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Patterns of Faithfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 13, 2019 12:30 pm

Patterns of Faithfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 13, 2019 12:30 pm

An exciting Journey finding your way to Faith starting with a Clip from Karate Kid (wax On) to The Knighthood of King Arthur In Excalibur, plus a little comedy on the Journey from Bill Murry in Stripes

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Every man is life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome to mask injury. We are glad to have you with us on beautiful spring day kind of beautiful right to be known rainy sometimes not really sometimes but spring days are beautiful. The one thing I do appreciate that when we do get rain, especially North Carolina's it washes down the pollen echoes of pollen everywhere in our nursing some yellow cars in my life. Same every spring and as it has been has been it's been nice this week has some nice days along with some rainy days and and so were just really glad to have you with us today in talking about patterns as we talked about this matter. Spring has a pattern of rain you have all the snow, especially here in the NCAA tournament at some point the digit just finished up. You have a all the pollen in the air and something you can expect every year and and so life has patterns but Ronnie got Scanlon on your heart. Norwalk has patterns as well.

Yes, with my job I deal a lot with patterns of boys talking to people about patterns of work patterns of thought and how we go about those in changing from a unconscious habit which might not be a good one is the way we do our work the way we think about and react and talk to other people and lead other people and changing it into a very positive pattern of how we can actually interact and walk and talk and work together and what that ends up leading into is also for your faith walk is how are we walking with God we've seen so many examples where there's faithfulness in the Bible that we can glean from and work from and it is my personal life and there is in my work life, you know, so I just thought it was a topic that's no it's very wide ranging that can go many different directions for people so I thought it might be good for us to kind of talk about what would be some good patterns of faith that we can go down today. So for patterns of faithfulness once it really look like in your life exactly. So what we have to do is count figure out for each one of us. What is my pattern of faithfulness and also then there's going to be patterns of unfaithfulness, because were walk in and out of those almost constantly scriptural standpoint, it was a good example that you guys can think of those faithfulness somebody walking in faithfulness. We can equate Nino's two-story David canal clearly and how he's came up against Goliath because he believed he had faith that God was going to be the victor in the fight that would be my David also had patterns of unfaithfulness.

So it is good to see that we can go either way you have that whole Bathsheba thing Manheim later with his kids ran so even a man after God's own heart rate as David was described at both of those things, and in his walking in his life insurance and they lead to different results exactly patterns of faithfulness tend to probably lead to better places. Assuming it in most cases in Scripture than than I patterns of unfaithfulness.

Let's get to the clip because only go ahead and get a fine clipping here. Can you come to set up what were going to be listened to with this clip and that I think Macklin can talk that way chosen. Yes, we have the karate kid which our way noses. The wax on wax off seen so I really not sure what more to set up other. The next most people actually know it so actually… Pattern. It yes to follow that goes from how he waxes cars and stands the floors to actually moves for him to be will to learn karate business apart. I think where he has been doing the work and following of just the voice of the master be start to doubt these like you been doing all this but not doesn't understand why so this is where Ashley Connick gets the dots connected so I think he cannot do everything he says will come in and show me signed up for showing me the sender for the flock being stuck on the backs of the wax on wax lacks on self so me.I guess I always say Satan's so me lacks on Rex show me the things Sunday's thought about the two kids, but more often think about whatever your Mr. Lee idea district country for hamburger.

These are happy to remove it from everything connected back to patterns there some things going on in Daniel's life that he doesn't really understand that the Masters leading through but it's healthy patterns.

Yes, so he gets Eve shows great faithfulness. He's waxing the on-and-off. He's standing the Flores pain the fancies doing all these wonderful things he just reaches a boiling point where where are you leading me and how often we probably said that in our lives.

Lord, where are you leading me so he's probably got the point where he spat up. He's disgusted.

Okay I'm done with this I'm getting nothing out of this you're supposed me teach me how to do karate so I defend myself as he's been beat up a few times by bullies and so the teacher the master finally comes, enlighten him a little bit as to what he's actually learned and lo and behold. Here is faithfulness and doing all these chores is really paid off big time were now he can actually do some music and protect himself and sees it. Oh I'm I know something that I had no idea that I knew when I put it all together. I much more than what I was before and all these things put together our very formidable and I can go and probably now help defend myself. I can see where I can go. This does go farther. Now he is a vision for work go the fascinating thing about the word faithfulness. It has so many different facets to it. It's like a diamond you know you have the idea that he was faithful to do the work but what happens in that clip is literally his faith in Mr. Miyagi changes he now understands that I'm to have faith that this guy knows what he's looking out eat. He had faith to follow me forward to some extent, and he was faithful in doing the work which is another asset of another aspect of the word faithful but now all of a sudden he's like this guy's got some magic this guy's got something worth following and and and when you correlate that to your faithfulness with God as you begin to do the same practices with Jesus. It's amazing to me Jim how often if if you wax the floor. All of a sudden you'll see why I had to do and just grant me is he's doing what he is told to do out of obedience.

