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What Boot Camp Isn't

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 19, 2019 12:30 pm

What Boot Camp Isn't

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 19, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey were very glad to have you with us today. We were so excited about the show were talking all went to the music started to go. It is true in and of the product is. You know what time of day it is Sam I three, someone somewhere yeah I said yeah I you are all over the place was lunch time.

Yeah, maybe you're just hungry or dehydrated or something that wasn't like till the morning is a form of cancer cannot clearly see that while untimely can become on it and that is little bit of a long time. I need a nap if you just got up probably about that time you hear it for the show starts. Okay, that's it. You talking unlike any he picked up and start your great. Yeah, you can have all the other guys.

Today's topic is is really exciting actually was actually never done this topic. I've never heard a show like this. Yeah yeah you it is very hard to explain his and I'm sure you faced it when someone comes up and says hey I heard about this boot camp thing.

What is it exactly. It's kind of hard to explain. It's almost easier to do today and say what is in it. What is not. This is one of the camp isn't asked, and a lot of fun doing yeah Cory had some thoughts before you came your first boot camp on what it might be likely anywhere near where the NW like nothing at all like what I what I pictured going into it and all units by going to Menzies Street thereby has different expectations and want to talk about that today what you can expected guide. Read the book while at heart. Before with my first one and it which is always a good idea. You know were supposed to do that and I had read it before went but I still did not expect what ended up happening in.

I thought is going to get there is really kind of hoping that we wouldn't have to be in a group setting. Talk to people because is really the point. I told Adela some stuff on my own as a phrase can be what was happening to Scott here in this first clip is forced to share a little bit about his heart. I love you dad. Newcomer stated a witness. Say hello to Scott and his father Mr. Eva actually Dr. hello everybody. So Scott, when we start with you things you here with us today… Really met my dad for the first time five days ago I was partially frozen his whole life.

Beautiful that you can meet. He comes back and now he wants me to take over the family business. Scott) take over the world. When I die.

This is going to take over the world. When I die, feels like sometimes tested to Scott. I know I was thinking I like animals.

No, maybe like working a pending suit and even petting zoo. I just think like he hates me. I really think he wants to kill me. Scott reminds sometimes the is quite astute. I really am trying so far successfully quite widely like his old man talking for redoing my first boot camp and read the book while the heart and was really struggling to try to find what my wound was in and I think deep down somewhere, and I knew what it was in my fear at the time was I was you have to talk about it right and so God was very gracious at first boot camp for me. I honestly even though there were a lot of people there. I rarely talk to anybody, and I really just wanted to be time with God and I announce my first boot camp experience was exactly what I needed, which is probably different than any of you guys this first experience there but I was afraid it was going to be all about the sessions right now share these things that I didn't know that I was ready to share in and in God's grace. He didn't call me to share any of those things until it was time for me to share and I won't say that I was comfortable in sharing those things when he called but it was the right timing. Nonetheless, nonsense for me that was one word we had this clip it was really that's what I was afraid it was going to look like my first experience I had no idea what I was getting into and it was good mass for a nicer setting, but I was told by a good friend you have to go do this and we were on our way to Alaska called in the missions there and this just happened to be about the time we were supposed to arrive. It turned out I had to flop earlier it was in a beautiful camp which was know Bernard may think it's the name of it had to drive as far as you could. At low tide from June to get there if you didn't go at low tide. You didn't get there except by boat, but just beautiful setting, but I had no idea what I was getting into and I've been to hundreds of different Christian things and it was a shock.

It was so different from anything else I've ever gotten.

It deftly was the one things and answering about the story I'd get back from the wound session you know and and we come back and at that particular camp you come back and you and go to dinner that evening and I go to dinner that evening. I found some great breakthrough with God on the side of mountain and you don't stuff and and one of the two guys actually knew there and I worked with walk in a sit down with me dinner.

He's like hey what you want really like yeah not ready to go there yet.

It is kinda walked away. That was all that whole fear. It was then returning to the dentist come right after we got it just given me important. He was there to protect me with that as well yeah so you my first recap and add to the store. I think at boot camp out in the radio by night before I left.

The only two things I knew was that it was religious and that I did not want to be there.

