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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 8, 2019 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 8, 2019 12:30 pm

Compromise can be a good thing. When two parties negotiate to reach a mutual beneficial result to a problem, a compromise in this case can be considered a positive thing. What about when you compromise your beliefs, your morals, your walk in Christ? The guys are talking compromise this week. With the use of clips from "Braveheart," and "Open Range", the discussion on the negative side of compromise is something you don't want to miss. So grab your gear and be blessed right here on The Masculine Journey

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This is the Truth Network of every man his life as it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and journeys.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Glad to have you with today we are uncompromisingly today to make more sense. Maybe as we unpack the show but we've we've been reading a book and contrary to popular belief, we can read some of us faster than others and sometimes they have to be bigger letters than others audiobook audiobooks. Yet sometimes ask a bigger larger print for some of us but yeah, it's that we read a book called didn't see it coming and so this is a couple of the chapters we were talking about today from the book because it had a big impact on us as the author talk about the authors carry new new half and half and half exit right on compromise yeah get it right carry half an easy read that it takes to go serve in the formulas kinda he'll bring up a problem in one chapter and give you some resolution of that problem in the next chapter as Lieut. renews a group and can talk them through an openness get to know each other stories a bit more so. Which is good in a band of brothers and so that's great, great thing to do with it with a group of people, but this particular topic is on the topic of compromise. So the question becomes what's wrong with compromise and we got all these people so now today when I got quiet.

I will what's wrong with compromise. Jim, we have to define compromise. Most of the time we look at it is as a form of negotiation.

I want this. You want that lets Bob middle ground, but the problem with compromise is what we do internally more than externally and for me it's a matter of rationalization is my word I can I can do this and it's not as bad as what I could do so will slide down that slope a little bit and I think the Jan compromise. There's an old adage, it talks about you any good thing taken too far, becomes a bad thing that you can take, but that's not a seller is true, but there is a lot of truth in that. And a lot of things you know holy accountability can be a good thing that I could also come off as very strict police officer that my kids never want to be around you know which would be that the opposite side of that equation, and so have a good thing taken too far can be negative and that's that's holding compromise which were gonna learn about today. He and Allison car salesman I'll just call it) my minutia, you know, it's a matter of compromise or integrity right and you know if you're compromising your integrity. In other words, if you're selling a car becomes more important than telling the truth. Then you compromise the integrity and even when you know that what you're selling isn't what the people are getting in others compromise and that and believe me, every car salesman ever stepped on the lot is gonna struggle later and unfortunately a lot of their managers are struggling much more than they are and they're the ones teach them in a what what it is they're going to do, and I've certainly fell into that trap myself and so I get it incivility that actually does have a supplement clip on the go ahead and play in this is getting it depends on your definition of compromise in this action movie Braveheart announced Robbie's least favorite clip really likes is Robert the Bruce compromising just doesn't sit well with is that I could, I could see that Yahweh to listen to Robert the Bruce talking to his father and his father's words to him and his father's mind. What makes a man noble is only listen to this will come back and talk about the whole topic of compromise rebellion has begun a new, and William Wallace even embraces the venue supported phenomenon is in the north.

I will gaining the ace favor that by condemning it and ordering it oppose my lands in the South Sudan scala's Wallace is even have a night's any inspired year is the charge of invited fetid, so maybe it's time to time I hear this. 17. Robert Bruce is 16, before you passed your London title because they didn't charge. Call a meeting of the know they do nothing but talk to so there is rich in English titles London on Scottish just as we this madness. William Wallace uncompromising manner easy to admire his courage so doesn't exactly what he had been naked compromise and makes a man noble understand this Edward long shanks is the most ruthless king ever to sit in the throne of England. None of us nothing of Scott, remain nice Williams… If he had to noble knowing my key to the throne and I think he gets back to Jim's were talking about.

What does it mean to compromise. If this appointment shows we talk about were talking about what Robbie's saying we say compromise is letting go sillier values as you make a decision justifying decision rationalizing you, said Jim, not the compromise. It can be used to reach common good or two people reaching common good.

That's good for everybody right that is a form of compromise, but the author doesn't isn't writing about that and really that's not the danger of what happens in our life danger in our life as we make the small compromises in order to rationalize something and all of a sudden we start veering down the road becoming semi-much more different than what we set out to be well youngest the point that I want to make to you know to the salesman side of things.

I'm just so thankful never to be a salesman. My gosh, I don't know if I could go because the pressure from everybody to go tell them one thing when you know something else is got to be unbelievable so what level he says here is that the subtle compromise that you just talked about Sam.

We make day after day, all these little ones. For me it's you know we we look try to look at things as were the big heavy hitters that change my life that I went to this.

You know I had some Bay reflection one day I found God because it was some all thing like Paul had most of our lives are like there just sought old bull small things we do for the good of for the bad and the subtle things will grow on you. The small half-truths the rationalizations of Jim talked about the excuses because I think you build it from oh I recognize it.

