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My Favorite Movie-McFarland USA

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 6, 2018 12:30 pm

My Favorite Movie-McFarland USA

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 6, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey. October of two 2018 numbing was pretty cool, and we have been going through movies that were our favorite movies and then all of a sudden we came across a movie this week right. Sam that apparently was everybody's favorite movie because we all jumped into it were like oh man this thing is awesome. Great movie. It was not there a week back in two years ago that Marie watched it with a great movie and a great reminder to so many tree in life right in the movie is McFarland and McFarlane USA. I'm glad you added that it even when you watch it you realize it could be in Mexico as much. As you can be anywhere and since small town, you know, America really and probably is. I think I've met you know, Jim White in several different communities in the world. But the idea that we had with this series. Jim, in going into movies from your standpoint, you know what is at awakened in your walk with God.

Well, the whole point of us doing movies and that's done a lot of hard conference services to show us what appeals to our hearts and love movies and what it brings out good and bad, what I'll say I am not unlike the rest of you seen this movie love that I saw for the first time this week and loved it, and I've been stuck watching movies or two weeks is my wife and recovering from's surgery so we watch this one together and we both enjoyed greatly that my wife my wife really did too and you know Jesus used parables, and I once heard a movie producer say you know how many people can tell you at last week's sermon was about, but I bet you they can tell you what their dog in the Wizard of Oz's name is and you know the point is is that stories leave an impact in an and Harold, this is you began coming to boot camps what one of these movies would have you seen that you had seen before will serve secondhand lines comes to mind first because I'd probably say that my most favorite movie, but the one about the resistance fighters in World War II. I've never seen that one before, and that one finds the fascia that one really struck bored with me being the little guy tendency to be somewhat combative. There's a side of the little guy gets the big I really relate to that movies movies can really teach us a lot if we can get past parts that are not so good in movies made nowadays for the most part, so this was a Disney movie interestingly but to Moose intake is got a lot of clicks to cover.

This is the coach in the movie had been struggling and you can hear his struggles very quickly in this in this clip and and then he gets a chance to help coach the football team and you can hear where he struggles without any income to get a good just by listening to the clip you get a pretty good picture of where we find the main character in this movie, and the disruption really that that God is fixing to bring into his life because he thought he was coming there to take care of his family to get this job to be a football coach and God quickly takes them somewhere else south McFarland like you would want to come here with an average of 5% poly were fired from verbally abusing your players use profanity. I was just trying to motivate some boys who didn't know the value and fight with the German schooler difference of opinion in this latest incident.

Tell me about that I lost my temper should never have happened are the chances of it happening again. Nice to hear because running out of options and select college coach white coach Jenks this is your new overqualified assistant write the names white. I wanted to write to this coach Jenks tells me that you and he had an altercation, a wife altercation, but I wouldn't I would call it whatever it was that Constance doesn't think this arrangement is to work out and he's asked for you to step down. Now I feel that if he's a coached football team. You're firing me know he said were five leaders asked me to step down. You say no to my language major fire moved my family here hello Jim, I'll have the staff to go around firing people because I'm insecure. Jericho can't stop eating his Apple got all bent out of shape what the job you had a chance to talk and you let me do it for you. You dismissed my flyer fired either and I got here.

I don't know if this is a pattern and I don't know which one of you was a bigger jerk out there but I'm counting on it that it wasn't you because I need a PE teacher and I need a life science teacher attitudes with you. That's how it's it's what I what I heard the first time I saw this as I watch that I could immediately spot the Satan character K the enemy in here is course the enemy has been going after coach White's heart for a while. He the you know cause them to lose his temper obviously helps him take advantage of that. He supposedly loses a job in Idaho and and ideally you know perfect little city USA ends up here and then immediately you know the other coach has his number okay so this guy's been fired before for altercation. So I'll just throw the altercation thing in there and so here you have the enemy and and you've heard it before. The masculine journey that the story of your life can best be summed up by saying that there is a long and sustained assault upon your heart by the one who knows what you could be or he believes he knows what you could be any fears you rising up to become that. And that's obvious here that the enemy does not want Jim White to become the glorious coach that releases other people's glory as well. And so he's coming after coach white in many ways. That's what I see here at which there's a lot of men that are out there that have this kind of move against personality that is not afraid to confront people that is that is in a wanton them to be more all that they can be in that kind of stuff and that kind of person also tends to throw the rules out) yeah, I mean them. It's been said about me before I was that I relate I can definitely relate. You know II used to work for the largest company in the world and their particular industry and you can imagine when you are the largest company in your world. You have lots of rules and regulations and I was pretty famous there for not going by the rules and the regulations and it wasn't that I was breaking rules that would hurt people. It was that Eileen and I get back the way beautiful to me it's it's gorgeous how God is giving you this and we can see it.

