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Who Should Come to Boot Camp?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 2, 2019 12:30 pm

Who Should Come to Boot Camp?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 2, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of delegates avoid moods of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a wife feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the gods recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. Glad to have you with today in studio we got a whole bunch of people you're going to hear from at least four of us and so got Andy Hughes on his phone. As usual Brian, Robbie and myself. Rodney Harold so you'll hear from at least for us as we talk about today's topic and not today's topics that are interesting, not like the other shows are not applying any. Finally we got now many years now can happen thereby get lucky once more. We were going to build off the last couple weeks. You know, if anyone remember what the topic was two weeks ago when a boot camp. Isn't that what it isn't right and so we talked about that and naturally the next week we went to camp in the camp is and so we set around this weekend as were driving over to our North County boys Academy this past weekend very fun very very good and that is great to go there and celebrate with those guys just some stuff that was going on there and that was that Heather was a part of our Arabic cancer every year. That sort on about the topic on the way back in with us but what what did we come up with on the topic for this week, so I hear it should go to boot camp right is that correct should you should come to boot camp right well my my answer. I mean there was a lot of different dance sold you out and said Sam should generally not where you still think Jesus should be at the top of the listing their pastor. Yeah that is good is Carolina Bible Guy Really Is Just a Bit. This This Is a Different Topic Is Very Simple It Can Be Very Complex Events That the Weird Part about It. You Can Say It Simply and Say Well I Don't Know, Thereby Else but Me and That's Kind of Where Where Went. Brian We Know When We Were in the Car and We Were Talked about This Person Should Go through the Marriage Crisis Are There in a Career Crisis and Brightest since Widened the Gap. I Had a Reason to Go and That Taught Just Went All Yeah I Didn't Think I Had Any Reason to Go Either and I Was Jerked like a Family Life Going Good.

You Know What the World What I Need to Do to Go on a Boot Camp and so It Really Challenged Me and It Made Me Think of Know What Movie Could We Used To to Kinda Represent That and Not Allow That Could Be a Better One Then Evan Almighty and It's It It's Not Very Often That We Get All the Clips from the Same Movie Which Is Really Pretty Cool. Yeah This Morning I Go on the Whole Evan Almighty Journey, but in the Beginning You Know That If You Think about Evan Baxter.

If You Seen the Movie If You Haven't, Why Not You Need to See It Anyway. Evan Is Been Elected Congressman You Know It's a Big Deal. He's Got a Hummer He's Got a Big Beautiful House in Washington DC. He's Got a Beautiful Family. Things Are Looking Good and Then They Made This Noted That This Huge Thing That Happens in This Next Clip of You and Set It up Well Yeah Babe They Just Moved into Their House and Everybody so Excited and This Little Event Changes Everything Rained All Really, What Would You and Don and Gary Hiking Trip Family. You Need to Pray for That to Pray for Me Ranges Seems Pretty Pink Job to Take on How They Can Get Seven Baxter Just Wanted to Say Thank You for Everything, for the House.

The House Is Great It out but You Created Matter.

Just Wanted to Say I Think Joan Makes a Good Point That I Am Now in a Position of Great Power and I Know That with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. So God Please Help Me Change the World. That's It. God Bless You Brent Were Talking before the Show. There Is Something There's A Lot Of Things in My Clip Actually, but There's Something Really Struck You As You Will Select Open Watch the Movie yet the Part Where He Says to His Wife. You Don't Need to Pray for That I Will Make That Happen. That Was Struck Me and I Knew Who God Was. The New What He Did for Me but Never Really Thought of Him As a Father and That He Could Actually Help Me through Things and and Take Me on a Journey That I Wasn't Expecting so I Was Thought I Had It I Could I Could Do Everything on My Own. I Didn't Really Need Anybody until I Went to the First. It Was a Good Time Answer for You. That Was like Heaven.

You Dislike I Got It You and Rewrite Really Noticed in This Clip. There's Something I Was Thinking I Was Here and There, but I Do Know Robbie for Something to Talk about A Lot Of Things but I Love the Way the Prayer Ends Where Says I'm Hanging up Now. Now Which Indicates How Uncomfortable It Is to Pray for Everybody You Know You're Talking about, Creator of the Universe.