I shouldn't do it then becomes man shouldn't of done to it's okay, everybody else doesn't it just builds on itself and you get the all excuses and that's the gap between who we are and who we really want to be and by the time you figured out down the road when you realize there's this That's like oh ride. Now what I digital fixes does not get a huge mess in a pile little cleanup you talk about before the before the show to my favorite shows to watch and there's been a few Monday the oven watching one over the last company is called good girls. It's about this group of ladies around the grocery store with all the clinical right intentions and others can make this one bad staff and it's all these other steps they take this small little things they take and also in their completely different people down the road you know that's what can happen to us if not careful notes that one allowance we make a work or we do some we say we would never do, or the thing in a relationship where we give in when we know we really shouldn't in and Jim did you want to add something. Well I was thinking of what we mentioned before, I was in that thing where my wife and I were binging blacklist a while back in the uncompromising person and that was the bad guy. He had standards in the captain but all of the quote unquote good guys slowly slid down that slippery slope button where we need to do this so we can keep this informant that may compromise their integrity and very much all got in trouble and had bigger compromises. They had to make to get out of the trouble he ran from the small ones and having watch that show as well. At some point during see them making compromises anymore, just a way of doing things, one at one of the things that hit me hard yesterday and was reading Asbury about Saul and Saul's big fall when he lost the key because he was a good king quite a while before his slip and what he didn't do was kill everything he saves the best of the livestock to sacrifice to God. Or at least that was his rationalization, but they kept some of the plunder which God said don't hold back anything here and 30 years ago had a bit mad at God for picking on them for being so trivial and now I look at that happy that they call me for being my gosh I do that every day, though, where's my kingdom. So now the tough questions become guys near when when have we compromised in our lives.

Wonder sometimes that you know you've been reading through this book are we been that's been working with you on the topic. When have you realized he not. I've I've come to compromise.

From time to time I wanted to add something about Saul. Saul was hiding among the baggage when he was first going to be anointed is king later owned same of asked where he is will he's gone off and these were erected a monument to himself. He went from being very humble, being overly proud and so that was a basic change in his character, where he compromised and you know I think we have to recognize the cost that we may have to pay if were not going to compromise.

I've had a saying that my wife doesn't particularly like for me to use when it's I can be friends with anybody, but we can be friends on my terms and not becoming something I'm not just to be friends. Good point to compromises something that can sneak up to catch us out of the blue I know for me and it's probably the first time that you know I close to home.

Years ago when I knew something was wrong in the house but we really needed the closing we needed the money financially for the company.

I was getting out of pressure from the company is with nothing on him with now. Many years ago and it was a militant California and we were closing houses that were nowhere near ready to be lived in, and unfortunately years down the road.

I got some good companies that help me break that and be back to the place of the integrity I wanted to be in so we can talk about topic a compromise and had sneaks up on you and how you can break through it and get to the other side and stepped back into that place a character. The guy called you to be mask injury to register for the coming boot camp November 7-10. Same with my son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine to mail something to PO Box 550 927285 what God does journey radio closed off body like each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard back just in. I think he gets his favorite song.

Well I found it because it speaks to compromise but I would be lot compromising.

If I said about this that the part we've heard that's about it. He was no but that's Larry Aquino in there and there is that is that what you wanted to be when you were a little kid me knowwhat you dreamed of that short someday.

Can I become an and you know you would ask and what some compromises in an inlet may have taken me all this time since I lost the dealership to really understand the one part of owning that dealership in Marksville that I where the compromise was that was literally dripping out my heart because you know I get the part where your selling cars and in the end, and the possibility of misrepresenting actually dealt with that years and years and years ago when I never could get past when I was a car dealer was how the factory would manipulate you as a dealer and and they would give you incentives in order to do things that you knew were wrong for the company. But if you didn't take the bait. You would be in in in other words, if you're going to get the allocations that you needed the cars which needed to sell if you are getting get the right incentives to be able to sell the car she needed to sell you had to take their deal and the deal was a compromise and would be bad for your own stockholders of your own company and they knew it, but every month it came up and you had to do it every month and it was literally dripping.

II have nightmares for seven or eight years. Afterwords I got a cell one more car.

I got a cell one more car because I needed to make that in order to not betraying my own stockholders in and they put in that position when I go to the clip and and this is you said something rubbing first assuring that story and thank you for sharing that that you have this vision here going to be right and then all of a sudden you find yourself not there down the road on this clip, you know, you think about little boys you know they want to be the hero to come through right now.

No muscle boys, no matter what what the sport is or what the situation is, but they want to be the hero that can come through when it needs to be on this clip that were in here from open range some really goodhearted people that lost sight of what's really important in a minute take somebody to remind him of it in the scenario there's been a bad guy that's coming.

He's been running the town and through a series of compromises people just allowed them to get away with things and some others can come in fresh called free Rangers and the sea life a little differently.

