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Christmas Invasion

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 15, 2018 12:30 pm

Christmas Invasion

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 15, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man is one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge boardrooms masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Well Sam, it's Christmas eve EV VV VV somewhere in there he leaves as well. Apartment about to leave you lots of leaves and as we prepare here today on the masculine journey.

A little different topic, then maybe you've heard it Christmas before calling this one Christmas invasion and that's probably not the kind of invasion you're thinking about, but actually what Jesus was doing, I was liking the probably thinking about home alone but now that I think they should not not harassing you a little bit bigger. This is not to do with materialism.

This has to do with really the way.

Perhaps you envision Christmas when you envision Christmas. Are you thinking of Jesus in the manger. Are you thinking of Silent Night are are you seeing what was really going on that night. From the standpoint of the kingdom finding a beachhead and actually something spiritual, bigger than D-Day, way bigger than Omaha Beach tried to remain law Sam you know I'm here know exactly how your perspective is and I know that I didn't have this perspective are very very long time and John Eldridge and and the Grigorenko heart and open and a lot of our eyes.

It wow this is really what was going on earth, but it's amazing that you get the totality of the story even says it in revelations.

In fact if you look at chapter 12 of Revelation. It says mother child Dragon in war. That's the intro and it says a great sign appeared in the heaven. A woman clothed with the sign of the moon under her feet member hadn't counted 12 stars she's pregnant crying outburst pains in agony to give birth another sign appeared in heaven a great fiery red Dragon that had seven heads and 10 horns and seven Royal Crown Summit said his tail sweeps away 1/3 of the stars. I haven't it hurled and earth. Now the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that whenever she gave birth to he might devour her child is at the picture that you think of Christmas we have got a cliff that we show at boot camp and we talked about this in the larger story of what actually was going on that night in Bethlehem was a little bit more like this scene from saving Pvt. Ryan on Omaha Beach as these guys were getting ready to unload and and again it's is you here what happens at the end of the machine gun fire.

There's a lot of death and just like in Bethlehem that the following days after Jesus's birth. There were a lot of mothers whose babies were unaware of Cory in the studio today with Cory when you saw that the first time that movie saving Pvt. Ryan. What was it like to see that kind of pledge under the first time I saw when I was little, actually.

I threw up it was so graphic and is just crazy. Think about what those men went through that day Mrs. at I didn't know how they did it.

I really don't Ryan and he is as you think about it. If it says clearly in Revelation that the Dragon was standing there ready to devour this child. Whenever you hear here that clip lately. Well I would definitely they were being devoured by the data. Devour up a lot of what I what I would occurred two to be able to stand and be able to to take the fight to the enemy of incredible man of courage and believable dedication laying down our lives for spelling and felt work on. Laura P: and effeminate to the earlier that would likely would have ended if they know they had it up and did that but the parallel to the Christmas story to me so much we dislike of Silent Night, holy night in the peaceful things of Christmas, but currently this article debated and we could tell what Robbie was saying the invasion happened.

The fallout was that you know how the children were sacrificed killed to prevent the Savior from coming in with a monumental event, but it wasn't just the night before thing where you so accustomed to it Christmas. I love the pizza Christmas.

I love all those things about it that it was definitely without black lemming. It was there would definitely fame of the sacrifice and adeptly came with more fair and Bob and Harold, do you hear that generation affect to throw that in there that some of us were around in the 40s when that was going yes I was almost 6 months, so the Germans behind, so no I was I was after that generation. I was was a scary was to you and knowing that he hundred 500 wind where we were for when D-Day happened, you still have any nose over than that when D-Day occurred, but I have vague memories of soldiers on the train when no train would come to the little town where I lived and I rode appeared in North Carolina with my grandmother and my great aunt when I was just really young toddler because my aunt had married a soldier and he was stationed at Fort Bragg and we came up to Southern Pines where they live. As I have some vague vague memories of of that time but I was awfully young and is here you seen that movie and you seen that clip and have had a chance to experience his course you grew up in that the completely different time. I'm I'm curious your thoughts about the correlation between the two will to me. It sort of mirrors what's already been said, I can imagine what it would be like to be there on that LST had mentor debates. No one that those machine guns are up there just waiting for the door to drop would be terrible. I was so I thought I was going to be a warrior. I was planning to be a pilot in the Navy until my sweetheart bail me out of that. So I never really experienced warfare and I think that was a blessing God had in mind for me that I was spared both of those wars. What we got another clipping you may wonder, will Robbie why you what's the point now where, why, look at Christmas and this light, what, what's really going on.