Cancel that to my mom and she was so happy how my gosh you just like that's amazing. You have been praying for than just I'm I'm so happy are you going to houses like as a complete unbeliever like did not believe it all mean I expected to be pressured. I expected to be no just pushed and prodded in. You know you need to be saved and that's what I was really expecting that the whole time out of it going into it and never once was a pressured what I think we need to get this clip because I think this is what you were fearing this clip and will come back and talk about what that actually was like for you and it wasn't this trying to find it I wasn't ready stand a sinner here looking for salvation I new member class is sinner here looking for, yes, thank you for coming. We will yes you can hear you say is yes you come here and you are good and well but you have also brought your bad habits as a backslider you've lusted after women and you have abandoned your child your child that you will raise all because he was sick and you have seen just say I am a sinner say aloud, I said I was say it loud and Jesus Christ is in the right context. All that stuff you announcing there's times to confront the enemy and all the things we talked about the little bit of what you're afraid it was him a look like that week is exactly exactly right. And I think the best thing that I realized about boot camp and why I'm so passionate about boot camp down what I've been trying to tell everybody about boot camp now is that is exactly what I did not need next why my whole life I'd turn from even mentioning going to church or anything possessing exactly what would push me away. Some like that. It took going to boot camp and see what happens at boot camp and the relationship that you build it boot camp for me to truly understand a relationship with God and want and desire relationship with God. Stuff like that would push me away, and another there's people out there that are probably just like me that would just that's just another cup of tea at all anything remotely resembling that. One of things you said that really caught my ear as you are expecting a religious experience and for me it was it was a relationship experience and I wonder if anybody really had a religious experience. There not, I think it all depends on how someone defines religious right for me the spirit of religion is not a great thing and I Jesus preaches against that. There's lots of that. It was a spiritual time. Very much a intimate spiritual time, but it was not a religious time and that speaks a little bit taught.

My expectation was that there was can be not preaching like that, but just preaching. After preaching two or three days of all this preaching music and all people worshiping whatever that looked like what I did not experience less or what I didn't expect was the time with God and how that was set up in the wilderness experience was really what was the game changed absolutely and again what were talking about just joined us. We were talking about is what camp isn't rights of these clips in your hearing is not what to expect.

There is some of the opposite of that need new masking journey registrant boot camp, but I believe it's March 20-24. Register now is the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Lily smile that he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it meant something to box 550. What God does journey radio closed off each person's shift away feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind camp go to masking journey and and and and and and is worried it's it's always a joy for me and I can explain why I love to get weird clips and you would not expect this is literally talk about boot camp and that's where these guys were right, which was with my confusions and why they even call this thing you still going to march a high map time before I give you my sleep so you know that was that was definitely appointed confusing is you know what they mean by this and it became glaringly obvious to me. You know more. The more I understood you know there was an order for some things to happen between God. Nine. There were some other things like boot camp needed to go in a way that something we can actually talk a little bit about you know why you think what they called the camp and we got that from ransom heart right and that's what they called it a bit and he went, what he thinks will begin is to me you got boot camp for physical ability, military ability, what out whatever it may be. We like to put the campanile, Dartmouth anything the intensive, so the spiritual intensive. The way I took it but you not really didn't know what to expect.

I was just like you guys idea. Did you know is like. Are we gonna march we what drew me out because I kinda knew there was good to be some adventure there meet you St. John's and stuff like that. I was cool you know me another guys +, things going on in their lives. But you know I really didn't know. I thought it was all good be a lot of preaching to an eager gasket attested.

If I took notes like crazy. The first probably three or four times and it became Sunday school for me, it became apparent parachurch type of ministry to immediately. I was my lifeline because it was what my spirit needed so it was very intense intensive. That way, but what it what it was.

It was just the information, aside from going out and it could be that if you just left it at that. But everything was led with the idea of God's help and you and walking you through this and you know you have this time to the wilderness and I remember Robbie and I don't know if he remembers it first three or four times. He asked me know how God has God come after your heart.

Mckenna looked at him like he had three eyes or whatever because you I wouldn't hadn't really thought about it like I'm just trying to get information for life but God coming after my heart and I boot camp really had entered my mind. But now I see it so much and now I can be on the other side saying how is God Timothy are hard at the guys become so in some things very important you know that. What about what you just said about what it's not is when you talk about relationships, people, it's not people talking down to you for your problems is not people sit in there holier than now. You know I'm so good. Because of this, and it's really building relationships with people who were going to the same stuff that you're going through and are not scared to share it thing other outlets in other places.

There's we talk about other things but can't that most people are scared to talk about and don't want to go into but instead of just talking about it. There's guys there that will openly admit to you there going to the same thing that you're going through. They been through it. They still deal with it and I think I was so key to me. Having the expense had the first boot camp was that admit it's in that relationship a bit with people who I know, experience, and were willing to admit that they were going to the same stuff as going through absolutely if you're going through things in your thinking that you're on your own needs going try to figure him out. Even if there's somebody there guiding you, giving you some things to take you to the source God writer helping you with examples are your left feeling very frustrated and we can get a clip from anger management really kind of shows us what that's like.

