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Running With The Father

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 10, 2018 12:30 pm

Running With The Father

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 10, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. In light of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

We are excited today on the masculine journey because we are fresh off of our fall boot camp and with us in the studio.

We have a new brother and the band of brothers we have Cory, who amazingly I mean amazingly and was baptized in the lake at the boot camp just a couple days ago and I think you're gonna be really excited to hear some of his story. But today show. We want to kind of go to a theme that came out of this particular boot camp of running with father and you know the orphan spirit.

When we are, a lot of the guys at this particular camper with North Carolina boys Academy and so not a lot of these guys are and had some struggles with her dad's and it's it's an interesting thing. We kinda come up against it. Every boot camp right Sam.

This orphan spirit. This sense that were fatherless, and I think it yes probably we do. I think it easy a lot of time.

In the case of maybe the boys from the North China boys Academy a bit to see how that has played out in our own life is not always an easy but most of the have lived or continue to battle this orphan spirit and some of us are like in their 70s that I'm pulling any punches on Harold over here got it with us in the studio we have Brian we have Harold Harold is our Sage and certainly in the studio today so I like to have some and slaughtered me.

If all possible that Harold and I you yourself because of your struggle with your dad had some real battles with that, yeah my dad struggle for many years with an alcohol problem he was not abusive to us, but was more, managers wanted to take the brown bag and go to the bedroom and disappear for the weekend. The but I guess my biggest issue with it was the embarrassment that I suffered an struggles that I had to try and overcome that my dad was a good man in just about every respect the did so much for other people. He was an outstanding mechanic think we could make anything run was mechanical in nature and he did a lot of work for a lot of people that I tagged along. So I sort of had a at times a love-hate relationship with my father and after I became an adult. Look back in. I saw a lot of good qualities that he did have an agent said that Damon that that he had to fight. Fortunately, he was able to kick it in the last vote in years or so of his life. He was off of it that and so that led to some of those issues incorporate. Are you comfortable in sharing a little better. Your story wouldn't you had a real surprise coming for you. Yeah, absolutely no like I said, Robby said this is my first ever boot camp Brian.

I was fortunate enough to that God put Brian in my life and I didn't see coming. He sensed what I was going through now coming off of the separation headed towards divorce and just how low I'd gotten in this had been something that had been snowball in my entire life with the dad issues going on and just to start. No, I didn't have a abusive father, but the when I was 13 years old I found out that the dad died known as my dad the entire my entire life. In fact, wasn't really my dad and it's not something I could ever really come to terms with. Because I had a little brother who knew me as my brother. I didn't want him to think less of me. You know, because we weren't in no fool brothers and young things you think of when you're 13. So I just internalize it and never really dealt with it and I still to this day you haven't met my biological father and know growing up when you you don't have that in a you feel like you you're not good enough you know EE why didn't my biological elastic around why didn't he he he want me so I sought validation in everywhere. But what I needed to do. You know is before this. We cannot all be honesty and allied I was a huge skeptic in not really a believer at all and I was open about it to everybody.

I wouldn't you put people who followed Jesus down and I just roll my eyes and know it's in looking back I'm alive now.

After these past couple days of realizing a no wonder I was so empty now seeking validation all these empty places in you.

No wonder I was never fulfilled and was so low because I wasn't truly getting what I needed and God I am good enough for God to it's just been amazing couple days so I can really say that I think play a clip here in a minute that about up up a father whose son really couldn't speak much for himself but find it a couple ago.

You did the father by God talk yes I did before we go there did not say that my first boot camp was about five years ago I had a lot of the same experiences with father taught that others did.

Had a great father really did you know it wasn't until the boot camp that I realized some of the things I was missing in some of the ways that I become fatherless and I was really I just thought I could do it on my own.

Basically I learned a lot from my dad so but before we go there and I will save it. The topic is running with the father and I don't even think of toe Cory this but you know Monday morning. This was probably a month and 1/2 ago or so, I asked God in my daily reading in the morning and the gimme some opportunities today in me something that I can do for you. That's beyond myself that day Cory came to me and said he no longer wanted to work with us. He said I'm done, I quit. That wasn't until the end of the week that somehow he had came to his senses that he really needed to be with us and in a during that time I was given the opportunity to speak into a few things that I'd noticed and he was gracious enough to let me but if it were for me.

