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I Got Nothing...Without Jesus

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 25, 2019 12:30 pm

I Got Nothing...Without Jesus

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 25, 2019 12:30 pm

This week on Masculine Journey the guys discuss the importance of having Jesus in your life. With the aid of music by the band "Boston" and clips from the movie "Finding Forrester", the guys are taking you on a journey. The Journey to discover that without Jesus, you've got nothing

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This is the Truth Network of every man is one who usually feel that way. Jesus reads and needs more moods for the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing hard trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. Glad to have you with us today and were really excited about today's topic you enter my man-to-man cream runner. Kramer wasn't able to show signs of Seinfeld.

You really can read minds arrow left… While even though okay today's topic is what heralds your topic what we talking about. I got nothing, got nothing, that's what you said a couple weeks ago when somebody when our show ended and somebody said what's next and I got nothing, and I was silly enough to jump in his. I had a cigar topic. Let's do that and thought about it some and it's the truth but without Jesus. That's what you got nothing, absolutely. And some kind of a rare opportunity this week we got clips from songs from 70s to 80s band Boston every planes encouragement and then from a movie was probably what around 2000. Maybe it's not from finding Forrester with Sean Connery so if it's really cool clips and interesting see how we tithers together today and wealthy about our first governor go to get to Boston clip to be a man, a question that each of us faces and we have decisions that we have to make. Unfortunately, too many people have no clue what Jesus expects of a man so they go through life looking at what the world requires to be a man and there's a big gap between those two, but to be a real man. That means that you're walking with Jesus is the big question, what does it take to be a man and so is Boston saying about one side of that equation are singing their bubbly and tender beginning, things that you know that the world kinda says is family private what what would you say Jesus was like as a man is overlooking him as a model what some of the character traits we saw in him that he was loyal to his people. He was loyal to his mission. He stood up when other people would fall down.

He cleaned out the temple area by turning over tables and have an maiden driving animals away. He stood up to the leaders of the Jewish group when they tried to stone him. He stood there and held his ground. That's what a man is yet the same man was tender with the lady at the well yes, right, or with the leper, they reach out and touched before he healed them. When anointed touched him in years and insults that whole side of both sides of that equation of the strength and the tenderness unit without having Jesus. We can't really do that, you know what I was think about. Actually, the song was planning. I used to hate chick flicks. I have talked, as I think it was now my turn to pack up like yeah there was something that actually did change though. After I really began to walk more deeply with Jesus. There's a softening of the heart one is a softening of the heart. You can understand some of the stories differently than you did when you're looking I'm just with my worldly manly eyes in on-site cancer is my first movie I'm in a rush to but I do enjoy some of those movies now that I would've enjoyed probably 15, 20 years ago and because they tell another side of the story that I had been missing.

I'll have a microphone because all that I got nothing scares us to live anyway and talk about Nancy or me in the world tells you to chase after certain things rights are trying to find out how to be a man then also what you pursue in life. You know what you find as I like a better term idols or something that's going to give you life in the first could probably do you want to set it up from finding Forrester a lot of people as you might know very see Carson something that will give them life and specifically in this case, a BMW and so it's a wonderful movie where there's young black man who is actually phenomenally brilliant and a phenomenally gifted writer and I think probably has a photographic memory.

However, everybody just makes these assumptions, since he plays basketball. That is not too bright and so he's down in the hood, to an extent, and the skies in this BMW and so he makes some assumptions that Jamaal Wilkins, charm that emphatically wants, doing things he caught sight some more look like I'm about to do something, and I worry about this car everywhere and CSO person on the car BMW as anybody knows anything about that company knows that is just a car all my knows anything about that company. So I would know anything W when I first got got my name afraid thought it like that name is one engine before 1926 miles up is void is started made.

One is an 80 114 cylinders 2300 was 7 miles a day have more time, vomiting, and maybe even when the war is hell as if around a blue sky will so that they could make cleaning is anymore nested BMW gave some serious thought to make because, like this one. You probably know all that being is released when you goodwill. That's a that's opposer right there you think that that BMWs can mean something and again the fact that he calls them out on the probably least it is just absolutely hilarious.

And later in the movie Sean Connery makes a small reference when he delivers them through doing Ashley wants to stick around and talk about the history of German cars is a pretty funny follow-up but pokes at that that thing of what you thinking is going to give you life you know what you putting ahead of Jesus rather to find life versus finding it now and on and for some people.

