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Listening for God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 30, 2019 12:30 pm

Listening for God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 30, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The reason one usually feel that way. Jesus reads of narrow gauge. One of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart will try to find one feels more like a losing something worth dying for, was your band of brothers will serve as the gods we call the masculine journey masculine journey starts here no longer be met every week. Whether you care to join us and listen to those with zero stores live or via podcast. This is our post boot camp edition.

This is the most exciting ones are just coming off a boot camp a week ago, while less than a week ago flying flying high still tired so it's it's a great experience in the uplifting and in so many ways, but also a little tiring. I'm deftly drained. That is for sure yeah you know there's a lot that goes on in his life. He goes on as we prepare for the camp as we are at the camp and God tends to step in and change some things were at the camp and so you know are constantly doing activity in a counseling of activity and then you know of course fighting warfare was energized by the And still I am but I left before Sunday. So after breakfast yeah probably Sunday for me and I was doing the final talk about the weekend and why were doing the worship God changes some of the movie clips that I got is absent. Larry.I have list of the worship songs and these like in this clip would be really good one yeah let me really good. You know that he told me another one inside the scramble and try to change eclipse you know I have.

I took a bathroom break so we could I get the clips I almost forgot them and I just want to say that on a Sampson talk on Sunday about the good heart was when the most amazing things I've ever sat through and I was privileged to be able to see it live is just amazing to me, touch me think units from that particular topic. When Ransom Martin Eldridge that it was a it was a catalyst honestly for how I saw myself moving forward is that always lived under that, you know, the heart is wicked right right and I Michael out in the day. That's one in a land and having you know God's grace to say here there's to Scripture about that.

That's very true. Before you become a Christian before you accept Christ, and then you get the new heart. You get that the good heart Lives in your heart all those that universe as we went through and there's verse after verse after verse after verse after good heart sounds like a good name for ministry as it is, it so that's been that's been since 2005. Now yes it's been pretty cool but yet it for me and I talked about the camping that salvation was obvious of the biggest thing in my life as far as my walk in my faith. Second would be just healing of wounds, and third this understanding that you know I don't have to live under the condemnation of the wicked heart and I can live out of the good heart. I think that's something very like that was very confusing for me I coming in his new Christian dislike will you know you talk all the time about like which is evil people as humans. I guess you know how does God love such evil people and that mean that really just mean it is really shifted my whole perspective on everything just made me realize God's love and God's grace and just how amazing is for one of the laws that was addressed to That's one that's bothered me is that an early recently heard it pretty clearly but most Christians live under the old. My sin separates me from God, but we have the real truth is God separate you from your sin and he's between you and your sin and that's where we get the good heart he's healed. One of my favorite people that speak on that is John Lynch, not the ex-football player to pastor out in Arizona and on Hill at Heath. He tells a story of God's grace below things he says is is get Jesus standing there with his arm around him in there looking at the sand together.

He's like wow that is a lot of said it will get to together. You know one day at a time you nine and it was just the perspective of okay yeah that isn't separating in a gods here with me and were working on on moving past that moving into more of that good heart moving into more of that new creation in Christ created me to be boot camp Rodney question what was your favorite part of boot camp.

The grapple I had with agreements okay so about halfway through the camp.

I was just okay Lord, what are we working on this weekend and asking and praying about it for a long time coming of camp and he's just I started the old agreement started popping back up. You're not worthy are good nephew can't do this.

There's all kinds of negativity coming at me. The warfare is were talking about and then it was that talk on agreements that I said okay I really started praying heavily on that and started understanding which agreements were out there and what and started realizing man I keep making these over and over and over.

So that's what I've got to be very conscientious and pray about them almost daily and say them every morning. I'm breaking them and then there's the other part of taking this risk out there to actually not keep going back to them and after talk through the wounds and other thing that have gone to make sure that I can go rescue my deities and make that happen in my life. That's a lot going on. One of the things that I wanted I added if the list to the program. Saturday you're a bunch of young people. Well I'm nearing 78 I will make the point that a man must know himself and boot camp will help you do that you may think you know yourself but going through some of the talks in particular the closure. Talk will help you know who you really are and God continually comes after your heart.

Ironically today. Harold is said as long as you still breathing God still working on you yeah Lester, that and and I think sometimes people make too much about being older and staying young and hardly deftly one that younger heart with us. See you have anything out of us all the time is were not that young Yahoo LOL we typically zero closure for report about the Canton of the boot camps that have been to my favorite part is the silence. Covenants of silence. I love the talks love the way you waive the clips in that fit so well with point, trying to be made so there's there's an entertainment element might you walk away with a lot of learning within you really get to face yourself is in the covenant of silence it is and that's where God does his deepest work is out knows the sessions, a lot of time, sometimes of him accurate in the middle of a session in nine, he's gonna work on you and he wants to work on Jim what about you, what was your favorite part of the well normally it for me. It is the silent top. This time it was more the sessions, but I think ultimately it was the prayer at the end and it just hit me that that was because I in that I heard the name Percy and I was met. Of these kids daily by day, Percy. Nobody named spokesperson and I was like he is knowing what I've ever done, and it just hit me that God wanted me to honor the memory of Percy would and that he this was a man had the biggest heart in the world for kids that he worked with troubled kids and he loved literally the unlovable of the way it was a great example for me that's awesome and I'm in a cheat and give two answers.