Now in and in and Sort of an Uncomfortable Thing, but Unfortunately Encountering Home to Me like I'm Hanging up Now What like Amending My Prayers. Is That Really What I'm Saying to God As You Know I'm Okay. We've Had Our Discussion to Go on and Straighten Everything out. Okay You Can Tell so That He Genuinely Wanted to Be Closer to His Family, but He Didn't Quite Know What to Do or How to Get There. You Had That He It Was Still Very Much.

Evan Centered You Know God Help Me Change the World Right Now I'm the Focal Point Is That He's Really Just Hanging onto That Whole Focal Point of Everything Kinda Revolves around Me.

You Know Whether It's You and Bring My Family Closer Together, Whatever That Might Look like in and so You Know God's Already Taken on an Adventure of a Feeling I Seen the Movie.

So Know What Happens.

But As I Get Very Taken on Adventure Yeah Absolutely Well and on the Next Morning He Wakes up in His General Electric Locket Sanjay EN GEN Six.

Whatever You Call It' 14 Which You Know Is Talk about No American Know He Can't Figure out Why They Keep Saying Genesis 614 but God's, Kind of Show Him That If You're Going to Ask for God to Come in like That. Yeah He Is Going to Take You on an Adventure.

He Is Going to Stretch Your Faith Is Going to Stretch Your Comfort Zone and Enter Boot Camp for Me Is Very Much You Know Getting Ready to Have That Kind of Adventure. Yeah, and It Sneaks up on Right. It Really Does Because You Universe There and Then Also You Realize You Are on This Adventure and with God. Naturally, It's Really Very Cool on This Could Probably Want to Get to before You Go to Break Now What Happens with Evan Here, What, What's Always Got a Load of Gopher Wood. This Big Beautiful Icehouse. But Here's His Bold and a Big Huge Hunter Wanted outside That Somebody's Delivered with a Pretty Gopher on It, You Know, and It Says Go for You like Somebody Was a Gofer and They Go for What and God. You Know Morgan for Child Answer Freeman Freeman Morgan Freeman Morgan Fairchild Morgan Freeman Sitting on the Wording in White and You Know Prepared to Engage Evan Here by Quickly.

No Time to Make Clear Cut from This Valley Make Room for Both Houses, Excuse Me, Do I Know You Not As Well As I like You Got My Housewarming Gift That You Sent Those What Are They for a Genesis Chapter 6 Verse 14. I Went to the Building on You Want Me to Build Our so That's Why Tools and You Are Responsible for the Wood. All Right. Well, Sort of.

Hello, I Am Editing Baxter Born June 8, 1962, 8 Pounds. 11 Ounces Mothers Carolanne Parker Father Eugene Evan Baxter Who Your Internet Access. Very Impressive. Do Also Have Cable Clean Freak Much Too Much about You out with Her Parents Left Me" Event Higher Than Her Right Nipple Boy You're Afraid of God Who Are You, I'm God's Will. Evan Baxter Okay You Know What This Conversation Is a Little Thing I like to Call Me Frankly I Haven't Really Been Selected the Morning Church Delays the Holy Spirit.

Evan Has No Idea What He's in for It Is Just the Beginning of Stretching His Idea of What God Is Because You Know If We All Come into Boot Camp in a Way Got Them in a Box and You Know in This Case Is Asked to Build, Nothing Is Coming up March 21 the 24th I Got That Right That the Miracle of Its Own Thing. You Come up and Would like for You to Register Just Step out in Faith to Listener Assist the Project Is Journey Register My Son Eli Talk about Ways You Can Help Support Lily Smiled As He Was on the Information That Is Where You Can Click the Donate Button Tweaking It to PO Box 550 What God Does Journey Radio Closed off Each Person's Shift Away This Feeling I Was Having to Wait This Mask. I Was Hiding behind the Master Journey You Boot Camp You Had You Not Be Happy with Its Own Just Getting My Campus to Make Me Happy to Welcome Back Masking Journey Were Not Talking about Dancing Were Not Talking about the Dance Now but We Are Going to Get That at Some Point We Are Wheresoever Talking about Who Should Come to the Camp and so Can You Help Me with What We Talked about That First Segment on on Who Should Come As Couple Different Types of People Going up in Person Now like I Was No. I Could Use a Little Fresh and Opera but I'm Pretty Good at Any Harold Is like Not Yeah My Thought on It When When I First Saw the Topic Is That People Are Walking with God Are Different Places, but No One Is Where They Can't Improve and Everyone to Improve Major Challenge. We Don't Make Ourselves Any Stronger or Any Faster or Whatever without a Challenge before Us in the Same Thing Applies to Our Walk with God. Boot Camp Will Do That for You in Various Ways It Does Does. Thank You. It Is the It It Does Come down to It, Brings You Closer Right Then and That's Where We Really Need to Be in and We Can Always Believe I'm Close Enough. You and I Walk Very Close to God. But That's Always a Chance Get Closer.