Insults pick up the clip is there setting talking about this like my voice Ray, sorry for the weather cooperates marketeers. Charlie wait to. She said a café killer.have doorstep back fencing personally out. I will stand with other County about Friedrich store week or so back some of Baxter's men jumped our friend Philip saw whole thing a big village of the hell out of the mother three. Brooklyn's arm you going to name but it would they say about your friend tonight seem like a nice young fellow Shane do something about it. Freighters refuse shop management didn't raise my boys just seem to we may not notice that there is things and not worsening time is not a man worsened dying in some of those things are called compromise him and they do not in fact it took me for years to understand the gnawing that that it happened in my soul and God given their relative intent on what I did know I think that you see all these people. Good people you know that end up being in a totally different place in your surprise. The what they've allowed himself to get into, but most of them wasn't in his right knee said this one big decision, jump in and all the sending this completely different person. It's the slippery sliding slope of compromise. Just allowing those values to erode away and that's really what I like about that clip standpoint is you got Kevin Kaiser's character says you know your many reminding the guys you know that sometimes you get a look in the mirror and see what it will. What I really made of what I really want to be made of God, what did you make me to be like and how do I get back to that guy and I take two steps back. And I like in the book were the like you guys pictured hey when your little your young and when you picture yourself being and you find yourself later in life. We talked about being separated from that your different. If you picture yourself in its eulogy time and what are people gonna come in and say because he's a pastor also. So he talks about the done all kinds of different email services for funerals and when they come in there and they can hardly find anything good to say about the persons passed away. That is extremely sad and what do they, what do they remember they don't remember your resume. They don't remember what your last quarter was in sales or anything like that. They remember who you are.

They remember your character and that's the legacies directly behind was born in 1941 compare this country then this country now in its attitude toward God, toward the sanctity of life and so many other things and how did we get here we got here over a long period of time, starting with compromises and they hadn't come over and over and over in this country is not a honest 32nd cousin what it used to be absolutely in the funny thing is this a sound like I'm teasing him actually not this time, the lessons that it is you that I'm not someone that was born in late 1990 notice of 1941 was a severe slip yet you know what I mean because we will continue to make compromises since way back when and if it we hope that it'll get better in as a country, but all we can do is get better as individuals you know and hopefully that impacts the country and what some of the things that the author talks about that.

What you can do instant to give the some people some some things I can do here that to do something about this compromise is what I like his very first one when you get a gap between your public and private life starts to get larger and your characters compromise. We can no longer tell the world the truth so that's where he sees this gap between what your words are and what your deeds are and he makes a commitment to okay I'm going to make sure my words same by deeds are tell the truth because then what deed you want to have one of the good deeds I can tell them the truth and tell them something good in you walk Max's heart kill the poser yeah basically back to eigenvector terminology that the one thing that really impacted me the most impact on already taken this spec about my wall to some extent, but it is practicing integrity being intentional about spending time looking at yourself introspectively and challenging yourself to do better and more wonderful things about getting older is that the big mistakes are part of might just go you have the energy to do it but one of the things that in my life is been a problem is that matter of integrity, particularly regarding money. I belong to and in the slippery slope works both ways. The return to integrity is one step at a time that those have to be intentional and that was a big thing and I went for more. Once upon a time wealth I stole from the store that's not a big deal because I'm not hurting anybody individually tell now and it got its buddy how you get these temptations moving up from being the thief I went to the point of being well you know they didn't charge me for that.

This that's their fault. Now I'll go back to a store to pay for something that they did give me that they didn't charge before. And that seems to be happening more lightly. Every time I'm looking at that site. Okay, here's a challenge. My integrity will and you know Darren lies in an interesting place for me is how I really abide how do I have such a walk with God that when those things come in during the day the little ones right that I'm pausing and saying God. How do we see this you now help me interpret this.

Is this a place where I am risking my integrity or is this you know the place that you'd know help me. I mean, because I type. I figured out you know that were not to get this done on our own and gathering the world so that if you want to have that place of integrity. You have to walk even closer to them which means no taking that time, but also you know being grounded thereto, where where is my go to when all of a sudden I got a question like, probably one thing I was in state to that point. Behavior modification will never work that is walking with God and there is every moment we can try. You know the hardest. We want were never gonna get there. We need walk with God's will and make that point in as Randy's circling the wagons here with his things, she walking in a group of band of brothers walking in people that will walk with you and get to know you say wait a minute.

Something's not right here.

I can feel it. I can sense it with you what's going on and having those conversations and be willing to step in and I think you bring the right behavior modification doesn't work for it is a place to start. As long as you're walking with God, right, you can look at sentencing.

What can I do it intentionally to step in step-by-step to get better. But God lead me on the steps which step you take where you want me to go happening east my character. How can I get better. How can I step away from the slippery slope of compromise.

This week I had just challenged a casket open your eyes. This places we've been compromising you know in your heart.

Do you want to make different and have him lead you in a way that takes you away from their masculinity to register for the upcoming boot camp November 7-10 look forward to talking with you next week

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