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How Does God View You?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 4, 2019 12:30 pm

How Does God View You?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 4, 2019 12:30 pm

An in depth discussion of the journey to discover God's heart when it comes to you specially...
Movie clips from Mom's Night Out and The Shack
An Audio Byte from John Lynch and a hilarious audio byte from Vintage Church in Raleigh

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This is the Truth Network every man is a really mature one usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Boyd moves the masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now well come to the masculine journey were so glad you turned in the day. I'm especially glad Sam. Unfortunately, from what I understand, lost his cool and Sam said you've been banished the home to wait on the air conditioning repair man that with the high 68. Today you are well over heated five yeah we been a warm week so in light of that in this week's topic is you know how does God view you as hot and bothered right now and throughout the week accurate. Now if you listen today if you are really thought about that or even prayed about it like I was God really see me.

How does he view me and I think it's it's it's definitely been a game changer for me over the last probably 12 years since I've been involved in this ministry to understand how that is in the head Jimmy when he put the mic up like he had some there's a church in Raleigh. I saw this clip about I guess probably 12 years ago and the first time I saw it it offended me honestly and so when you hear it you may begin to get offended but it's okay listen and and and see if you can listen through this it's it's a depiction of Jesus and he's talking to his disciples, but it's meant to illustrate how a lot of us view God. Now he sees us and so here he's pointing out to his disciples in a what he sees in them is that it is a parody, but I think it makes a really good point in the and over the years as I've really thought about the clip more and more, and especially since I've seen the effect of what happens if you buy this view of Jesus.

And if you buy this view of how God sees you, then it that is probably a great deal more sin than anything I can hardly think about this list below are time for me to have a nonhuman camera honked and guidelines value account chine Heimlich@Keith Lyons. He came down anyway when you had commingling the handling Jane entering and naming minutely and changed it really sweet and can name behind that made and can bring Debbie WJ check just came in with me on so Sam you know you you saw that clip before I did. It makes a real impression.

You with a little belt was making fun of Jesus and you know I was totally missed the point was done by very faith oriented church. It was the illustrate point that that's not how do you think this first got a problem way to the guy that he can members name that's where I saw I don't remember your name Europe. I think I dispelled inconsequential diamond. Not sure either this really cool show unfolds, you know how the father spirit really do is we are about the show this morning and actually this is rare for me to go to tears that I really went to tears as I thought about what's going on here between this clip and what happened to us last year. The advanced boot camp we were doing listening prayer for the first time with some young students from the North Carolina boys Academy and as weak as it turned out, some of them were Christians. And here we were trying to hear from God in the way this listening prayer is your quiet and you're trying to listen and these boys were really struggle it was very very awkward for them. They were laughing and and snickering like you would when you try to keep from laughing and you can't stop laughing, snorting, and then they get up and go the bathroom and come back and see you picture the scene of these guys are just totally awkward were trying to hear from God and I heard pretty clearly that the young man sitting next me. His name was Keller and us.

I'm hearing Keller that God is proud of you and he got the strangest look in his face.

I'll never ever forget the look he got in his face I'm not and never will I ever forget what he said to me he said no, no Robert, you don't understand God's not proud of me I'm a bad kid and nobody's ever proud of me at an end in a bear was the label there is what Satan depend on him and he bought it hook line and sinker to the point that you know he was certain that you know God considered him to be bad and Andy. You know, before the show you're talking about. As a parent, you know, that's just impossible. Mean I think when we a lot of this. It's been in the church have understood know what Jesus did and in the gospel there still something that this is my sin keeps me from God and whatever I do wear it, he's not. He's a results-oriented God, I've gotta earn his favor. I've got a new right thing before I get his favor. I think about my daughter okay my daughter in a like all of us. She's messed up before she's not always done things right. She had an attitude, whatever it may be, but I still you know I feel like I have a pretty good view of her. I think she can do amazing things, but she may be having a bad day. I don't speak over her life continually your tour boys are terrible. Honestly good things over because I believe that's within her, and I believe it is has to come out over time as she matures McKenna think how arrogant it would be of me to think that God is better than me at looking at you us as humans, and parenting.