But he doesn't see what the effect is an what hit me with this is what he is learned can't have if you're one of the seven or eight people would've never seen this movie, what is learned is pretty much all the defensive moves, so he is blocking the blows are being thrown, having God works that way to build say be obedient in this. But in doing that we are learning our defense against our enemy and that's where you can kinda look at. He starts out with good intentions in a in any as trust in and in this case in the master and his trust in and in the mass of the pleading and something understand and says you can't really trust the heart of the master. That's a lot of times what happens to us as we we try to do things out of obedience and then we start to hear that little voice of business really gonna pay off.

Is this really commerce. I have good going on here is a guide reminded me of his a few years back I was a jumping around reading different books of the Bible and I read Genesis got done with it and says is moving on to whatever I decide to move on to others like a guide, what, when, read next. Design Genesis really sets let's move on to set both his Genesis. So I went through and I learned a little bit more and kinda went through and got down in the interim. It was so because it is read at lunchtime and saw the interview I get through it again. I learned more and then get get done in time and particularly in renown is like Genesis really happy kidney in the third time the material wasn't really very happy about it honestly.

But the third time I went through there was deftly some deeper learning in the resistance big question kinda surface that I've been struggling with that I had recognized was in a passage where he now talks about God hardened Pharaoh's heart and got out a nugget there for because I struggled with that concept for a long time into Clements can angry with God like you hardened his heart and then it took me about probably month of prayer and time and some goblet what happened there for him to help McKenna work through that and so all those trips back to yes I learned little details a little history in little pieces but he was after something in my heart that he knew it was there that I didn't catch the first two times right answer is pretty cool to go back in and see that you know that being obedient to the faithfulness help him kinda on earth, something which will further let me to pick a place of unfaithfulness to mask injury to download podcast cool ways to get a new ensure that quick on how that happens and just tell Alexa play the master injury radio podcast for your iPhone safe Sara Lee play the mask injury radio podcast right now. After the show the same mask I talked about ways you can help support only that where you can click button tweaking it with you to mail something to PO Box 552 7285 what God does journey radio closed off each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having weight is mask I was hiding behind never heard hundred $99 math and journey pattern mobile means I'm really glad to be a pattern of getting up early.

I need them on that wall.

I want to break my friend Robbie Brotherton leaned over and said hey you know, by the way, I think you meant the book of Exodus, not actually right. I said, Genesis, but a man Exodus, which I find absolutely cool. You know when and if I could see God's and 72 Genesis 3 times with Exodus that's another story.

So wow yeah I was yeah there's a lot of fat on those kidneys that you should have you learned the pattern of paying more attention.

The first note that it was indeed Exodus so yeah that's that's part of our light was like around three here we got sister Groundhog Day kind of feeling ready back to patterns of faithfulness and what are some things that that God calls us through some point you guys can show new in how we need to be faithful will number one for me has always been prayer let's let's make sure that word faithfulness and talking to him in relational ways, not just now going and doing certain things, but basically being with him. You know how much time can we spend with them.

But here in the car you know at work here with the kids. There's always moments in which you can realize what he's doing with you and in and around you with other folks that are going on now, obviously in the churches just yell fruit everywhere that's going on in people's lives. If you're going to engage in them and talk with them and be a part of the community.

So that's where the biggest thing for me is is with prayer and make sure that you are faithful in your prayer and taking things to him and also no building up your relationship that I'm assuming you don't just mean what I do. Every meal and a very when I get up in the morning it's it's his conversational intimacy yes and going back to at the boot camps mean it does covenant of silence is huge. Get net time suggests okay yeah I do my best anyway to clear my head.

But there's things flooding in there all the time but is constantly trying to clear my head. What you have for me Lord here on this topic and the situation right now and then when we do the hearing from God for the silent prayer and does exist. Big moments where you just go deeper relationally with the Lord, and those moments he just can't say enough about you had mentioned earlier that I left this by the way that part of what your job entails at work is to change people's thought patterns like when this this and this happens, do you always bring your solution with your problem but you talk about changing part of that process to an ongoing deployment problem in changing the way that you actually are. Your pattern of thinking when things happen while God kinda did that with me with prayer through Jesus labor love because you know I found out that wow when these people must call them on the phone they overwhelmed me. Got problems.

Let me tell you I got problems and I learned that when I got overwhelmed.

