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Patterns of Unfaithfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 20, 2019 12:30 pm

Patterns of Unfaithfulness

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 20, 2019 12:30 pm

The Journey that takes you quickly where you didn't want to go...A discussion journey from a Jurassic Park Movie Clip to The Lady of the Lake in the Movie Excalibur and Cypher's Betrayal in The Matrix Movie

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This is the Truth Network of every man is life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are excited to have you with weekend and and Robby. This is a this is the eve it is Easter Eve. It is Easter Eve, that's amazing that only happens once he got a really fancy name like stop Monday Thursday it's it's it's super Saturday want to call Jim Jim Eureka now the Saturday now so yesterday Jesus was preaching in hell, thank you I'll answer today's that's great day for this topic yet is it is and so where were continuing on the topic we started last week but were going the opposite direction surrounding Leeward.

This is your topic. This is something that you came up with.

God laid it on your heart pains elastically. We talked about. Would you mind everybody what retirement last last week was patterns of faithfulness and how we see that in ourselves and in the Bible and this week we've reflect a little bit differently and say one of the patterns of unfaithfulness, because we all know that we Glock on both sides that fence. At times unfortunately were not perfect is Jesus was we fail in many different ways in here to not beat us up over the just realize where were at and try to change our intentions towards faithfulness to shy away from the unfaithfulness so you think there's times in this I can every Shiite. We talk about the show before we come on three different question do think that there's times that there there is an intentional unfaithfulness in the nose. Other times that are unintentional unfaithfulness. Yes, there are the old nature comes out and we just do something, say something anyway and then it's out. Why did I go there now here he cannot indict shoot I just I'm just stupid sometimes you know where your swearing love times a GED word comes out. That was an old habit. You stab right in and that's one yell for me that I've really really worked hard to really break.

Boy does it come up my head in everyone's mama mouth and values trying to break those and yet to be died always had be very intentional. I am not gonna say that I would be very careful and cautious and slow except for when my anger gets around saying it's in me and I just got say something and it comes out wrong and I think the further we get in and that unfaithfulness trail you know it in morph and intentionality rank at some point you just can I come right here.

What's it really matter 90 going to get this spiritual apathy, so to speak on it.

Heavyset upper first clip for us from the matrix because there's an intentional thing that's going on here with our character set aside for an app yes. So at this point, Seifer is with the agent and he the agent has somehow made contact with cipher in basically ciphers in the middle of selling Morpheus and everybody out with the resistance and they are having steak and he's kinda going through his head, the rationalization of why it's okay to do the wrong thing because you know what I'm just tired of one way have been living and I don't care if it's all fake and unreal.

That's what I want. And this is the set up for him to start the betrayal that someone hasn't seen the matrix you get a group of freedom fighters into trying to fight for the freedom of people in the new guy at like the at the enemy trying to pull the wool over their eyes, then 10 yeah basically elsewhere malaise. Most people are in a state of justice cocoon or whatever and there's no real life it's just all play for them and everything's fake but they don't know that. But a few people.

First, however, broke out from Matt in our trying to fight back, to make everything real again. Do we have a deal.

Mr. know. I know this take doesn't exist. I know that when I put in my mouth.

The matrix is telling my brain that it is to see and delicious. After nine years in order to realize ignorance is police, then we have a deal.

I don't remember nothing, nothing can stand in on the rich someone important like an actor whatever you want is to written so you get this. The society that tells people that certain things are important or certain things or can I give them happiness. There is, you know that the these things and sometimes go against Scripture. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes this is something within them is trying to lead you down a different path little bit before the show we were talking Cory Neeson is sometimes the world is very attractive right in there things that you call for your happiness. There exactly in I think part of it like the clips as perfectly. Ignorance is bliss in before I came to became for. I was saved. Ignorance was bliss because I've just engulfed myself in the world and I thought I was happy and now it's like I find myself trying to sometimes I'm not as faithful as I want to be because II do think there's things in this world that I do love me. Sometimes I make them hide it was over being faithful to God and not catch myself. I often have to catch myself because it sucks you know it it's hard to pull away from that that you've known your whole life and love, Joe liked and and and passion about her life, but you realize it. You don't want to love this thing is much as you do, but it is this incredibly hard sometimes it's not that the pointed God doesn't want us to have nice things right rated.

There's nothing wrong with Kathy having something nice get. It's what pedestal you put it on exactly you know that you always and this is gonna make me happy if I buy this new computer.

All my life can be great you know and you buy it in a week later, on to the next purchase exam. You think that next thing is going to make you happy that the world never satisfies those things that they continually tells us this is what you need that's that's the whole point of advertising right that that they tell you that in a somehow. If you do this you can build a date. The girl type of thing and I think another big thing for me is just rationalizing self sabotage.

Sometimes you know God does things in our lives that we know that we want.

