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Masculine Journey Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 3, 2018 5:48 pm

Masculine Journey Boot Camp

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 3, 2018 5:48 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. We got Rodney and Dylan with us right now and Rodney. You have been a listener for how long of the American dream very least for five years while okay that is really awesome and this is your first they can't correct so it took so long running so you lived in the area that long or is this area are listened in one of the affiliate stations anyway yeah I really picked up the station. I was traveling to Charlotte for work and I was hardly home at all and my travel and everything like that was really tough to settle down and say oh what everything is talk about to really become a part of so as you're listening to the show each week and picking up these different topics and you know we bounce around all over the place. A lot of times we kind estate in this message a little bit, but we bounce around a lot of other things. What coming to a boot camp. What is that done to kinda connect the dots of all that stuff for you when you guys are always playing movies, clips, and how you see God's work inside of these movies and I would look at movies, typically from the standpoint of the system. Movies are shown something the others feeling and stuff but to see the kingdom, and there when people guides using to show the kingdom. They don't even over showing the kingdom and have over the last couple years have gotten much more open, seeing that feeling that and then what being here actually to see these actual structure that you go through to get us there is wonderful now so it's it's nice to see all there are steps to this the result that the book I haven't read yet. What's the while it hard while the heart, heart by John Eldridge's what all of this is based on obviously and then and then stuff that we've all learned over the years walking together in and really what you're seeing here on a weekend is a band of brothers who got together and said okay this this is changed our lives and how can we do it for other shocking how can we put this together for other people. Now Dylan how many cans have you been to to this mistake in Iraq. So the first one you went to was back in August right okay at the advancement camp so you you you're like me, Dylan, I when I read a book. I started the back of the book and and read the last chapter. First, because I can't want to see where I'm going and then I go back and read the book, so you went to the advancement camp is this one different. This is a little bit different last. It's on a different campus so has God kind of come after your heart in a different way this weekend and then maybe you were expecting on yet less last time the news that we news back in Hickory dated dated seven activities for like we were trying to like listening for God did some other things for like people were like saying words that had to do with you and that one is different because you are like hearing it yet physically through like prayer and stuff but this one, it's more like you know showing you how you can look forward okay so in that event.

That was a listening prayer meant that we did therein and oddly enough or do one of those tonight. Dylan so you might get some more words tonight, but Mark is been a part of that several times in the past as well to let me ask you question a lot of times.

Historically, these camps these events that we've done geared towards adult males, but I do see your teenager is is still resonated with you even though some of the concepts might be something you have experience in your life just because of your age, but is still been value for you is still been something that you been able to grasp and take out and we can meet a lot of stuff you'll talk about this, like, especially with like what it means to like it. And like the stuff that you're supposed to really like helps out to where you can develop towards because a consistent basis road towards. I always said I wish I had known a lot of this stuff when I was your guys's age is the gospel is nothing new to some concepts there some some help some assistance that I didn't get.

I was in my mid-30s, late 30s, and Remus love the teams about the same way I was almost dead before I got it. Now Hunter how many have you been to this my factor I. Okay and so your first one was at the last advanced boot camp as well. We did some listening prayer and stuff. So let me let me ask you a Mme., don't put you on the spot here, but what would it be like for you and your buddies from home or what would it be like for you and a father or a grandfather or an uncle or somebody to go through this together. Good like you asking me if like me or my dad or something so I could help a lot.

Just like helping how to become like a better person better man just going to like this goes I need to be so Cory you have been to one boot camp and this is it right this or and you have a little bit of a personal relationship with Sam Menan, Brian McWhorter, right, sir. I and so Brian talked into common heat heat harangue just somehow yes or been going through some creep tough times personally and I think bracket since that me know. I was actually about to leave through homes and something just told mistaken Brian. He sent me here. I'm really glad he did.

So it if you feel like it if if you're comfortable with it.

I think guys probably come after your heart and a pretty big way.

This weekend I had the opportunity to share some of that with you last night and I want put you on the spot really too bad, but but if you want to talk about that. I would love to hear what you were thinking when some of that was going on is just amazing because I've never heard anybody speak about God, Jesus and the way were supposed to feel like you guys have this weekend you hit on everything. I feel on a daily basis and I thought I was just a bad person, just the way it is.

And honestly I was.

Had dinner with my mom Wednesday night and I told her what outcome do.

She was so happy about it and laughed at it said you know this is not in change, where feel and I don't really believe in it just was overpowering.

It really was. Well, I had the chance to pray for you last night. Corrine and I did know your story at all. I just need came from Brian sending you here and in God, I think, gave me a download a little bit on on how to pray for you and it was a it was an extremely I think focused prayer. In fact, in hope that and then later you'd written some stuff in and is and you and read it I thought you didn't know was crazy and I hadn't, and I apologize to some extent for not having read it earlier, but when when I went back to the cabin and Mark and Robbie and I and Jim we read all the prayer cards together all the notes together and pray over those it literally brought me to tears.

