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Healing Part 2: Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 2, 2019 12:30 pm

Healing Part 2: Community

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 2, 2019 12:30 pm

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Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. In light of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing class band of brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Glad to have you with us today after losing the last week show you the price of president even here today were really glad to have you witness last week. Show her that apparently my vacation, even when I'm working, that's okay.

Last week I was enjoying Colorado and the cold cold weather.

There are now, but it was nice. Very pretty out there. I thought about you guys occasionally greatly offered not much. I hope that I did think that you have no were continuing the topic this week that we started last week when I wasn't here which is on healing which, ironically, that was Corey's topic that he wanted to talk about an ironic part of Corey's money will be here this week. Now, seriously, tragically, there was a cow emergency literally and the last planet. But he had to go deal with that and and so here we are. I don't think that's a term of never really heard what how emergency it was a cow emerging. You know, Emmett, and his topic was healing and we we were unable to get to everything we wanted to last week. So were continuing that process, but it's you know what we are talking about before the show that was stated in Isaiah and again Jesus quoted it that you know his mission was to write, heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free and you and I hadn't really put it together until just like two seconds before the show that healing the broken hearted is sort of a singular person we are talk about that last week and captives, however, is plural and it's it's really fascinating to me how God has used community to help heal the brokenhearted, in my case, and so continuing along those lines and and of course Jim you you felt like there was really a big point that we left out last time. When it came to know what the part.

The resurrection takes a map well part of it was the really moving music. The sugar here at the break, but we usually just no one get a little better. We want to work on this work on that what we really need is resurrection we need to be totally changed. We need to become the new man got created the stability and that's a long seems like a long way away, that times and that's where the true healing is when we can be in that position dying to self and deftly Jesus came that we may have salvation right and that we could be reconciled to the father. But when he states his mission and that's a big part of it right without without having access to the father. It's hard to have healing right without having salvation. It's hard to have any of that salvation is beginning as you stated of the new man coming in. We said the biggest healing is accepting Jesus excellence. That's the first huge jump in the long walk to the complete healing that we can expect oh yeah, and it's not as though we don't continue to have opportunities to get hurt along the way all you said it's kind of a continued continued cycle, so to speak.

So Jesus deftly has his hands full to continue to heal the brokenhearted because there's lots out there to continually break our hearts in as we try to navigate through life.

Will the desert go from individual healing right which begins with acceptance of Christ rightly begins with that and then you know God works on us individually and we get some healing as you guys talked about last week, and we've all experienced so that one way or another with some of that through boot camp when were there other times through our meetings together right that there's healing comes from it, but there's there's something that has to be a catalyst. Robbie and I can get to start first clip does not ride and I I wish I knew the guys name, but I think is Paul Martin name of Palma Paul Barton Mall cop, you know, that's all I can think is the guy and he's in this movie Kevin James Kevin James and he is a biology teacher and what you can't see as we are playing this clip as he is standing on the desk of you know he is the teacher and literally dancing as he is moving about trying to explain biology. Now if you listen very beginning of the clip, but I think it's interesting to me that the kids are checked out and they're not really into what it is he has to offer.

And so he's almost experiencing the dead organism, for which he is describing as he walks into the class that is his activity itself is he begins to dance on the desk and do the things that he does. He actually if you listen to the engagement in the classroom. You can see a see somewhat the healing of the organism that takes point right before this.

In the movie he was the dead organism and semi-challenges him so is pretty cool to see. As he accepts and starts to walk into it. Others are affected all of us biology, no cell to hear that good people cell that is not in motion is not a productive member of the system will pick up the slack somewhere back the imitative straight sale.

Basically, the whole organism begins to know what biology is an amazing thing. And here's the good news all that decays can be restored saying that advice like Calcutta feels like Brian Monahan is back on track. Energy monthly is certainly moving get a little vulnerable little rumble from everybody is rumbling. She trained me as well. A little bit okay no rumble beginning of the restorative process, even if the entire system is closed today. What happens is, not to say all cells work together entire system seal that is Dragon sick Dragon is the boy is been checked out in class and these drawn dragons and and so you know what he's done effectively is actually by him becoming engaged in by him became a move about and literally move about and start touching people and calling them out and see in their glory and realizing that you know there's some beautiful stuff out there. He brings healing normalization of the reason I love that clip. Sam is it for me.

I did not realize what a couch potato. I had become.

