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Advance Words 2018

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 29, 2018 12:30 pm

Advance Words 2018

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 29, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge in life. The masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way and something worth dying for, grab your gear quest band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Well Sam, as you might imagine, here we are on New Year's eve eve EV 303 right so it's like the three phases of New Year's Eve that exactly so it's not like to revisit the pond and work. Lastly, actually we got a show this week, which really have been looking forward to the show all year in a way and that we did a show beginning of year where we had asked Jesus for an advanced word somewhere we could go with him this year a place that he would wanted to take us on the adventure and all the guys on the show today whether Sandy and Brian and Jim and myself all entered into that adventure and ask and we all got word and so and then there's me that Sam got our dear word was drive. :-) Sam was on the road all year long and was a tough year for Sam so were really grateful here of mass concerning the same a lot more in 2019, but I wanted to go back in with these guys. They got a word and kinda talk about the adventure of where God took him along the lines now. John Eldridge talks about his podcast where you go on in prayer sometime this time of the year.

Since we wanted to do this to give you a chance to do it for 2019 and begin the just in prayer in a good place when you're in a position to listen, ask God what would be one word kind of an advance word for 2019 or you want to go with me on the adventure and so we gotta click to set that up, which actually has to do at big Jim's word, which was listen and is from the book born alternative and Jimmy want to set up the clip ultimatum item well to set up the clip.

This shows the consequences of not listening that's probably all the set up unique actually listen any little as well and really didn't. But as you listen to the clip.

Think about this.

Can you imagine being in such a relationship with Christ. That being so close to him that you're getting second by second instructions second by second words to help you navigate so essentially the bad guys don't take it out which in and then as you listen right at the end of this clip will note that they see that it is a guys name born Jason Boyson board at night and when they realize that this is the Christ characters are like Jesus right at and they realize that there outclassed and believe me, when Satan realizes that you're getting that minute by minute word.

It's a sympathetic luck. I got nothing for me is you right is a guys got him Jason born in the thing I didn't set up properly, regret is that the demand that Jason Bourne is speaking to these giving them instructions is got a phone where he's hearing all this stuff you know constantly to know what to do, but at same time the other voices that you hear are essentially the Satan characters and and note that they are getting instructions and and and their following their instructions and their being told what to do and when you when you go into real warfare.

Guess what Deming communications.

A big part of that and and Jim that was your work this year. Listen was my word and I was really excited with the undertook this project because I just had a it was a Christian but a secular program on coming up with a life word and a word for the year so I was excited, gung ho, jumped into it and as I often do, I got lazy about it now. Words bit on my wall year and I see it every once in a while and I would respond to it. So yeah I'm supposed to be listening but and that really is twofold. I do counseling and is critical to listen to people, but often all up for all of us. Instead, listening were thinking of what will site next instead of paying attention to what's being told and we do that with God to buy myself all the time trying to anticipate what God's going to say and/or know what should I say to God to get what I want as opposed to getting what he wants, which is Sam and I was, I think about this concept. You know when I'm in a crisis, obviously right then I want to listen. I want to hear. Tie your shoe and whatever. So I keep from getting killed but this advance ID is more of hearing something of where he really wants to go with me this year absolutely thinking back to the stories you know David is asking for advance words before he goes to battle and I mean you really see that manifesting it one time, God tells them to do it this way in the next time God tells them to do that.

When is against the same enemy in the same location basically and in God's and unaware him to do this one differently and for me, I'd probably charge into battle in the go know God. What I do now and I really relate to that, the Jason Bourne clip from this last year because I do live in that moment by moment. I did this year that moment by moment. Okay, God, what now united in he was there he was faithfully there for me in those in those many situations. I'm really looking forward to this next year of having an advance word and I'll add along with the every day.

Every situation words were God's got a really just be there soon okay I don't know what to do with us. What I do now and I'm not faceless on the force. I really need some help here. One of now it's really cool to walk with a band of brothers and you know that with their worthless and Brian is here with us and Brian your word this year just really almost was jealous when I heard it tell us what you had this year. My word was believe I first heard that where they clearly but really didn't quite know what it was that God wanted to say he not prayed about it over and over. I thought I knew little bit really wasn't until probably last week.

To be honest with you that I really realized totally what he's trying to get me to believe the ultimate question. I think that I've had to grasp here in the last week is do I really believe that I can do this. This meaning life in general work, family, kids, wife behind you have.

Thanks. Now, but the ultimate question is not really cannot do it, but can I trust God that he can do it through me so.

