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Painful Blessings

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 27, 2019 12:30 pm

Painful Blessings

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 27, 2019 12:30 pm

A Journey through the valley of humiliation starting with a movie clip from Anger Management "I Feel Pretty" and Rocky III hears from Adrian about what he's learning, followed by the pain of Abortion through the Unplanned Movie Trailer

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Cure
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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates in life with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome to masculine journey.

We're very glad to have you with us to this post Easter is the need of anything that we can call a post Easter. It's like six days after.

I don't know how you do that we could actually literacy.

I guess you could call post Easter and still be applicable and less painful ties with our topic today that it does painful humor now yeah Jim describe what her topic is admin a bit before we do that when her mind came coming up.

That's of November methinks seven 311 thank you once again masking journey to register. Now I know you can go listen to some of the past podcasts that we had on the boot camp and really get an idea of what it is what it isn't what it should be like five of those. So there should be plenty of understanding what a boot camp is that would be a real good day for craps players to 11 711 that's three wins get a slightly is painful and that is the topic as full blessings times that we go through things that we don't want to be going through that turnout based on the matter times of our lives.

Yeah, it's that you know I think that's his retirement before the show that we all go through those in the middle of them don't really see that there's a blessing at the end, Lisa doesn't feel that way that only through God's providence problem province of Providence think about Rhode Island. Through his work the others. That blessing can be at the end if you if you let a be there a really good clip to start us out a really, really painful, painful but pretty well the movie anger management.

If you've seen it you know Jack Nicholson is just brilliant. And if you asked me as one of his best movies and Adam Sandler's got an anger problem, but he doesn't always get anger problem because he is trying to hide it so well and he's got the posting going on that you can't tell his girlfriend is seen through the pose and realizes that he really does having a problem. The anger is with himself and so she employees Jack Mickelson and out essentially believe that the GB's out of Adam Sandler did try to get them to call them out to stand up for himself and so in this particular clip you know it's early on in his anger management training that he got himself into, and Jack Mickelson is sitting beside him in the car on the way to work in their actually at this moment that your fiction here heading onto the Brooklyn Bridge. So as you hear all the traffic in the background as he stopped there Brooklyn Bridge and Jack Nicholson's the counselor that runs the anger management right he's come and teach them some. What exactly is just trying to get his plastic right now doing. I need you to unflustered will not tell me if willing to proceed -10,000 we're going to sing this thing here. The magic of Leonard Bernstein and Stephenson's West store. I feel great all PT, PT, you and and and I need good with me. Can I be an and then so you know Sam clearly. Jack Nicholson stops the car there. They are in the Brooklyn Bridge. It's just a picture of the disruption that God often you know we have our Jim and obviously Adam Sandler's needing get to work and he's a people pleaser so you know he's interested in pleasing his boss is interested in pleasing him out to the point of frustration and's, Corey's topic but let me know. Undoubtedly God at work in Adam Sandler's life in totally humiliating him in the areas right there with Jack Mickelson this is your topic. Jim wasn't yet shows a redundant routing. We don't really talk about very often that you have the disruption dismantling healing, restoring the cycle to God puts us through constantly and he's constantly doing similar things in her life, because without that disruption dismantling we can get the healing and restoring Jim what was it about this topic. It kinda jumped out at it's I do not think this be a great one for us. Well the discussion last week. I like what Robbie was referring to. There is the what was his topic was making people pleaser and I was also something I find with bike.

That's why found that clip painful as I'm a big fan of Adam Sandler but identify with just about everything were saying about minders all inward focus when I have it. What I really wanted to get out, though, is where we sort of covered this a few weeks back.

Growth happens in what was your quote painful places in the Pilgrim's progress. John Bunyan says that in the valley of humiliation.

