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Why Not Come to Boot Camp?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 9, 2019 12:30 pm

Why Not Come to Boot Camp?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 9, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. In light of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way one feels more like a losing battle when something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey.

Glad to have you with us today. I like to say they were all very energetic in the studio but other than Robby were all tired of not but it's a study and Micah are usually are usually available will just the rest of us are paranoid tired anyway place to go that I disclosed these clips to my I'm pretty sure will jazz things up over him excited to continue the theme that we love themes we do is give me one way to vent 70 when we milk it. We get the cream yeah yeah so so we've been talking about the topic of boot camp. Now this was her fourth week. Yes.

And so the first week was anyone remember. Yes, I bought a boot camp wasn't what wasn't in the second week was Jim Walzer here, but I'm pretty sure it was as it was right and then after that we did one last week which I don't know why, That's right. And then tonight is the one that is what we hear when we asked people to convict him, why they can't come. Why can't come to the camp is just people all the time in the bunch was in the city today but I'm sure furniture. I asked John Belushi back in the 60s and early 70s early 80s Belushi is clear that the one that always tell me to come to boot camp. It's one of the things it's it's a double-edged sword a little bit is also always say will gotta have people there.

Wouldn't we get ready for the reader, and that's all willfully know but sometimes people need a little bit of continued reminder of hey this is something that can be really good for you and something the gods really calling you come be a part of and I know all the lives of the studios been changed tremendously by big improvement here. Radiation would be here in Ellis will be here without having attended a boot camp and coming to levels of healing in understanding and deepening relationship with God and just all these things that you can't really even describe adequately on the radio and in but yet when we ask people you know I get started to share what it is and so quite often we get these excuses and most often, but to me they sound like a Grinch.

Yeah that's right, you can so you know I mean people have everybody these days has a busy life not I don't know very many people, even people I know that are retired and are probably more busy in retirement.

A lot of times they are before they retired life is busy but this is what you doing appearing a lot of time to talk to somebody when they they really don't know what else to say is you hear something more along the lines of this fighting make out now on such short notice like 1 o'clock. Always have alternate static solve world hunger can no one 530 – 630 dinner with me.

I can't wrestle with my scalp old and I'm loading cannot still be done in time to lay in bed scared to sailing ships when I sent all my shopping.

Oh, and I'm not going to have the youngers because I thought that we all thought it was good to be at where he could go, but it's very interesting that you know what happens in the movie is that Cindy Lou who is disrupted him and invited him into an adventure that would significantly change his life and that he's Excuses it's hard. It is hard to free up time you talking about typically Thursday evening after work for most people. If you're not coming from a distance at all from Winston-Salem in our times you had worked a full day on Thursday but then you take Friday off which is which is hard sometimes people but then you have Saturday in the near your home by midday Sunday and on. It's really not that much more of your weekend and it would be if you're just taking a day off to go to a ballgame in a baseball game for baseball fan or to go somewhere on a Friday in a really just taking about the same amount time off and not think about how may times and we talked about this before the ship that you hear this. I can't go Sunday I have to go to church. That's usually my favorite line and Eric is rinsing my mind at that point is I don't have time to spend with God because I need to go spend time with God and I got both places so really you know if you either what is probably going to be there but it reminds me out to and in fact the whole idea is this that you people are so hard with time. I have a car salesman. Once it earned all these points if he could just get a certification.

It was worth about $3000 term. If you would just take this test and finish and every time his name was Scott Barwick, if you're listening you know the story Scott to go upstairs to get your certification. I can't don't still have to make a living after get out there and silicone assembly or you're out there warning about $100 commission. He got $3000 upstairs.

Why are you concerned about having to make a living when you got all that upstairs and I and I think about it that people are all that concerned about their schedule. When a little disruption on God's part and a lot of prayer. We talked about last week is what what does God have instant what does where to start lunch to be that we can and if so, you know, 3000 is a lot more value than hundred dollars commission in June.

You've really come to boot camps for a long time meeting the was your first boot camp you into the first one was to set up 2003 was a good one to go to Alaska that the width of the Colorado ones much started up with you and Darren went to their number of those. First of all I like missing church on Sunday. Since I'm a pastor at probably a good trouble her and I would bet that it is any time and I hate it when I miss one. I don't make excuses anymore other than last time I'll Artie have a cruise booked so you guys like that data in on me after has. I ended up missing and I at least it took me out in a very pleasant way little bit more than others. When you talk to people you know in whether it's been in the church of the church it what you most often hear we need, when you talk to people about trying to get to because you know it's candy for the heart.

You got to do something amazing form right now what you hear when you try to get them to come and it really is.

You can't convince people how powerful it is.

