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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 23, 2019 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 23, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show


We usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge.

Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a wife feels more like a losing class brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No welcome masculine meaning is today on this adventure and Cory is come up with a topic force that we think is definitely worth pursuing today. Cory share with our listeners what you got fourth in the topic really got them a heart this past week was healing. You kind of threw it on the last week after the hatch of the show's intro healing. I know you are choosing the top economy and Sasuke a few days praying on it and asking God to help me out and here we are at and think about it.

We've got Andy in the studio with us today. Jim Sam is on vacation is always working two days in Colorado.

So you gotta know where in the world of Sam I'd for me at this is really really the refreshing aspect of this.

Jim is Cory's been in Christ since November. I that's what I hear that mean you're baptized November 1 at the and so here you get you noticed how refreshing to be around someone that came to Christ at this point is life is you what 28 just turned 28 last week. You and so you know, I don't think I had any concept of the word healing in my Christian faith probably for 10 maybe 12 years and I knew about the bladder cries and I knew about a lot of things.

Remission of sin and repentance, but healing that's that's a horse of a different color and a lot of people I know I would've connected repentance, you know to to healing. So my behaviors change that I must've healed but there compared to completely different things French and different, but the related right, and sometimes we only look healing until know that we need it until we have that payment of said I can't do that myself anymore but the healing is totally separate from repentance and I had that argument not too long ago with another Bible student and basically it was something that would revolves around forgiveness of sins and other sins not been forgiven, allowing the life committed and the same sort of goes with repentance. We don't know we need to repent until we see the wound until God addresses led us right.

So with this very fresh outlook and I hope you're as refreshed as I am listening Cory story Cory picked most of these clips that were used tonight and this afternoon and so Cory set this. First, force. So this first one is from my primitive all-time favorite movie tombstone and Wyatt Earp is about to go and have a final gunfight with the Johnny Ringo and he's asking his closest companion Doc Holliday give them a little insight on Johnny Ringo who he actually is a person because I only think he thinks he can beat him at this point the movie so at the beginning you hear a conversation between Johnny's henchmen. It's Doc Holliday and wider, but that's of the inventive are beginning their silly talk the job.

Yes Johnny Ringo you and when it is a henchmen's wire taking cowboys finish off Creek Johnson in Texas. Jack spent my whole life not know what I want online is chasing my tail now for the first time. I know exactly what and who is fixing my Ringo Doc Mason do the things he does a man like Ringo can agree to the he can kill enough for Stephen enough to inflict enough pain is like so Cory now online, but tell us how that spoke to healing that subject healing for you so before you coming to the boot camp before being saved.

You know, I really would back in my life and I was Johnny Ringo you not to that extreme of killing people know that. But you know when I found out that I my biological father.

I never met him when I was 13 years old, I found that out.

It was a little bit more innocent then, but as I got older, morphed into just seeking attention and validation. I was never good enough for for anything or anybody, and I would just try to fill that empty hole you there was never enough girls that could fill the empty hole.

There was never enough parties that could fill the empty hole. There was never enough friends, and I feel like a lot of times.

A lot of people like that you know there's never a promotion that's good enough. There's never a person that's good enough that there's never anything asking to fill that hole for you know, if you don't have Christ, if you don't. If you aren't saved and if you don't receive that healing from him of your wounds that you may or may not even know that you have right which Andy you understand that when you were 13.

Interestingly enough, was not that Satan's consistent in what age he attacked the man how old were you when you had a similar situation so it was probably my parents split up when I was like 13 think it was in my dad had to leave the state for workup told the story a few times on the radio show, but what was interesting about it was a non-interesting but what was hard for me was, you know that the time that the sun means is that most you know Jewish kids have in bar mitzvahs at this time. On Monday I was leaving the state Mena made an impact. Then I had a great relationship. We stayed in communication over the years we never really had any major fallout. It wasn't that I went into some kind of serious rebellion, but always knew that I needed more I needed and there was a hole in my heart from that.

Now it all shows me after I walked this masculine journey Road may have seen where the parallels are of that same disconnect between my father in heaven. You know I needed really be initiated now. There were times of my life when I'd I gotten repentance and probably still was not healed, but God had spoken to me and then some things to initiate me. I remember having a stone.