Everyone Is Boot Camp to Go to. We Become Closer We Find out More about Our Heart and Find out More about God's Heart. I Think the Thing Was for Me a Minute Mark Closed Was Christ. Probably I Could Say in Some Ways.

In My Own Mind I Was Closer at Different Times but You Know I'm like Several of the Guys Here That Said It, Relationship Crisis Brought Brought Me There. That's, Where the Gap Became to Where I Got a Need Here but I Knew There Was Also Much More Than That and I Think It Was the Identification of Getting Deeper into the Heart, Not You Know We Talked about It, Not Five Things a Bit Better Has Been Our Lives, Because All Those Things Were My Actions, to Do Better.

Yeah, They Were Based on Wisdom, but They Weren't Really Addressing the Heart and That's What I Said Last Thing Was Last Week. The Week before When Robbie Asked Me Will Get How Did God Come after Your Heart and a Monk Looked at Him like He Was Crazy, but I Didn't Really I Hadn't Been Speaking on That Terms.

Whereas Robbie Had Now I Can Easily Say That I Can Go up and Say Somebody Else Comes Good. Boot Camp Is God Coming after Your Heart You Know and Because That's Really What It's about.

It's the Heart and the Heart-To-Heart Change Will Change All These Different Topics Were Talking about Here. Much, Much More Than Trying to Address Them Individually As Me Trying to Brute Force and Fix This Album on My Own so Absolutely When a Focus on a Couple Things Here on This This Topic. We Talk about Who Should Come to Boot Camp and and and Obviously It's Incremental Things Were All Talking about and We All Came for Different Reasons That Brought Us There for Different Reasons. Whether We Know It or Not in a Browser Different Reasons for Some of Us It Was That Obligation.

Robbie, for Others It Was Being Badgered Right You Not Say God Is Go Get All the Way, the Court Asking Me in for Me That Was Not the Case and in an Hour or for Freewheeling Indian Summer Plate This Next Clip Which Had to Do a Little Bit More with What Brought Me to My First Boot Camp and How Would You Assess the Scope up Enough Sharp Because You Know When That Prayer You Heard Evan's Wife. Pray for the Family to Be Closer but When Evan Starts to Come into His New Identity As Is No Inertia and Has Her Totally Freaked out. You Know He's Losing It.

He's Not Doing What He Needs to Be Doing Ways to Lose His Job Were to Lose All Our Security and She Has a Complete Breakdown and Leaves Well, You Know, That Puts Avenue and Obviously a Marriage Crisis Which You Know What We Have It.

Boot Camp Is Now There's a Beauty to Rescue and so Here's Kind of What Evan Tries. You Know When He's in a Doing That on His Own Back Next to the Frankincense and Myrrh Thinking for Centuries, Peter, What Is Happening to You.

Look at You. You Want Something Megan Growth Hormone to Me in Building an Ark. God Appeared to Me and Told Me to Build Said There Was Going to Be a Flood, and That I Should Be Prepared Never Shaved My Beard Comes Right Back out My Hair Was Longer Every Day. This Road That Sent Me the Rope Thought It Would Be Funny. I Actually Think It's Really Comfortable. Well, You Know Everything to Come Here.

Maybe Too Much Pressure Now This Is Got to Stop. Please. You're Scaring Me. The Boys Need Their Father Back.

I Need My Husband Back and You Can Speak of It to the First Your First Week. You Can in Their Kindness. Is This an Reasons I Did and You Know That Whenever I Started down This Path, You Know, I Guess A Lot Of Times like When I Prayed She Wanted the Family to Be Closer, but the First Thing the Start Happens Things. It Became Weird A Lot Of Times That Sometimes It's Will Have Only Pray for God to Fix Things. Things Don't Happen the Way We Are and When I Started Praying. I Really Thought God Was Gonna Take Action and Get My Marriage Back Together.

But If He Would've Done That Probably Would've Been Somewhat Better, but I Don't Think over Time That I Would Become the Complete Person I Am.

