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The Larger Story

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 27, 2018 12:30 pm

The Larger Story

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 27, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey right great to have you with us today pretty close to boot camp and ramping up for it. I'm excited about it and I think the rest of the team is now we are running kind of honest short short crew today, skeleton crew, but warehouse right here we have the betaine you could also say we have the tall and short of it is what we are happy to be here glad you're with this we wanted to take some time today to Prepare you for the big camp. A lot of times the when we get to the big time really getting cranked up and I think what's what's exciting to me as I think one of the things that came alive to me of the big camp was just really that the fact that before the first talks and identities, but can't but it really sets the stage that were in a larger story. I think a lot of times we get caught up in our jobs in the mundane of life and we forget that we really are were in a battle, but were also the love story and that's what God wants to get across to us. It's not in that in the relationship is so heated that it's about people's hearts not necessarily keep the rules and regulations but really that like we can live in him and in the purpose of it may not think our hearts all all really have an affinity to just the purpose that God has for us and we kind of lost until we figure those things out.

That's the beauty of the boot camp that we get that background, so I just want to set it up real quick before we got to our clips again.

We have Jim… And Harold and so there's there's three of us so will be your will be your training today for at least from the masculine journey real quick. I just want to come walk through which I get the idea from the larger story from John Eldridge in the book. The first thing you find out in the lot that larger story is that it's there was an eternal love between father son and Spirit and then there the next step. The next act in the story was really the the great betrayal of Satan in the fall and have them that came into to put enmity between man and God. And then really the battle for man's hearts that Christ did when he came to the cross, but all through eternity. God's battling for man's hearts and regulated the final step really is the eternal restoration of his kingdom, to the place that it should have been you know that we should've realized really the garden of Eden. So I just want to set that stage. What were really talking about the larger story and I'm a quit talking so much with these guys talk so the first click. We have is what Jim said, I do believe this is the one that is to the slickers I have done. We hear what the meaning of life is from a cowboy you what the secret life is now. This is just one thing you stated that everything has to scrape us the one thing is you got to figure out. I love that we we got it figured out what it well what that cleanup tells they were to give you a secret. We know what the one thing is and that's our relationship with God but what it is also saying is it's talking about each of us have a unique part in the bigger picture in the big story, but our story is not the focus were part of God's story and we do have to figure out how much my place in your story hard absolutely. I think that's part of it. We put we put here on earth, and that we feel like our story is our story and it's really dark story only really matters in the significance of God whom actually Cato illustrated that vary greatly in his book. It's not about me and he illustrated that by what Copernicus brought about when he discovered and proved that the universe did not revolve around earth, but in fact the sun was the center of our universe and my wife continually reminds me that it's not about you that's a hard thing for guys like Maida to understand and accept and act accordingly. But I guy can highly recommend Max's book. It's not about me that's a good juxtaposition to what I say frequently now probably set it to you guys but after all this is all about me and I will say jokingly but that is the attitude most people operate with and what I say edits to remind myself that it's not about me that's true and I think sometimes even though as you walk in the store and that understanding it is not about me. Maybe in the day-to-day you don't feel like that as much but put yourself in pressure under a little bit of pressure at times, and then you quickly find out how quickly goes back to I make it about me because I'm always interested in my well-being right, we are number one were not so the next clip we wanted to share with you. Really gets into you know that battle for the heart in the fall and where things got messed up in God's plan for man and you know really kind of is at its greatest from the Lord of the rings, and it just kinda goes into the significance of where we start making it about us and really, how were kind of upon an enemy's hand. Really whenever were being selfish. That's were doing exactly what he wants because were acting just like him right and blow things we talked about beforehand and we both landed on it separately as the ring in the story is really our hearts and the evil one is trying to grab that and if that happens there's destruction absolutely let's listen see anything. Nothing is nothing plaintiff some form of Elvish issue is says one will. This is one. The documents are taken by soon and start on himself 60 years is not in this written cost will that he was destroyed.

Sourness destroyed. No spirit Forces behind the Ring.

I Saw His Forces Is Silent Needs in This Ring As a Second End Assigned This Clip and the Ring If You Not See the Trilogy of the Lord of the Rings Why Not, Then This Is a Bunch of Gobbledygook but If You Haven't, but It Is a Very Moving Picture of Each Individual Being Having Their Story Brought in the Larger Story and This Is Progress.

He Is Living in the Shire. Happy Now. No Worries in the World.