But if you're a person hiring you that they had had a file I see is the and the and Kinnear can you picture that Sam or me and I think we all have a file save yeah that's my point. That's my if my principal.

I mean, I know you had a here it's pretty easy to see that, but it would be the same exact thing for me and Robbie. The reason that this happened and that happened it may coach white had an excuse for all and he responded but now with this losing football that was his life that was his goal is loss that which is a good leader to the next clip. If you want to jump on. I do it… I honestly thought I would stick here but I got a stick because Carol I know your story. You know he's got a file in you to do any polio and it would be very everyone. It's it's it's such a beautiful thing that you said that the enemy is right there. He's got your file and in and he's ready to go, but interestingly, due to this disruption to set up the next clip but think about Harold. Think about your file.

I know I think about people listening think about what what that would be is like the enemy know your scheme right Bill Belichick before he lines up his team against the opposite team this Sunday.

He is going to know that other team very well.

He's going to know their file and he's going to set up a scheme against that team. That's what the enemy does and that's what I'll check not quite being characterized as being a driven person in trying to push people. It brings back memories of my staff, creating the mood meter that they hung on the door of my office for this would to indicate what they saw as I walked in, so yeah we all have we got a file, but interestingly God gives him some insight through watching one of these guys run and and it takes into a new idea and a new adventure that the it's called sound. It sounded perfect. We got started again so you mind if I shut the door. This requires a shut door country running one is holding her first state championship this year. Cross-country is a private school sport debris different than we do… Emir you do understand we don't have a cross-country team get what I don't understand is why we have a football team. Instead, we have we have kids here seem like they can run forever.

The carbo load on rice and beans and chicken extreme heat to go to school all day. Some of my Senate. It's unbelievable – and you just described. Half the kids in the Central Valley youth coach cross-country before track that you, Randall, competed in high school. Maybe I'll sound and in Sam as he begins to enter into this new adventure that is on he finds himself quickly right well as I find myself quickly right where the family becomes critical to this and hard work in these Mexicans that are trying to make money for their family and got to work hard to teach you some of to him about hard work that he was expecting will be back in a minute with more on McFarland USA is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on that note where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radio down once again, PO Box 552 728 all God has set within each of us mass life give you that heart and Christian life have to do any of masculine journey radio is a great question in January. We are talking about McFarland USA today on the math. What that speaks to. It's kind of a living parable of a lot of our lives and and for me what this coach white came into was seeing, you know, he'd been fired from each other school where he is trying to get the white kids to work hard enough to not be lazy and that kind of thing, but now he's working amongst these Mexican immigrants who are getting up at four, 5 o'clock, actually 4 o'clock in the morning to go out in and pick until they go to school at 8 o'clock and then when they get done that, you know, they run 8 miles at him and then they go finish up taken or whatever the situation is in and he is a is totally disrupted because his style was how do I get these people to work heartily think that that wasn't the deal with these people yeah and so his style of motivating them wasn't going to work correctly either.

You know that's what's kinda funny as these kids were already out working him and their parents were already out working him and so you know he has to learn how to to relate to them in a way that that's part of the disruption. I think you know you we opened up the show talking about that in that disruption that God brings. If you have just a crack in the door you know where you're willing where your humble enough to let God come in and disrupt in God's always doing that he's always disrupting and dismantling and healing and restoring and then releasing your glory on the world. That's really what he wants to do you not talked at before the break, about the your story might be best summed up with this assault.

Well the other side of that is the story is best summed up with God is always disrupting dismantling healing, restoring and releasing your glory, and so in this next clip we figure out that you know these kids are a lot smarter than he gives them credit for. And they understand the ethical work a whole lot more than than he probably has appreciated. At this time and to set this up. He's had a really bad day and that he'd lost the first race. He got into and it was because he couldn't run hills and so he thought he get them to run hills and supply trying to get them to work harder.