The I said the first thing was having been around the kids of the North County boys Academy now, for you know three or four years and see in as his kids command and how broken the RN and just you know where the life's been really tough and to see where they are.

In 18 months later two years later it's really really cool just to see the growth and see how much I start to step into young manhood in and really doing and in a in a good way and then I was really impressed with a couple of the guys one guy in particular from the Winston-Salem rescue mission in the program that he's been going through with added Alpha acres in a four year and then not into the other program that he's been doing in just what all God's done in his life in the midst of all that was really cool. Just listen to that story as far as the camp itself. My favorite thing was the thing that honestly I'm always I hate to say this way. It's not necessarily true is not what I'm looking forward to the least that's what I'm always most apprehensive about knowing we did a session on Saturday night of listening prayer and if you don't know what that is. It's basically exactly that. It's listening prayer you go out with a group of people you can do is people you know, it's actually better with people you don't really know any go out and you just take an hour and so Gabbard and I listen to what you had to say. Don't in any context to say what you know what's there. You know you listen and initially it's in a quiet and guy start hearing things and it's it's almost like a random feels like a random popcorn machine going and things are kinda pop in and people are saying things here and there and then God just do some pretty cool stuff and get to the clip and this is not a Christian movie. It reminds me of listening prayer is a resume to play this clip and it's from Field of dreams, and in the movie Field of dreams character Ray hears different things he said here is if you build it you will come heal his pain and I can't remember the third because I have to cheat look and I do have a guttural Regulus of the distancing of the distance and so regardless of the clip is what ends up happening with this is, as he does exactly that.

He follows these things and then he gets to the point of the payoff and I want to kinda get to what that payoff is and this is when he gets to meet his father and he was father wind issues old. It time that really horrible you get halfway through the clip. It does everything intensely significant back and listening to the clip we will talk more about it. Go to mask injury register for an upcoming boot camp and we have a posted which we don't yet, but also listen pass podcast which they're all there now for you to listen to the same mask my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled at he was on the information where you can click button tweaking it is what God does journey radio closed off like the first shift away this feeling I was having weight is mask I was hiding behind never heard God's master journey is being great suggestion. Jim, it's all my wife. She's the machine for coming up with a copy of the girl of three cyclists. What I this is our topic. While the song so that's one of my favorite songs obviously were my favorite Mercy me songs, but in general to my favorite Christian songs. I am a go and pick up where we left off with Ray. Ray had just visited on the clip. The three things that he was asked to do and they all took them on various adventures right to places that didn't seem to make sense and along the way each each one of the stops. Other people are affected in a positive way, which is kind how God works.

Cindy basically tells us what we need to when we need to know it and what were usually asking for at least what I'm usually asking for his God, tell me what I need to do when I get here. Silence and he often tells us a lot through his silence in the doesn't say just tells us exactly what we need to know and then we need to be obedient with what we've been given.

So that's happened with Ray to gets the point where all the sudden, for lack of a better term, the payoff is there of you know I God's been working on again and in this is not necessary. Christian movie but working on taking him back to a place where he can see his father differently as he didn't have a great relationship with his dad and this takes a back no magic of movies where they can step back in time, is that the young man again against the seamen is prime and will listen to some of the interchange with he and his father. I only saw him.

Years later he was worn down my life is you and your family. This is my gyms were talking before the service was kind of new age kinda movie but even though the intent is there. You still get a deal with some issues that God wants to deal with in a you in this movie gets to take him back in his place where the scene you don't get to see as they got may have a catch together which was an old wounded part for Ray in on so you can step back and where he sees his father differently. And for me I think it's probably part of the journey God Technion along the way to where I had to get to the point where I could see my father differently. Before I could forgiving on some things you know him and that took a while it took various journey I get some information from her sister and information here and information there and then all of a sudden I thought I realized I could see my dad is just a broken man in the life would strip from forming and in the same clip. It reminded me of one of my other special moments with boot camp was remembering my father died 20 years ago this year, but I and we were talking about the wounded. I had a wonderful father had his shortcomings, but now having this clip Ahmad me of the good times we did have to gathers very special and we need to look back at those we love those that are in our lives as we are meant to love than may have other feelings for you new in route route needed echoed that you know we were had the ability to go to Robbie's dad's funeral on Sunday after boot camp and just now to see Robbie just kinda come alive as he talked about his dad in his life and his perspectives are changed over time. And if that doesn't touch you know you nothing will will ever just to see that and know that instead of like the movie he's living it afterwards.