I'm not a better parent than God. I get can assure you, but you know if I have that kind of mercy towards my child and see the positive things in it. Despite her shortcomings.

Lord have mercy he's gonna see that in me you know so you know it's a edited it it's it's pretty easy when you put it that way. How arrogant would it be to say that I'm a better father than father right in Jesus use that to talk about the father he basically said whom I knew was going to give a stone and was child what he wants Brad door. When he asked for a fish give him a right, a snake and then something for scorpion, I forget exactly what, but he's basically illustrating that you know if you being evil, know how to give good night of those you love.

How much more will the father did things to you right probably had this hit me just her and that I think you're the first person I ever heard say that and then somebody gave me a plaque and all sales offended the first time. I just said no that's wrong with you say God loves you that I'm his favorite and every one of us can say that because God is able to make a favorite out of each and every one of us is right when you think of mass.

The mass of humanity will not outlive everybody you know he great enemies got 11 inefficient channels that were all equal. You know were all and that there is a something to that, we are equal, but were yet or all his favorite to be have to be God to be able to have that kind of relationship right now and to some extent. Innovate with your own kids. If you've got several I do there. They are my favorites in each in their own right and wave it. You know this really a unique thing and and and Harold you got a bunch of kids to have the four grandkids now you do. I bet they're all your favorite hello mall, they're all different and yet in each of things that make you really love them that that's for sure. And for me I think God I have no proof of this, but it's my theory that at conception God sends a slow join with that body its own loan he wants it back.

And he loves that person because he created it. He uses men and women here on earth join with him in the creation of his humans is my theory and I love you.

I mean there's there's a lot there and we've got some really cool clips that are that are coming up along. But before we get to that. Sam your thoughts on the web and when we had by without right when when when we accept that activation of being do I what identity is not left work of the enemy is not the work of God in the cultic user of the Bretton that's clear in Scripture and those accusations repair come directly from God doesn't is first gave me this burden we are right enemy tries to get it first time so well for me. The really beautiful thing is that God doesn't see me it looks in my direction. And Jesus jumps and he only sees Jesus, he doesn't see the real me.

He sees in me that Jesus makes which is by the way, the real you. The redeemed you have.

It's not the trail you I think Coca-Cola put it well. This is the real thing.

So what or how does God feel you have the mass venturing to be going in this in great detail. November 7 through the 10th and go to mass pension masculine journey radio, and which by the way my brothers® November 7 through the 10th master journey is the same.

My son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine once again mail something PO Box 550 927285 what God does journey radio closed off each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind never heard hundred $99 master journey and throw that out there just a bit, because unfortunately in semi-different ways. I think in my own mind. I'm I'm buying that situation, which in its own way is is is connected to pride so we can play this next clip from the movie, mother's morning out.

This lady has really made a mess of the evening, which is one incident and she sits down next to this very very large biker and so you have to get that picture to really get the baby of this is this guy is huge and he's got. And of course shirtless bike shirt on the our best with the tattoos in the long blonde hair the meanest guys is something and so when he says he strays from the faith you have any profitability. That is, he gives this lady some wisdom that's profound when we start beating ourselves up can't try just not for who not enough for who I mean Sean, my mother died.

Everybody I have now you you I was raised in church. This might surprise you sense drifted from faith work three jobs never met Monday I had to get up early in walked to school, but I waited for her coming home from the diner I wake up every night she'd come home and tell me some the same thing. He loves you no matter what you do before you run Jesus will always be loving you with his arms open wide, just for being you and I smile and also some interest today was an eagle.