So I hear the same when you do. I'm too busy and a big one with the folks I invite is I can't afford so I offered to pay for and still more often than not, those guys don't make it so it's really not what we hear is not the real reason we want to look at what that might be like one of them is scared because it is different yeah I don't know the military may have to face Brian leave you invited and both people. I know you invited a bunch people house that differ for years about the same of the things you hear yet, I went to my first became 2014 and I think I told you Sam.

The year prior, may be the year prior. Babies are that I was too busy airing homage Iomega.

Next, whatever the excuse may be, but for me, typically this is made a big impact my life. First of all, thought attended talk about it a lot to close friends or whoever it turned whatever. So for me, I would say that most people probably Artie know what I'm been asking, and you can get a seat in the eyes like oh no he's asking me so I think for me it's mostly limit get back to you. Let me think about it let me see what I have going on is usually kind of a blank stare and I think Estes being ready to explain it.

Like I said is what we did the show a couple weeks ago.

What is a book and whatnot because some people really don't have any idea yet it is tough. You know I went to my first night I didn't and making excuses and make plans and make plaintiff Ida of the season going to Colorado on me. It was after having read a lot of heart and get it Artie done a lot of work in my heart and I was looking forward to what you was going to do their right. But you know we get in this day and age and allow you guys just don't like to read in on it and it is how I like it a lot comes in and read a full book you now mean a guy I really can't because of business and of the things that you know and something can grab your heart like that you know in and help you get there, really helps but is not a chicken, beef words from people that they they love the trust they know one not excuse. I forgot is very common is spouse. And that's the worst when I can think of because she is going to have the greatest benefit. More than likely from your going and I like most wives would agree with that. You also get a readier housing for the but is such a spouse and I don't want to be away from my family and and that it's really kind of tragic when you think about… It's a similar thing where you know you're going to learn you know how in this relationship with God he's gonna take you places with your family. You never to drink not only had a minute, generations and generations that could be affected and another so many pieces that if people only knew what it would do for not only them but their family and others I'm writing I did. My father is not an army of these. I invited him to anyone.

I turned his own words against him. He was a car salesman like myself like I knew how to handle his objection was he always you know when you want to go fishing or some sign, you gotta put it on the calendar and so I you know I was like next time, I ask you that we gotta put it on the calendar so ditch counter outcomes work and put the boot camp on the calendar and that's how you handle it three: an active part of the message or any to register. Now we have one coming up the register register now we have one, March 21-24 and mask injury to register look for to seeing you there is, assuming mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it PO Box 550 what God does radio closed off.

First is the way this feeling I was having math injury that's all you have never heard that song before shift a little bit more about it.

Well was surprised that you never thought we'd sing it regularly at our church about what everyone did, but it's a great I want to say to thousands not get it, remembering names for things 90s all the way back there not more of an 80s guy when it comes to CCM so but it's one that has been around a while and that's what I've always identified with as I am thinking of excuses considers the excuse he is using factors not here to now for a Christian father that the excuses aren't the only thing, and they're not my biggest problem it's really rationalization I can come up with good ways to convince myself that this really isn't what I need to do and like this. A lot of that is I need to play some civilization six. Rather than sit down and read my Bible because it more fun and that maybe you and that was a silly example, but I can rationalize just about anything and think for a lot of a lot of people boot camp can be.

They don't know what to expect.

They don't know what it's going to require of them right. You know me that they don't really because there's a list of things we talked about on the air only gets this fresh prince clip Robby you know that you what you set up here in a second that others thing to come out in a boot camp. Not every boot camp and not for everyone.

Everybody's boot camp experiences. We talked about before each time is unique as many as we been to individually, collectively. They've all been unique because God's had us in a different place. We've been in a different place in our relationship with the inner healing and all that kind of stuff you know that God makes him all unique, but people continue to be afraid to have to deal with some issues in and talk about the scope of the yeah this was all harder to listen to than the grantor.

It's from fresh prince you know something King of excuses, but is actually a scene where his dad has come back into his life greatly and briefly and promised him this adventure that he's going to go on in a course he is now trying to get the uncle to take him off the hook because he's got a bail on it and he's make an excuse, and in as you listen to this clip. I want to think about what Brian said I know it makes me think about what Brian said a moment ago about the generations of my own family and how things or just because we don't go on this adventure with God.

We don't get closer to him and oh how I wish personally and I think the consequences of this clip in my own family. Had I been able to go to boot camp.

You know when I was just becoming a father rather than after my son was in his 20s is after that is, in the beginning right here still take all is not a coach that you hang in the closet and pick it up when you goes on to be here for you until will not do you dirty work for you: you want to do that you will some business came up again had so we have to put a truthful and hope you and yes the school a couple weeks to get along whatever call you next week and will find out the details yet. It was great seeing you sent you to blue. I'm sorry will this works out better for me noticed the class when it is all right to be angry for sale.