Quite honestly, over the last week. Kind of just been pondering that he knows not me. That does anything with God through me.

I read a lot about Moses this past week. Moses based basically says you have but I can't do it. You know I can't talk I can't. Whatever. But I'm God says I'll do it through you and that's just been really cool over the last week to kinda get an end to this December. Nina finally realizing what he sent them emanate clip from the movie the apostle Paul, which just came out and I know we never used to clip from it. And in this scene that the Roman centurion is questioning. Paul and I believe Luke about their faith what they believe and I don't want to miss.

There a couple little things in it that are that that the centurion is trying to say. Will Roma's got this in Romans… And you're obviously born in chains, and when he looks at the comparison. It looks like you got nothing, and I believe Luke character challenges him when he tells them all that listen carefully says the animal. What does the Empire have to do for your sick daughter. He doesn't actually say your sick daughter. But what does the Roman Empire have to do with the sick daughter and that still enrages the centurion you know that he wants to kill and so if I can. Was it only seemed to define employment centers was to attempt to destroy virus is Sam, not just as things piercing through.

He's only the truth.

According to you two are the only truth. Everyone would be so Christ was to rise from the dead, many still do not rise applications. If Christ had not risen from the dead and preaching is useless and so is our faith, you have no doubts at all and did not die for things they don't serve a God who is a lover of the gods, and yet I see before me, so no demeaning chance. I similarly of beatings and few see present centers. I deserve God's grace and half to be reached by life which is sometimes not be one does not take an intelligent man to look around and know that the world is missing something in question the greatness of Ron St. John is from the word and extended question was Lee is and you know that's kind of where he often takes us. Brian 22 to demonstrate what real faith is, is to a place where we don't believe in order to enter into belief yet lauded times this year have been taken out of my comfort zone. Every tenant in God. So to have time to go to mass and journey register for the upcoming boot camp and still be in 2018. So get that coming up. Got a lot more of advance words, state is assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that he where you can click button tweaking into masculine gain to mail something to PO Box 559 what God does journey radio close off each person is feeling I was having this mask. I was hiding behind never heard can't go to master and journey and will be singing Owings before we hardly know it right Sam, I mean it's it's coming right around the corner sister three days with 33 and so leverage in advance words, we heard listen when we heard belief and interestingly as we finish out this year. I'd heard this said, and you had to Andy that when you get a word you know sometimes got to community venture.

You can't hate to turn loose of it that it's been so much fun to spend time with God there this year and absolutely will see what the future holds. I haven't really prayed. Been busy and I really haven't Bradenton Tyndale uses last two weeks of the year to really dig in but my hope is this either the same order something linked to it because it has been a good year my my word this year as I came into the year I talked about last week was prosperity and what I mean. I can't even begin to tell you about the joy that I've had and seeds unravel that word for me and subtly different ways in so many different adventures.

Even the in our boot camp or wheat we saw the advancing of the kingdom where peanut core came in the kingdom and and and and we saw that in an and it's just been one of those years that he kept showing me be strong and very courageous, and carve out you don't twist into me, and abide in me, and the idea prosperity is advancing advancing the kingdom and kingdom is forcefully advancing and forceful men take hold of it and with that you're going with essentially almost a patent beyond patent character.

Christ, it's bringing the kingdom forward so as I was thinking about that I couldn't help after Harold talked about last week how you knock a chicken and chicken out when you're actually in the moment a battle when God puts you in this place and so this patent clip just speaks volumes and volumes and volumes on warrior on band of brothers and what it means to true prosperity in advancing the kingdom that I know whether or not I am sure you that you will not way you put your hand a bunch of face messages saying that we are holding that we are constantly in no stress and Harold. You know, last week you talked about this very concept of what a band of brothers. What happens you know when they see their brother down. Then all of a sudden there from there capable of phenomenal courage that they had no idea it was in yellow so been portrayed in love the movies were been known that they would particular the Vietnam war they would wound man knowing that his buddies would come to get him and then they could try to get them as well. And it's funny about that warrior mentality. One time I thought that was what I had and was looking forward to a career in the Navy and the thing about the band of brothers so this is been great for me, it will. We are not fighting a physical or what we're fighting a spiritual war, and I've learned so much from my association with you guys.

Things that I didn't know before and for those of you out there listening, I would encourage you to consider coming to boot camp getting involved with your own band of brothers. If it's on us because we need all the help we can find and animate them to demonstrate how this how God orchestrates you guys got this orchestra is going on. Absolutely beautiful.

