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Listening For God 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 6, 2019 12:30 pm

Listening For God 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 6, 2019 12:30 pm

Truly an amazing journey into the Fruit we have seen from young men who have heard from God with a little Help from Evan Almighty Movie Clips

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Every man his life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now back on the masculine journey I've missed you guys left. I don't know that I've ever missed two weeks in many years of faithful right but what a fun show last week that hearing from God. One concern this week. Hearing from God to write hearing from God.

I you know for a lot of Morgan Freeman or Fairchild for a lot of folks that you know they think Morgan is more than that, you know the George Burns so you just so you want to set up this Bruce Almighty, clip forcing Almighty God the ability you know you mad at God. He goes on a tirade about God and eat any meat God and God gives them the ability to have our retirement and what happened when God in verse get back together and bruised, really failed at the trial of being God. And so they're talking through more than just giving people what they want alright let's list all the wonderful thing to matter how filthy something gets always cleaned it. There are so many they wanted. When does anyone have a clue about what planning this is not America. Single mom working two jobs and still finds time to take a soccer practice teenager says no to education that people want me to do everything for them. They have seen their son strikes me about that. Sam with her so much of my clip at some point. But the thing that strikes me as he says they have the power, but we only have the power for connected to him and were listening directly power alone numbers tried to power alone, and it worked when he had the movie all got our failed miserably when you're connected with God, our he uses in you is just amazing that that conversation.I'm down the coast this week.

You know what I think to help train a guy in the first they were together we share a little bit of our story about Matt again today and we're talking you know I think the whole point of this week was the conversation we had yesterday as much of the was a training I'm doing it because it was all about your faith. We got a chance to pray together and honestly I think that that's what God allows us to be a part of work connected to him in each other's lives. Cheryl Merkel together. You know I had this one should share my own ignorance, but nonetheless I was out on the covenant silence I'm hearing from God, listening, listening for God experience expecting different and I see this tree that's falling arising after the ice storm in North Carolina. Obviously there's a lot of trees down this is very large, tall ponderosa pine trees down and not in got to take a close look at that and was I'm listening to God. Just take a look and says I look I see this branch. Mom's branches. A lot of these little tiny pinecones and never had a chance to open and they were they look dead to me because they were brown because the branches were all brown, but then there was one on the very end that was wide open and all the other little ones were closed and I thought well that's outstanding. This little guy got the job done. You know that the fate of many is in the hands of you and I was part of a claim that I was getting used to, but It is. This is awesome and he goes will take that use it. So I break off the branch expecting I have this beautiful vision. If you know that the people can see this picture of these pinecones well. My talk is a very next morning and I put the pinecone thing on my on my bed and when I went to bed that night.

Below pinecones were close but what all all the pinecones and opened like my visual experience of the George Manny is in the hands of one is gone because they're all open as I was kinda just mad about it and I was like well I did so I go to want to go do my talk actually walking to prepare for it. And I'm like I'm just cannot throw this branch out in the woods because it's good it's good it's worthless. Holy Spirit says none what you think about it… God is here from why did those all open what happened and I type. I just sat there and looked at it as I was preparing the talking Allison. It occurred to me to look and and and I remember that branch wasn't easy to pull off because it was still 20 still alive and as soon as I disconnected all those pinecones from the branch they died and they opened up and I'm like oh part for me when Andy seen and so it turned out to be a pretty significant thing that I thought was trash set.

It's fun to hear from you. It always is because it's not exactly what you think is going to be when you're talking to them.

He is a different story for you completely and it took me several days after the boot camp for finally hit me because we talked last week about salmon Eli right will mill a week I something hit me to pray for Eli so I did and things moved on and that during the silent prayer were we listen to God, was I was asking is there something you have need for Eli could yet something earlier in the week and you heard the story about how all kinds of other people had that and finally hit me days afterwards as I okay I don't know why didn't prompt me to poke Eli. He's like I when even thinking about this at the time. He just finally said this is the way I needed to get to Eli was through the other person into Sam and Sam to go to Eli and get that out like that's the way I wanted it to happen. Not the way I wanted a tablet the way God wanted Apple okay I gotcha.

I was there usually no that's not what he wanted everything once to pray and that's what I was doing during that time was as displaying make. I was praying like theirs or something for Eli. What we have because I just knew there was something that he put on my heart but I did know I was next. Some the same thing that happened the previous boot camp.