Cory, as I'm reading your story and knowing what God had given me to pray for you and knowing how pinpointed God was in that and so I hope that our listeners are understanding that that what were doing here on a weekend is not just about preaching and what a man supposed to be, but it's actually allowing God to come in and go after men's hearts.

Cory ask a quick question if it could.

A lot of the guys we were all there. One point think that they're the only ones that are going through whatever it is give you speak to that love is that as you have you seen here just in the short time that you're not the only one absolutely like I can relate with something that each one of you spoken on and like you said I came in here close minded. Didn't know anybody else, upset when I found out that Brian was in a calm because I don't know anybody here, I didn't want to know anybody here and I think you just could tell that when I first got heroes, closed off set on the self didn't really want to talk anybody as a stupid.

I didn't believe I'm not nobody I lay this in each. I feel like each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind and really spoke super hard and everything was going home this been going on since I was young, pretty powerful. The mark your first became did you go by yourself. Yes, actually. So my first book it with John Eldridge was actually 10 years ago last month, my wife actually have signed me up.

I didn't know much about the Brandsmart ministries and Eldridge at the time wasn't opposed to going I just was like okay, sure. Let's do this. But yes, in out there. You have about 400 4050 guys attending that we don't have those numbers here which is great because it was slightly under 30 yes which is a good number of Johnson and were grateful to God for that. But I got thrown out there and and did know anybody like you did not receive those guys come from all around the world and divinely appointed that Darren and I got put in the same room in your room with eight or 10 guys. I went by myself thinking it was pretty much a bunch of mumbo-jumbo as well and very skeptical. Quite frankly, and met this guy Mark Ewert at the time of my calendars that you're kind of freshly wounded Oya at the time to just yeah yeah so it was again a divine appointment in the funny thing is I joke about people with people is that we are in room with some older gentleman who wanted the lights out at like 8 o'clock in the room which is kind of funny to me here in Colorado hate, let's get out this Explorer so that force. Darren and I to go out by the fire pits and desiderata talk for hours and and that's how our relationship started was actually the small beginnings of the soul thing we do now is get ahead, Mark and I not met.

It can 10 years ago or more. Yes, would be sitting here right now. Most likely, and so God does appoint any calls you hear Spencer have. This is your third, this is your second and so at the last boot camp at the advanced boot camp. God, came and spoke to you pretty strongly deadening do you do you care to talk about that. 00.

It was after the the group prayer thing and then I talked to Robbie for maybe, honestly, like, 30, 45 minutes and I just told him what my story were both in tears. He just prayed over me and that not I really like felt something going into the next day you not going into the listening prayer exercise was that something that you know you probably did listening prayer like every day right always been that it was not a regular exercise and I think in the in bullet but God kinda came after you and said some things and helped you relate to Robbie anyway and I know that you and Robbie have kinda developed a pretty special Bonton and I love that and in Jackson you were in my listening prayer group and when that happened that was the last boot camp. Your first boot camp this all right so so talk about your experience, then your experience today. How has God come after you in these boot camps on the first one face experience so when I first came in the I was. I did read this book a lot harder and I was really kind of like, and I strongly relates this because I do have a strong relation. My dad and I wanted to and then when I heard that you know I can answer this thing called basically not conjure any nonmember reading in the back of the book and the when I was there a creative thought, wow this is amazing and I just I just got so much information I still read little composition notebooks to get here. I still look see that in the notes and I always think of the covenant silence thing I wrote down and I just is really impact my heart greatly and I just love it. So the the covenant silence is that the best part of the became one of my favorites.

Okay, what's your other favorite part of the covenant of listening. Okay, so that the listening prayer stuff you and again that's pretty amazing stuff. I know Max.

The last boot camp was your first boot camp as well.

You had just recently started at NCBA right before that one and so in that last boot camp.

I know during the listening prayer. I know you were in my group, but I know one of the guys in one of the other groups actually heard God talking about you and gave you some words to that effect. Do you remember that on. I cannot remember and write the whole group is like a new experience for me. I forgot about the where it's not like you just like amazing how I can communicate with that. Well the fact that you know those were your first boot camp and then now you're coming back this weekend to the second one, and this is a little different style and what's been the most fun for you this weekend on halite. Every single rake sermon lesson you learned like anything at all like help you out like having been a preacher most my life.

I love hearing young men say the sermons are the best part of the boot camp but I have to wonder if there's a little bit of a pose going on there but Mark well in the funny thing is due. All of us have taught most of all the sessions over these last nine years and like Max, you said you get something out of each one will we get the benefit in preparing out of it.

It's not like were we got it all figured out were done. Check the box now were still on that journey so even the preparation we and I will speak for the team. Are we all get something new. God comes to us guy comes for us in the talk as we prepare the toxin, especially when we do a new talk when maybe you haven't done it a couple years. It's amazing to see our focus is obviously on what were going to share what God wants us to share in him speaking to us, but I always love now anticipate how you got where you can show me that I've forgotten or I've not noticed before. So it's always fresh and in and that's the beauty of the gospel because it's always it's always life you it's always giving you something you didn't see the first time.

