Movie-Unbroken

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 22, 2018 12:30 pm

My Favorite Movie-Unbroken

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 22, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of delegates avoid moods with a masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcoming us going journey where very glad to have it with us today and makes guided day that this is Andy's week and this week the movie and after all the preshow discussion. I'm not sure I really want to be here, that's okay. I'm sure a mic with Ronnie Saul just pulled away from it was started for three weeks ago for which it wasn't like that. The series on what your favorite movie and it's not just what your favorite movie what what is God taught you through movie really spoke to your heart and so the first week we had Robby what was yours. It was what was Lincoln. It was Lincoln and then we have the painful second week which I can't defend himself. The Princess bride Princess bride writing in the last week we had we had point-and-shoot which was mine and then when Andy brought up his this week. I was like I should. I wanted that one you know it was just one that I had kind of forgotten about, but I used Robby system. Robby said you know he came up with 20 movies and looked out the room and kept saying okay which one do I will if I could only watch one right now.

Which one would be and that's kind of where I ended up on point-and-shoot and that's probably Andy, I usually end up at Shrek next week. Going back and forth with that another day. What is the movie for this week, so it's unbroken and kind of a preparation mix in the its sequels in the theaters now really picked it because I've always there's been other times when we want to use clips from Rob quantities click from it, but they didn't really work out because there is so much dramatic pause in this mood and it's hard to get good clips and you'll hear some of that on the clips but I chose it because I've really felt like there's a lot of aspects that are not overt like what we bring on in the masculine journey. A lot of times this is somebody that isn't really really dedicated walking with God, but it you'll see a lot of how God's hand was on human and really what the plan God had for him in his life, but a little bit more about unbroken bits of the story of Louise and Perini started out as a kind of a wayward kid in a strict Catholic home, he went on and he can't get some direction from his brother. He went on and ran in the Olympics in 1938 Olympics and did fairly well ended up being when the war was shipwrecked all tennis shipwrecked on the fee for like 47 days and then he's he's rescued buddies in a POW camp and give the synopsis desire so much to talk about will set up the clips, but I just want to give the back story of the book is like 9 million of the book is amazing is you and I read the book at the exact same time as I read by Laura Hildebrand right that wrote Seabiscuit. She did a lot of research on it and sister amazing Buchan's amazing story in the movie touches on a lot of those pieces of it. But when you talk a little bit about this first clip as we started to learn more about running his life. First clip and some of them you will Hotmail you. It's you know it'll be hard to hear some of the staff and understand what's going on is a very visual movie but anyway Lou gets in trouble just kind of just the back story behind that is just he's got a strict father that's not really that close in the sky going to take an Italian in the spine that he there is some Italian-American guy. I think that I can finish up here to know Billy is not here answer so I hate that stuff we have to do a call in for English at and then it and then there's another's clear as part of that clip.

It's kind of his brother, stepped in to try to give them some guidance that he was in the movie was in trouble. Library was anything really serious right now just kid stuff but time he was running from the police will paramount part of it is to if he was a kid Italian kid that only space spoke Italian in an area in California and he was being beaten up that kind of thing please counted.

In addition, embattled, here's a first clip parents.

Sorry ways it was quite we found this bottle. It's like so smart chasing you talking you can take it you can make can take you can make train fight way harder than those other guys went get out from under or keep going the way you're going to end up as a bomb in the streets just got tighter. Another clip has lots of pieces. But what really is something to spoke you heard in their well I think we we all get in that situation where we just need somebody to believe in.

Really those are pictures of God to us. We know you know the devil like likes to tell you that you know you're worthless and you heard in his voice is like, why bother with me and that's why we can get sometimes particular if we listen to the enemy and make agreement and so we need those strong figures people who love us, people who we respect to speak in our lives and tell us something that tell us something that we don't see ourselves or the potential as well. Lou story you happen to choose his brother behind the as you point out is fathering right throughout the thing and there's a quote that they had in there. That was pretty instrumental entitlement about the show was that one if you can take.

You can make it all.

If you can take okay with. There was a couple yeah let's get yeah yeah I really went down to lower that one really spoke to me because if you go on and read the book is so much more brutal than a movie but but you have to think that a thousand times while he was being beaten up or a thousand times while he was thinking why am I adrift out on the open sea. Why am I a prisoner in you know Kwajalein death Island right you have to think that he he had to remember Pete's words, if you can take it you can make it, you know, just keep taking it. Keep taking it and that it's not about getting out of taking it.