Corey was something heavy that I did know what what and if you're listening and I don't know what is talk about Eli and you maybe think that will listen.

Opportunity for you to use your smart phone and say hey Siri, let me listen to them as frontrunning radio podcast and it'll boom play the most concerning radio podcast in last week's podcast will tell you all about what happened with Eli or you know you can tell Alexa the same thing the rest of the story. The rest of the story but Sam want to fill in a few details for those who are to sit there curious.

We have a speaker talked about last weekend and Eli was in one group and I was in another and somebody in my group.

I am your son loves you very much. Something you really need to talk to about that struggling with and then after the prayer, Eli or Caleb but I don't know 20 years and so went to Caleb and Gail said earlier I don't have much, and so indicate.

Eli a couple days later we didn't have time to talk to boot camp to talk and I I'm in your group is okay. I told him what happened in our classroom. Well, there it was more than okay godly things to some people. For me that I needed to hear you now and then, once he heard what what I was told that the other person heard God and he opened up and shared with me what he'd been struggling with, and it was really good is a great opportunity for Unida bond at a different level and have a great father-son conversation but also to have got orchestrated without anything that we could have done the course is directly from God and is so amazing to have that shared experience that God brought us to this point to talk about it which I do not have listening prayer.

I don't know that we would've thought I go back to Sam.

The first camp where I was involved with listing prayer.

This was many years ago I thought you were not working the city around here. I think Tim and I was like Yergin expect us to sit here and hear something from God about this person or some person you know what the world and and how awkward that felt so what if we don't hear nothing know what if nothing happens and Hollinger right and so we we had some breakthrough that would camp that was long time ago. So then the next time we investigate this listing prayer working to do it at the advanced boot camp last summer and it was Darren and Sam, you know, in we thought we could have a bunch of people from previous boot camps but that isn't what happened. As a matter fact we have is a bunch of new people and some of them very young and we end up doing listing prayer or just talk about sanded what you felt like the risk was or what God was telling you I'm listening prayer when we knew we were going with people that we do not even sure Christians where you know you talk about the that listing prayer time is you have to step out to God. This is all you and Ellen and it's all in your court.

Whether you decide to do something or not and everything was done I got is done amazing things in one way or another that I think I was in Sam's group is that advanced boot camp was first time I've been part of the night in Christian circles and know that in a listening to God in groups and stuff like that but generally experiences but it was really cool, and that one link is from the boys Academy was brand-new and he was you know he he was just trying to just try and find out if guy was real and ask about it and if he loved him and I'll tell you the rest on the rest of this is a sad hearing from God which you might hear from God. During the break that you need to register for the next Boot Camp. Find out all about it passenger in a as Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as information where we can mail something what God does radio closed off.

First is the way this feeling I was having this mask. I was hiding behind the master and running advanced boot camp at time of the group was very awkward.

I'm sure you felt like whoa this is awkward and his his kid, really.

As it turns out we now know that number when his name was doing and number two he wasn't a Christian when you sat down with Annette no not not at all, but a lot of the group as we started listening. We were asking for a name. His name is Kip popping up and then there was different words of encouragement. I can't remember them all. But you know he just came back to testify this last boot camp. I guess he's been the one other one in the fall and then the spring just a test of where he was at and work took his life and he could've stayed in the program and never really heard from God or never really impacted his life, but God reached down and spoke to him exactly what he needed. It right there in the first no opportunity to really be involved with our ministry and we were put my face out there, and God honored it spoke to him individually and he's he's on track. It was a pleasure to be around him to hear his testimony in this what's going on in his life, and you know that's not is not the only one that I think you need to get to know some young kids like that together like to say okay were to hearing from hear from God is one thing that had him sit down and pray towards God, but to sit there and listen to them. It is, it can be uncomfortable, but man he does some incredible things with that step of faith. So right, so what Dylan described was that he had asked Eason got a few real right let my name be the one that gets called out. I miss that.