So he gave me the word right, prosperity, and he's been teaching may be strong and very courageous. Now I come to these meetings every week and I begin to try to fathom things things and I'm trying to understand and I got my brother Jim here in one week. I realize that something to do with advancing of the kingdom of prosperity has to do with the word shalom and I'm trying to figure out what is this word mean and my brother Jim says what.

Well, I've told you one of the family talk about this couple weeks ago one of the words I got in seminary from our Hebrew professor was one of the meetings of shalom's death to your enemies. You're actually with wishing that persons enemies are defeated sent out see Jim doesn't necessarily see this because he says oh I don't know where I got, you know, but he was listening to me right where my mother missing some and he was listening to his professor which and in which that think that that little piece of insight has been phenomenally valuable to me as I think through this year and I go separate unit death and biblically as separation from your enemies, and so much of what spiritual warfare is is getting abiding in Christ and coming into that place of waiting on Christ. Incomplete Quach, and separation for your from your enemies. And so, and in interestingly Andy, your word plays into my word as well in your word for this year was it was clarity right and then you can say wow I mean does that play into everybody's word that that would that what we were working with this year when you I guess you know talking about things that actually bring the kingdom together and in at least these words are to relate but it's cool how God knows us as a band brothers. I puts the words together. You know, and clearly I don't know for him to do the clip right away. But you know when I got that word nothing will stand in the shower versus real revelatory. You know it's not like I was downloading at Fraser here yeah yeah TMI right so it was really profound and when I first heard it. I thought I thought this the purpose of it was was really been separated for quite some time and thought it was more like okay what's next steps for my life but it became so much more than it more about my involvement with the group in the clear clarity and in my position with the group. My job my relationship with Christ in a deeper way. Think you guys probably seen a lot of that in the past year was probably the greatest year of spiritual growth. I've had many cut it all came about because of of clarity of learning from you guys. A lot of clarity came from you guys. As the band of brothers and United States get it, that clarity John and the team talk a lot about clarity and interpretation of events and stuff it help me see things from the past on talk about past, present and future. I got as much clarity on the path as I did about what's to happen in the future.

So the school and how do you feel about turn unless your word this year yeah yeah as far as that do not dog like a Salomon to continue on or see some kind of continuation of that with the same thing, thing I don't want to presume anything in listening but I do definitely know such an important word to me this year and I don't necessarily want to let it go set up this clip okay so it's it was one that I didn't use any original thing we talked about that are worded to begin a new year, but it's it's from chariots of fire. It's about Eric Lindell who is going to compete in the 1924 Olympics is trying to make the decision whether he should run or sit whether he should be a missionary and his sister is really pushing him to go on the mission field, but this is where he gets clarity on what his purpose is at the time, all running to fast channel change of gotten stand. I believe that God manifest politics for China is also making.

When I run a splash to hold in contempt.

He will write just fun to win stuff on PSO Sam as we head back into the end of the year and we think about clarity in listening and prosperity and it's it's an invitation.

It is actually are and how my word for next year and share with you guys will do that next week when we talk about the word for 2019. But it was weird guy knew he would talk about the shows originally coming up in and so I asked God to us pretty quickly and it was like boom there was a word like while you are here. That's you have to be in the shower to get it is actually working in the middle of something and I just like us.

I knew really talking about and I knew I didn't really do that. This past year and I missed out on on probably something God had in store for me in this looking at what's in word and sadist boom, here's one. It's kind I'm excited. I'm nervous. I really don't know what that's gonna look like Jim you year Dino well I guess I need to be cleaned here clear.

I appreciate you.

I know that that that I just want to invite the listeners. It's a bold thing to asked Jesus what you know, where do you want to take me in 2019. What's the word that that you and I can share and John would tell you put it on your computer as you do. I put it in my daily prayer of myself because I know that's where I'm going every day and so you know I had it throughout there in a couple different places to try to minnow engage into that prosperity and and what that meant for me this year and I to have a word for next year's organs share those in the first show of 2019, which I'm very much looking forward to doing but I I would really just say that that I just think this is one of the neatest things that we got to to do together as a team this year. Andy and I really look forward to, you know, the more participation in 2019 and and and maybe even taken upon it Midsummer to say okay. Where will you know where we at the summer and in the words that we were given an and where that's going and when I think about 2019. What hope is we know we got the chance, and we know we got new men that they could be engaged in working to see God do some amazing, advancing and not enough any Greek geese that might need in a little anime, but we could be masculine dirty register boot camp March 21 two the 24th

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