It's about making it and I think that had to have been a part of the story number reading the book and watching the movie, but especially in the book. There were times I had to set it down and read it anymore because it was so brutal what he went through. Look at that little bit more in a minute that ended. From there we kinda move into the next stage in his life right so he starts running and what happens from there. So he does very well in fact I think he set the world. The American wrecker world records at that time for fastest mile time I believe was facile. Mayor Heisler right so then he makes the Olympics and he's not able to run the distance he wants, he has to run longer, which kinda puts them out of his place, but he still make the Olympic team. He trains really hard in New York lose the bunch away.

He goes over on the way on the trip. He just eats himself to eat so much because he thought one of those depression kids and then he does okay in the Olympics but he doesn't do that well. But this is his brother he sending them off to the Olympics. Pete once again speaks into his life and it's an important part of the movie so I lawyers time fix that's what I show them as to carries, I will find return of Roy's form for everything for the lifetime glory is the line that got me a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory and and I have to believe that there were so many times when you know he remembered that as well. Now Peter is telling that because basically he's a small guy and so a lot of the runners that he competes against feel like the way to beating this just to beat him literally delete them up and then knocking him out of his lane and all those different things and so he's just saying hey look again. It's that if you can take it you can win this thing and that particular line in the movie definitely makes that talking about it before the show in a gym brought up the point that a lot of times in our lives. It's it's a moment of glory for a lifetime of pain right making a big mistake. It could be a moment of glory for a lifetime of pain right but it could also be a lifetime of pain, of suffering of dealing with bad Stauffer hard stuff for an eternity of glory right. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the what we go through here the suffering or whatever you know I think there's a Scripture that talks about that that it's that it really is.

You can even equate them that the little bit of suffering, which seems like a lot really is nothing compared to the glory glory that we will have and what happens in his life so that yeah he was imprisoned for three years but for 40, 50 years after were right, you know, he gave God the glory for for coming through that right and that story makes much more impact to his message. I think a lot of it depends on your definition of glory in Pete's glory was was seen through Louis right right you know, because the impact that he made on him and I think sometimes we look at glory is being such a small thing that you know we really don't realize when God used others in her life to we look back and see it and we often don't know how it is used us) and others lives in and I think that's part of glory. We have a good can come up November 1, first, fourth, you ask injury to register. Now we can have a great time. Pictures can be amazing.

Got to be therefore he's got some cool things to tell you I can't tell you what it is in you don't want to miss it is a salmon mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily is information that is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 God has set within each of us a masculine life give you that heart and Christian life have to do with any of masculine journey radio is a great question. Masculine journey is let's go play in its it's the play that at the end all miracles. I heard it at the movies and forgot about it and then you know the names Robby hasn't heard the stink eye. When I never have three to lady could wrap his head around that with favoring ancient stuff that I've never heard of Slim Whitman only has so many back back to the story. Today we talked about the movie unbroken, which is losing preemies. When we left these is kinda coming up from a rough childhood right and he starting to find some glory right in the Olympics and it was actually brutal race form to if you read that book was yeah it was in heat, he finished eighth, he probably could've one. He ended up he wasn't feeling well. He was sick and as Andy said he ate too much and everything else and then he ends up but he gets the this is the weird thing he gets the eye of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler. Actually, you know wants to meet him and shake his hand.

I guess he thought it was a good Aryan boy or something. I don't know but but he he does that and and then shortly thereafter, he ends up in the military because we started World War II.

At that point in time and mean of the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and he joins up like many young American men did at that time and that's the next chapter right so in this next clip he's there getting ready to go out they'd already had a really rough mission. They had landed. They went out, bombed and came back and landed a emergency landing on the run. So they've already experienced some fright from you know, potentially falling out of Scott so they get X signed a pretty rough plane and this is right before they go out it's he's is is is pilot is is praying and he just comes up on this back we usually wait for the humor first, but got in the middle here but what I liked about that with were so about masculine journey. If you haven't, you know come across listening prayer you kinda miss the masculine journey of the key part of what were doing. You know it's it's in a play on that of just you know, okay, what's God saying are you just talking to him and you're not anything back and says that whole interaction and we as we know the law on down the road. Lily deftly hear from God and he recognizes other people do it. He's not really right. Subscribe to the exact right and you know they go out on that mission and end unit feels trying to kind of lighten the load a little bit too because I feel is praying and it's one of the first times that he sees him praying and in his mind he knows that there getting ready to take the plane out that they called the flying caught on and selling an end.