It's a Peaceful Place and He Suddenly Being Thrust into an Adventure Which Were All Meant to Live, but He's Also Being Exposed to the Great Evil That Is, after All of Us and This This Entire the Entire Trilogy Really Was Based in the Christian Thing Absolutely Nothing Were Dealing. I Think We Really Forget on a Day-To-Day Basis That We Do Have an Enemy That Were Fighting. He's Not He's He's a Defeated Him Enemy but He's Not Fully Displaced. He's a Still Here on Earth. We Know That We Win the Battle but We Forget Who He Is and There's Many Times I've Said It Many Times on the Show, I Knew That There Was Spiritual Warfare, but I Just Chose Not to Participate but like It Says in the Lord of the Rings Openwork upon You.

Whether You Choose to Fight or Not.

And That's Where Were at Wheat We Have an Enemy in an Anthology Passively Sit Back and Allow the Enemy to Do Whatever He Wants. You Will Have. You Will Be Exposed in This Life Made Me Think about Something That I Heard Watson That's Interesting That If You Don't Encounter the Enemy If You Don't Run into Them Face-To-Face. Maybe You're Going in the Same Direction While the Point These Are Disabled Because He Has Many Disguises. They Refuses to Stand Same Mask My Son Eli Talked about Ways You Can Help Support Is Clearly a Smile That He Was on That Information That Where You Can Click the Button Tweaking It Once Again Meant Something, PO Box 550 927285 God Has Set within Each of Us a Masculine Life Give You That Part and the Christian Life Have To Do Any of Conjuring Masculine January Based on John Wilde Is a Great Question.

First, Conjuring Radio and That's Simon and Garfunkel Doing One of Their Many Wonderful Songs, but I Am a Rock Island Island Is Basically Making a Statement about the Fact That We Do Check out We Get Hurt. And If the Story Is All about Us. You Decide to Protect Your Heart and Not Expose It to Any Pain You Get Wounded in the Battle and He Ran from the Battle Hide in Your Room, Absolutely Will All Fall Which We Get Back to the Enemy Who Calls That Fall.

His Whole Purpose Was to Separate Us from Fellowship with God and Each Other. He Did It with Adam and Eve and He Did It with God and If We Are Isolating Ourselves.

We Are Not Part of the Greater School. Now That's Absolute Right You Won't Do the Larger Story without Community with God and People, and One of the Things We Want to Make Clear Is That They Fear in That Position and You Can Make It.

November 1 to the Fourth of the Boot Camp. That's One of the Things We Explore Is Getting into the Life That We Remit to Live the Adventure Letter. Love Excellent Got Glad You Brought That up. I Did Forget to Mention It before the Break That the Boot Camp Really, I Mean That There Is Some of the Stuff I Walked out My Christian Life for so Many Years, but It Wasn't Really Didn't. I Didn't Knew That God Had a Certain Location. There Are Certain Calling to Do My Life but I Didn't Steal's I Still Really Didn't See It in the Context of the Story like Yetta Personal Story for My Life That I Could Be Intimately Involved with and Walk out through Him. So That's Exciting Thing That That Kinda Came Alive to Me That They Can't Sharing Sharing Our Experiences Is Also Really Good Thing That Happens at Boot Camp.

I Things That We Go through If We Are Willing. They Are Preparing Us to Help Someone Else Who May Be Going through a Similar Thing at a Later Time. And so We Are Able to Help Other People When We Can Share with Them Our Experience How It Worked out for Us How We Relied upon God and How He Brought about Things in Our Lives Absolutely You Develop That Relationship Where You Feel Free to Share with a Band of Brothers That the Guy on the Sidewalk. You Won't Talk to like You'll Talk to You Band Brothers and Slick One at One of the Things That Comes Out Of the Boot Camp and This Will Also Mean the Lead-In to Our Next Clip but I've Never Known Anyone That Didn't a Leave a Little Confused and Overwhelmed by the Story, but More Importantly Left with a Real Sense of Their Place in the Greater Story and Most of Us Don't Have That in the Next Clip to Organ Went to His Friend When Sam Basically Looking at What the Adventure They've Landed in and Talking about Where Their Places Greater Story Actually Grates That Will Ever Be. So Say This Is Story Is Really Courageous. Yes, My Boy. Most Famous Is Saying Alone.

The Chief Characters, Sam Weiss, the Brain Is Missing from Me Serious Sam in That and You Can Hear It. Sam Has His Has Not Really Discovered His Place in the Story. He Knows Frodo Will Be Sung about and Will Be Famous, but When Frodo When He Says Something to Sam about You Know Sam, the Brave Says Don't Make Fun of Me I Was Being Serious.