Since That since Continually Had the Boot Camp and Be More Exposed to the Issues of My Heart You Know Much More Than Just Fixedness. One Problem A Lot Of Times That's Why We Come to God Was. We Have an Independent You Fix This and I'll Be Good, but It's so Much Deeper Than That. Whenever We Pray to God, We Gotta Believe Not Only Expect That He's a He's Going to Do What We Ask, but He May Not Do It in the Way or You've Heard This, but You Know He's Going to Work Differently Than What We Do but yet He's Usually Good Is Going to Do Things Much Better beyond What We Can Even Imagine It. Thanks. Yeah for Me I Went on the Heels of a Really Ugly Time. Our Marriage and I Had Actually Read While Heart and Had Had Some Breakthrough That Went against Someone Expecting Not Knowing What to Expect Fully Hoping That There Would Be Some Reconciliation for My Marriage to Her about It. Really, What I Found Was God Had so Much Work to Do in Me You Know Whether the Marriage Makes It Doesn't Make It Has To Begin with Me Becoming Who God Called Me to Be Right and That Puts It on Rocky Ground.

Sometimes You Hear Is You See with That You Know Evan in the Story and You'd Pointed out That This If You Watch the Movie and You Should Evans Tried to Hide His Identity Is No He's Not Comfortable Telling Everybody Who This New Person Is Well through the Boot Camps and Some Other Things God Made It Very Obvious to Me That It Was Time for Me to Take off the Mask and When You Begin to Take off Your Will Mask Your Wife That That Doesn't Just Naturally Happen. Now You Know What It Happened for Me, Sam, and You Know That I Had to Tell My What Is to God Made It Clear to Me That I Was Addicted to Ethnography in the End and Things That Went along with That and Oh My Gosh I Minute Led to This Kind of Thing but As I Know, Was Given an Opportunity to Truly Repent and Come into That. Then I Got to Be Loved by a Wife That Knew That Loved Me, You Know What Broken Me Somebody That You Know Didn't Deserve Love It It It It Stepped up My My Whole Life and and Put Me in a Position I Never Thought I Would Be but It's Uncomfortable When You Start Taking off the Business Suit and underneath That You Know You've Got the Money.

Don't Think It's It's Funny to Watch Him Continue to Try to Hide It and Then One Day He Just Accepted and Then One Accepts That Life Really Starts to Change and I Think That's Our Story Right. You Know There Was so Much I Just Want to Continue to Guide You Can Work on Me, but I Still like to Be Who I Am, God's Only When It Really Knew Who I Am. I Thought I Did. Yet He Didn't Help Continue and Continues to Help Me Try to Discover That Are Rediscovered along the Way. You Know Robbie When I Get to Both of These Next Clips from a Time Standpoint, but You Know, so We Got in People That Believe That They Don't Really Need to Come Get People That Are Board That Need an Adventure and Tonya This Will Be a Big Adventure for You Right Bigger the Keys.

Imagine People in a Marriage Crisis and Then He Can Have People We See the Come in This Type Now That They Don't Know What Their Purposes. If You like to Remap for Something Bigger and and Clearly You Know Evan Ends up in This Career Crisis and I Don't Think I Will Move on to the Final Clip at the Beginning You Can Imagine the Battle That He Goes into You Know Fighting in a Larger Story in That What God Actually Has for Him, but As a Result of That Battle and We Won't Run a Movie for You Because I Know Some of You Haven't Seen It, but by All Means Go See It Considers an Awesome Movie Is Clean and It's Very Clear the You End up with This Final Scene Where We Really See What to Me Is Is What We Would Hope That Good Reason God Takes Us on These Adventures Boot Camps Etc. Is End up with This Relationship an Issue Here. Evan and God Talk in This Last Seen You Complete See That the Net Result of All the Shenanigans and All the Struggle That We Go through His to Get to This Place Where You Get to Hang out with Some Old Friends All along the Dam Was Unstable and the Ark Family, Neighbors, I Thought You Every Step of Gas You Had Nothing When the Ark Landed Exactly 70 Digits Is the Work Now.

Spending Time with Family Very Happy Right One Act of Random Kindness. 30 Seconds Going out Gazing 30 Seconds and You Should Everyone Promise You.

God Has Something Exceptional. Therefore, Regardless of Where You Are in Your Walk Just Beginning.

Even Walking for Years, Even Walking As Long As Robbie in on Time Pastors We Have No Pastors and Regardless of Your Situation.

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