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Joy Thief

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 17, 2018 12:30 pm

Joy Thief

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 17, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The heart of every man is a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

What a show.

I mean really today on the last winter I am so excited because the topic of the show, which actually Sam provided forces joyfully, but if you been following the masculine journey.

I'm sure your sharing our joy in what God is done in the life of Cory. After attending the boot camp a couple weeks ago and so you can imagine all of our prayers and I bet a lot of you who are listening's prayers, making sure that the joy thief doesn't come after Cory. So the good news is your answer your prayers were answered above and beyond the greatest expectations. Because this week you had some really unique joy.

Cory, could you share with our listeners with what happened with your grandmother you absolutely so I was so amped and pumped up coming back from boot camp called the first person I can know mine for some reason this was my great grandma Colene and I told her how sending them told eggs everything I experienced the amazing joy I'd fail at boot camp and she was just overwhelmed told, I want to get to church with her on Sunday and show up Sunday morning about 9 o'clock at her house and she had had something for me. She gave me my great-grandfathers Bible. He passed away in 2013 and I was super super close with him and Emmett really wrecked me when he passed and he was always a quiet man really spiritual. He was always reading his Bible and she gave me his Bible and I was flicking through the pages and in the back there's a little piece of paper with all these Bible verses written on it and things that he had and I guess felt the need to to write down and save and I opened it up and it happened to be a letter from me to him one from 1998 when I was in first grade that had wrote to him about how loved them and I missed in a new friend that kept that for all these years and it tucked when his Bible. My grandma had written little inscription in their about how she is presenting me the Bible and to use it as a roadmap on my on my walk with Jesus and and I was really overwhelming and just now I didn't always feel like I didn't get to talk to him enough to spend enough time with him before he passed in Yemen now is him flipping to the pages looking at things that he's marked in looking at the Scriptures that he's starred in highlighting she's I can't even describe the joy that it brings me to open it up every single day since family can't let this joy the rocks generally intermittently talk after that. Great story. There.

How much I lose my heart your work or look amazing at it. It's it's absolutely phenomenal and ended that in light your fire, your woods went right so to set this up for Sam and we can see how critical I mean a new believer like court and the last thing we want to have happen obviously is incitement come in there and steal something like that because it's like no other candles other slowly over the last time to literally lay around for my hamstrings a couple weeks ago have been laying around and tell me what you like Netflix you partly to started to think about the opening of joy. You know what things, and you look good for me but tends to be the hardest thing to hold onto you know and I know that that we intentionally want they can take joy only in the other thing all find it is not long after that. Hope all other things can fall in my life and a lot of people I know that joy is a critical and can it in my faith and in my walk and being aware of those things that that come in and feel that joy and is a part of that is where perhaps everybody in the studio is of Sam stories here in the last couple months you know that we can relate this to Bruce Almighty. Here you can share with this article is so you don't want to miss this a second data set that up like Sam is kind of experience. The bird published it firsthand, which is really sad because his son Eli was playing football.

It was really important fan. I mean it was something that they all kind of fellowship around because his big brothers in college, playing football, so Eli has a horrible problem with his knee ends up having knee surgeries out for the season and while there in the midst of that his son Caleb who is finally got to play there. You know it and all the sudden he gets a emergency appendectomy and ease out for a few weeks then were coming up the boot camp Sam Terrence Barthes, hamstrings, and he can't come to the boot camp and so were thinking that Bruce Almighty kind of applies here is Bruce had lost his job will actually quit well sorta got himself fired and another was the whole thing out on the you know the Niagara Falls. If you've ever seen the movie you know it's worth right now.

Let's think God Shelley for his blessings are raining down upon me. You know everything happens for a reason.

I don't that's cliché that's not helpful to me Bush Bush Bush I see. So some guys picking on you know he's ignoring me completely is far too busy getting everything he wants all that's great Sam which Mr. target here… Not gospel coordinates. I am not being a martyr. I dries a mean kid sit on a hill with a magnifying glass to fix my life in five minutes if you wanted to burn my feelers. What is completely understandable wrong but this take so much worse.

0K newsflash. I'm not okay okay mediocre job.

I'm not okay with a mediocre apartment and it is interesting you guys heard Cory speak a minute ago and core. You had a chance to listen that clip and I love your insight on that clip that you shared earlier about in essentially allotted, but most of our lives. We thought that God was God. He was the one with the magnifying glass yeah and I was thinking about this, I was finishing up while the heart on a heartless night and somebody just really struck me and really hit me.