That is a car, let me try and let you know about part of the real motivation for starting the Christian card I show God just Put on my heart see you gotta talk about what people are valuing in this thing and put in so much money in the something that clearly going in the crazy amounts of debt that were not necessarily bring your life but your interestingly in my own life, you know. Talk about chasing him out.

I was chasing that career in the car business and to be a member of the crown organization meant I had a little day timer that you kept in your pocket and yet the whole poser profile that you if you're not, you can order a sport coat you had to wear a suit you know the real people in the car business anywhere start coats and slacks.

They had to wear a suit and we had to wear a tie. It could be 200° outside on the lot, but I would keep him clocked out and thought with my little day timer in my pocket and I had the whole you know the whole, the whole thing that unlike a house that was to give me life but I know what what painful lessons those were units.

It's we all.

I think have stories really thank you for sharing of what we've pursued right to be thick-skinned give us life and even over Christians of her honest sometimes it don't matter putting whatever that is ahead of Jesus and so Jimmy galea comes to mind since you have the mic in front of you.

One thing with earlier in life that I was pursuing was knowledge and before the cell phones, might everybody brilliant and know everything about everything out. I knew a lot about a lot of different topics and the people are what I was drawn to the friends were the ones that knew more than I did so I could learn from. So for me, knowledge was superseded, but the training that for wisdom was one of the best things that ever happened to me pursuing that knowing God, and that's not just an earthly wisdom in talking bright for me. I would say that it's been a history of pursuing relationship.

Now sometimes that is female and even not just even pursuing female relationship that I've sometimes pursued friends in that relationship with friend deeper than I've pursued the relationship with Christ and had a really good friend.

We walk very very closely together for number of years in the wild heart book and the message we talk about every week that I sought that friendship deeper.

Honestly, when I look back and I sought my relationship with Christ and that was not right in on it a point we had to end up going in different ways. Life took us in different ways is very hard for me is also very freeing from the standpoint I was able to to look at that.

Honestly and say log I really have had this backwards.

In this should've been. In addition to the relationship, not instead make is easy to communicate with people with the skin on it feels like than it is there and so it's it's just lazy I guess you know you live in a lot easier practice to go to God.

A lot of those things yeah and then for me.

If you boil it down from all the things in the it's and what since it was status and whatever you looked and it was what is my status within my friendships school sports fieldwork right now to messenger the to register for the boot camp coming up November 7-10 injury is same as my son Eli talked about ways you can help support his smile that he was on the information that where you can click the donate button tweaking it PO Box 555 what God does journey radio closed off like each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind never heard about in and is meeting in Harold that the bump in the Boston to tell me little bit about why that spoke to you on this topic. Well, I think that if you have any hope at all. It's going to be with Jesus and have him by your side or eagerly lost not going to know where to go or how to get there but Jesus is the way the truth is the only way and it just made sense to. As I mentioned in our talking earlier I didn't go searching for these songs for use with this program. I was just listening to the music because it was a group that I like to listen to from time to time and all of a sudden the these two or three songs just jumped out at me and I thought Manette really fits what were talking about because I got nothing without Jesus we were before the break when we were talking about seeking status and so forth through cars, jobs, etc. old man exchange for so you can give the whole world.

Your soul is worth more than that and so chasing after those things is foolishness.