Easy signal. By this time I just wish I hadn't wasted my money by present I'm sorry if there was something that I do not like.

I'm still five years old enough to be sitting up every night my mom coming home. You know who needs you wasn't there to teach me how to shoot them up as best but I learned to did not got my first right learn how to drive, how to shave. I need a minute on the now will get a great job without him eclipsing him think about my own dad is the stage of life is, unique in that you know he's 88 years old and recently just because of low sodium and all the stuff he started hallucinating for lack of a better word, and all of a sudden I saw dad I never knew I mean he was Dr. Michael Jackson and he was having conversation in the hot dogs are going there and all sorts of interesting things, but was really cool for me was to see my dad smile that we had never seen him smile and begin the snicker.

I've never seen my dad snickering this, giggle and discount to be playful and it was like there was this little boy in this in my father that I'd never seen I never got to enjoy that man in any course. I'm excited as Jim said that I get to enjoy him in heaven like that. I'm even got I got to enjoy them for the hours that he was going through that but I think of what I've robbed my kids can steal pulses put off the old man and and we have that in our daily prayer that we do and also now start to realize that there's this old crap that I have built up meet right in the boot camp counselors get rid of that post that that person it can't have fun that can't laughter can't know be who fresh prince's dad really was underneath all that was going on there and really wanted to be for will you that the worst thing that could happen for will is the state exactly worries that in the clip because when I look back the before guide them up another clip here from that has Rafiki in it which has some great advice here. If you live in that valve stage it wills at right now I'm not going to be my dad and you never get healing you made of doing some great things with kids. You never get to the point were able to do the things that God really calls you to do with them in a deeper way. And so part of that thing that God sometimes makes you do is going to deal with those old things right because he knows his got a get them out a way to get you back to the man you were before all that stuff happen to you is if you ever watch the show fresh prince billiards fictional character, obviously. But it was a fun loving guy right and you see the elements of the character, but there's this big wound in his way. That keeps you from really accepting life and something about clip from the lion King, in which Simba is dealing with not wanting to step back into the past and Rafiki using some great advice. Looks like the winds of change. Change is good but it's not easy.

I know I have to do. Going back, means I have to face my past and running from the facility well for But it still hurts all yes the past, the way I see it, you can run from it all going to do this very visceral thing there, but I do want to leave will start there because God will leave us stuck there, right in anything from you and sometimes it's hard because we don't want to step back into some of those painful places for ladies to step back into only seem to be a bit more willing than Geiser. A lot of the times but you got my call you there or you and he may not call you there for former boot camps where he does Koizumi someplace really really cool and any excuse he can have you.

Maybe it's not having time with the family variety you had thing to say about the family right in again back.

Good point right there is the sooner you step back and deal with it the better off you're going to be as a man and you talked about family and cycle hey this is a great opportunity to be with the family. Invite your son specially in the teenage years son high school, college is a great time great time for somebody to go to the boot camp before like Robby was saying hey I wish I had done it when my son was to set a 22 they do before you even married before you get into that relationship so you know how to treat years, your wife, your future spouse and when you have kids, you know how to start off with them.

You already dealt with your wound ABS behind you and you can have a whole new life in a generational thing that Brian talked about star set that up. There's a lot that can happen in the young man's life that you really want to set up early and let them know it's okay to have that wounded deal with it and to go down the road and keep putting it behind you because of further behind. You get the harder it is to dredge a backup is Mormon better to get to know that God dealt with me with a lot of wounds over the years but one of the wounds it until I dealt with that. I kept hurting my kids in that sink in a manner that you had to do with my my sister and I will share an error now shared it. Lots and lots of times that she would cut me off never let me say things you know would be very rude and so my kids would listen to me. It would infuriate me right and until God dealt with that wound, I didn't deal with their heart as well as I needed to because when they would act like that review. Remind me and then he was there to push against that things and see that's out feels that's how it feels and then I'd react out of woundedness and so I will continue the data really wanted to be when you enable to be that person, or how hard I tried, until God stepped in Arabella to say something to you. I watched it with your son, your lot different dad anywhere. When I first met you and you do love your son a lot differently than you ever have and he knows that he feels that he sees it right. No one things I want my first boot camp I I really regretted my daughters were older, you know, because it was like Daniel showing on the cement a little in the way I think it's really close with God.

It's never too late.

Jack has been. I think even just peer was sent me a couple weeks ago and you're just more prepared to help her with that stage or you just learn to live on indefinitely this week. Kids are regardless of what your excuses regardless of what you're saying come to the boot camp March 21-24. There's no reason you can't be there, will hold back the locus of his finances reach out to figure something out to come to the Boot Camp masculinity get some amazing things for you there. This time we want to see you there and see what he does with you is how cool would that be the registered

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