But yeah and yeah and so that's what he heard and that later led to his actual coming to faith right but the other thing that really just that came out that I just heard this week from Sam was you. You may have heard my story about you know when Earl Harrison and these kids were laughing their head off that first time that I had Spencer and Keller and and and Hunter and Earl says I hear to be there but later they all heard and later they all took me aside because it was at really got Robbie was that really God, but the testimony to that me to me. Sam is what you told me about what Spencer said to you when you sat down with them to do listing prayer here we are two times later Spencer Keller Ike was a Keller. That said, in the group are both my group, but Keller told me after the fact. I'd really asked the coaches that we adopt a group that was really can't take it. I really want to be a part of that while in the boys. I was just amazed. They were so participated they were engaged. I can imagine you know we talked about how amazed we are and were nowhere near their range to get that gift of knowing that Melissa I'm like that at the age of thereat. How amazing that may be for them. Their whole life. I went God did this just blows me away. But in this case we have Evan Almighty I and this is Nevin that's good to hear from God. It's his wife, Mrs. Almighty, actually I forget her name in the movie but anyways is his wife if you seen the movie prayed near the beginning that her family would grow closer and the next thing she know her husband gets all whacked out those pieces free, is where these crazy closing is building an ark right and and she's got to get man. I mean this guy's going nuts and I'm afraid for my family, so she leaves and is out of town and stopped at a restaurant where Al mighty waits on or perhaps that she gets a chance to hear from God's story like service has been excellent in the art that you think about God happening is the story is about believing show tonight is just like noise Simonson told if someone presentations you think the patient's courage is God's. If someone prayed to think. Your thoughts will report about patients really resonates with me because I had been asking for more patients are used be one of the road Rangers. Thankfully, I'm not anymore but I'm still amazed at how many times when I gotta make that left turn into the neighborhood, but I have to wait on the vehicle.

I was pulled in and sat there the longest kind of time. My wife finally said what are you doing and I said well I'm just waiting to see how long can be before the next car comes law because it seemed to me that God puts cars in my way so that I can become more patient. One of the things that strikes me about listening for God. That's very important is you gotta know this God your hearing and if you going to do that.

You gotta know the word you gotta be in the Bible because God's not going to contradict himself. If you hear something that contradicts what you can find in your Bible today from God. This that's that's the critical thing. And the interesting thing was for me to watch Cory Brian he hears from God and listing prayer which we saw in an which remarkably affected his faith.

One of the next thing he hears is you gotta get my Bible and so he's asking me right after the first boot camp Robbie. What translation do I get and and and normally when you see somebody come to faith. It's amazing and how thirsty they get for that very thing so they can tell God's voice from from the rest of them. In fact, my pastor one time did a wonderful illustration of that he called a little kid up to the podium and he put his coat on and he said how many people think this will guys pastor courts. Of course, it is obvious, imposter, and I said he said how do you know any guzzle because you know what I sound like and how you know what it sounds like if you don't know that your reading the words, it's a big point will Satan is the master master writer.

We know the song will Michael about music in a Word of God speak it's it's not just the written word to mean he has a voice as well. It says and is looking at Scripture and John about looking at the message and talks about his sheep recognize his voice remained.

You gotta recognize that person that goes to your point Robbie about escorts that you know you do have to have you do have to align the written will align with the spoken definitely but they I think sometimes Delina mean that they both are the word of God and are important. One of the more specific in your life. One, a million more for the broader community. There's a song that we sing occasionally. Not nearly often enough for my liking, but title is Lord speak to me in the first line is Lord speak to me, that I may speak in living echoes of that tone so maybe it's it's important that you know what God is speaking. If you're going to try to speak for him to someone you better know what you talking about and Sam and John Eldridge talks about the Bible is not a book of exceptions that all these guys heard from God example. And what good would exceptions do you usually mark the ones that were backing out for cars. Cars like that it God primarily through his word that you know the God of all creation through nature.

He speaks to the music. He speaks to us through silly movie clips to brothers. Sounds just like Tammy, your God speaking to you. Gotta have the years to hear you now know what he's trying to communicate in an and talk about conversation I had yesterday.

I did not having a conversation God had that conversation in both this person I heard what we needed to hear God in the midst of talking with one another, be a part of that hearing from him together that makes them side.

I was fortunate to be sitting with Adam Draper this afternoon for several hours and you know he's got one story after the other of just like mind blowing experiences with God on his adventure and as you sit there listening, it can't help but reinforce things that he's been teaching you and and and also offer up, you know, the enticement to go deeper as you hear that, which is why we listen to Truth Network right were trying to hear you know where somebody else's faith has been sharpened in order for us to experience that grow closer and not over is that is a QuickLink show is over.

Not really, because on for eternity were so grateful that you listen that we would point out again to say Siri passenger in a radio podcast as part of this today show, Alexa passenger and all available as well as math and radio. Thank you for listening

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