But Then He Realizes No Sam the Brave, and Honestly, Sam Lies It for Me Is One of the Most Noble Characters in the Entire Yeah Definitely Ease David's Jonathan.

He Was As a Good Friend Pointed out to Me Many Years Ago.

He Was the Only One Did Not Dare to Touch the Ring and Not Be Corrupted by That Point. Definitely We Each Have Our Place in the Story That May Not Be Carrying the Ring, but It May Be Carrying the Ring Bearer Right It's Cool Hello and That They Get Called out in Him and He Really Begin to See Himself More of the Glory to God to Put on Them in the in That Position What You Think about the Clip Think It's a Beautiful Example of the Kind of Relationship That Men Should Have Been like You Mentioned Jonathan and David.

Oftentimes Today in Our World.

Others Will Bad Connotation Often Associated with That and yet All I Think There Is in the Biblical Sense, a Love That Man Can Have One Another That Is like the Love That David and Jonathan Shared an Essay That in Salmon and Frodo and It's a Beautiful Thing to Me.

I Do Have Each Other's Backs Lay Save Each Other's Lives. And I Do Love Each Other and That's Quite Evident.

So, Absolutely, so I Was Late Going to Make Sure That You You Guys. You Know, Spoke Tonight. I Again I Just I Really I Was Just Thinking about the Camp. Any Anywhere from You Know to Sit around the Fire and Communing or That the Airsoft Game or the Softball That We Had.

It Truly Is That Community at These Boot Camps We Really Encourage You to Come to Them Because You See A Lot Of the Stuff You See the Larger Story. But You See the Components of It of How God Puts Man to Gathering, You May Think That You're Kind of Coming There Random and It's Not Really a Purpose. You Show up There You Find out Exactly Where God Wants You to Be. It's a Place Where We and This Is Unique in My Experience in Being A Lot Of Different Camps in Men's Events, but We Have Time That You Spend Alone with God.

When We Have a Covenant of Silence and Not Your Be Plenty of Time to Socialize and Have Fun Together, but You Also Spend Alone Time with God Information That's Been Very Significant.

Every Single Event That's Exactly Right Moment to Go into the Next. The Next Idea and and to Do That, You Know, Really, When Men Spend Time with God. They Really Get Called Out Of Who They Are.

We Hear Many Stories of Man Really Finding out Who They Really Are There New Name or What God's How God Sees Him. We Actually in a Listening Prayer.

We Had A Lot Of That Were We Were Listening for Each Other, and Those Things Were Being Called out.

They Were God to the Individual. We Were Just a Conduit but I Think What's Also Important That Is This Really Finding Who You Are in This in This Set Clip from Gladiator and It's Nearly into the Movie after Maximus Is Injured and He Begins to Call out Who You Know Really the Purpose of What Was Meant for That Roman Kingdom and Putting Order Back into It, but He Only Can Do That Because You Know That He Knew Who He Was That He Had Stated Earlier in the Movie about He Really Was As Maximus and He Declared Who He Was. But This Is Where He's Sitting Things Back in Order and I Can See It and I Can Just See Jesus Doing That at the Restoration of All Things.

He Finishes Well That He Knows That His Part of the Story Is over Now As He Is about to Die Right but He's Still Part of It. Then Did His Part. Absolutely. Sen. Bacchus to Be Reinstated As Shown.

This Is Where Free Forgotten the Live Forgotten. In Realizes Pilot Clip, but That Last Place Is One of His Men That Would Just Been Freed and Now He's Going out in the Story. So One of the Real Powerful Things about That Ending to Me Is at That and He Is Not Thinking of Himself Right.

I've Been Poisoned by Mortally Wounded on How I Could Die Poor Me. He Is I've Free My Men Ryan's First Thing and Then He Goes on to Make Room.

What Once Was Reinstate Things like They Should Be Sound like Jesus. Then Does Exactly like so There Were We Really Want You to Come out and Find out What We've Been Talking about. We Want You to Join Us As a Boot Camp November 1-4 at Carolina Bible Camp Really Excited to Have You There Please Come, and I'm Sure You'll Enjoy the Time You Find the Fellowship and It'll Just Be a Great Time You Have Time That You Get to Spend with This Guy.

Jesus Is the Hero of Our Story Absolutely Masculine

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