I want to talk about that before I make a really lame statement, but I think it it will will begin to surface more think about it. Is it military boot camp is really about understanding for young man authority and and being able to fall in under that authority.

What that actually looks like an you know what my prayer is for everybody at boot camp is that they have that experience with God out there in the wilderness like Jacob did, where he understood wow this this is what it really is like to encounter God you know in a wrestling match and and really understand what it means to have that real relationship real authority not being under the authority of the preacher so to speak like we just heard another quit but being actually in that wrestling match with boot camp in the military is to break you down so that I can turn it into a different man.

And that's what God does. If these boot camps not perspective, it's a perfect night, Melanie turned to the change in the man you were supposed to be exact before life came after you write is is a tearing down process has to be able going to that action actually come and talk about what is a boot camp cabinet is a lot about identity. And we think about identity and Jack Nicholson's going to have to learn. That's what information that's like you know my goodness we were. I'm sure you felt so Dave tell us about yourself. Who are you, I'm a an executive assistant at a major pet products company date want you to tell us what you do.

I want to tell us who you are right pretty good guy and I like playing tennis on occasion. Also, not your hobby states just tell us who you are just maybe you could give me an example of what a good answer with me again what did you say you want Lou to tell you you are now. I just nice easy-going man might be a little bit indecisive at times, day there describing your personality. I want to know who you are. You want me to say I'm sorry I just want to answer your question is not doing it right. I think getting a picture let's move on more or less with a clip. It's brilliant. Because you know you do with minute boot camp. You often good at what they do for living with her hobbies are which may not have usually isn't who you are right and so we made that actually was old different is elicited again. Well, that's that. The challenge is all the religious spirit that's in that room). The judgment that's going on and you know everybody's judge in the Gyan and and that's you know what I'm afraid of it church all the time set up in Sunday school. I tell him what's really going on. I want to feel like all those people laughing at me. It's your point you know it's it's easy to walk to get life. Great fly and it is now my son distraught and I want my group.

They were just laugh at me, but he has an interest in Sunday schools and in your you're physically or rotten rotting Harold or how it I would is Rodney rather than the wind. It is gave Iraqi house. What will your first boot camp. What did you expect to than what it really become more like why listen to the show quite often in new is going to be some kind of a manly experience. I just went to the men's summit, which is also coming up.

You know that for the first time a knife. Likewise, a great one day experience great speakers and I kind of set off to be more like that. But as for three days. Finally, a lot of different speeches never had any idea that I was going to be off on my own with God going over me and my life in my wounds my name all these other things I had no idea that these things are going to come at me and be able to just spend time alone. I was looking forward to all all the other times two, but it was Gail go shoot the gun.

Son go fishing and always other manly things. It was just like I have time to slow down and just be with God and toss anything I was doing.

It was great because it was like I expected to be a busy the whole time with all you have to do this task in that task.

It was no need you to work on your assignment. Still think about your topics, but that was that one-on-one time and then I find myself still have that one on one time. Later on, okay, whatever I was doing on Canada. I kind of really went out and said I will sit in nature and be away from everything I did not want to go back to the cabin. I want to be out even the day it was raining because I don't gamble set out in the rain.

I just felt good about being with God where he's at. Thank you Rodney all make sure you get your name right. Going forward I think I calling the end of the day with humanity.

As we got next week we can talk about you know what a boot camp is but I think in some things we can kind around out is it different evidence, it wasn't what you expected it in for me it wasn't something. In fact, you know, I can never remember anybody not being just really surprised at this just wasn't what I expected and and but also it is fascinating that we've been doing this for number years you know different members of my family say oh I met a guy that was white want your boot camps ran and hid. That changed his life.

You know hams all it's it's a fairly common thing to happen to my family say oh yeah I Renaissance I was at boot camp and he said no.

This was likely a game changer. It's it's amazing to watch what God does.

Over those three dead and that is exactly who did it in a late that I may have been there but I wasn't obviously will they listen to their show got to get any of the good to be here next week so I will give you little what it is different. Every single time. The one Alaska to Colorado.

Probably another 10 here.

It's never the same twice. So I guess we can't really tell you what it is, at least for me. That's been my experience similar material similar clips never the same experience it in its it's always what I need it. That's a really cool thing is, it is hard to explain what it is with her so much that it's not and I promise you what you're fearing. It's going to be. It is not going to be that that's all I can really tell you is God's going to show doing something really cool something really special in your heart and the hearts of others. It's amazing just to sit back and be a part of that masking journey Pray about the it's the 21st.

Rodney remind me to 21st through the 24th registered out masking journey love to see you there and let's see what God does with Mark on the first notice of this, it would you. It's the 21st 24 March?

March 4 20

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