Like many of us are right we didn't heal those things.

During that time Rob got to spend a lot of time with his father, heal those wounds see his father in a completely different light. Before he passed, and to talk about that and build express in such a loving, wonderful way was emotional because I was consciously thinking about my father turn back time and thinking all my dad died of a heart attack in about 20 years ago. Just suddenly gone and I never had a chance to say goodbye really doing those close things that you know you what you will probably want a hard time but he was able to have some wonderful moments we talked about very special. Then we got elicited pretty much a boot camp talk is a eulogy which was really kind interesting that what school is very cold back to the will will you back to you hearing from God talking to God that the listening prayer in my group of okay Vita Sheridan story for now. You absolutely in my group. We had some breakthroughs that pretty cool things that I heard from one person I didn't know what was going on in life and I was kinda key to know any of the guys in the group what was going on in life is heard God say, tell this person that I love him and so I told him we can okay and the next thing I can hear could hear the guy weeping and later he shared some of his story and is exactly what he'd been asking God to have what you think of me right before I heard you know and I mean I would have no way of knowing that a nine a cool example was one of the young kids from the older kids from North Carolina boys Academy, Spencer told me said Sam. Your son loves you, but there's something that he really is bothered by the need to talk to about the like, okay, and after we get and praying acid. God give you clarity on which son and he said no and I don't know if it was the youngest of your oldest and so I had text my oldest and he said well now there's really nothing there's little bit of stuff that happened on talked about nothing. It's Internet pressing and siding a chance to talk to me under son who's a boot camp with me until last night spent two nights ago and we just have been busy may not add quiet time and it's okay. How was your listening prayer group because he was in a different group they saw it was okay as good as enjoyable Pacifica. Some of this is what happened in migrant and this is what I was told method is there something you need to talk about a civil I wasn't quite honest with my answer. Dad's what's at is well there were three things that were brought up and he told each one of the things he said and people wondered who those are for, and I knew they were exactly for me and it was something that I'm struggling with right now and so he went and went through and told me what are struggling with a man, a great conversation you know any you think about that you have these three random things are coming from different people that he's the only one that knows they all apply to him.

I'm in a totally separate group in them and I don't have any clue that there something going on and was bothering and something someone else. This is how your studies to talk to about something and I just watch God work in on how amazing he is in, on, and I'm sure there's so much more that happened in those groups that we don't know about or haven't yet played out, but it's it's very cool to say.

How could you not believe in. If you had any doubt how Jean acted not believe in listening prayer at the Gillaspie cam offers the camp that was the D final breakthrough that was the final block in my fake wall that I had built up of nonbelief was the listening prayer exercise when when I heard the group that had spoken with in their given specifics on me in my story.

I mean, it really was crazy and is facets like you said, it can be kind of apprehensive again kind of weird at first but you give yourself over to a cyst, a great experience and it was it was pretty amazing. There's a lot that started to happen in the second half hour of ours. That's not the only way to hear from God, and who you've been talking a lot we can get a couple more clips. Would someone like to set up would you like to which clip would you like to set up Jim. I'll let you decide. Well, since we probably are shorter all time.

Let's look at the radio, this is Rudy and going into the church and he's praying in the priest comes over and talks to him about what's going on in his life inside some important things the highest court thank you. Next semester it's over and done editing is exceptionally transverse to have a job Jason value three Campana job I did. If doesn't produce results doesn't mean anything.

I think you'll discover that it will create enough units at the problem frame assembly do not. The end is coming I Done Everything I Possibly Can. Can You Help Me Sign in 35 Years of Religious Studies I've Come up with Only Hard Incontrovertible Facts, There Is a God and I'm Not. And If You Know Nothing Else Closer Important Things with Matt That Really Set out Arbiter Really Resonated with Me Is What He Say That You Know I've Done All This and It's for Nothing. If I Don't Get in or Whatever the Situation Is with You and so Much of What I Feel like It's Been Failure in My Life Was God Really Taking Something and Teaching Me an Important Lesson or Premium. The Point of Recognizing That This All along That He Does Talk, but Often Silent and Sometimes They Said Earlier He Says A Lot Of Silence, and Gives Me Fusion That I Know for Me.

I'm Not Ever Pray for Patients Value Get Plenty of Opportunity That Is Fairly Even Scratch the Surface of Our Clips, Let Alone the Topics Are Working to Continue This Topic Next Week. Hearing from God's Great Clips Going up Next Week Putting Forrest Gump and Bruce Almighty.

Evan Almighty Just Wait This in Common. This Fall We Don't Know the Dates That We Don't Know Where to Mask Injury Will Update If There We Don't Listen to Some of the past Podcast and Join Us Next Week As We Continue to Hear from God

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