It it blows is star players mind you actually wants to quit and then because he gets involved in that he forgets about his daughter's birthday. Next thing you know he's out driving because his family is projecting him. He is know what the duties he forgot his wife's birthday and he sees a star player upon the bridge of look like you can jump off the bridge.

Thomas will admit that it wasn't his fault. I don't know about that you know about a lot of things anyway who wanted to help me figure out she's a picker is not a foreman looks ideas as and when a crew is just it, whatever work he can find Arizona, Texas, where he got back yesterday was baby girl is pregnant so he studies it will all send again.

There's gotten away to be heard to say is you can't work you get that okay Thomas I get to know I'm not here all night driving around by myself to tell you anyway my daughters okay is scare me now come off of them the truth about what happened on with this cross-country thing Sam. That's a huge turning point right there to come across such a thing. The million that is amazing start to recognize more and more of what I look like, and realizing how important it running really take them out of your comfort, but into a place where they could find life that they've never really felt before and you know it's it seems like there's so much here that we got to move through quickly.

Essentially, the team starts to win and and people start coming into their glory. And he gets a chance to coach its know the bigger, nicer know school would lot more money, which is kind of what he was in it for what it would appear originally and he's wrestling with that and the community comes together really helps him. I wish we had the time to play the clip do this what you call it samba quesadilla bird party for his 15-year-old daughter which location where the keys and yeah and he really calls out his daughter and in her beauty and all that comes to the rescue. Everything looks wonderful but unfortunately you know he lets the young man take his daughter out and she they get an accident. He blames all of them and now all of a sudden he thinks he wants to take this job and you find he and his wife together in intimate conversation is everything we've ever talked about big house financial security. Great school for the kids safe neighborhood, owner of the corner store was washing away blood from his car, when I drove out this morning to me just to name, and he's our friend to many activities going. Thank you for everything he's done for course. It bothers me clean, tempting front of her and pushed her out of the way he protected her like she was there family think you can find that in Palo Alto they know it's hard but please don't let this be the safety because no women have ever lived. And so it's a fascinating thing that derive community right here and his wife is there to remind and community is so important that we don't realize that in our lifestyle, culture that we live but they haven't been. Obviously, it reminded me of our going to Alaska and we were strangers there, but we were taken in and I have people that I hardly knew doing wonderful things for us where just because we were there we were family and that's what he's experienced here and I don't think they've ever had before. Yeah it's it's amazing that you know when you're struggling with a very noble cause I want to do the best for my family and again we see the very traditional way that happens, and God comes into disrupt and say want to wait a minute, yet is what your family needs.

The bigger house the better job. The financial security of the safety that you feel every day, letting your your child go to school.

He is, is that really what is most important or are you willing to risk staying in a situation that brings you and your family closer to me and closer to the real calling. You have which is fathering young boys, and learning from those young boys fathers and those young boys mothers and this whole community idea and it's and that's that. The story of McFarlane USA is really a story of a community. It's it's about disruption, but it's disruption for a man it's disruption for a community because he comes in and disrupts the community standard that the expectation of what it is to live in McFarlane, USA.

He disrupts that will they disrupt him as well and so got disrupting everybody here what he sees and his wife really calls it out in him is look your team would not be what they are. You wouldn't have this chance and, altos. If the parents of those players hadn't gotten behind what you are doing and you know it as the community came in behind their children and behind the and of the whole situation and so Sam is is to me it's like secondhand Lions or Seabiscuit you know their fixity to the real good absolutely. And I got all the way and you know because they're obedient because they follow their art in a good way. They find they do find it.

This life redeeming the people who love them soon as the movie progresses you find them now at the state championship and when they are sitting there looking at it it is it is literally a Southern California mountain that they've got the Kleinman you know, having climbed some of those that's all my goodness and doing it cross-country running into and so there little intimidated and you could hear him call out their glory.

But pay particular attention to the words that he uses, especially if the at the end of his speech like that around to look around. Thus, the state right between the tear deserves to be with you.

They haven't got you, I don't get up at dawn like you feels right and go to school all day and go back to the same field. That's what you then you come out with me and you run 8 miles, 10 miles take on take on these kids don't do what you can even imagine. I will not feel that they with UD is first days work. I read my life. I said to myself whatever kind of crappy job I end up in never be as tough as that the kids do every your parents hope they can do it for a lifetime needs a better life because just to be here to give a shot at this time the privilege of someone like me take for granted is nothing you can do to construct kinship because hard to see you run your race

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