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How God Views You

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 11, 2019 12:30 pm

How God Views You

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 11, 2019 12:30 pm

Is your a journey where you feel like you are a disappointment to God like Hickup in "Train Your Dragon" Journey to what would it be like if God wasn't watching with a movie clip from "Groundhog Day" or is yours more of from the movie "Cinderella Man" You are The Champion of God's Heart? These movie clips and much discussion on today's journey

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now will masculine journey we're very glad to have you with us today, and Robby, this is a special day. You know how we love the winter, it's all about it's all about the lever we face must yeah yeah that's a big one.

Yeah, lots of pressure, especially in our down to what 12 hours to Mother's Day and I'm not even staff yeah yeah having to get a get something for your bride.

If you're lucky enough that your mom are mother-in-law or stepmom or any of those other variations of mom still have a daughter who's some mom. I doubt that will now this your dentist. That should be pretty easy. I wonder what God thinks about asking. Well, we are continuing trying to continuing the topic from last week but that it almost whacks with the opposite arm. Robby last week's show we are talking about how we view God and so the other end of that equation obviously is how does God view us and so we thought we would start with the clip perfect. Yeah, this is a great clip it's from train your Dragon revenue and set it up I will. I really feel like so many of us relate God the father to our father. In this case, this young man feels his father disappointed.

He eats trying to fit in doing everything he thinks his father wants him to be.

And you know he's trying to make himself into this mold that clearly and isolate skinnier than most of the people in the villages and point out was that those villagers are pretty well fed and pretty much goes from there. He tries to live the culture of being somebody back in the day to kill dragons sorry dad okay but had I carry not like the last few times that I mean I really actually you guys are busy and I had a very clear shot went down just operating point.

Let's get a search party out there just stop every time you scan disaster falls. Can you not see that I have bigger problems when fit is almost here, and I have an entire village defeat between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding. The joke, why you follow the simplest of all, I can't stop myself I see it Dragon and I have to just can't let you know it's you I am dad anything sick but it Dragon killer is not one bite make sure he gets there I have is a mess to clean up quite the performance. I've never seen anyone I said that badly help. Thank you. Thank you. I was trying so he never listened and when he does it's always with his disappointed scowling someone skimped on the meat sandwich. Excuse me, barmaid. I'm afraid you're probably the wrong offspring boy with beefy arms for a guts and glory on the side talking Facebook you're thinking about this all wrong. It's not so much what you look like it's what's inside that he can't stand. Thank you for something. The point is stop trying so hard to be something you know what I just want to be wanting you. It's funny but it's not. It's funny because it is so true. Sometimes, I guess, but there's something about that clip the disk and speak to people.

I could muster many you can't help but wonder what's up with naming your boy hiccup slightly better than that's just it's it's brutal but I can remember disappointing my dad a whole lot you especially when it came to my grades when I was a picturesque, there's a famous Gillmore legend negligent because it is what happened. I was heading on my way out the fifth grade and my dad gives bees and better sunbeams are better and I said that.

Don't get your hopes up that didn't play well either.

I was given a hiccup situation or yeah I can imagine you are, so let's let's start with from your earliest recollection what what was your view of how God saw you. We will talk before the show changed over time changes as we got closer to God its changes is our understanding of the Bible changed things like that but there's there's four of us here and so I'm sure will have four stories of what that looked like for me initially when I was really, really little heat. This was a very judgment on my week couldn't do anything right kind of kid the church I went to was very fire and brimstone in the smiting and that was my earliest earliest recollection with any kind of morphed over time and as you point out Robby at Kennesaw God more like my earthly father who loved me but was very busy and had other priorities and I was just kinda something he didn't have time for you and that was kind of ideal God for probably the majority of my use really into my young adulthood was God was busy with other things he loved me but he was busy with other things and I just wasn't to be a priority because I wasn't as big a what was going on overseas or was going on down the street. That type of thing that's really good and I echo that my father left on his every Friday. Every Monday morning and he would come back to the weekend and so similarly I just figured you how God was really busy, you know universe is a big place and you know that you know ultimately I felt like I was a bit of a disappointment to him. I wasn't in of the righteous person that he really had my but along those lines of disappointment yet you really really busy gone out yet so you know growing up. It was just probably for me, big point of ignorance never really thought about what he thought of me did know was supposed to just kinda well on my merry way. Always going to church but never really got taught the truth of God. And though in a way that he became personal to me. Jesus Christ wasn't personal and then finally you get older and you like okay what is God like him in the same boat here and Sam were yellow is just little me. There's no personal relationship involved know and until you so I got older and got into really understanding what the word really meant reading for myself and listening to people that really understand the Bible teaches much better way than I was ever taught you cite oh this is completely different than what I always thought I was just God created us were here were just doing our thing and now it's like, no, no, he wants that relationship he meant this for that relationship and it was just wonderful moment to go through that absolutely no.

