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Changing The Ending

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 1, 2019 12:30 pm

Changing The Ending

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 1, 2019 12:30 pm

So many times we wish we could go back and change the past. The fact of the matter is we can't. We can however, take steps to change our future for the better. Taking those steps with Jesus will benefit you today as well as your future. On Masculine Journey this week the guys discuss changing your ending with the help of clips from "Lord of the Rings," "Saving Private Ryan," and the movie "What If." Grab your gear and be blessed as we take on the journey of "Changing the Ending."

The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

This is the Truth Network of every man, ways of believing that your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates and wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now it is so good that the use this afternoon. It's a good to be with my brothers here in the studio and her ship to pick on those who aren't here like Sam who picked the topic tonight and then he's not all you are there on the phone now at least I like other people we can talk about in the right well it's, it's in that the topic tonight is kind of a continuation like many of her show.

You might remember last week I got nothing but what you know, that kind of led to the topic we have today which is changing the ending, but that all started when Sam got this clip from a Christian guy that he is a real real author that not many people purposely is not a clip it was. It was a it was what would you say quote the quote so Andy hit us with now wanted to take her divorce. Jimmy messed that up. You gave it to CS Lewis on what is you can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending right so today's topic is changing the ending and so interestingly I knew of a movie as we were in a put this together where actually there was a situation in this particular movie where they did change the beginning and in fact movie is called what if. And so the ideas what if God intervened and something that you didn't let's start right and he went back in and changed everything and such is the case for Kevin Sorbo in this particular movie.

What if he was an investment banker and is really cool is not highlight a few things you'll hear in this clip because you it's actually the trailer for the movie and I don't want to miss what's going on is that you know he's got it made.

He's got the Mercedes and all the stuff but he made a promise to a girl that he was going to stay in the Bible and he was gonna do this kind of stuff, you know, back, right when I went off to college, will he forgot all that and he went a different direction that God is going to bring them back to showing what his life would've looked by.

If any does that with in a cliff.

The guy from cheers you know with claimant in which when I interviewed him when he was doing this movie. One of my favorite things is he said you know as soon as I read the script. I thought I got to hit Canada Kevin Sorbo wises me all the way when you hear him say when you hear Cliff say that count backwards from five or whatever he said and he goes no okay to do this the hard way what you hear. There is Cliff hitting Kevin several knocks him out.

He goes back in time and he wakes up on the floor and he's married and not only that he's got two children that you know he is not aware of and he's married to this old girlfriend and all. Guess what your pastor of this church and this is Sunday morning and so that next to the clip you will hear him giving a sermon about making money and having fun and just classic stuff. Absolutely hilarious, but you know, one of the cool things about the twist and this may well play the clip and then if I can get the computer cannot Julius Caesar know I'm not thinking what if you had the perfect life CDs Benz SL 65 God is older homes center to make a point of never going back had other plans to send here to help you state that your life is your eyes, no nearly I'm not anybody's divine is this what we doing or what is everyone act like they know me a second chance item trying to make more money so things then be happy. What if is really going Ben that they think I I'm not sure when he's in his now he's giving you another chance to make things right.

Even though I don't deserve one New Year's John Berger Debbie Ryan Jerry know what happened sooner babysit you should tell you what I write it.

It is hilarious and is willing now. I think he had a beer and it is absolutely a great movie. If you can find it anywhere.

It's called what if that there's a couple lines in there that are just marvelous to me where he says, I didn't even know I wasn't happy and you know somebody you came to Christ.

Later in life, like Kevin Sorbo does in the movie and I was ran, car dealerships and I had my scars and that was it. Not too dissimilar from that situation, but I didn't realize that I wasn't happy and the way this movie plays out is he finds out he loves all these people he loves his family. He loves being a past research study the Bible. He started it all start working out and then guess what gets him again and he goes back to be in the boyfriend of this bimbo in banker and so he's like a you I got to get the life that I was in so he's gonna put in a position of what we talked about today show.

