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Seize the Day

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Seize the Day

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 16, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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We usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge.

Masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing grab your gear, West band of brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey where the day were because were talk about estimation.

We are talking about is all very good at it that way didn't actually start working on it today. We do so we were little bit ahead of the curve and its Boot Camp EV really really maybe 555. Maybe my views are excellent so I five days in a Boot Camp seriously five days. We have okay so this is also an energy and energy. Well, actually we changed it and you'll see why a little bit later to Carberry or I wanted to do a Latin pond.

You don't get to do that very often carpet a day. You so we can seize the diocese God and it Boot Camp we get to do both, which is awesome is awesome. I'm excited for this next week it's going to be so much fun you know we as many of that we've gone I think were we got to be close to total about 20 yeah I lie somewhere there may be a little over and you think would count it up but we haven't bothered to do that now.

I eat as much as you think you know what to expect. You don't expect. It's always different. Yeah, yeah, I'm excited and excited so Boot Camp week traditionally, we see a couple things going on. Maybe that's one of the things that you guys are facing is as Boot Camp, is coming up right so the first thing that I think is as it's pretty obvious it's it's the attacks on both the campers is coming and actually just the group that's leaving it just the attacks because the devil not do the enemies into doing whatever he can to break up whatever God wants to do. However, God wants to go after somebody start whatever God wants to do to speak to that individual. Whether it's through you know the staff or whether it's him directly. He's in a do whatever. So there's two ways he can do that. This is, just of the show can do whatever he can to break up the communication that's going out and in any way he does that, you know, is attack of the staff, but then he also does whatever he can to keep the campers from common unit.

This demand from common by getting the keep putting off.

Well, I'll go to the next, the next time that's what I did. I think it took me about a year ago where I just felt comfortable.

Why didn't really feel comfortable but I finally did ask like I need this so bluntly put things off so that's kind of the justice that the showed bit Jim last week mention in print procrastination because of you know right up to the end of it and people are still trying to decide whether to go or not but then also just the spiritual side of as well and so that the enemy doesn't know what God's going to do right. He doesn't have the same powers as God right answer. He doesn't know what God's going to do a dozen guys going to do something and that scares and so you do anything he can to try to get people to keep people from common and so whether you really think about spiritual warfare on a daily basis. Or, you know it's happening all the time disruption in enemies coming in and in mint with miscommunication or all those kinds of things and it's a part of daily life that we just accept as normal but it does seem to get ramped up. Is it closer to Boot Camp your things in a bit more going on so anyone set up our first clip think it leads well, it's from the two towers of the Lord of the rings movie with gained off-white and Aragorn are talking with theater animator trying to convince him that he really needs to do battle to win this totally get this victory over the enemy and Jaden is like a lot of us he doesn't really want to fight. He wants to you to preserve or have a safe life for his people, and basically the unit one of the best lines at the very end of it going plate is not a taste of the town of Sodom – foldable cart solution is driven not by Fiona of Sodom by Dr. Lee had on going the way women must have 2000 good men riding north as we speak. Amorous loyalty is men will return and fight for decades. It will be 300 leads from here by now and I cannot help us. I know what it is you want of me, but I will not bring father death to my people. I will not risk open war wars upon you. What you would risk it amount there were the best. I wish you the best clips of the best things that that part of open wars upon you guys.

What does open war look like for people right now before you bring it up.

What's it really look like you know in our lives and are people you might know what what what should people be looking for to so that's what warfare is only just like you met a minute ago is the warfare we went through now for the last Boot Camp. Both Sam and I missed it for me. I was taken out by crews because that's one of my idols, my wife and I were out on a cruise. Sam being the tougher man was taken out by major issues. Safety has taken up by not exercising. Try to think that I could run and having both my hamstrings pulled but you know that's not those things happen. Energy Jim is in the room with us and you hear from a lot of different people today would name and a switch up a bit and remained when I made this year from the four of us here at the table right now but Jim was almost taken out completely from boot camp is his life had a wreck two days before Boot Camp young pretty significant wreck in the car and so in others. There's a big things right.

We can kinda see those and sometimes we look at those go that's warfare. What's all those little mites and those little bites and knows all things that come out. Yeah, you don't really see those inconveniences that are warfare and those are what usually have done it may, the little things that data that's death by a thousand cuts, rather than massive blow to the heart and at least in my case I think the devil knows that that's what gets me worse if I get if I had my hand well I have my toe chopped off a week before the previous mood Us all that is warfare so there's nowhere else to let that stop me but traffic ticket this lab. The other little playing and a bunch of those together is much more likely to take me out self-doubt. I know for me I didn't want to go. Pfister's imagination did I want to be there but then I started doubting just myself.