What about you what I can. Now I was getting off the bus. Well, as far back as I remember back in those days. My relationship with God was based on your there was that all seeing, I couldn't get away with nothing.

It was one of those things where every time I did something wrong.

It's like is now the time I get swatted away was narrow and I will destroy it was a place I did not want to be. So it took a long time for me with my background to develop into a relationship where I recognize that that God widened just looking for the first excuse to fry me when you know you I understand you read about native and about. You didn't fry it is a real thing so it took a while for me to grow into a relationship and recognize that I was in his as a person that he loved that I was special that they use Robby's favorite phrase I was his favorite, but that didn't come early. It took a while you will things and sometimes as we talk before the shelving.

We we do talk about the show, you got this is user talking with things that God only said I'd never seen before was young with my dad always had to enter into his story. If I was going to do anything with him and he loved horses he left Stefan so if I wanted to spend time with him and to enter into his interests and what he wanted in on. I think I've always kind of viewed God kind. That way the guy wasn't really interested in the things that I was passionate about.

While in that's not true. It's will talk about the second half the show that you and I never really thought about that until just a few moments ago that I got kind have this expectation of okay got what you want me to do for ministry and because I had enter into your world right instead of Africa yeah and that's why for the longest time. Honestly, I would say Bible study by men.

I don't pray for God's will because he's innocent in Africa but I don't want to go but as we were talking today is like. I know there's there's still more there God you're working on that. I still probably was holding onto it and he realizes there is kinda mystical revelation for me the night after listing to Harold and hopefully got time for this clip. I don't think we do printed it right after the break ambit of such a set up Bill Murray and the movie Groundhog Day which is active since my kids kicking in but anyway the movie Groundhog Day. He's reliving the same day over and over and over again and so you know, he begins to experiment with this concept. If you know what would this happen since there is no consequences to my behavior.

What if I just live today like there was no tomorrow and so as I was looking listening to this particular clip. I couldn't help but wonder if we turn it on its head and which will do when we come back is what would your behavior look like if you knew God wasn't watching if I could just get away with anything you can if you knew God was watching. And there was if he was in the picture. What would you do differently and how in the day and so it will book a chance to see what Bill Murray would only come back some really cool bumps on from to think what the world be like if everyone did not believe in the same mask I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can find what God does.

The first is the way this feeling I was having math and running help us understand about putting a great bump and it's a great reason you chose it but help us understand why he picked the song is from a musical about this waitress and she's actually lamenting this idea of going on a blind date and the fear is that she's experiencing about meeting this man obviously we're meeting God tomorrow. You have some expectations or fears that she would be dealing with an end of line that I kinda wish I could've included in all in a but that just was not time was you know what if when he sees me.

You know he doesn't like what he sees and then what if when he knows me doesn't he's disappointed and now those are things that as we begin that real relationship with Christ and we begin to walk into that. You know what is that look like and so as we take the steps that next step with Bill Murray. I think it's a II played around with the concept enough for about an hour myself this morning of really Robby, if you didn't know God was watching me wasn't in the picture.

What would look different in your behavior.

You know this farce of the way you do things in the motives for you.

So here will take a ride with Bill Murray. He said he's picked up a couple drops in the and so you will hear the drunk speak with understand the reason why they're saying some of what they're saying is because there totally drunk and and he's showing them what it would be like if there was no tomorrow and some flapjack to early Fletcher life had no consequences if God was watching. Would your behavior change. It's interesting thought. It really is and it made me think about how you know what my doing from a legalistic standpoint doing this, you know, just in an effort to earn some type of brownie points and in the God corner click that and it's kind of interesting inventory as he begin to take that wow and you know and and and an interesting thing to take the God himself yet.