We know that he wants for us and we just rationalize while we don't deserve those things that we can have those things they mean it just self sabotaging. I think that ended in and of itself is unfaithfulness. I want the red pill right you know you know what you have to do to get where God wants you to be. But you don't want to do this things into getting is everything you've been doing everything the matrix. The world is Tony is right so so rationalization can lead to unfaithfulness so it can open up to that the table here. You know what some other things that that idiot say is being unfaithful to God and what kinda comes to mind as we talk about that topic and for me, one of them is is rallies going up to the mic to talk. Because of obedience you that there's been times in God's kinda told me to do some things and led to say that always jumped and went down that you know most of them eventually. I'd I did do that there's been some that I look back and say man if I would've been faithful to what God asked me to do. Would something be different today in our interview very transparently has told these guys before, and talked a bit of boot camp that was going through my divorce. God was calling me to love on my wife in a certain way and I just couldn't bring myself to do it in nonce I wonder today how much different life would be. We may still be divorce but with the relationship be different with something else. Be different. What would be different because God would've been changing either something in me something in her some something or he would be asking to do it answer for me.

When I look at that that was really just unfaithful to get God, because I didn't believe what he had for me was better than what I had for me. Yeah, that's a hard act to follow their Sam. Nonetheless, and I know in my case.

Many times it's it's a matter of patients or impatience like I'm not willing to wait any longer for and I am I'm not holding out on the can of God's timing is and so it's a matter of impatience leads to unfaithfulness that would be a pattern.

I would really like to examine. I know God wants this for me and I admit push it behind with his schedule. Correct is one of my biggest temptations help them along that it got, which is a rationalization when you think of it.

Nonetheless, that's work that's what comes to me and then looked at the bottom line of it is is I'm really not trusting his heart, which really hurts me him and you think how many times a day am I not trusting that God's heart is heat, he's got the best in mind for me way better than I could ever want myself in any nailed it there.

The it at the end of the day. It may be a different word for each one of us, but it comes back to the same core issue. I trust something more than I trust God's heart and I trust with the world saying I trust what my heart is telling me I trust my thinking more than God's. It's something that's taking us back to place radical evil as it says I need to believe these other voices versus believe what God's telling me, and it leads to some horrible in the case of what we do start yeah and you want to set up the next clip force. Yeah.

So now we get to the point were actually ciphers going to actually go through with what he is intentions were of taking down Morpheus and his crew and going to basically kill people off and had Morpheus over to the agent center where stank you know time that I have this level of the highest in a beautiful woman today. What time timing. This will tired of fighting and tired of this ship being close to the same day that she never saw this coming. God I wish I could but continues to happen is just one by one who just decimate right that he follows through with that unfaithfulness leads to betrayal returning from I can talk about asking Jenny If you missed last week show unfaithfulness also get some news coming up about a boot camp coming up this fall and spring activity is the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that they where you can click button tweaking it meant something, PO Box 550 927 what God does journey radio closed off the first shift away this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard God. Jesus Masten journey what you know it's Easter morning, now it's the day before Easter, but you know becomes a dime you wake up before you fall into that pattern pattern in and there was some eight unfaithfulness around Easter.

Yeah, you can't help but see that in that in that clip that is Judas apparently had a pattern of unfaithfulness with the money in the money bag and met a lot of people saw it, but eventually led to, you know this unbelievable betrayal of all history will forever remember and you know change the world.

So unfaithfulness on left unchecked will deftly become betrayal at some point and sometimes well done, I think I may times you went down the sin trail I can think of it in my own life. You know us, especially when it came to like pornography like you to start out with the littlest little thing and then the next thing you know all my gosh how did I get here and I you know and and it just takes you further than you wanted to go right leaves you longer and I forget all the words that there's anything that people say about you probably know Jim possessing about something entirely different wires by looking at me when you talk about is what I was thinking, worn-out phrase, but is worn out because it's so true it's the slippery slope bring the little steps to work out so bad. It further and further from where we need to be and then suddenly it's answer like circling the drain. You know when you're outside you could swim away when you get sucked down the whole they were back to matrix and there is no recovery without God. It's weird how will Walker slippery slope spiritually would never do physically write me if we knew that we were going to step out on the slope and about three steps animal in a fall because I've done it 100 other times. At some point your brain and pricing.

That's a stupid, what you doing right but it seems likely we will take that step a lot more spiritually from time to time and then we will physically and in I think that's part of the key is learning to listen to the right voice because you get that enemy that's out there that's Tanya what you want to hear it. He's telling you that relatively okay this time will be different or you'll be able to stop this time, or whatever that the case may be, in the end up in a predictable place that you needed to be whether whether it's anger, pornography, whatever that looks like where that enemy has at Laura for you, you end up in that place again, even here again and on it and it's it's tough yet and that's is still a big one for me to one thing I've I struggle so much with his for some reason I still I just care so much about what people think about me and I shouldn't and so you start a meeting.

