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Provoking the Impossible Too

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 20, 2018 12:30 pm

Provoking the Impossible Too

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 20, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now how fond on the masculine journey.

Today we are warm enough towards a boot camp which is common in just a few weeks actually November 1 so just couple weeks away so in line with that were with provoking the impossible to last week we did the provoking and possible business provoking the impossible to regret. Sam on the phone with us and Jim and Harold and you may be wondering how you provoke the impossible. Will you know God's kind of been doing that in our lives from the beginning, had the same really look back over it. Often when you look at everything going on around you but when you look back and guiding you along the way not played out in some of the clips organized because you know for all of us. That means we begin to boot camps and understanding little bit and how God uses movie clips these days sort of living parables their things and keep playing over and over in your mind is your actually experiencing life, experiencing the battles, if experienced joy of life, and in those things keep coming out of temptation. You know whether the movie clip and breeder joy. It makes you laugh there. Some of those my kids and I share they were kids and I think people can relate to that degree but even at a much deeper level leisure comparables told through movies that God really moves your heart and Jesus spoke in parables because people relate to story it on as you said in and with her many times that the movies are the modern-day parable. Not every movie is good. Not every bit of the movies we use are good but the certain truth that God used the tapirs people's heart is really very cool to watch and experience in the world is one that is just the SOD when I watch this… I'm like you, Sam. I thought bagger Vance is can be about golf and all. My word is one of the deepest movies. I think I've ever watched. It's an amazing movie. It's an amazing movie about how God walks you through the things that have happened to you in your life in the hopes you'll back the layers help you get the healing help you find true and it's all done in the guise of a golf movie in under the disguise of that with such an amazing story and and when you can see Will Smith. In this role is kind of the Holy Spirit, or chief character along the latest loving on bagger loving Arjuna through it is just amazing. I set this up a little bit. Gina was in World War I. After being up almost legendary golf player and you know he was on the tournament and women all kinds of stuff and then World War I happens, he ends up being the only person left of his unit and he was the captain I guess was my regimen. I believe that is right I don't doubt Abby.

I know the World War I was significant in his life.

But the real power. That movie was in the regaining his life after back right conceal what what it what happened. Robbie started dinner at their back, at least in the movies. Back in those days people from the same area and brigade.

But in the same platoon and so he let these people that he lived with growth with illness from the Cadillac that he was a hero and as a leader in the battle and he was the only one that came back and so coming back to the town and seeing the mom who lost her son and wife that lost her husband in this really helped beat him down right and he really had turned alcohol and away from golf and to call back or he lost his swing. But then comes this clip he shoots the ball into the woods and this is after he finally got back in the match and it he just finds himself right back there in World War I will be going to different club damaging. I can't do this any nicer dissolution grip of this needs no man's grip on his club just like I know you don't what I'm Thomas again game they can be one on the play you don't understand I don't need understand soul in this entire earth and got a burning care, you don't understand. You ain't alone Jan this long enough time to go home down Metatron stop stop stop walking away right back to where you always been standing still real and remember too long ago this moment ago, not shadows. June I guess you can plan on it which been here all along. When you come into this with everything. Nasty time so use my and I suppose for those witnessing the movie we have to describe that he was way back in the wood shop but who thought he could ever get it out to the green in the corset.

It misses all these treason and it's a beautiful thing Sam, but it's a beautiful thing above and beyond that in no manner so much and that clip my heart over the years and you guys as well that you have this point that deals with this one is one that he takes on isn't really taken on he may have a piece of it, but the enemy can vent hole. It's all his fault.

Brian Kelly high the height from his calling in life.

He hides from the thing that was unique to him that he brought to this earth, representing God's glory and we talk a lot about God glory, but we each uniquely showing other people you know and you you have bagger that calls you back into the larger story and called him back into the calling and reminding that the other was there was something before the war there was a truth before the war that you gotta anchor yourself with not what happened to you along the way the line this was what was given to you when you came into this and we all have something we and that's what the enemy tries to steal from and had stolen Gina, I think about how it's has so much to do with present time right he's gotta make the shot in the woods right now has nothing to do with previous shots. It's got nothing to do with shots that are gonna be in the future because God is in the present is not in what happened in the past he's there right there like he hasn't been alone and and so you know that that thought is provoking and that golf is a great analogy for life.

Well, all it takes is one good shot to make up for a lot of bad for those that have not seen the movie. He has been playing terrible and he's hit some awful shots and he makes the comment at one point that you know this is getting embarrassing. Bagger says oh no, sir.