I mean, I taught Sunday school class. I met a radio show I was doing stuff in the kingdom sort of, but I hate to think how stagnant my life really wise and I didn't have that enthusiasm you know that rumble and that he's talking about in the and that kind of feeling like I was really engaged in and in getting healing but as I got to be part of that community started to adopt the adventure you know and getting all those things going in the rhythm that he's talking about and so it's kind of neat that the community brought me healing as I brought healing to the community at this. It's God uses each one of us. As long as were willing to be a catalyst for the community. The others you be something that when we let him work in our life and we share with others to think that that's not going to have an impact on others or he's not and do something with that is nave to some degree right is God's planting seeds.

It may be harvested soon her way down the road, but he still plant seeds.

You only seen that in our group in our one of us may have opportunity to to get out and get some counseling or read something or God opens her eyes to something and that fosters something someone else, which leads to healing as well so itself that's a fascinating thing. So something that I never would have put together.

Actually, you know through that Isaiah 61 past passage in a week he came to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free and and and so one leads kind of to the other. In addition, speaks to the importance of trying to find a good community to walk in right. Not every community is necessarily good communities go to the family reunion that sent okay, sometimes not as much.

Yeah, sometimes it's not the safest community to be in yard and taken some classes and one of things actually came up in a lecture this last week was in healing with its secular healing Christian healing. They always talk about the importance of community and importance that community having some key elements to in this key elements being and they all have to be there. They all have to be there. The key elements being encouraging is one of them loving inability to hold each other accountable and Jim that word accountable gets messages that doesn't and that is something we talked about before. Nobody really likes that word because it sounds like were being judgmental and I'm telling you what you have to do and I don't know any human being that likes to be told what they have to. In fact, most of us will reject that do the opposite. Just because I said we had to earn a paycheck. We do it that so many of us need the healing that comes with the empathy in the carrying and the affirmation as well as the honesty and directly confronting things that are loves that the other thing I would add to your list to me is critical is a sense of belonging. Yeah like this is home to me this is work.

This is my community because for a long time. He went to Kern used to say why you keep saying you guys it's us and it's hard to adopt that it is anything to we start talking about accountability to understand that knowing the heart of the other ski Jim, if you tell me something really hearts good and 811 makes a big difference. And if you have a hidden agenda become backward and talk more about that. But why we are breaking you listen to the great commercials here. The talk about you going to register for March 21-24 to the masking journey radio large is the same. Last Sunday I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that they where we can get PO Box 557 what God does journey radio closed off the first shift away feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard masking journey Great Britain Beeston, who was one of the best songwriters that nobody's ever heard of anymore, but he's been in the business 45 close to 50 years and invariably his songs are either hilarious or very convicting, and that one to me is very convicting song and often there both but in this.

It really is six explains our situation well know we equally need a little help. We think we just need to start doing this and do that a little better it will be okay and what we really need is a new life in Jesus. And I was a mess. I was with that Sam I was thinking that actually sets up the coach Carter clip that you know in this scene Coach Carter has his players have were failing their classes and they'd signed a contract for later playing basketball with him that they would seek meet a certain grade standard so he locks these guys out of the gym, which causes his principal a great deal of pain that I think is you listen to this. The coach has such a higher value of what these players should be then what the principal or the players himself say force to meet you in the library. Are you crazy is Garrison surprised you know where my office take the laptop that Jim my phone stopped ringing. Maybe someone on the other end of that phone have a solution to our problem here is good. Mr. Carter extreme you painted an extreme picked.

No one expects them to graduate.

No one expects them to go to sleep equally basketball one area of their lives with success.

Yes ma'am yes ma'am they fail, they unfortunately Mr. Carter both you and I know that for some of these kids basketball season will be to their lives think that you same as I heard that clip was horribly convicted that when I first heard what the principal said. I agreed with her until I heard his answer and then I went oh my goodness, you know, we set our sights way too low you know is is we look at that at the potential of of people are in and we see them as they possibly could be. And now God doesn't do that. I mean that that's not the picture of where and what he has for those students and it's really beautiful thing that this guy calls amount.

Coach Carter is one of the movies it's based on true stories well and we have a coach that obviously is a coach you paid to win ball games, but the coach looks beyond that.

He looks beyond what's best for him.

He looks beyond what's best for the business school. As far as the record or what's what's best for the principal and does out of a loving heart what's best for the boys. So it's a good movie have seen it before in the past, but that's it. That's a key element of the retirement before in community is the selfless motive of reaching out to others and love are sharing or being authentic with one another, trusting that it'll be okay around you so that today kinda play out in a setting, you probably wouldn't expect it to know. I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that we were going to bring a couple managers on. They gave me a format the faults of for assimilation which was to get the current people that are working there.