I need to change the ending. Even I can go back and change the beginning. So now you gotta go back and find this woman that he dumped years ago and try to get her to trust him again and and and and I won't ruin the ending of the movie for you but it's an absolute beautiful thing is he has a chance to really go after what it was God had originally had form in the adventure of being able to do that together with God and so you know Sam that's kind of where your heart is with this right when I read about my life but I'm not nearly godlike with online that no personal matter, really, really good. But you know what I do at those places where I don't really like you know I do I do with him, delay, try to make changes, give me to a changed outcome down the road we are delighted that in drywall until is a very good quote for me to be at a time. In a word, we as a community or reading a book, causing him introspective for just a minute very introspective and probably last couple months and this was another piece of pizza could use you set up your free no and can often force what's going on in the first movie of the period of the trilogy, and so they're kind of stuck in the mind and Moria and Proto looked behind in many Gollum who is quote unquote bad guy in the movie.

One of the back. The trusted the guy killed his best friend and you can really trust them because all he cares about and so Proto comes over to ganged up a I thought Gollum down there. I wish Bilbo would building money have a chance and it sparks this whole conversation of there's more probably going on what you chance is some is is is is is that is an encouraging really like so much about the one of the things all we can do is decide what to do with the time we have left it on I worm I got going. Best time with them.

I got invested in you know I am I gonna realize is probably more going on here and I realized your God is doing something that I can't see or understand.

Knowing I'm going to want a man to turn into him and let him love me through that let them walk me through that really will when you were talking about coming out sort of a Christian all my life been going to church about life, but one of the things it might huge difference is when I decided I wasn't in control. I had to look at it. I don't know everything God does is sleep best possible position. All we have so much more coming your and changing the ending of a boot camp coming up in the fall and spring go to mass any sign-up. No excuses like the following will be the same. My son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support the smile that he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 what God doesn't come close off each person who spoke kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having chipped away at this mask I was hiding behind never heard that it is Rich Mullins and he's always been one of my favorites actually brought my family together certainly enjoying the same music, which was his singing together when they were teenagers and that's a real trick that you're on the verge of the miracle of the words right before that is someone is waiting to put wings on your flightless heart you're in a position where you can feel hopeless and you think I don't know anybody who's life worked out the way they plan you guys have that experience.

But when you give the plan up and take what God gives you on daily basis and just live in the moment and respond to his voice in her life. Or if you are hearing from you. Respond to what you know of his work, then you're going to get the wings. Randy sometimes you just want take the bull by the horns. Definitely that's what I did for quite a bit of time you view her ear me on here a lot talking about. The way was before.

And weight is now you know I'm like Jim and I was walk with Christ for a long time, but it was different pockets and different very different levels that I went, but there is some until I really got into the masculine turning got deeper into really what was saying in the whole thing about dinner just the story in and how God is pursuing a sentence and more about our hearts, but I was always trying to make that perfect life you know you saw in a see MTV what the expectation is and I just never felt like I would measure up. And then I would get frustrated. You know I wasn't writing my Bible enough. I wasn't praying enough. I wasn't 11 my wife enough.

I wasn't spending enough time with my child.

All these measurements in an and you know I would get this idea that I was in my gal better in a week and and I've said and laughed about two weeks I would fail earlier to the guys in my, Landon's really made it that far.

Then I looked out back as I know you spent two hours but I think there is worth a certain amount of thought that you can just take pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and and always it was always spiritual focus always thought I was had included God in it, but I think there was a certain amount of effort it was nice is not by power or by my by my spirit says the Lord. A lot of times it was my power in my mind that I was trying to get there. There's a lot of peace that I gain last few years to where and I still know there's still time to struggle but I catch myself so much more of just saying okay let me lean into him here instead of just chart and try to make things better in figure things out and take control and it's a lot more peaceful and I don't have it down but I can tell you whenever you walk in the more of this. In truth, on a consistent basis, you fall into those trips quite as much. You get time you remember back to those times when you went that pass and it didn't work so you can learn you know after you stub your toe enough, you've quit.