Things about yourself and one becomes too into become three and then one piece falls and then they all fall in his truly hard just just sometimes it's just really hard to to have the faith in yourself and have the faith in God to put people in your life that are just gonna be there no matter what. In can be okay. And sometimes when you restart bike there lie to yourself lie to others. The very first lie sometimes seems like it's just so easy.

Boys cycle is even easier than its spiritual ritual Genia at some point, Zach Krishna, and boy gets easier and easier to sell those could you get good at it be covered out. Next thing you know you're all tangled in a web need a lawyer at like say this a jagged site. All crap. I was really paying attention. I decide lie about everything in it, down so that a gentleman is not the sort of respond to what he said about that when you want to please people. I was a major people pleaser for lamb to a large extent and I've gotten to that and I got my 30 years on, you probably if it gets easier, but gets easier. And then there's the other side of the slope because what I have and what were talking about earlier is I get to the point of not caring. It's almost the CDL you know deadly sin of sloth.

That's I'm not gonna step off the path because I've got a bunch of times it hurts but I'm not going to keep walking because of bad stand here that I'm not all fall down and that's just as bad is going the other extreme and and lying about who you are so Christians just being a Christian doesn't keep you from battling unfaithfulness right and we were work all go to battle it from time to time, so you know you as will Paul was preaching about grace and they kept asking him know what keeps people from just sending more grace is there. We had out of jail free card yet and so how do we handle this whole topic of unfaithfulness and what should be in our goals know in this or what what's what's the point. What are we trying to achieve in moving from the beauty of it. We have it in the clip from Camelot from Excalibur where you know here's a guy who obviously has stepped off into deeper water than the intended got way beyond himself but then you know if you listen to this click carefully you'll see what happens when true repentance. I call on you could not be right right okay night grace to wait. I used Excalibur change that verdict little time being some sort of my father's power was meant to unite all men to some of the single nothing. Thanks be to God.

I asked this is a great day all, my sense is keep that there is a Star Trek was big in the local standpoint, but some like Monty Python meets the mud is myopic. Israel is your broker yeah what did take full explanation, but apparently King Arthur. There was taking my Bible explosives Lancelot and he gets beaten by the calls upon Excalibur to overcome his opponent in sort of an inappropriate so just for a vein purpose, just like exactly like he said the beauty of the clip as Rodney pointed out earlier is that he repents quickly and realizes you know that he essentially is nothing but that that this was meant for a higher purpose and because of that repentance because of realizing that you know how many times when you think about it is God given you back Excalibur in your own life times as it you know there's a labia leg showed up and and and handed you back the word of God, which is what Excalibur obviously was a picture of an and given it back to you to be able to use properly because like many good Christians. I bet once or twice you hit if the proper way in order to try to win a vein point imagining arguments now, you might tell you to go ahead that time in this. What were saying is the bottom line of this ministry is the restoration of the heart.

That's the receiving Excalibur back God's cannot do that force. We get to that point of repentance, realizing we can't do it on will.

Where were all new creations in Christ and some of us may have been a new creation longer than others and some could become a Christian.

30 years ago somebody a year ago in November right but doesn't mean were all not still learning to become those new creations are in. The enemy knows her story that enemy knows what works on us and he's going to let go. He's going to keep trying, pulls back down and pulls back down, pulls back down and the key is to repent quickly and remember I'm still I'm still under construction.

Here you got. Still working on me. He still helping me get to be more more that man that he created me to be here. That woman they created me to be in on it. It's it's not going to that place to let you talk about where just like beating yourself up and just take it easy and co-stand that's not what we do know, and Rodney made a great point that even though were unfaithful. God is not God's.

The one that has the pattern of faithfulness.

His word is true. He is there for you whenever you want and need them. You just have to go ask and seek him and get that relationship. That's what we need to meet pattern our lives after it's hard. Perfectness is not something that's going to be achievable, but a lot of things I do also with my job and my work and get people to try to think and work in a certain way is having that vision of where you're going, even though it's not to be achievable, but it drives you and where you're going to walk every day how you're going to respond to the situation.

The problems at work the problems at home. The problems in your life. Refer back to the Bible refer back to God and you're going to be much better to walk.

I would say celebrate the little victories. My gosh, I've learned so much better since coming to Christ as so many times that we would be like Christ is like trying to jump to the moon. Yes you know and I can get a whole heck of a lot closer. That's an researched retrospect on looking thousands of miles away when I can celebrate the little victories along the way that I can take a guide you are changing your creating something new in me you are renewing can come up November 7-10. So we have not on the website here pretty soon to mark your calendars let you know when you can go register and we may have a couple events coming up next spring were working on a couple exciting thing, not quite ready to share you

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