And so it we want to play another clip from World War II. Actually this is from a movie called fury when these guys are in a tank and department.

If you haven't seen the movie and it is there's little bit language movie but the movie is amazing and these guys are realizing that their lives are about over. There's several maybe even a thousand or so Germans had their way there and one tank. There's all kinds of armor coming their way and their mission is near the end of the war is just hold this one piece of property which has a lot to do with kingdom. If you think about it because the kingdom is advancing it all has to do with holding ground and so these guys have to hold this important piece of ground with one tank against you literally thousands of Germans in all sorts of armor and so is there facing that struggle. This is a conversation in the tank that might be a little tight around the hangover chunk of the day, drink it and preach knowing who knowing is Roger Sancho you is Bible verse I think both in terms many times it goes.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, who shall ascend and who will go for us and I said here my send me checks you some five machine age. She accidents warning this part is that something or had Jim, but that the humor that that he saw in him, knowing that Bible verse. Well the person that quoted it was, not known for his reference. We could probably leave that, but excuse me, they were a group of men that were in it was close to the door and I knew it, but they were going to do that job that they loved against overwhelming odds, which is what Jesus came into yes he was God. And we know he's 100% God is also human and he had to be protected from the stuff going on in this world, running away with his parents use with Egypt get away from the violence that was directed toward writing during the break is your thinking about that clip and I hope you're well. Think about where you've been in a situation like that, you can save best job you ever had because you are with a band of brothers in fighting for something worth dying for Coming up 21st to 24 to Drilling is assuming that my son Eli.

We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click button waking into masculine mouse and PO Box 552 7285, the heart of every man is a great adventure but like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey radio Saturdays at noon. Right here on the truth as a D-Day invasion have you seen really what was happening as the kingdom was advancing and if you think that D-Day was unbelievably horrific from a standpoint of loss or whatever. Think about the 12 minute walk with Jesus. If you heard the story of what happened to them and others were things and get shot. I can assure you.

Although we don't actually know how John the apostle died. We do know he was boiling oil before he went to ballot Patmos and oh my goodness, I mean it was brutal. It was it was horrific. But if you could picture with me a minute Sam you're sitting on the beach eat fish with Peter, James and John. Best job I ever had. Right thing and I think the limits of that danger. You know when you're fighting for a bigger because you know in their up against the enemy. You have your God in front of you got beside your God behind those overwhelming and in others can be casualties, and you may be one of deftly worth fighting for, and curious is I so interested in your viewpoint because number one, you don't even know Maxwell smartest stuff this is terrifying to me that the world has come so fast by me that I document guys you don't know what get smartest, but that's okay, but you do as this is your first Christmas to see this from this angle and what you dictate what you take on this topic was explained to me in the way that you guys have explained it is made so much sense to me and I loved it. The way that it was explained enough feel like since you have started on down. This walk started on this path that no song sometimes like I'm behind enemy lines, though the warfare they just don't you know mutually give your heart over and you want to make a difference especially you want to help other people like it is based on edge every single day. So it's really hard is warfare not gingerly mean warfare because not only you have the enemy hurling stuff at you, but you also got to make some taking on some uncomfortable pass.