Yeah. So, Max, and that in that very first boot camp. I know that in in my group.

There was a couple guys that that felt like God wanted you specifically to be encouraged and I know you were you are brand-new you felt very very lonely and I think I think some of the. The encouragement was that you were strong that that you had something going on I died. I remember Dewey having words about Max and Dewey was in your group. Do you remember what he heard. He said okay okay yeah Max was in. Max was in my group and and Dewey was one of the guys and in that Robbie's group and Dewey didn't know Max from Adam didn't even know there was a guy named Max at the boot camp and as we were listening to God and and trying to understand what it was.

God was one to do.

He he heard now. I think were supposed to be praying over Max and so whether you know it or not. Since that time. There's been some guys praying over Max and so were excited that Max is back were excited that all you guys are back but but very specifically. You know when when God gave Dewey that it was kind of surprising because you know you warned in his group and so and he didn't even know there was somebody named Max there so that was the coolest part of one of the coolest part of that boot camp for us as a team was was knowing that God had kinda put you and some other guys to not just you but had put you on his heart to put on our hearts to to continue to pray for you. So what what is different about this boot camp from that one for you, Max on it right there is more stuff here right he can feel I can make also the navies think, Inc. okay so at the first boot camp would you say that you were a strong believer in Christ or that you were a strong follower of Christ, or were you doubting whether or not God even really existed, spell a star like counter. The first one but now I feel like less you can. That's awesome you know we don't do anything else at a boot camp. If we don't accomplish anything else helping guys understand that God is real, that he is here that is after you that he's coming after you actively in these willing to go to any ends to do that is it is a pretty amazing thing Cory had your stories a little bit like that to admit certain complete complete outer yeah open about it yet and that's fine that you know what I that I think that God uses that way more than guys who fake it. So how long have you been searching unknowingly, probably since high school before they actually meet you, probably 13 or so and you feel like that you have a different understanding of who God is who Jesus is. This weekend, then previously served absolutely.

How is that different. I just like you like a said before I didn't realize other people within the same things I was.

I think you really spoke to me.

We talked about proposer probably because I spent my whole life is being a poser put in a mask, seeking validation and others that dad that I was known as Mme. all life when I was 13, I found out that he wasn't really my dad never met my biological father and sought my whole life is seeking validation others falsely women friends just everything lost. Like I wrote in the note, I've really lost and I didn't know I was anymore and I do have had a real conversation with somebody forever. Don't know what I'm passionate about and when you prayed every last night. I just lost.

I just lost really. I really, truly for the first time in my life. I really felt something you know and in the end we as Christians sometimes we we knock this idea feeling something. I was chief among the feeling knockers for many years and the Robbie just lost his lunch there but this is a Christian network, but in his license to yeah change sorry Robbie about that job that we discussed to sue and I didn't mean it.

So I was one of those people who was not really into the Feely touchy side of Christianity. And I probably say I'm still not II much would rather have a very, very real, concrete, logical fates, but I think God has been on doing that in me for some time marked what what's it yet. I came from a family that typical stereotypical mom dad together till she passed away 20 years ago. So the feelings I was more. I was maybe not the polar opposite of you, but little bit opposite with the feelings out of it. Susie I know I've seen the bouncer in both ways. You gotta have it. It's both. And Jesus was the most empathetic and compassionate man that ever walked in lived. So if we can't emulate that if we can try to do that then were just basically reposing ourselves now so we have the best example of that.

But yet he also was righteous. He also had anger just joke around.

I love in the passion of the Christ movie how they portray him if he seen the movie early the movie they portray him with his mom's joking around acute puzzled trick on her. And that is held you in my eye. I know that's how Jesus would be to make jokes you can joke around is going to be fun but is also going to have that the feelings of motion and also the righteousness as well. That's note here's the reality of it. God, the first thing that he touched in creation was man everything else. He spoke into existence. He spoke the world into existence, and then that world that he spoke into existence. He reached down with his hand into the dust of the earth and the very first thing that he touched was man and I have to believe the genetically and spiritually. More so than genetically that we desire.

Touch physical touch emotional touch and when you look at the way that Jesus healed some people in Scripture, there was often times he could've healed people anyway. He wanted to he could have done it with the snap of the finger he could've done a dance run around the tree three times and bark like a dog if he wanted to to heal somebody he chose not to. Often times the healing came in the form of touch in the in the form of of prayer and you see that even with the apostle Paul. You see, it was Saul and and you see that touch going on.

These boot camps are about God coming after us as men meeting us here and talks are great. They are however if God shows up in the covenant of silence of God shows up in the prayer time than miraculous things are done and and I really do mean miraculous things are done and if you've never been to a boot camp. We would love to invite you to one not sure when the next one is coming up in the spring yet will have the date lined up, the masculine journey radio show comes to you weekly on the truth because of your faithful prayer and gifts their addresses. Masculine journey radio, PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 or Be sure to let them know that you listen to the program on the Truth Network

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