It's been that way for quite some time and I think that could apply to a lot of things that each of us is done where you know we do things in our life. We so fishing is getting embarrassing notes or is been that way for quite some time. Well swing around it one more point on that you know A Little Bit Bagger Reminding That I'm Right Here with You and I've Been Here All along out I Was There through Everything You've Been through.

I've Always Been a Poseidon and Me Is Just the Strength of That Statement That That Oh My Gosh God Is Always with Me through All This. Even When I Feel Incredibly Alone, Especially When I Feel Incredibly Alone Is Right There with Me Right in.

There Is a Battle Affluent) and Transitioning to a Different Kind of Movie in a Different Kind of Provoking Clip but Still Talk about the Battle This This Comes from the Movie First Night Where Sean Connery Played King Arthur and This Clip Kinda Just Speaks for Itself and Somebody's Trying to Get Him to Compromise with the Battle. Where Is It Written beyond Camelot. The Flesh of People. People Too Weak to Protect Themselves, Let Them Die Other People Live by Other and Elizabeth Lowell of Camelot to Rule the Entire World along an Enslaved Man Launches Free Either. What We Hold to Be Right Tuned Good and True Is Right and Good and True for All Mankind under God Just Another Aerobics Right Will Find a Talking Piece and Especially to Be Found. On the Other Side. If That Must Come.

I and I Cannot Tell You How Many Times That That Clip Is Provoked Me When I Feel That Urge to Compromise with What the Enemy Is Trying to Get Me to Buy into the Agreement. Whatever. But There Is a Piece That Only Comes on the Other Side of War As Jesus Cleared the Temple That You Know Actually to an Extent.

He Was at War with the Pharisees Who Had Compromised and Become Lawyers Rather Than Seeking God and There's Not That This Is Significantly Provoking Thing That There Is a Peace That Only Comes on the Other Side of and the Window.

That Alone Had Author in This Clip and Say I'll Fight That Battle What Was Moving to Me Is That All of the Men around Joined in and We Have That in Our Band Right Which the Song Coming up after the Break.

I Never Walk Alone Because We Want You to Register for the Boot Camp for the Masculine Journey Where We Can Find out How We Never Walk Alone to See You There in a Minute's Estate Is Assuming That My Son Eli. We Talked about Ways You Can Help Support Lily Smiled at Him As an Informational Website That Where You Can Click the Button Waking into Masculine Once Again, PO Box 550 92785 I Will Set within Each of Us Masculine Line You That Part and Christian Life Have To Do with Any of the Great Question First Journey Radio Will Rule Will Will and Will Be in Will and Will and Will I Kind of Glad He Would Be Pulling Card Right Now This This This One Is Provoking for Me. Yeah, I Can Almost Hear My Mother Singing That Song to Me and She Was Exposed like Many Mothers of My Era Very, Very Much a Lover of Musicals, Especially Rogers and Hammerstein Musicals and in That Song Just She Provoked Me with, Because in the Beginning It Talked about, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Which I Was Terrified of the Dark and It Talked about Walk on, with Hope in Your Heart and You'll Never Walk Alone While I Didn't Believe in God, until My 30s and That Made No Sense to Me but the Song Echoed in My Soul and It Provoked Me Know through You Know You Last Week We Talked about the Impossible Dream in a Gym That That Song Provoked You throughout Your Life for This Song Had Provoked Me for Years and Years and Years Because You Know You Knew It Was Coming from Your Mother, to an Extent. And You Knew That Your Mother Live Cheap and It Was Provoking, but It Made No Sense That the Music of Those Days That God Joked about It, but Not Belisarius. I Think You Just Get a Start Having about Music All Be Great Songs from Musicals of the past.

There's Something about Putting the Truth. The Music That Inspires and I Was I Love Hearing the Story, My Life Is I Wanted to Walk Alone and of so Many Different Ways. I Try to Isolate. Try to Be the Lone Ranger Tried to Be the You Know the Independent Person and That's That Song Provokes against That Very Concept We Know the Thought Is behind It Is Yay Though I Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I Will Fear No Evil for Thou Art with Me Absolutely, Which Again Is a Really Handy Thing to Know What You Begin to Realize the Truth That Are within That and You Know the to Come before We Move on, Sammy, and I Know You Wanted to Discuss That Song at All but If You Had a Thought Reflected That Thought Really Provoked Me to Your Neighbors and All Good. I like That so Moving on to Our and and and and Talk about Somebody He Didn't Walk Alone in and Lived As a Result, I Lit Jim Move into Class Clip. One of and I've Had My Man Card Pulled Because My Previous Suggestions Are Described in Going to Musicals or to Go over Pile, but That Saving Pvt. Ryan Is One of My All-Time Favorite Movies to and Today It Sorta Hit Me That There Was Terrible Front Provocation and That and Now after Picking a Manly Movie after My Card Back in Because I Sobbed like a Baby.