Walking with God during that Monday morning in a Cory would be here today at and I certainly wouldn't have the guts to even talk to him about it so we talk about running with the father that that's what were talking about it. Letting God guide us in our daily lives and really doing stuff for him matter and an interesting way of the father by God talk that you thought about that we learned at ransom heart as we begin to study for that talk I gave it myself a couple times last year, is it God is not the backup plan is the primary and we know we've used to click the butterfly circa several times on the show where the man without any arms and legs and is in the circus and you know he's complaining that everybody has a lot easier in the circus master says no you have an advantage because you know the more difficult the circumstances, the more glorious the triumph and in similar that with the father. You know you actually almost have an advantage by having God as your primary father from the beginning because is is you begin to run with him. You get a chance to see it now. We want to play this clip about this young man whose father was actually helping pushing him along in the sky was actually literally running with his father. January 10, 1962.

We knew it was something I really do not know exactly why the doctor says again, writing away in his delusion.

Having a vegetable for the rest of his life. I said no.

When I graduate and bringing home and bring them up like any other child. We knew it was night. We can tell by looking in his eyes, and we talk to me. You know he was paying attention to what we're saying we want to get soaring and communicate with us.

Anybody came to a house that night correct to say his first words everybody was betting you know what is the first which Rick is out of SA's mom saying hi mom and me to dance and I was behind dad Lawson was standing on the very first which Rick ever said was go bronze is my motivator. He inspires me. To me he's the one out there competing and just wanted him. I am my legs.

This is something competing with Rick that I can explain it, and when able to go faster. I mean, when I will have a very telling a lie and I mean they will realign 999 tell you that you know fee. If you was physically able to do something that he probably play basketball, football, Bithynia voices know the first thing you do is at least wish me makes me feel good. You know he appreciates you know trying to do to help him out and he do the same thing is fascinating picture to me on Sam that we counter that broken down kid in and in. If we allow him, God will push us. It into a phenomenal adventure. If we if we just realize that he's our father and we allow him to do that.

I think if we don't allow other things to distract us or tell us that we can know the thing that was really cool. Listening to that clip. Robby was just realize the ear of the extreme amount. A lot of that that that father Richard as first on Rick and how much more our heavenly father algebra is truly amazing when you can take that little glimpse of that compassion another that are true father in heaven has so much more than comprehend.

Since before the beginning of the world. You know he's been planning that we would have O'Brien we would have a Cory that we have a Harold and we have you listening always been planning that for years and when it gets more of that and running with the father.

When we come back. Stay tuned to master journey for more information is assumed that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine gain once again the mouse to PO Box 550 is set within each of us a masculine life and Christian John Eldridge is wild and let the rivers run with the dreamers, weight donations, so you running with God. You have a running story for Martin centers around know what you should not do. If you go to run with God.

But years ago I was going to have my two sons run with me and a 10k race course I build everything up to. In my mind. So they come for the race and we get started.

My oldest son gets frustrated very quickly and darts off ahead because the place is not to his liking. I was in good shape. My youngest son was not.

I With him and when we got within about 50 yards or so. The finish line. He dashes off and leaves me and I could've left him in any form and met race and then everything and I was so frustrated that you not here I come across the finish line by myself when my intent was to drag my boys with me across the finish line. So if you go around with God, don't run off ahead outfront at what Cory can you take us to these Olympics where Derek Redman and set up this this next clip.

This is another father that is going to come to the aid of the sun yeah definitely on 1982 Olympics in Barcelona and Derek Redman knew he was the favorite going into it you everybody thought on this is good to be his chance. He finally broke through.

He had some bad luck in previous Olympics and this is any chance you know this is the time he finally broke through and bad luck sets and again form, but it turned into really powerful story when the most memorable Olympics ever living moments ever actually I think most people seen it you know where the father breaks out of the crowd and Thompson helps his son across the finish line that we have here started interview with Derek. Years later to kinda discuss with you know what was going on his mind during this event on guys, I stop slowing down. I will three spies like myself. This is the hamstring is, and it was just like that's pretty much what stops whole life is not what is lost by seven on Sunday to finish it not for anybody else affinity for me. I was just about stop into the house tonight since his past, left outside and I had a very familiar voice. Derek is me and instantly I knew it was it was that me that he spent many standing on the sidelines and back. Don't worry I just said team life. I want to finish want to finish is getting back into life. Five. The job and I always make about that is the first lost only time to shout at my dad again like I was a kid he really got a quick smile around here is only now this is having on until the point of going over the line and walks through the line graph is on the fee and knives.