I've gotten to where I'm truly figuring out that I got become comfortable being uncomfortable because he's God doesn't want you to be comfortable all the time you're your path he wants for you isn't something that you want is what he wants and so is a lot of stuff that you know is is it we can become uncomfortable from time to time. So that's really quickly when I'm learning as I'm walking there is a wonderful pastoral quote I'm sure every one of them is heard in most abused in a pastors job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. All usually here at the other way around, and we really do need to get out of our comfort to get into the battle absolutely and so now we got another clip for your contemplation.

It is from the movie glory which here we have a whole company of you know of in the in the Civil War of black soldiers were finally given the right to fight like men and and actually is. The story is that they will all die in the battle that they are fixing to go into but the night before the battle there is a prayer session. I think everybody listen to to kinda hear their viewpoint on what they were facing that night long and grace. Now all my right, and you will know no famine.

My mama is only his family had gotten closer for a much matter what happened, remaining yes and we would be remiss if we did take you up on your Civil War understanding the 54 when he said he loved the 54 that they were something to that. They have gone through and this was pretty much their trial by fire, but they had gone through a lot of abuse to get there and it was a group of men that went into horrific circumstances as brothers and now I don't doubt this order printer took place in reality and in the movie everybody's killed and the reality that was 40% casualties wounded missing dead but that had few parallels in the war and for a unit that was brand-new to do that going up against veterans was amazing and it was a matter of doing it for the right reasons. Following God, yet it actually just uses manual labor and them along with their offices. No, we want to fight. We don't want to just work and had to fight to be able to get and I love that I act. I thought about it ever since I got the clip was warm anyway and that statements way above not being called a boy in my opinion is way above other things that you could possibly think of. In that, but the real thing is happening there is a real man will put his life on the line for something that really matters.

And these guys were real men think of what they are doing is they're fighting for one another, even more so than their fighting for the bigger cause like I said earlier I was spared any warfare myself served in what I refer to as advanced Boy Scouts, which was Alabama air National Guard the time, but what I've heard many times from those who have been in the war situation is that there fighting for the guy next to and that's why sometimes the stories come out where someone will dive on top of a grenade, knowing that that is going to be there and wished them save their buddies so is as you think about okay Robbie I Christmas I and and I couldn't help but reflect myself as you like. I went into this year and I would hope you would do you would join me in the coming year to asked Jesus, what's my word for the year and actually eat. We talked about this in January that he gave me the word prosperity, which at the time he being a whiner than I am. I was like really couldn't have a better word disparity on antisatellite prosperity guys just didn't sound like anything I wanted to study but as he showed me more and more throughout this year and I five church this word throughout the year and looked at it time and time again you get that Matthew 11 verse where it says since the time of John the Baptist the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and forceful men take hold of. When that forcefully advancing is the idea of biblical prosperity, the kingdom, forcefully advancing, but if you look in the book of Joshua where it gives you some idea on how you get this prosperity because he's obviously you know God is outlining to Josh for what needs to happen and he keeps telling him you gotta be courageous and you gotta be strong and courageous. Be strong and courageous and then you will prosper and keep the wording and and the idea there actually from the Heberling Hebrew is almost like Jacob as he latched onto the angel with all he could have that be strong and very courageous means that idea of latching on. And if you look at the 27th Psalm is a beautiful picture of wait on the Lord and that word wait when you really study it, you'll find out is like a rope that you're supposed to twist into the Lord.

And as you twist into the Lord then you will have the strength and the courage to latch on for all you have in this sense the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing. If you have a hold of all that you're going with that. And not only are you going with that, but you're tied together with your band of brothers if you will walk into the unity of other men or or people of the church that are willing to go into that battle with you and and that's the picture I sent through the one I like to get on the blue side of the peaceful silent night holy night all on the truth of what really happened that day in all the people that came before us to fight the battle and in process step in and fill are part of that role by the hearts of others and the freedoms of other anti-definitely do not think I think we do a particular time word that the enemy liked isolated people may not have family or whatever you think though all the gospel now brings us together in the war that were in come together and be no community. That's what that together as a whole, and I think it important that we remember that we really need to say that it is community that we have talked about a great opportunity this Christmas for somebody present that will last forever.

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