He knows and so when he sees Phil praying. He's kinda thinking of this is really bad in and out. I like how feel is is a good leader there and just gonna place it down a little bit right and just know what's going with the mission absolutely one of the things they talked about in the book that really we talked for sure that amazed me was so many planes and then come back and weren't shot down right is really our first entrance into that type of warfare in the event of maintenance was not a deal that it is not that matter, so there were a lot of a lot of them were fine, and he's not. You guys knew that going out right so you pick up on this clip as everything was set up on so the next one is they been shot down there in the in the water near various levels of survival. As you can imagine, no rent, no water got sharks coming around your trying that you have nothing to eat so they're dealing with all that then a storm comes up like okay after all this stuff trying to survive than a storm comes up and it's kind of just Louis's response to that storm we shake trash away and shoulder wake up and sit okay they all don't question I got all the that was a blueprint where right yeah so the first part of neglected kind of. It was the discussion. Bill and I had just about the belief in God and whether he believes he is really there where there he created the stars and you can kinda see even Bill got a little jaded. Or, the Solomon attitude. You know from Ecclesiastes of base. Basically, you know, you know. Just try to have some fun and get through with life so wasn't really he was providing a lot of direction at that time, but it shortly after that is when the storm hit. And that's Louis praying out to God and I thought it was interesting. Is he didn't display God.

He said he called him father so he was. He was finally getting a picture of of not only God is some ethereal thing out there, but actually calling father and will see the book in the movie, you know, he goes on and he doesn't really necessarily follow up on that till much later in his life, but not heard that commitment and then so he prays this in very very quickly the movies of this timer is really at this interaction with God. The storm subsides.

Then we kind of pick up. In this next next clip. I forget there yet, but the ad that there there's a couple significant things out that I think it's absolutely huge that we all get to pay place in our life where we need something outside of ourselves. We realize I'm not capable of doing this on my own and and it that's where he makes the switch to lightspeed's first experience mother was right there.

He realizes there's something greater than me. It's outside of myself and and and I need that and it it kinda changes everything but the other thing that I think is significant as you can see where God is been orchestrating all these fathers into his life. EEE orchestrated clearly was rhetorically not followed up and the brother and and certainly there were coaches there. I'm electric like that. And now we've got this pilot who's going to show him about prayer and kinda and serve God's orchestrating you know that the father role throughout that in God's not the backup plan.

Father, I mean he's the one he's the one who's is brought all this in this line absolutely since he has his moment, yet his father and what happens so then he shortly they get rescued, but they get rescued by the enemy. So he ends up being taken to a POW camp a couple of them. He gets introduced to this evil evil Warden called the bird and is very deep.

This tortures the crap out of them. I think Dick and said remember from the book there was probably 150 is horrible and yeah the lid was one after another after another after another and then they would be nice to me and you and you think of finally fire and ice going to just end and then here comes again and you know being rescued by the enemy.

I love the way you said that Andy I don't how many times in my life I've been rescued by you know and did and ended up in a POW came right ultimately and didn't realize it. Obviously, at the time thought it was salvation probably, but got rescued by the enemy inside there's probably a boot camp talk rightly. As you know they like looking through all sorts of humiliation. Verizon at this point, when we pick up the scope what's happened right before that.

So right before that date.

He's Dave let them come in and send a message through to his family through the radio and that's all good, but they may try to come back and getting to speak propaganda against US and he won't do it. So he ends up going to the prison and prison back to prison camp.

They've made it to where he would had all this good meals and all that if he would've stayed but he said no, went back to the prison camp and then the part of the torture that the bird sets up is for his own friends.

His own POWs to come and hit him and so as part of that were like, and I mean punching this drilling, but he what he that none of them want to do it but then I pull out feel off the main they act like they're going to torture him.

So he tells them the gone come on, it hit me, and we don't have time for the cloak. As we talked about the that was a key point that you know that they force these people that had respectfully right to literally I mean hit as hard as I could and if they didn't is a price to be paid by one of the other Friday and they respected them to the point where they were willing to be beat by them. You know themselves. In fact, Phil was willing to let whatever happened to him happened to him right. He was and it was out of respect for for Louis because they had all seen how much torture Louis had already put up with and I love the way how I wish we could play that scene. Maybe next time. But the fact of the matter is that's the enemy. Most of the time is you're either going to do it my way, or I'm going to keep torturing you learn to torture you where you do it my way. You still see it cannot. What a great movie. There's so much more to that moving thank you for thinking.

If you haven't seen it you watch it.

If you want to read about a thousand page book. It's worth reading. Basically, book 1 of the best books I've ever read in my last book I read Baskin Judy to register for the boot camp to see if there were no what God is doing with you as we know is good to some awesome things as it is not the awesome things with us. Baskin Judy

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