The soil is the richest and if you think about it, that toilet comes down off the mountain top down in the valley of humiliation is done a lot of work with me down this he wasn't the one they call the all that that now that really was the what was behind this topic is that most of our greatest blessings come out of very difficult, painful times. That's what I wanted for Thomas talk about Robbie and get in really bad and kinda stranded here. What we talk about the whole thing that you can arise about this movie anger management that since me the silly comedy writer or there's something more that'll be right out and entertained by the movie a few times I've watched it, but I've never really thought what was Jack Mickelson's strategy you know in dealing with Adam Sandler. But what actually he's doing is he's blowing in the GB's out of it in order to call him out to stand up for himself and so throughout the movie. Now he's put through some real shenanigans.

It's the latest movie, no doubt of of disrupting him in and essentially now he's taking his girl. Or so he thinks Adam Sandler. Thanks that he's used his strategy to take her to Yankee Stadium and propose to her and he's expecting the Jack Mickelson is going to propose to him in the way that he explained that he wanted to do what he doesn't know was Jack Mickelson set them up to finally step up and do what he should have done all along, which sets up the scene and I know that I know you and you and we see a completion of the cycle.

The story there were where you have this painful time that character goes through to get to the other side and find healing and find some some blessings and so one of the things Windows we can get I get a break so you maybe start a story and then finish it after break they really want talk through some of those things that that's played out in our life. And Robbie would you like to start us off charming for me and I'm coming in the 2007 when I lost the cargo ship. I lost everything at work for my identity. You know what I thought I was in the car business for 40 years of work. All the sudden was you know from my view stripped from me due to theft and a bunch of stuff that didn't seem to be my control and it was unbelievably painful on painful for my family and painful but then I started to realize what it done in my heart and the nightmares that I had were telling me that every night I would wake up and not have to sell more cars and I got myself into a trap that God looking to just have to disrupt me in this manner.

My life where he could put me in a position to unload because I never would like a macro to find out what happened with that and we know some of the rest of the story, but we don't know the piece of the second mask injury register for the camp coming up November 7 through the 11th. Now wait I talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that is information that where you can click the button tweaking it to PO Box 558 five what God does journey radio closed off each person's shift away this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard $99 Masten journey great before the new idea because my wife is a story story okay well what a great song doing to that only thing you have to tell me again later when I asked him a hard time. I give you a hard time about being older that I'm the one.

Apparently the memory problems. I want to talk about my dismantling and the car business and you might remember that it was pretty easy for God to get the Israelites out of Egypt, but it was really difficult to get the Egypt out of the Israelites and and I found that same process in getting the car business out of an amount talk about I do the Christian car guy Sean talk about cars but actually taking that role of something that really was never designed to be in God clearly showed me how painful all that was in my life and how that wasn't what my destiny will and and as he began to allow me back in the ministries like this and and and things are done through the years. It really given me my identity back in. I wait it out like I wouldn't trade it for all the tea and shot you how that would work to be able to walk where I am now, but I never would've ever thought that I myself.

It was something God said he saw what happened and he was gonna change it in you know the time that you were in the car dealership your successful and it felt like blessings right and so you know if you would ask at that point you know you are very blessed. I love the carpet when I was you know some you said I would. I let go work every day. I was thought I was enjoying what I was doing but I didn't realize that certain aspects of that people pleasing that was going on. I was placed in the factory in different people that were putting pressure on me that I just was not equipped really handle in a long time. Your heart wasn't set up for right and the guy knew that. And so even though it felt like a blessing it one point he said no I needed. I need to take you out of that take into something that really is going to give you life again.