You know, kicking the wall unit and I personally love what Harold brought last week about I got nothing and when I thought about this topic, I thought about my many Jesus labor love. I help out single moms and widows in. You know I get a call from somebody's got a 85 Buick LeSabre and the transmissions gone and the engines using antifreeze in them you know and believe me, as I'm listening to this and I'm thinking I got nothing and I we don't have the resources to do this. Whatever. But God is initiated me into this is the time to lean in and this is the time to pray and usually, in fact, actually, always. I asked the applicant is rife.

I pray with you and I begin to prance often they're very very anxious but interestingly almost always during the prayer God gives me some idea of something that might be a little bit helpful with nothing but like you were saying Sam. If not, just to deferred this to see what our real need is you know I think a lot of times we think we know what our need.

Only later, after we go through a we didn't want to go through your we never thought we would go through you realize what your real name. God was trying to meet it. God was meeting rather know you doing is taking you the route to get there and I think that everyone of us on topic. All I think it's about it I think are all capable of gravity control and run ahead of God. But it also think that there's opportunity that we can just fall back okay got it on your end, and he may not really care as much with the destination as you were doing it together and I and I think that the shared ownership. Yes, I got to trust in God but I also get my backside off the couch, go do something to that point. To think that was that was the other extreme that I did get into today was like after I would fail all these times of my shoe, I bother you know does not fail again while my mother so you know you don't want to stay in that place either to Sam's point at there's a balance of it and then really is.

It's just it's so learning of that it truly is a partnership, God has his part. I have my part and then they need to be equally balanced and not out of kilter, just daily.

Trusting in him sometimes the greatest gift you can give us is when were trying to do and fall flat on her face as that's when we do turn to and that's when we can learn how to do the walk with name rather than my Plan B and that's what I have come across so many times that that experience of the sweetness of him bringing them into these situations is like man not that's the gift end and of itself, is that wow I got I got to I got to do that but speaking of, I got nothing that sets up your private Ryan a Cliff that she wanted to speak to this clip sure just about advising the movie. This is at the beginning and end of the movie. This conversation saving timeline of saving Pvt. Ryan and his listen to the dialogue. This is private Ryan long after the war, to be honest with you when you every day. I view about is the most dangerous question you can ask your wife that that's the most honest answer. I get one of the things that happened in that movie is dog by CNET if not, spoiler alert, but a squad of men died so that he could live and he is been living his life in that knowledge that others died so he could live directly and are you living your life in that same frame of mind of someone did die so that you could live with name is Jesus, and that to me is the most powerful message in that movie I get. Every time I hear that because I see Christ in that and Sam actually you selected that clip what your thoughts are part of it was corroborated the week with Memorial Day we know, and there were a lot of that also give up their life. We can have the life we have today and will not continue. What I do that I do. I live that life in a manner that honors those people obviously know you want me to live. I did, I'm gonna honor the people that the thought that I can have the life that I have known. I think that a part of it is my know where I am today and where I want to be in the future as far as not necessarily financial goals are things like that but does you know in my walk with Christ in my relationship with family and friends. In a word I want you how I want to move toward that deeper and I know for me. What's helpful when I get such a long time ago but you know in our daily prayer that we have been at the website and we talked about a lot, you know, there's a section there where you know I received your help I received your joy have received no these things from Christ in your actually doing that in prayer and James Banks does encouraging prayer with me. One time since we know it's okay to ask God for more faith and it's okay to ask for more help and and actually it's part of my prayer life every day. I say because I like, I can see that I'm straining right there with hope, because if you put hope in the situation than you know. You begin the lookup and other things come in so I ask every single day. For more faith for more hope for more joy and he gives it to you in the book were working on right now. The chapter were in his compromise and that's something I been a pro at all my life and one of the things that really hit me was the thought that finding the narrow road that I mean you need to find Christ that's actually for Christians that walk needs to be with Jesus. And that's what makes it a narrow road, and many of us proclaim Jesus Christ as our Savior. That's the first step that we absolutely have to have but if we are not seeking to walk with him daily. They were not really changed long term out other getting into heaven telling like smoke walking with him. You'll get the 12 have fun even if you're down there with Gollum and we all are making so much fun. We ask that you go to message or any radio.OR G November 7 through the 10th. Thank you for

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