At the Very Beginning of This Movie. At the Very End of This Movie and the Battle Is in between. I Love That Part.

But the Saying That We're Going to Hear You Sorta If You Haven't Seen the Movie You Need This Is in a Graveyard Is He's Gone Back from America to France and Is Going to the Gravesite of Capt. That Really Was Responsible for Saving and This Is Pvt. Ryan Many Years at Gas 40 to 45 after Wars and He's There and His Family As Come within and Where Going into That Clip Recognizing That He's There and Remembering What Was on His Behalf. To Be Honest with You When You Every Few Here That's Kind of What We All Want to Hear. Absolutely Nothing. I Think That a Man Could Want to Know the End of His Time. He Had Been Good and It Hit Me Right in That One. I'm Glad Harold First, but He's Asking His Wife and for Me, and His Name Was James J but It Hit Me That Short of What We Want to Hear When We Go Home. Well Done Good and Faithful Servant.

No One in My Life Means More to Me Than My Wife and No One in My Life Is Going to Mean More to Me to Hear That Your Probably up in the Movie.I Want Having Been the Person That Tried to Suck That You're a Good Man Out Of Her Because She Didn't Say It Very Loud That She Couldn't Set It All A Lot Better on. I Was Really Disappointed You Know Any Asking That See the Desperation Caused by the Question. She Was Surprised by the Question. But Even He Was Looking for A Lot More Than She Gave Him.

I Can Assure You That and I You Know I Was Little Disappointed in the Way That She Reacted That I Suppose to Some Extent, You Know That's True Life, but I'd Love That Idea of Taking Your Question to the People That Mean You're the Most, but Also Sam. It's a Huge Thing That We Take That? You Know to Get Our Answer from God.

I Think That You Know It's a Good Barometer of People around Her on How Well What Quote Unquote Working in the Leader in Her Household or Companies or Whatever That Might Be the Only Guy That Can Really Give You That Your Answer Absolutely Differently. Maybe It Was You Should Know This Is Why Why Are You Even Asking Me This Question Was When I Heard and That Meant A Lot. Desperation That He Had Was the Realization That At Least a Half-Dozen Men and Dad in Order for Him to Live and No Exit to Me It's like Is Looking at Christ Insane Enough. Was I Good Enough Sleep. We Can't Be Good Enough You That Cliff Said That You Can't See Is That Other Generations behind in His Kids. His Grandkids Right That All Were There. As a Result of What His Capt. Don Are Actually the Whole Military in Order to Save Him and and You Can't Help but Think That Somewhere There's a Mom to Leave That One Son Now Lost Three Others, Which Goes Back We Go Full Circle Back to Back. It Was the Community That Went to Fight Together the Old Days and Maybe It Still Should Be, Because I Think Would Find A Lot Less If We Were Fighting, but He Was the Last Survivor of His Family and That's Why This Special Unit Was Set to Rescue Him in Getting Home, so His Mother Did Lose All of Her Children and We Do See Multiple Generation Came Out Of That Act. Sacrifice Any Debts Really Cool Jim and at the Same Thing for Jenna That All Those Men Gave Their Lives so That He Could Go Make an Impact with the Life That God Had Given Him, and in a Way That's Kind of What Jesus Did, While Not in a Way That Is What Jesus Made That Sacrifice for All of Us and the Thing Did Not Take Away from This Is All I Need Not Affirmation from Loved Ones. I Need to Because He Did Say I Hope in Your Eyes Not Done This to Me That Has To Be an Sam Said If That's the Question God, but in His Eyes We Are Going to Be Perfect Because We've Been Clothed in the Righteousness of Christ, and We Can't Do Anything Their Love. We've Got It. But If We Can Live in That and Live out You Know I Want Live a Life That Shows That I Appreciate What You Done for Me and I Cannot Actually Goes Thereto, As It As It Turns out You Know He Dies and Not All of Them Die.

You Know Defending That Whole Concept of What's Right and Good and True, but the Larger Story Goes on We Know Jesus Is Coming Back and What Can We Do to Get Our Swing Back to Get the Game to Get That Which You Were Given to at the Beginning so We Have an Idea for You and We Want to Provoke You Where He Is Provoking the Impossible, to Provoke You to Go to Mass concerning and Register for the Cabinet. November 1 to 4 March Last Worked Well.

We Want to Provoke You to Die. Facing the Enemy Don't Run Away Live the Life Created

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