In these groups with the new managers so they can learn about each other and I had no idea what to expect. I've never done this exact facilitation before the first group went very well. There is expect to be low keyed and again back to what we expect and what actually happens kind of thing.

The first manager shorten the time I thought this can be simple, we won't wait. We want the normal time many short up and it went away in the launch and I had a second group and thereby wanted. I knew the bathroom group was a tough group there will be challenging. They have a bunch of things there more experience they may carry baggage and stuff with them.

I get to listen to. As I sit near him a lot and Michael K.

Was this afternoon session going to be like and we go through a series of questions about what would you like to know about your new manager. What is you need to know about you, one of the problems in some of solution might go solitaire and there's always you know somebody has to start so you guys talked about how people are going to actually heal in this community, so somebody says something and then you see some male say something and then start to grow on each other and my role courses to facilitate so I'm trying to draw things out from them speaking in truth but also in a way that guys we still have to go out and do our job and be there for each other even know where in difficult times, we have difficult situations.

I never in it is just this topic that were on from last week and this week the healing I'm just like, oh my gosh the wounds. I'm sorry. See wounds and everybody there start to talk about their wounds and the way they were very sincere about it and coming across in trying to be very open because they really want the best for the manager to command because they know is come into a tough situation to be that open that honest and the way it played out is you have that group in there without the manager then you bring the manager in and kind of sale catalysts and what they want to know about see you get it.

Here's what they wrote down the nearest beers what's behind that also ending the group comes together and managed a good job he's going through many things and he is kind of a moment like asked them so basely talk to me more tell me more about this one here at one understand and he sat down. Also, which is great because now he's down on their level to zero sit in her in the conference room and he was standing and talking analogous down in the dialogue and more more wounds were opened, I think, to allow for the healing because if you don't open the wound.

You don't address the wound healing is never going to happen. So for this group. The community that you just talked about. And they come together, they were helping each other explain their situations and talk through their pain and the hurt and what they don't want for the new manager. They don't want him to go through that and it was just a beautiful thing to watch at all come together.

I was just by this time I wasn't facilitating was kind of the cyclist it was. It was the manager in the team they should be leading carrying the conversation carrying the weight of that I can do step to the side and just kinda watch and observe.

It's a beautiful thing to watch it happen in front because now there is there is a potential for them to work together go forward. Which is beautiful and that's the power of authenticity. Yes, the power of people taking risk big risk, especially the work setting really think about that. You have to be willing to step out for others to to get the benefit. Same as always change coming is always change coming Jim to do and how you can't shortcut to get there. What is a desirable click is I'm guessing that the manager never told them anything.

He was asking questions and that is how you draw someone out it's not by as we said earlier, being direct admit is be questioning and help them come to the right conclusion about them and listening by all means.

I think one thing Forrester recognizes it.

Life continually changes in, I know that we listed it in my life. I was content to think well if I can just get to this point that I can kinda lock in and just go on cruise control. While there isn't really is. And there's another curve come up.

You don't expect her a few bumps are counteracted. There's there's changes that are happening in inside again be taken from these classes and one of the classes that goes last week had the quote that change is inevitable and is going to happen right with you have in all of our lives. Growth is optional it into so whole concept of what we gonna do a change of being allowed to derail her life over again to be allow it to take us places that scare us there. You know, take us to bad dark places and in a consistent clip. It's probably for you to be one of the least popular clips ever played. This audit but know this is what I'm thinking of this this this quote. This is a clip that came to mind, and it was from the Brady Bunch was back years ago when when the Brady Bunch is on and and Peter that the middle brother was supposed to be doing a solo they were taking on singing I call the families back then, apparently, and they used was the sole owner's voice started to change and he could allege that the railing or he can accept it and move on. So that gets us to this clip from the Brady. Presently, that was only 52 so I felt much longer.

Robbie, I know that you're probably doing everything tonight. Camp rock is to be hard to even in the silly TV show the Brady Bunch. You can find some truth, you know, if you listen and you open up and you let God work on you know in member watching as a kid and just think it was funny and is about my age at the time and let you know that is a constant thing that were all facing. You know Robbie, I'm sure life is completely different today than it was six months ago. That would be a gigantic understatement. And they're not even close to that you know is I was sitting there listening to Peter you know it is part of a man that he goes from that line, it's gonna learn how to roll in the meantime, he does a godly asking Judy register for the upcoming doing some amazing things there that I can't tell you what they are doing is it is every time and I want that to be something he does for you as well as us would love to have you registered mask injury register now March 21-24.

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