The Bible tells us that very clearly yet I didn't really think of the word you everything is meaningless, he knows you go through that Ecclesiastes you know that all these things we chase doesn't stop us from chasing you know we only I could read that it 18 and still probably would've landed on a lot of the same places unites until Jesus really started to walk with him that he started to show me the better way we know what the really funny part is, Jesus doesn't run away from us we we chase after the things it run away from us and Jesus is standing there begging us just come to he doesn't run from us absolutely engine. One of the things that you'd mentioned was knowledge. And so we have a cliff about knowledge, were getting ready go to and I know you've heard it before, I probably set it up with this one kinda speaks right at that hotel and I absolutely love this clip probably that recent take back up tomorrow and this time he's in class with his writing Prof. Prof. Crawford, Prof. Crawford and this guy is the intellectual bully big time and so he is bullying. One of the students a chill here at the beginning and seriously embarrassing him in front of you know, everybody. I'm sure that some are no that was to make him feel good about himself. To some extent when all of a sudden Jamaal decides to turn the tables on him and do a little bullying of his own and it kinda shows you what happens when you get in a battle of wits with an army looking at this. What if any conclusions might we be able to draw about the author about anything. The words strike you as unusual as the colors feel free to feel this. The appropriate time for response at Allen and as unusual because it sounds old, it does sound old doesn't know why it sounds old fiscal is because it is owed more than 200 years old before you were born for your father was born before your father's father was born, but that still does not excuse the fact that you wrote it now does it Mr. Coleridge, I'm sorry sir I don't you love all people in this will should know that that's why physical therapy. You know why this evening. Excuse me. Did you have something to contribute. Mr. Wallace. I just said they should say his name would be helpful for Mr. Coleridge say his name because that's eroded. Perhaps your skills can extend farther than basketball. Now we can turn to but you may be seated. Mr. Coleridge turn to page 120 little blue book that I'm certain I'm sorry said my skills extend farther than the basketball court.

Father relates to distance further is a definition of degree you should've said further challenging the mist was nodding. What are your child's college. Perhaps the challenge should've been directed elsewhere. It is a melancholy truth that even great men have poor relation Dickens.

It will hear the beat of a horse shifting all great trolls begin to see all man is the only animal that blushes or needs to Mark Twain, Prof. account get yeah I'll get out you go to just enjoy that I don't relate with. We watched the movie the other night I was like this is awesome… Such a great clip you know this whole movie. United Jawanza potentially paying for it, but it was the right thing to be a man and stand up in front of for somebody else. I mean it was his opportunity to stand up to the bully and that does bring a huge smile to your face but it the same point you can see as you watch the movie. How empty that knowledge thing is the Bible so clearly points out that knowledge puffs up and you can certainly see that in the Prof. that it's puffed up and really I see Jamaal struggling with trying to find meaning in a two his life. In spite of all that he knows and it's similar to the movie good Will hunting where the other you have another situation where guys got all kinds of knowledge, but there's no life was we had that choice in the garden to pick from the tree of knowledge or the tree of life and unfortunately most of us have attempted to find life there at the Tremont and it's it's something that seems important the time. I mean, I Jim Estes and feel that that I got electricity and truly is just another form of knowledge. I do know a whole lot about weird stuff.

One of the things in my clip that we talked earlier about what it takes to be a man and a lot of Saudi assembly had to be tough when the fights for me at my side. I was a lot the same situation as Jamaal. I was big guy was very quiet.

Growing up, surprised, but I was also very intelligent and nobody knew it. I made seizes a rule but in this that battle that he fought in one although it might've been as you said. Victory for Jamaal. That is worth winning 100 fistfights to make his being in a situation like that so identified with that and if you watch the movie. Thank you, Jim.

The guy that he picked on was most uncertain guy in the whole movie right framing he knew he was pick on someone that wasn't going to stand up in the target goal is to Carolyn to go ahead and have you set up this next clip, which is another song clip a little bit will go in Plano come back and talk about is anyone talk about before we play well that this was it occurred to me is is the finale we ready is the song and as I think about it.

If we have Jesus by her side and we become a man and have our destination clearly before us and we are ready. Fascinating to me where boot camp and were movie clips and it was straight and so forth.

The people that made the movies that made the songs I have probably no clue that we can look at what they've done and see God in it without their intending that debasing and to me that's one of the really beautiful things in Robbie easement let this program go by without a single old joke, but I realize if you don't sneak in a joke about my age. This will be the first time in all the programs we've done together without you. Now I just want to let you know I'm ready because I was just wondering if you night if you if you felt that Gideon was ready. You know when after he came out of the winepress, and YOU, but right there at the time back in order that was one thing I like about that song. There was little piece in the middle just said we can go do whatever we decide we want to go do when I'm paraphrasing right that's critical thinking when you walk with Jesus. The destination really doesn't even matter. It's the journey with him along the way to get there and you can go one day he may have you pursuing this angle and then another, you may be pursuing another angle but the cool part is it's when you walk in on him through that is the destination is really pretty cool because it's going to be with parking be with along the way to mass injury register for thinking of rabbits, plan November 7 through the 10th seven through the 10th. It's right in and we can have up there soon. The spring date field have posted for you. But go this fall and spring mask injury register now and we will talk with you next I'm ready

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