I was thinking about how that reflects the boot camp and so many different ways that particular clip in the throat through It brought up several times the Christian man gets up seven times where the non-Christian falls and never gets up well.

Derek got up ill.

That was the first thing that absolutely happened.

And of course as he began to hobble. You know it.

It drew everybody's heart, but the clincher is it if you were tried to hobble your way through something and then all of a sudden that your heavenly father come alongside CM and like Will Smith in bagger Vance. I've been here which are the whole time right now. You may little bittersweet boot camp and I always enjoy going on. And ironically, the Monday before we would typically show up on Wednesday to set up. I was taken out by not one but two hamstring is concerned about my hamstrings and I company outing playing paintball in the thing that was really cool over that time. Although I really truly know the fellowship with all you guys was the God and you came after my heart as the enemy would try to continue to tell me you're letting the other guys down.

You're not on your way, you're not doing you know what you should be doing or what God wanted you to do and I just would not be by end of that kind of note was there for now he'll be okay there be another boot now just walk this thing through with me now and I you know 99. I know for me and for Harold and those even running. I mean even though Cory knows you well is kind expecting you know that you can kind of tell Sam was there. Even though he wasn't there when you say Cory, absolutely and and Brian you are in a similar situation where the enemy was coming after you because you could make the boot camp. This time, but still it. I'm wondering your take on that yes I have a little story thereto.

We were at the Vance boot camp August my wife and I and argued about things. Long story short, I was not very happy with her, to say the least, but I really felt during that time with God in a certain session equipment. What was I just remember God saying you need to step down for this for just a season or whatever that meant. My wife was pursuing kind of a passion and dream of hers that I hadn't really let her do that.

So I stepped out for a season. I wasn't there either but Wish I was but nothing for me. God came after my heart as well. Dislike Sam fighting for my wife letting her do what she needed. She she found some amazing breakthrough where she was at this weekend though listening to God letting him delete my way know and I don't know this for sure, but if I wasn't if I was at the boot camp.

I don't know Cory would've at the same reaction. I'm not sure yet.

I was actually just about the you say that no at first I got there I was, was Mattice Brian was so mad on Thursday when I found out that your Sam wasn't to be there. I went in so you know I think Robby probably could sense it. I think the first yeah I said down the dinner table again. I was like this it may look a little distant identities closed off. I did not want to be there. I will yet in a better mood when you found out I was in Auburn and had it once I was. I found out regal over here now that I was good I had a buddy there, but it I don't think I would have either because in I would've probably just been trying to please you say. Being a boss instead of really listening and to these guys and boy they they knock down every single wall in defense. I had an really broke me down and I'm so grateful and it's grace expansive ever had in my entire life. I mean that in all sincerity to you Robby and you Brian, I just I can't even tell you how thankful I am yeah it's it's it's up I'm I'm often just blown away on how we can fall on her face so many different ways and honestly had a conversation like that with my own life. This actually lunch at an you live really really hurt her a couple weeks ago was something I said in the main, and at first I defended myself and and and then I found myself flat on the track right with hamstring poles and I realize that the man I was broke down and I really hurt my wife and you know it was kinda cool because God just pick me up and said you know you you can get real with her and tell her you messed up and that you're on your face and in an and got you know how to put it but it's like this intimacy that happened because I can admit that I was drastically wrong.

Six election, but I couldn't help but note that that unit running with God often you find yourself in the wheelchair or no flat on you know you're back in and and the beauty of it is that that makes him more the star in some ways right now. Yeah, I relate to your statement about hurting your wife unintentionally own my part as well as I'm sure yours, but the I have a real problem of trying to make sure that everything is correct guess goes to my computer programming background and so I've had a bad habit of when she says something and it's not exactly correct.

Make sure it is an that has gotten to be a real issue for us.

I've got to stop it. Got to stop it. I got a start running with the Lord and let him slap me upside the head.

When I start to do it well.

We were going to play the chariots of fire clipped in our the famous unite when I run I can feel God's pleasure, and unfortunately get to that, but I imagine many many of our listings of her data not as you consider that it's a fascinating thing to me that quite often you think your mission is to delete the boot camp or you think your mission is to go do this or that, but sometimes you can sit back and find amazing ways.

God made you where you can feel his pleasure just to run with them wherever it is that he takes you in the season with your flat on your back or you for your out there running like your little the Olympics.

We are so grateful that you would spend your Saturday afternoon with us here at the masculine journey we'd ask you to go to masculine journey for the upcoming book information.

We thank you for listening

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