The guys that I was walking in my front door on time and I just asked the guy what you think about me and I've been asking Landon.

He as I stepped in the front doors like our most beloved son in whom I will please.

Of course, that was what he told Jesus but that's what he tells us all so it was a reaching out to me. There was there was an attempt thereto in the reach out and it just validate me as a son but I still did not walk and that I didn't understand it.

So when I got to the masculine journey in life started learning more about you know just you know how important it is that that he has to be the one that actually heals a broken heart. Mena talks in Isaiah 61 about him being the ones that he heals a broken heart when I used to read that when I was just under repentance is like alarm good. I got salvation.

I'm fine. It's for that healing the broken hearted for people are down on their luck skidrow that to let this for all of us and we all have this healing probably do nothing about it. We were talking about and how that healing goes about two it's it's a process and it's never final think it will be final until he seen face-to-face that mean healing. You know, healing is there. There's no doubt but we have an enemy that likes to pick the scab right and he comes back to that same place every time to try to take that away, but you know through this process of understood it much better place in my life now and you look back yet situation involved in that is forgiveness in their summer will absolutely, you know, and I felt forgiveness, but then if you don't have a something really healed.

You walk right back into it. I think that he went there were the healing is is you really get down to the identifying the what happened in God shows compassion to you.

There any shows. He loved their knee shows you that he was there and that that he you know you weren't abandoned and that there are bad things happen to good people, but he still he's thereto to you know not just put the Band-Aid there. You know Ted did do a temporary fix but actually banded you up wrap you up to Tina to heal that broken heart and the cool thing about what you just said don't be honest you is if you ever go into the emergency room and if you look up in the ceiling at this gigantic light cream this thing beyond got pretty big arms. I can't put my arms around and let me know when this thing comes out is brighter than day right because they need to look into that wound and you know where the light touches the dark.

You gotta get it out in in in the light to look at it in one of the my most brilliant thought tonight comes from my wife. We have first all when you have a wound.

The pain is good as it lets you know you need to work on it and I had half of the total removed not too long ago and part of the problem was I didn't feel any pain. So we were treating and I was going to the doctor as being good patient we were treating the superficial wound and it was getting slowly better, but underneath it was festering and in trouble and died and ultimately had to be removed and if we can feel the pain and then take that to God immediately for the healing of the outcome is much better than if we covered up for just treated on the surface and say good yeah well I when you know they study leprosy because apparently within leprosy. What you do is you lose your senses, you lose the nerve endings you don't know that your rubbing your fingers to the you don't know that you just know about catcher hand off because you don't have the nerve to feel it. So without pain.

You don't realize and I will sponsor God to know the hand of God is working and that's when we come back to see where the light many fast entering to register for upcoming boot camp where you might get this assumed my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily where you can linking it to masculine what God does journey radio closed off. First is the way this feeling I was having a master journey, you know, a big part of of what was just revolutionary. My own walk that I learned at the boot camps is that Jesus really wants to dig into those places and it really hurt him. What happened to you and and when you begin to walk with him into these places where you found yourself you know trapped in the evil of what you did or what somebody did to you.

You know there's all sorts of things like that but it it really came as is.

Is it a big shock to me how much he wanted to rescue his beauty from that, you know the that the greatest movie ever saw were the guys chased after the daughter whatever you know that that he's coming into rescue beauties. He wants to rescue you like that, but it often starts with the story. In fact, it almost always starts with the story and specifically your story and sauté a clip from a relatively new movie and not many people in front of all this stars Robert do fall within and he places character Felix Bush who is a hermit in the movie and he did something horrible. 40 years ago spent hiding all these years and so the reason it's called getting low as he walks into a church because he wants to have a funeral where he's there and he says I want to get low meaning he wants but I want to be there and so he the setup of the movie was that he puts out a lot of monies that essentially gives people a chance to win his whole ranch. If they'll come in and tell stories about them. But what he's really bringing them there to do is to tell his story and I think that you know you Hilbert Hilbert Bill Murray speak at the very beginning of this about this is that of funeral party where the note person is having a generally speaking at and it's kind of an interesting take on what happens when the light meets the dark because this guys been hiding this story and we all have one, by the way, for 40 years. All my child I think is that I have been in love, family, door, and you will help will I think is fully as slanted try to get you anything is that what you have there really for him after 40 years he gets his story to an having been a radio talkshow host for number years I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people on the air and all the sudden, for whatever reason, the spirit touches them to tell a story they've never told him they tell a donkey. I can't tell you I've had women talk about abortions that they've had. They've never told the story and in that the husband sitting like listening to the his wife tell this story on the air and she's telling the whole world, but the healing that came that I got to see right in front of me as these stories that people have been holding onto that never came out into the light.