Just caring for each beautiful thing was just doing what he made to do just the unity spent so much time being yourselves exhaust dictation. I doubt good Lord made a mistake. Given your kiddos mommy so you just be you and take Sammy makes a wonderful statement that you'd mentioned earlier, I think it's is very poignant here that you know in this case, he didn't have a dad and father figure like God not having had a dad live back to the biker kiddos that you interest that is if he great clip you know there's a lot of truth of it. You know God put us right where you want us to be in on you, or rather uses of the right where we are going up there to use the unit's right where we are. You know exactly and it's fascinating to me really fascinating to me. I remember when the book, the shack came out that people went not so because God was being portrayed as a black woman, but when I went and saw the movie, I realized that the author had used this illustration to show the know God's get to meet the need of the person in front of it meant to that biker who saw his mother in that role, you know he's portraying God to some extent from the father type fathering he got, which happened to be in this case from his mother. So I actually love the fact that none of the three were wasps and so here we have seen therein in the shack where the poor man had lost his daughter in the car accident. He was so angry at God gets a chance to meeting you can see the way that we instantly looking for today's fantasy you face-to-face can take anyone to get hurt and confused you in terms of introduction, my motivation, I have a lot of names.

That's one of my favorites.

You want you can only let me in on how your hand and that I am veridical inscription that Mr. C and stare at me, breath of wind.

I so which one of you is you have no idea.

We are collecting data click case. She is a great cruise, but even more importantly she's an Auburn graduate, but I don't yet that was there so much in that every time I listen to it. I pick up on something different you know you know the last part resist talk about. We collect things we value and God's tears, and there is Scripture I can't remember exactly what it is. It talks about that but really just his all introduction the hospitable nests of God, of entering when we come to him and being like you know this older black lady who you noticed is effusive with praise and excited about feeling we don't see God. We got a lot of times we don't see God in that way.

Reaching out to us in and excited about seeing this, but that's really how it is in the Bible is clearly clearly states that over and over again. It takes a lot from the enemy is attached for us to see anything otherwise. I mean it's really there. All throughout the Bible, but the whole script that may not hold. Seeing this gives me just that how you notice that meets the Trinity and justice confusion worries at and kind of got to the shack on a per room is kind of he he got invited to the place where his daughter was killed in and he ends up in this dream and you know they go in later and talk about him getting his healing done and is willing but it just goes to show the heart of God and where he's constantly doing everything he can to bring us to him and a lot of times we just think we have to have it all together before we do it, but obviously not in this example, you don't. One of the brilliant things that was done and that movie that I absolutely love I been cheap.

She was a black woman later but later in the movie was an elder man and an entity and he asks that Native American. I think the 90 idea, but one of the beautiful things in math that was pointed out his example why did you appear to be like this. And God responds it because this is the way you accept me and that's the way God comes all of you not see him anything to meet us at our point about the where and how and in the appearance of what we need to see that moment.

And here we have a teaching from John Lynch. You can say it better than any of us can sort it does get it right today from John Linson and talk that he gave on this subject, so I think back again of the banner on the back one room of grace standing with my God with my sin in front of us working on it together.

See all this time I thought that he was over there used to write a journal. I stopped doing it because I couldn't take it anymore. All the self-deprecation and beating myself up. But what if because the blood of Jesus Christ. What he was never over there. One of Jesus Christ walked all the way around and walked up to grab my shoulders and looked in my face and put his hands on my face and stroked my hair and since I know how I'm not so much increase in touch. Now all the stuff and not ashamed. I've known from before the world began, and nothing you can do to make me love you more and nothing will ever make me love you less scotch. What if he puts his arm around me and we look in my sin together. He would say that is a lot of sin. My my my work on when you're ready. I got you covered.

Same as my still give you the last word is that seriously go out with the newly created the beloved child and we have it.

Need to work on our life and excited love that's a beautiful picture and again you know I don't get enough of this test. I'm sure you would like more register for boot camp coming up November 7 through the 10th of the mast and journey radio.oh gee, thank you so much for joining us today. The messenger

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