You spent my whole life. You know I'm 27 now surrounded by the 20 something-year-old and I feel like the overwhelming theme that the enemy's place in society today is that you know God and Jesus are actually the ones who are that that the joy, peace, you know they don't want you to do this and want you to do that you can't do this we know what kind of fun is that and not I've never really realize until I started reading the Bible until I started being around you guys to started red while the heart that the true joy comes from you. Walking with Christ and walking with God and that that's real joy. It's not empty it doesn't lead you astray. There's so much joy I'm feeling and the discipline outgained in the strength that I found myself in. You really know all this false joy that the enemy's place in society that society success with now as I said, it's just that it's false it's empty the true joy comes from your walk with Jesus and learning with Jesus and learning just how much God loves you and you want to because of him wants to be your best friend and I've never never dawned on me before never I never realized Jesus is truly the life of the party and the you shared some scripture earlier that that I think is just absolutely relevant to the situation. Yeah, just in the prayer artist mention of unknowing sword. The Scripture in his presence there is fullness of joy and pride that Robbie challenged me with his like yeah that's great where that scripture from a Mike bit the biblical scholars that I am. I had no idea so I look at up and what's really cool about it was the first part of that verse it's it's Psalm 1611, from David to God, nieces, you'll show me the path of life in minutes and not put in there. Your presence is fullness of joy and then it goes on to say that your right hand are pleasures for evermore. What's cool about it though is that joy comes after he says is the path of life, and that's really kind of how it happened with me is my path was all screwed up. He showed me the path of life, and I can tell you personally. This year has been and I have more of more consistent joy walk consistently this year more than I have an out and probably my whole life and it was based on some understanding and for him and a realization that there is a thief comes to try to steal that joy and just recently have really been frustrated and stuff like that. It's probably appropriate for the show but it you know those attacks are to come. You become more aware of a mahout account from I get back in his presence and get that joy back but you know where all that.

If anything the enemy wants to take from us since our trust in God and in and just that joy that you give, you know who first brought that scripture to my understanding, my knowledge is Cameron Horner and those who don't know Cameron. He was 19 years old when he dove into Lincoln is currently paralyzed as an up wheelchair and I think if you asked Cameron what his favorite passages in and he quotes it all the time is in his presence is fullness of joy and if you know Cameron you can sense that here's a man that obviously you would think God burned office feelers but have it in his presence is fullness of joy and so here it is incredible effort.

It would been listening to the show on on Saturdays and and listen to it minutes. It's amazing how samadhi and that what is not an ideal situation, really, truly has a presence of joy of God in his life at so yes we can kinda see that one angle, but I don't know if you've ever considered that sometimes it's got himself, that is provoking. That is kind of allowing our dreams to be Christ allowing Satan to pull a full Job on us in order to get our attention of a wayward situation and so what we have I been processing that you see somebody like you know were to hear from the grin here in a minute. That famous song that you all probably could sing and I know I can have two high value for your comment and working at this morning that we got so much work coming from state to want to hear up in the air. This clip is provoking in your to be provoked.

On the other side of this. Assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on his informational website there that where you can click the button waking into masculine once again working to mail something to PO Box 552 7285 God has set within each of us a masculine line life give you that part and what is the Christian life have to do with any of joy, masculine journey radio based on John. While that's a great question. First, masculine journey radio farming as a you know you see Mr. Grinch easement after steal it, but sometimes it's part of God's trying to get our attention and found this clip from a movie up in the air and it to set this up George Clooney and this assist by the way, is pretty direct there there firing this man in them as their firing him as the clip starts.

He's holding up a picture of his kids and he showing them what am I gonna do about these and then they provoke him as to what may actually be going on with this joint. Even when you suggest I tell them you're underestimating the positive affect your career transition can have on your children positive effect make about 90 grand a year now. Unemployment is what 250 bucks a week that your positive effects and I guess without benefits will be able to hold my daughter as she know suffers from her asthma that I will be able to afford the medication for well shown that children under moderate, have a tendency to apply himself academically as a coping children's admiration is important to was doubt they ever admired a she supposed to be consoling me I'm not a shrink, wake up call. You know why kids love athletes because lingerie models. That's why we love athletes kids love athletes because they follow their dreams. Well, I can't talk and cook.