But God's been there just you can imagine how bad he wants to come in and help you with that. But interestingly, Jim. He never heals the same way twice. I mean even though he didn't anywhere in the Bible and I arrived. I see all sorts of different ways in different ways. It heals me in healing is is critical, but it does have to do with story and then it has to do with you know what's what's Jesus going to bring in order to bring the healing and you had that happen. Oh yeah, absolutely. You know it's if you guys come out to boot camp will tell you all about my story but will will kind of sum it up shortly. Whatever I did was never good enough for my father and sometimes a year robbing healing takes a while you know I did. Depending on how deep the wounds is you know it's is a the other. Jim will tell you that if it's deep enough to the healing can take some time and I'm still dealing with that particular wound. If you will, on a daily basis and I was sharing with the you before the program start that in about six weeks ago I found myself in a situation at work where I was ready to make career Harry Carey AI and it was one of those situations where I was very unhappy with my boss didn't seem like I can do anything right and I decided when I left his office that if he didn't appreciate me has been fines but he did and so I went off on my rants if you will for a while and course I looked at the Internet and found myself several several job openings in the area. I ended up going to church at night was not my first choice but you know God drags in Calvary Calgary.

He had sometimes and Dara youth pastor was teaching that particular evening. He likes to get the congregation involved and we are going to the 10 Commandments and he had zeroed in on. Thou shalt have not have any other gods before me. And it had a MRI 1/2 listening the mode as I often am when I'm you know, distressed.

It seems like a and God knows I'm there. He continued to talk about how you know we can have good things in life that we can take him to an unhealthy level community. At the end of the service he played on the Jimmy Needham song up clear the stage, which is pretty much talks about how you can take worship to an Angel healthy healthy level.

If you try to turn into a show and you know I listen to the words these songs and mentors in the songs and the one things it. The lyrics talk about us anything you put before your God is not anything you live with all your heart is not anything you can't stop thinking about is not an what's kind of funny about that was I haven't been able to sleep for about three days prior because I knew this confrontation with my boss was going to take place and was like okay got you got my attention so I need to quit my job, just go ahead and quit and course God and that still small voice says home your jobs not your problem. Work is and my first rathole. What's the difference, and then it dawned on me that my job is where I do my work and the work was the problem.

I put so much pride so much. You know personal investment my reputation and you know Romans 1211 tells us not to be slothful in our work do everything for the glory of God, but you can take work to an unhealthy level. If that's becomes the Eudora goal and so I was able to put it all down with Robbie and pre-much leave it there but in the air made me realize that you know I'm still dealing with that wound. I'm still doing deeply with what's going on in healing took place in that and none guide me being the center I am. I'm sure will have to deal with it again.

But you know that's kind of a cool thing and if you Brandsmart podcast last couple weeks to talk about how a lesson plan from 2018 is getting carried over into and and and he is continuing to heal us, and keeps bringing these painful things that you mentioned in our lives in order to indicate well I got a lot more healing come in here.

We got a little more and in the thing that really really helps me is I know that underneath that Jesus is really really concerned about those wounds in my life and they really matter. It matters that somebody hurt you if it matters to Jesus that you feel that pain and and and he wants a process to get that to be renewed back to the restoration of the way things are going to be, but it's a process and entering into that takes commitment like so just throw that out right exactly life-changing. It is life-changing opportunity to really go deep because yeah I know Wheatley is Mende pain necessarily, but if you're willing to risk and go in what it can bring for your family. What it could bring for generations to come for the healing come for the healing to register now March 21. Of the 24th masculine churning radio.

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