That whole week.

You know, I didn't really want to face some of the issues I knew that would probably more than likely, and that's a big one mean some the stuff that no not necessarily that were to talk about it Boot Camp. Some the stuff that you get to be forced to probably look inside yourself can be tough for some people to deal with in. I think that's definitely something that the enemy uses and really draws out of your praise on you that fear that doubt you think about in stuff you don't know what's going be required of you exactly unite and I want to rephrase something you said everybody struggles with right at one time or another.

At one point or another, you get to that one. We go through this one hurts. This was Dragon pretty deep. This is really hard to get extracted in and it is a little bit tough on that and he wants some of things that you can come at from a warfare they don't necessary see is warfare. So attacks are attractive from two aspects. The first one they like went before. When I came in.

I never ban it was like I don't know this guy has a unit discounted fear of the unknown, what are they gonna do what's gonna be topic and then part of it is self-preservation alone, I'm sick and tired of being this way but yet not enough to go and do something about it but in those things break through and you see the value in it. I guess the other thing is, in some of the Boot Camp physicist begin the speaker getting more involved. It was like attacks from work were big one calls from family members that would just take you out because they were very confrontational and he had to keep you know your focus on the on on what the task ahead and what God wanted to do. Also, just you noticed any kind of distraction from the norm. The news, sports, whatever.

There's a lot of different things and you have to be prepared and you have to be ready before you enter in, and dizziness is such a big one for you and for me I got sure, something not initially excited about that and I was I was gone this last weekend and I got a call from some eyes watching my dog. It said there's a whole bunch of bugs in the dog food and I keep a clean house. You know me, I really do. I mean I clean every night. Stars like wife and encounters everything and so I get home and I don't see any bugs in them like that was weird. And then the next day there's bugs in the dog food and right now, so now you get an exterminator out there which means there pouring out my cabinets, which means I get it. All the staff and get it all prepped and I'm looking at that and I'm not really bothered by the fact is much that has to happen just all the time to sometime prepare for Boot Camp young and a couple talks and I'm gonna do am excited about a man just two full nights of getting ready just for the study comes Brandon a day to clean in a type of thing, did you see is that day.

I'm hoping we need to get to that clipper a quick and set up this clip sure. So this is more with a focus on procrastination.

This looking for a clip and this just hit home. It is really met is about seizing the day taking the lead in getting change or whatever in your life are really understanding what you're created for. This is Robin Williams, East John Keating in the movie. These basically got the students. These prep students and easiest, encouraging them to deceive the day.

It's from dead poets Society. Thanks for stare enforcement name on page 522 is founded upon a final time yet is the root as well. He may over time is still flying in the same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying for, gather the rosebuds while you may over that sentiment is carpe diem. That means carpe diem sees today. Mr. Meeks had an unusual name sees the day the investment value may as the writings these designs that are no anyway because we are food for worms that are not each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing. Turn cold and I just afforded forward and come back tomorrow to pick up where we left off and that clip is that in time about what you do have a job way too long to register for Boot Camp.

It's five days away masking Trinity and register now masculine journey now I talk about ways you can help support Lily smile that was on the information is that he where we can get to masculine male something is what God does journey radio closed off the first shift away this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard God's master journey I suggested that I see… About I could talk after that is usually breaks me down the my kids are 40+ now, but it still is. That way if we don't jump into doing what we need in the moment when we miss it, and far more people have regrets about what they didn't do what they did in their lives and that that particular song just all about procrastination. I get to it in the next week or the next time and and then it's gone a little too much of the unification. Yeah, I like to go back in and go ahead and start the clip back over that. We just started with three clips to get in the sense this segment is shown, we will go back and play the Robin Williams because it is about seizing the day." Good enough that I think we should hear it in its entirety. So if you hurt a little bit of it before. That was just a kind of warming up really here at this time so you going to listen to it is he's talking a group of young men whose you getting Ray to go get into life experiences here in the next few years, saying you got a chance to go do something great for stare enforcement name on page 522 is founded upon a final time as is as well. You may over time is still flying in the same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying, gather you rosebud value may over that sentiment is carpe diem.

That means company and sees today. Mr. Meeks had an unusual name sees the day he may as the writings these designs are no anyway because we are food for worms that are not each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing. Turn cold and I just afforded some the faces in the past many times you have pets, hormones, just like you. Invincible, like you feel the world is their oyster. They believe they are destined for great things, just like many of you guys are full of hope today went to was too late to make in their lives even one iota of what they were capable because he these boys are now fertilizing daffodils.