I needed to print and I did that right there on the phone with them almost immediately and and it began to change the way that I thought about all my relationships and whenever somebody and it actually happened to me today. I was think about it. As you mentioned it that my wife called me and overwhelmed me with several issues had to deal with my mother-in-law and also now was just overwhelmed like oh my gosh, and when do that immediately went to me is that if we just pray right now and you know, I've never yet I've never yet him and since I changed my pattern here had somebody say now it's not date in and Tammy said sure and it's miraculous.

It's unbelievable to me how how the personage on the other end of the phone whether the person on the other side of the conversation that they since God's illness and all of a sudden it's a different world and and I feel less overwhelmed because honestly, most the day. I'm up for when things get laid on my heart seems so insignificant to anybody other than me.

But you know I I wear a mouthpiece when I go to bed at night so don't grind my teeth by the habit of spitting that out at some point in the middle of the night and I wake up trying to find it in nine for the long and my fear is the dog sleeps in the room without agog with my writing so I waited for the longest time I'd wake up, turn on the light. Try to find it. It's two in the morning three in the morning may happen twice and in the night and by then I'm awake and so I don't get to sleep and then the next day am groggy and them probably will be more hateful and all those kinds of things and I don't know when the pattern changed. But one night I woke up and not by three weeks ago and I'd spit it out and like public and how we find it kind. It also is felt something in my side and it was like underneath my side so I picked it up and every night since then one night when it's happened I just like we find this little after you turn on the light and I think was last night of the night before I can find it for a few minutes and can like really got to help me that I felt like that that sounds so small, we would he's teaching me as I'm with you in the small stuff and within the things that are inconvenient and with you in the things that lead to you being tired to you being irritable. The other things that you don't want to be. I'm there with you and help in those ways as well, and I said that's the main thing about what he described as during those patterns. I have a similar story that is touched the heart as was many years ago was ride with My Father Down Independence Blvd. in Charlotte back when they had streetlights and it wasn't a thoroughfare and I noticed that we had not missed we not count a single red light said well this is really weird. I don't think I've ever known.

This form of independence without a red light. He said on display for the red light and it led into a discussion of you help is that something important to God and like your retainer will call it yeah anything we take two is important to him.

And while things my father said then that is always stuck with me is that such a small thing to God and he said will everything is a small thing to God exactly 1 of the things that the I'm thinking about and talking about patterns of faithfulness is back my dog.

He follows me the room. I go to. He's right there behind me any patent sometimes ill be in front but he always looks back to see if common where he's taken me.

I think he is or more faithful and following me then. At times I am in following God and I need to develop that pattern of faithfulness that my dog shows me, I probably need to pray that the dog doesn't finally mouthpiece uses a chew toy limiting Abigail prayer that probably about four minutes and left it in and today show you what, what's the next clip you'd like for us to play. We have one here from Excalibur. It's an old movie. It is shortly after Arthur has pulled out Excalibur from the stone which actually when he pulled it out from the stone created basically a divide.

There's all these nights half are within and half are against them, so this scene is shortly after that, where they're all fighting and the leader of the people that are against him.

He just jumps down on top.

On top of takes down into the water pulls up Excalibur has it too is throat is able to yell Dylan buddies like no I want you to lead with me. I want you to be with me and he says this clinical kinda guy go through await how he responds in ends up knighting King Arthur at that moment tonight is likely to view mercy and some of the night came rise is as I really miss Cooper was about this picture. Put the really echoed this patterns of faithfulness were you see all the knights had their pattern of faithfulness and how they became knights, how they came together as knights in the United each other as knights, and here you had this outside of the Squire who is going to infiltrate them just because he pulled the sword out in this he was just not going to go with that and he he was following his pattern of what this how we all became knights but then was what I love about Robbie pointed out earlier is he's now in the karate kid goes more from just something you do into who you believe in. So what I love about this is just like us turning not to good works, but to Christ they turn from there. The way that everybody else becomes a knight to this is King Arthur what's inside of him like Merlin is the one they're going.

I didn't see this coming.

Merlin is the source for the magician so these all into. He knows what's going on.

He understands the story right. But he's even surprised by what's going on in the larger story here because of who actually Arthur becomes through this process. Robbie quickly every morning there something you reluctantly do you do it because you trust God.

Writers like Esau and that face of Arthur.

This amazing night and so I get up at 4 o'clock because I'm excited that's faith next week really continue to talk about these patterns of faithfulness and also patterns of unfaithfulness likely to do this we can see God where some places that I've been faithful in the past. I really haven't had my eyes open for some places you call me to be faithful in this coming week and also maybe give me some glimpses of places where you been unfaithful to mass injury now

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