We talk about resume says that you minored French culinary arts students there were the fire at KFC you bussed tables ideal to support yourself and get a college and come to work here how much they first paid to give up on your dreams.

27 grand a year and when we going to stop and come back and do what makes you happy? I see guys who work at the same company for their entire lives guys exactly like you clock and a clock out. They never have a moment of happiness. You have an opportunity.

This is a rebirth not for you do if you children didn't say a massive provoking situation right there, but I know Larry Crabb wrote this book called shattered dreams in it and it really points to why sometimes God allows us to recalibrate it so distractedly get so involved in things we get our mindset in certain direct God provides a big opportunity maybe recalibrate a little bit of perspective. I know that that really what happened for me. I know we talked a little bit earlier, probably about some of the joy thieves. The not play my own part in that time, you know, of allowing my joy to be so though I know we might talk more about that. That's really just come to conclusion for me in the last couple weeks.

You know, laying in bed thinking how awesome he is. I lost the dealership and II certainly thought my joy been stolen and and certainly a lot of money was stolen but as I look and look back at that now I can see God had something so much amazing and all these things that I didn't have to even I had dreams. I didn't even know I had dreams that I thought at the time and it was the end of the world, but he had another plan so Jim you've got this if somebody's got a play at the Knights tale movie clip. Now it's just your father know you love my still so much I probably would've brought it up earlier. This is we have William Thatcher who was a peasant, but his dream has been to become a knight and he does it successfully until I find out is a peasant and he loses everything and by the end of this clip he's in stocks and being taunted by the other peasants for faking it. But the P by going through that embarrassment and that losing his joy in his dream comes out on the other side okay which will easily sleep on my whole life to break them in Liechtenstein. His debate for spoiler alert Jim what happens. Well when argument split lip.

He basically chooses not to run but that's the smart thing to do. He's caulked and he goes and fights anyway and in the stealing of joy to me. Nobody can steal your joy. Nobody can steal your peace. You can have situations that you feel like you're going to take it away, but you put it down. You don't have it stolen.

Yes, there is an enemy of our souls trying to set us up for the failure that losing it is our choice. Same as I listened that clip. I'm sure like me when you hear William whatever his name was was, not just born to disregard the rules. He was born to break them. It reminds you of something that isn't here with us in the studio tonight and people that are different friend, but you take all the years that the right time and in the right place all I I find it fascinating that the very gifted and will talk about in confidence. You don't know he would gladly sit right now there is not a rule breaker library there. I am to say and world-class just a poser but often that very gift which is a gift is what comes under phenomenal attacks at end and we can see that in Darren's life, but because he was born a break so many rules and you know I think he's he's had an entrance and all our lives with you.

Note, partially understating the gospel from this perspective were all broken and often that comes from breaking the rules, and often it just comes from situation but Jesus puts us back together and gives us that joy and that peace that we so desperately desire so we got here from grandma because we heard from Corey's grandma will earlier so we want to hear from parenthood and Steve Martin gets a little less whether a nine-year-old pop-up best we could have had 12 million well this half for the fourth v. Larry will know things sometimes miss sometimes. Sometimes they will sometimes apply Massey's so messy.

He took me a coaster. Oh damn. 09. What a great story again. I could make these so Sam didn't like it just goes around nothing. I like the roller coaster get my soon as I listened to that, Jim. Honestly, I thought so much of that has to do with the risk, and if you will risk the roller coaster then that will scare you into almost the joy of being in his presence. In other words, when you risk really going out on this invention got running go out and try to do a boot camp.

See what happens on your lively get both your hamstrings pulled in your neck broken. I may not. You know you go out and you take risks that you know are going after man's soul something worth dying for, and you're jumping aboard the roller coaster but this fear the scare those things actually put you right back to where you gotta be on Uni. No risk reward works at so many levels and it's in the Bible basically were told were not willing to give up these things for Christ. We have no part of the family. Gotta give his last word.

You're the one who is in all the pain in the middle of all that read the middle of the middle of all throughout her spell heart to hold on the perspective know that life is a roller coaster, but the good thing is we build it there that's running it when they're going to get it that other we don't know how we don't know when we don't know all the terms little happen there with the perspective yes we do. One of the things it will help us do that is to be part of the so we would love you to connect to the master and turning radio mask and turning or you got a man in your life that you would like to be part of the brothers like to get to boot camp, masculine turning We would love to hear from you. We are so you would listen to stay with so much fun doing it to something to listen and turn

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