You train me 3000 years to The street and I do now. This trip will anywhere you go and set us up on our next clip and then will come back in here Jim story on it but would you go and set up there's an dismantling going on in this clip there some disruption in its has to do with a beach scene without cracking our life okay we get we get to make make sure we were clear so yeah it's it's Rocky three. You haven't seen it. Rocky has been beaten badly by clever, laying his this up-and-coming boxing star in, lost two years and he's talking with his wife, and it's usually a lot of pain and he's like he's questioning everything about who he is a man. There's just a lot a lot of lot of pain there and what is pick it up there and then see, what happens after that everything was so I think I will say that I got to know them a liar no more Robbie on this you're going through that accuser just doesn't leave you alone write me time to have a nightmares in any year in Rocky's voice is he's fighting all these things that the enemies from an adding it's not true it is that would have Neil assuming I mean it was constant that your failure that you not a real man that you know you not writing for your family doing it. You know you were used to doing all the things going on, they'll come now, you maybe if you would show that painful blessing that the tablet of your heart well and I think this is the one that I need to share because it fits into the Rocky and what he was, you say well back in 86 have been married 13 years and marriage is degenerated into as being a couple of angry roommates and I have lost a job that gone back to school trying to rediscover and I've got a job as a professional Boy Scout which was kinda cool because I was the scalp that I was young and Eagle Scout. But I moved out of town and my family was in one place and I was hundred miles away and I fell for a narcissistic woman and I said well I got my new job on when I get a new life and leave my wife and Quicken painful of that is that I was still lost. I was still at that place that you and I didn't think I was a real man that might help me prove I was at, but what God did through that first. He showed me real quickly.

Now that this Proverbs 7 well 567891 man that had fallen for and that through my wife and I back together by throwing us both back together with God, reliving his carnal Christians and God use that time to see Matt our relationship, which is still solid, however many years that the 32 years ago and brought us into the place with God.

Where you know where both much closer to him much closer to one another through that experience.

I'm sure that it was hell yeah I'm sure was, not just for you but for Carolyn as well tell and going through that and doing hurting her the way I did with that was far more painful to me than any of the pain I was feeling.

How would you like to share something you get laid on your heart about it for me was in a job that I love doing and devoted myself completely to the job day and night and circumstance develop where my my boss developed some issues and have electric shock treatments went out on retirement and his boss editing for me and so new that he couldn't fire me, that I consume.

So instead of doing that. He promoted one of my employees above may, who became my boss so I was forced to leave a place that I thought was to be my home forever where I had worked on Lakers cutting trees and having a house built concreting a driveway etc. etc. fantastic church that we were part of and it was very painful for me to have to leave that but I couldn't stay under those circumstances, but the blessing was. I got come here North Carolina.

It put me close enough that I could take care of an aging great aunt who had nobody in it put me is what I refer to the Garden of Eden, Marksville, North Carolina, and so it turned out they are a really great blessing in that regard. Otherwise there would on you guys. So the pain turned into be a blessing in my opinion. I was hoping you earn on to the next cycle of pain with your talk have no gas evaluating added a psychopath enough that it so can we officially say this is the Canton Marksville to near the Garden of Eden. All yeah right here in the middle one you guys. It's not just us that has this UNICEF and scriptural right so to some of the characters in Scripture that had painful blessing. My first go to on this fellow time is Joseph just what he went through and how he handled.

I mean, most people wouldn't you know with one thing for your brothers authority away but then to get into prison get out think you're getting out of prison get them back into prison for 714 years.forget all the timings just incredible amount of stuff that was stacked against them, but that God had a plan for them and that blessing ended up saving the nation, his family and then you know beyond that though all the children.

Ms. Russo time. He's a great Job is kind of the classic picnic. You know the more I thought about it. It actually even this evening as we talked about that you know Job certainly went through dismantling and all that stuff.

But what Jim said was really insightful that if it's really of God that dismantling then you end up closer to God. On the other side of that and clearly that was that way for me as I left the dealership and they headed off into radio broadcasting. All had been on the Truth Network that that that all that came in Job when and all that stuff pretty prideful about what a good servant. He was, but he didn't really know God until the end of the story in so much closer to God.

He wants candy. We can't leave Rocky broken on the BHA here is a synopsis of the 22nd, Rocky Linnane and he had that fight with the second fight with clever laying laying predicted pain and Rocky cam out victorious. The pain was on the other side, not Rocky and the victory in the fight, Rocky 15. You may have read that mask injury and register the game coming up this week. Praise to God what he dismantling in my life, disrupting where you taken me healing and restoring is a promise that he's working on something right now is whether we have the eyes to see it. See next week

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