Which brings up something that was going to say for you and in the break and I get an opportunity to thought well maybe it said show that this is the right time. The reason you're so passionate about boot camp is because the really cool things happen we go out and we ask God after certain sessions we go through and in things like we talk about here on the show and set up some concepts and then really go out let let God do it. God does and said okay.

One of the questions we ask at his gut had you see me as a scary question first time you go asset. Amen to that. It's very scary thing you know is you hear all the echoes of what been told to your whole life and most of the bad things you hear a lot of that if you go out and and God over time does answer that for you to be not in that particular setting, but another one in on them later. Robby gets a chance to ask about a name and to me that his father hugest things that I just pray for my family for people I know and love.

Wow actually have God speak your name over you know, in the land of the living. I understand we get it revelation, but you don't have to wait. And you know when he gave me the name faithful and that I'm told that story many times you know I can't hear the word faithful and not realize that I'm walking in the identity that he gave where he sees me where he's not disappointed in and in some of the ways that he made me unique in it and the way he loves me and I wanted to go from there interaction.

Our next clip is something powerful when God himself, or God uses other people to remind us of our identity and we set up the clip for seven churches from an amazing movie. Everybody should seek out Cinderella Man and Jim Broderick anyway. He was a boxer and his wife knows very scared of him. Boxing doesn't want him to get hurt and she is not necessarily in his corner from the standpoint of she's resisting the fights themselves. When she walks into the scene.

He's fixing to take on. Actually, Jethro Bodine's father. In real life the guy that was eat was a killer boxer and need killed most of the boxes is the true story by life and killed some of the boxer sees. He'd fought with and so she was scared to death that he was gonna die in this bout but she realized that he needed him. She needed she needed her in order to feel like he could really give. It is also listen to what she says as she walks in a fit for you. She says what God would by the way tell you every time he speaks to you can't win without me. What was the name Harold Jim Broderick Jim Braddock Mrs. Beck during the depression or start boxing to feed his family, and that's only way can provide for his family know is that Max Baer, senior yes exactly yeah Max Baer's death there was Max Burge Junior anything right and was and there are several lines in that clip that just grabbed me that she's calling out his identity.

She's telling them who he is. She says you're the champion of my heart and I don't know if you know this listening but I'm I'm just can assure you that I know from the depth of my soul that you are the champion of God's heart new listing right this minute if you climb up in his lap. You hold his heart. And the vultures in the end, and that's just it.

In his cry to you is what her cries come home. Just promise me or you go out there fight. Do you think the tell me you're coming home when you look back through Scripture. What does what does God call his people where they adopted children right.

We are the beloved there. There terms of endearment the terms of love and it's not what we're saying that's what Scripture says and go back and look it really was with hopefully clear eyes and say, God, you know really how do you see me. Not how you see what I've done and that that's a judgment kind of thing. Have you seen me is me back is a promise.

As we talked about last week. You know he is. He knows we need to deal with their sin and yes, he's there to help us deal with her salmon opus with pastor San Larson is not who we are in his eyes or his beloved children and three parents out there, you know, I think for most of us anyway. When our kids make mistakes.

We know they're not perfect, but they never moved past that beloved child states that Matt Howell ticket there, always your favorite right. Whichever one of them. There are, they are your favorite and were just human. You know, I think that the gods level and how much more nuts and scriptures well you know how much more does God love you and what an amazing prayer really for your children and your spouse that they would hear from God how he season that they would take the time to go to boot camp or captivating for ladies and and and take that time to go out and get with God and find out from his perspective, what your identity is absolutely and in if your mail and are boot camps coming up November 7-11 10 1017 Cynthia seven through 10th.

Would love to have you there good of asking for any to register for that date doesn't work you we know other ministries out there that have other boot camps would be more than happy to let you know about them because we way to go be with the vehement Henderson is ministries have activities for females as well. So just reach out to us what you know it's coming up with good message. Any there you go. I said it to register for the upcoming boot camp and let God tell you how he sees John 316 will tell you that

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