If you listen real close to Mr. the legacy to you: leaning next I like about you guys are sleeping on the clip and it really made me start thinking I thought about this several times since. Since Boot Camp, which was my first boot camp not I get chills when I think about like what if I had died before I got a chance to get a bouquet is not put myself in situations is very possible that I wouldn't be coming and I wasn't saved and I was staunchly open about that so many we just never know when I times up and that's scary to think about sometimes had a morbid thing about sometimes. If you aren't saved. He just never one of you just if you had if you had any realization. If you have a minute. We can be of any realization about the opportunity you have any Boot Camp. I assure you there is nothing that would stop you from coming Last Way I Look at It. I Look Forward to Five Days from Now since the Moment I Left the First Yeah Exactly and I Think That One Thing That Will Thank You Cory for Sharing That.

I Don't Know When the Right Time for You to Come to Boot Camp. This He Does A Lot Of Truth to That at Some for Me Think God Had to Kind of Put Me in a Spot on. It Was Jim Actually Who First Invited Me to a Boot Camp and I Still Remember My First Boot Camp I Went in There Very. This Is Not Me, You Now like Cory Hi, I Was Saved My Marriage. I Was in Was a Complete Train Wreck so Far down the Track.

The Eyes Didn't Recover but the Amazing Part Was and I've Been Part of This Ministry for A Few Years Now and I All Have People Come to Me and Asked Me Know. Why Do You Do It for Me. I Will. I Really Enjoy Watching Men Be Set Free. As Men We Tend to Get Busy in Life and We Think Were All Alone and We Think We Have To Be within Certain Parameters If You Will, Especially If You Are No and a Christian for Any Length of Time You Feel like This Is the Way I Have To Act This Is Anything outside of This Email Way Is Is Childish When God Has Basically Set Us up to Be Warriors and Now Days I Get a Little Nervous When It Comes to a Week or Two before Boot Camp Because I I Know the Attacks Are Common, and I Have To Identify That and Pray through That, but I Would Encourage You If You've Never Been to a Boot Camp.

I Can't Tell You How Many a Repeat Offender Suite That after They Come to Their Free Spirit Foods First Boot Camp We See Them over and over and over Again and It Is Really Quite Remarkable.

If You Feel like You're Stuck in a Rot. If You Feel like You Just Going through the Motions Come out Be Set Free and That Would Be My Encourage See Anybody You Know Don't Procrastinate Anymore.

Come out and Be Set Free. We've Got to Clips within a Run Together That the Site Movie and Actually They Are Together That This Is from the Movie Bucket List and Set It up Quickly. We've Got Morgan's Character Who Has Written the Letter While He's in the Hospital Dying so You'll Hear Some of That in the Background and Then You Hear Jack Nicholson's Character. After Morgan's Read His Letter Responding to His Death, and Responding in Ways to Activate the App in This Today Is Not Bit about Death, Although Everything Is Been There to Point That Direction, but It's about Avoiding It by Taking Action. It's about Life Executives about Life and What You Find Here in This Movie Were Going. It's Cultural and Is They Live Their Life Procrastinating.

What Brought Them Life Was to Stop When They Were Not.

When I'm Gone Back and Forth the Last Few Days Trying to Decide Whether or Not I Should Even Write This in I Realized I Would Regret It If I Didn't, so Here Goes. I Know the Last Time We Saw It Exactly Hitting the Sweetest site and Wasn't Aware. I Suppose I'm Responsible, I'm Sorry, but in All Honesty I Have a Chance at Doing It on the Strange Way I Can Pay You for All You've Done for Me Rather Than Try. I'm Just Going to Ask You to Do Something Else.

Find Joy in Your Life. Once Again You're Not Everyone Well, Certainly Not Everyone.

Everyone Is Everyone Is Lives Are Streams Flowing the Same River Was Whatever Heaven Lies in the Midst beyond the Fall. Find the Joy. Close Your Eyes and New Goals Know What Most People Say Occasions Because All Honesty, I Tried to Avoid Simplest Thing Is I Love This Corridor and I Saw the World Together. Just Amazing When You Think That Only Three Months Ago.

Complete Strangers. I Hope That Doesn't Sound Selfish of Me Last Month of His Life Last Months of Mine. He Saved My Life in a New before I Already Knew This, and We Are Short of Time, God, This Prayer Know Each Other. Three Months Ago Met Each Other Had an Adventure Together.

We Had a Healed Marriage. We Had Trusted Friends and That's What We Do Have Camps Different for Each One of Us Is a Set of Best Most Trusted Friends. I Have Come Out Of This Experience, so Don't Ask, Don't Put It off Days by through Warfare Procrastinating to Mask Injury Register Now at an Amazing Stream of Joy Waiting There for You. If It Were There.

We Can't Wait to See

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